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Which Elesis is the strongest Elesis

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    Which Elesis is the strongest Elesis

    A returning player here. I used to play GrM before but I remember her damage was... spectacularly underwhelming. And still is when I came back post reboot. I thought initially that it was because I wasn't geared well since I was a total newbie noob at the time, but my new SD is outperforming her by spades in secret dungeons despite being at the same cp and wielding randomly dropped armour and a Draconic fear spear.
    Did I miss a trick here?
    I like Elesis as a character and wanted to pick up one class of hers, so which one is good for pve? (I mean this in terms of damage output...though I'd prefer it if I didn't have to chug pots after every skill I cast too - and yes, I know that's the current endgame meta already!)
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    All of them.
    No really. Just pick the gameplay that looks the more interesting to you.
    And your lack of damage comes from, well, random armor and SD weapon. I guess they were poorly socketed too.

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