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Help me decide a class to play, pls

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    Help me decide a class to play, pls

    I came to the game recently, and i want to create an Elesis, since the last time i played her was when she first came out, but i can't decide which class, i'm between Empire Sword and Flame Lord, so if you could compare those two classes using this criteria i would apreciate it a lot <3 :
    1. Less mana hungry (so not that dependant of mana pots).
    2. Less gear hungry (Heroic gear level, like it can be pretty playable with 100k CB).
    3. Good capacities for field clearing.
    Thanks in advance! and sorry if something isn't clear
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    As a person that plays more FlameLord than Empire Sword. I'd say the only criteria FL fits would be good clearing. She has a lot of fast traveling, homing abilities which will reach targets a lot faster than most characters. ES's clearing is strong but doesn't have the range that FL does.
    However, in level cap dungeons that "strength" becomes more valuable than range due to the enemies being more tankier. Both will likely need to be more closer to the target since FL's long range skills become unable to one-shot targets, giving ES an advantage in clearing.

    Though I enjoy FL i have to be honest, she's both pretty mana hungry and gear reliant. Her mana recovery recently took a nerf and she's always been one of the Elesis jobs that require good gear to do well.
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