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I need some help with Crimson Avenger

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    I need some help with Crimson Avenger

    ive decided to play my crimson avenger again and get her to 3rd job but my dmg is next to nothing i have heroic gear and 50kcp so im guessing its my old skills what is a good build to use to get to 3rd job?
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    Blood Falls, Brandish Breaker, Shade illusion, Blood Storm, Dread Weapon, Blood Cutter, Iron Body. If you have trouble surviving you can use skills like Shadow Edge and Roll & Dodge. Wild Shock can also deal pretty good damage if you don't need one of those survival skills.

    Your gear could also be the problem. Be sure to socket crit chance and maximize and look for ways to increase your skill damage, such as leveling El resonance and using "all skill damage" gloves.
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