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Getting Back Into It (Blazing Heart Mostly For Now)

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    Getting Back Into It (Blazing Heart Mostly For Now)

    I played A LOT circa 2013-2016ish and am just jumping back into it and have NO IDEA where to start. Was looking for some either some good advice or a good place to find some info as all my old stomping grounds are either gone or dormant.
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    Detailed version -
    For BH your best skills will be Eternal Fire, Ignis Crusher, and FirePlay. You will also need Avatar of Fire, Soul Ignition and Red lotus/or Sword fire for damage buffs. After that feel free use any other skills that fit your playstyle.

    Most of your annihilation(red) skills are not great for dealing damage, so you can just stay in gale(blue) mode unless you're in pvp.

    Playing her efficiently requires you to maintain a number of buffs.
    Red Lotus Sword buff - Using this skill or sword fire. You don't need both equipped so choose one.
    Seed of Fire - This activates on it's own by using special actives (generally any skill that require over 100mp), so you won't need to worry about it.
    Soul Ignition - From using the skill unlocked at level 95
    (After advancing to your 3rd job which is Flame Lord at level 99)
    Heart of Fire - Attacking an enemy with any fire debuff on them, basically another worry free buff.
    Inferno - Using Avatar of Fire to restore MP. Buff requires stacking.

    Use soul ignition, use Sword fire/or Red lotus sword, then throw out some abilities ("best skills" first if fighting bosses). Attack with your commands to apply fire debuffs then use Avatar of fire regain mana.

    Short Version - SPOILER
    Heros come and go but legends live forever


    • Familiar235-gaia-
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      isnt fireplay bad because it cant really hit a single target with most of its AoE ♥♥♥♥♥ are all over the screen?

      Idk, but I get more damage on my sword fire than fireplay on my alt account without stacking on either skills

      EDIT - Wow, im actually surprised that a "rounded shaped object with its own name" is censored in the forums but, okay?
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    • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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      From what I've seen most of the targets in Elrianode dungeons and above are all usually large enough to take a lot of damage from the AoE. Perhaps in earlier dungeons where the targets closer to player size if may be different.

      Edit - Actually, after trying it on Lowe in the training room, it still deals a large amount of damage.
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