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    Unlimited bump works.


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        This new KR patch buffed FL!


        • SaberPadoru-solace-
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          Yeah, and here we got buffed the Bravery skills... not like I hate it, since I spam soul ignition as much as I can... but now is time to get an resonance overhaul... u_u
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        This guide is on hold while strength gets a revamp, for anyone looking for info , you can always mail me in game.

        i'll be updating some features regarding the new FL meta.


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          Bravery extension


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            hmm do u have any raid guide ? owo/


            • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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              there's nothing specific for raiding but depending on if you chose to do str or brave i can give you some tips.

            • 0DarkHunter0-solace-
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              Im strength FL
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            replace blaze wing with mega buster on the trans slot and use blaze dance mostly as an escape button.
            ignis crusher is your main damage source.


            • 0DarkHunter0-solace-
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              Ty so much ^^b
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            how about equipment? can you recommend something for me?


            • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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              Well it all depends on your approach, if you still havenĀ“t capped don't worry about equipment.
              When you're done capping try either going for heroic or elrianode first , the latter would be better if you already have a void weapon.
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            Bump, updating Guide on the 11th.


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              Am I the only one that uses Mod Blazing Dance for damage? Feels more reliable damage wise compared to mega buster for annih, but maybe that's because I stack it.


              • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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                Stacking does affect the Gain from any aura bar, since the system is based on damage dealt.

              • ShinyScizor-solace-
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                it's not based on damage dealt, it's based on base damage of the skill. things such as skill rings, all skill damage up, stacking gloves, skill damage tier ERP, and specific skill damage el tears count towards this as well.

                you could use the same skill with the same base damage with a +11 or weaponless, you will charge the same amount.

              • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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                It is based on damage dealt, I respect your enthusiasm to make a response , but you have shown me multiple times that you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Do not reply to this misinforming people again, thanks.
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              Thank you so nuch for making this guide! Plus commenting on my thread! I'll be trying this out tomorrow, too bad I can't afford SR since I'm working on elrianode gear x3. I do have WDS 5/5 tho


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                Bumping against other cars is dangerous.


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                  Bumper cars are fun.


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                    is there still a way to view the guide? When i look at it it says the guide is under maintenance.


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