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    Guide under maintenance

    Thread closed.
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    If you had included Soul Ignition and Infernal Blade, I would suspect you were copying my setup (jk). Also, you should include something about erp, that's important too. But I like your guide. Good Job!


    • SaberPadoru-solace-
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      Oops... I don't read that specific part! So, 100 pts to str, woah! well, since I already use a lot erp on hp/mp and cd, seems like I need to get more erp to get those 100 pts to str. About Ereda, and ellywod costume... uh.... non mi piace affatto (I don't like it at all, just can't stand the ereda stuff, nor the silly ellywod costume... ewww). I'm getting soon the sinister stuff. But someone else told me about this str staking stuffs and you seem to put it all on the guide. Good Job!!! I never heard about the SR IB effect... but, I still love my actual costume, so seems like I will skip that part too. Just out of curiosity... what's the maximum % of str you got with all this? I never tried to get mine, but it must be around 45% so I wanna know what I will be missing xDD

    • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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      with my current setup Strenght skill % is (without taking gloves into consideration) 20% ring + 10% chronicle + 5% awk/skill cut ins + 35 % ERP
      = 70% strength skill dmg.

    • SaberPadoru-solace-
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      Woah! That's a lot of damage. Now I feel weak.
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    I tried the tips on your guide on my new Blazing Heart. The damage is outstanding! Just with a Heroic set (with meh stats), I got MVP on almost any dungeon I ran. I'm very happy with the results
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    • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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      Glad you're doing alright!
      Always remember to keep practicing new ways of going faster.
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    Bump will update guide after flame lord is out in NA.


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      Bumping for 3rd paths sooner.


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        what does SR set give? isnt HL better?


        • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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          They are argueably the same in terms of dmg, the difference is so small that you won't really notice it.
          but SR gives you more extra stats so that's really the only + about SR.
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        Originally posted by TooMuchHeat-solace- View Post
        Bumping for 3rd paths sooner.
        When? I need to buy some stuff, but if the 3rd path for BH comes on wednesday, I gonna hold up till the end of the event...


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          Uh question.... How exactly do you open the guide haha, not working 4 me, maybe I'm doing something wrong
          The Guardian of War, With his Indomitable Will - Comet Crusader
          The Incarnate of Fire itself that Eats even Flames - Flame Lord
          plus other characters i need to grind 3rd job for

          Best guild~ [FallenCrescent]


          • SaberPadoru-solace-
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            You have to download it, and open the docx file on MS Word. You can open it with google docs, but it's a little bit more difficult.
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          what do you think about the ET3 IBS over SR?


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            i mean it's nice and all, but i see SR as a future investment as we'll get mariposa sometime in the near future and at that point SR x Mariposa will be a really good thing.


            • FrenchSpence-solace-
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              is ET3 (dryad) good tho? it gives less fire resist, but has higher critdmg+ and the heal passive.

            • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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              it's an option.
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            I'm also having trouble opening up your guide, i try opening it and i just get a failure text. as well as multiple times downloading it only to have it fail and no being able to open it at all lol


            • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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              i'm thinking of making it a post instead of a document now, a lot of people don't seem to be able to access it.

            • Aksun-solace-
              Aksun-solace- commented
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              if you could that would help out a lot I'm very interested in the class, especially with 3rd jobs coming up soon id like to see what this class is all about.
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            Bumping for incoming Flame lord.


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              Quick question, what attributes are the best for her?

              by @rio_773


              • TooMuchHeat-solace-
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                Water 2/wind2 or wind 1/ water 3, doesnt really matter since most bosses in elrianode will resist elements, but those are standard elements for most characters.

              • Vanishs-solace-
                Vanishs-solace- commented
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                Thank you ^^
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              bumping for real state.


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                updated Flame lord information.


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