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Is FP really fast?

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    Is FP really fast?

    Im a noob chung, but from my experience:

    CeT seems to be faster than him in both clearing and bossing
    CC have insane movement and skill executions
    Meanwhile i find FP sitting in the middle of the dungeon trying to finish Mod Burning Punisher's animation while my friends clears most of the mobs easily (I have 128% action speed with spa buff)

    Am I using him wrong? Should I just cast Mod BP inside those crystal thingys (after a stage is cleared)? Should I rely on Shooting Star more? I want to learn how to use properly him so my FP could be "fast" and more useful :c
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    I'm not an expert on Chung, but I think the first step might be to find a clearing tool other then Mod Burning Punisher. (it's a very slow move overall IIRC) Shooting Star is sadly inconsistent, so you may wanna go with Aceldama if you can't find anything else.

    Also, do you have Exiting Crash or Deadly Shot? Again, I'm not an expert on Chung but in my experience those seemed to help out his ability in PVE overall.

    Wait, no. . . thinking about it now. It's possible that depending on what you consider "fast", FP's only fast clearing might be Heavy Railgun. . . Wait no Comet Crasher might work. but again, i'm not an expert.
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      Ive been using aceldama, deadly shot, trick shot, and heavy railgun for "fast" clearing, but it feels like its lacking power(?)/clear potential that Mod BP have. If only Mod BP have a faster skill execution then I'd have no problem at all Q-Q

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      Ah. I kinda figured that might be the case . . . I was kinda grasping for straws in the post I made to begin with, but I never actually realized until trying to make this post just how much trouble FP has in the clearing department.
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    Yes use mod bp and ss inside crystal just before breaking or u can run to middle or end of stage faster than friends and cast it there so u will hit something, Also just don't use aceldama its trash. You still have deadly shot to finish people off. As fp just buff move speed and jump speed to 20% grab a ventus and giant apple and du will start moving super fast and can position for ur skills before ur friends. Also mod bp and SS arent affected by action speed so no use buffing it beyond 15%. As of bossing u have rumble shot and deadly shot.

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