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    Help with my equips

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    Need help with my equips, what armor,accesories and weapon should i get, what title, and how to build my el resonance (atm ive invested 30 points on pure physical/damage and 30 points for skill cd). I pretty much suck at this point xD
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    First priority for El Resonance is All Skill Damage followed by Polarize/ Boss damage Increase. You can invest for Skill CD Reduction or Decrease Mana Used buy you're a Shakti so you're pretty fine without those two.

    Equipment: Get an Elrianode Armor Set. Since Shakti is Physical go for full red. These are the recommended tears right now but you can fill them in with useless tears for now to get the set effects.

    Grind for a void weapon. Can take a while but some people are lucky.

    Balance: Higher the level the better. (Lv. 29 is max)
    Destruction: Fox Fire
    Proficiency: Polarize: Attack Attacked.
    Transformation: Critical Damage Increase.

    Balance: Higher the level the better. (Lv. 29 is max)
    Destruction: Fox Fire
    Proficiency: Party's Physical Attack Increase.
    Transformation: Critical Damage Increase.

    Balance: Higher the level the better. (Lv. 29 is max)
    Destruction: Fox Fire
    Proficiency: All Skill Damage.
    Transformation: Critical Damage Increase.

    Balance: Higher the level the better. (Lv. 29 is max)
    Destruction: Fox Fire
    Proficiency: Ignore Physical Defense.
    Transformation: Critical Damage Increase.

    Shadow's Descent:
    Critical Hit Rate +6%
    Maximize +6%
    Decrease target's Element Resistance by 20 for 7 seconds when attacking (Max: 5 stacks)
    Increase next attack damage by 5% when cause 10 hits when attacking
    To unlock: Defeat Solace once.
    To acquire: Clear 10-6 five times with the following requirements.
    - Clear with SS rank.
    - Take less than 30 hits.
    - No resurrections.

    Pierce the Heavens:
    Physical Attack +5%
    Magical Attack +5%
    Critical +5%
    Critical Damage +5%
    To unlock: Clear Elrianode City once.
    To acquire: Defeat 5,000 Mutated Ent5,000 Mutated Durahan5,000 Freak Guardian

    El Tower Defender:
    All Elemental Resistance +30
    Critical +5%
    Maximize +5%
    Additional Damage +5%
    Attack Speed +5%
    To unlock: Clear El Tower Defence (Normal) Once.
    To acquire: Clear El Tower Defense (Normal) 50 times.

    Corrupted Dragon's Blood:
    Physical Attack Power +3%
    Magical Attack Power +3%
    Physical Defense Power +5%
    Magical Defense Power +5%
    To unlock: Defeat Henir Corrupted Drabaki once.
    To acquire: Defeat Henir Corrupted Drabaki 100 times.

    If you get enough CP you can also:

    Key to Victory:
    Damage dealt to Boss Monsters +10% (Dungeon)
    Recovery Item Effectiveness +5% (Dungeon)
    Adaptation +2% [Adapt to the environment and regain some power suppressed by the Demon Realm] (Dungeon)
    To unlock: Defeat Sentinel Guardians once.
    To acquire: Defeat Sentinel Guardians 50 times.

    Critical Presence:
    Critical Rate +5%
    Critical Damage +5%
    Damage Received from Critical Hits +10%
    To unlock: Clear 12-3 3 times.
    To acquire: Defeat trap device 1000 times.

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    • Ruiyin-gaia-
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      Ok ill follow this, but for the title which one is the best all around so i dont keep changing titles, or do i need to get all then keep changing titles in between maps.
      Also what accessories should i use?

    • MyShinyTeeth-solace-
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      Ruiyin-gaia- If you want an all around title you can try Guardian of Secret Closed Space. It takes quite sometime to get but it's useful for most dungeons.

      For accessories you can try the Dimension master set, corrupted elrianode set, and either Ignia or Solace's dungeon set
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