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Empress Of The Heavens - A PvE SD Guide

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    Empress Of The Heavens - A PvE SD Guide

    Progress: 80.5% Set back a bit..

    I have to finish Skill Builds, and Force Skills
    [Due to the addition of the balance patch, I have to rework this whole guide].

    [OK, SMALL UPDATE AS OF 1/6/19: I'm calling this guide dead. I am sorry to those who have been tuning in to see its updates, but the last time I even touched this was probably May of 2018. I will leave the thread here, as some of the info is useful, but a lot of things are outdated and can serve as useless. So before I go, I will fix all of Apsara's outdated passives, and touch up the skills, and that's it. The skill build is important for those looking to play her. But the gear may be outdated and I apologize to all of you. Thank you for reading.]

    >Green means complete, red means incomplete, orange means working on it!
    -Introduction (Technically never complete until all credits are out of the way)
    -What Is Ara? Her System Breakdown
    -Secret Dungeons And Heroics
    -AEFT Add's Energy Fusion Theory (Revised to cut out Sinister Intent until extra reserves possibly because Sinister Intent isn't a good focus.)
    -Elrianode Gearing and How It Works
    -Stat % / Builds And What I Use (What I use!)
    -Bonus 2

    Hello! Thanks for visiting this guide, and I'm glad you've taken an interest to Ara! This is an extensive and well thought out guide poured with my heart and soul to try to give you all the info of this class specifically, and help out anyone who's thinking of trying her, or ones who want to learn more. Most of the recommendations and builds are based off of mine and other high level Ara players on what is best and optimal to take in PvE or what may be better than the other. Gameplay is subjective, and we all like to have fun our own way. But what I will be describing to you is going to be the most efficient way of playing this character. If you do not like the builds, you may craft your own to your liking. After all, games are about fun!

    All Citations and Quotes are from other aspiring Ara mains, guides because I cannot explain it better than them, I do not do it for laziness. Most of my evidence will come from Elwiki, and an amazing damage chart Ashal made. I will link to that later. Most things will take time, as I have school, and am busy with a lot of other things. I will be working on this every day, or every other day.

    KawaiiKon - Her amazing idea of how the skills are formatted. Very neat and clean, so I decided to adopt that so it's easier to read.
    Aria- Their help with the guide in general. Helping me fix issues and telling me what may be a bit better of formatting and some mistakes with skill %s.
    Ashal - His amazing and intensive skill list/chart guide on his website
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    What Is Ara?
    System Breakdown

    System: Power Of Eun

    This is a special System hand picked for Ara herself. This utilizes Eun's power, the fox demon within, to its max making her stronger and increasing her stats in ways that would greatly benefit.

    Eun Mode occurs when Ara transforms at 3-bead awakening. In this mode, Ara’s hairstyle changes, hair color turns white, and eye color turns red. She also appears in a different idle pose with nine fluffy fox tails. A minor thing to note is that equipped accessories are not visible during Eun Mode.

    Benefits of Eun Mode include the following:
    -Standard awakening damage increase
    -Spirit bar will automatically regenerate 1 orb after using 6 commands (on an enemy, door, or box) or when an enemy is killed
    -For every enemy killed, roughly 2% HP is recovered
    -Casting time of skills will be shortened
    -In 3-bead awakening, 15% in all speeds (Attack Speed, Movement, and Jump Speed), 20% Critical, and 20% Additional Damage are gained (all normalized); 2-bead awakening gains 2/3 of these stats and 1-bead awakening gains 1/3
    Spirit Energy:

    The orange orbs are spirit energy, and are used for skills and special actives!
    Skill Canceling

    Skill Canceling is used in situations to gain more orbs or to stop skill delay during a special active.


    Basic Combos And Commands:

    ZZZZ—Ara stabs an opponent with her spear, then pulls her spear out. She will then thrust forward before swiping her spear, knocking opponents down.
    ZZX—Ara stabs an opponent with her spear, then pulls her spear out. She will finish by smashing the opponent, launching her back and launching the opponent upwards.
    ZZZX(Hold)—Ara stabs an opponent with her spear, then pulls her spear out. She will then thrust forward and charge her spear before a final powerful stab which knocks opponents down. Ara has Super Armor while charging.
    XXX~X—Ara swipes her spear around herself twice, then transitions to a series of spinning strikes which will finish by knocking down opponents. This combo also hits enemies behind her.
    XXv+XX—Ara swipes her spear around herself twice before performing a stab pull with her spear, then leaps forward with a ground slam.
    ^Z—Single jump upper-swing that staggers targets.
    ^X—Single jump uppercut that knocks targets upward.
    >>ZX(Hold)—Ara performs several forward dash slashes and charges her spear before releasing a powerful stab. Ara has Super Armor while charging.
    >>X—Ara leaps forward and slams the ground with her spear.
    >>+^ZZZ—After jumping in the air, Ara performs two large upward slashes with her spear and finishes off by swinging her spear downwards spiking enemies down.
    >>+^X—While in the air, Ara stabs the target and pulls herself behind the target. -Elwiki

    Movement Options

    Double Jump (Higher than normal)
    Air Dash (Running in mid air)
    Forward Jump (While performing Air Dash)
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      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141834}}

      Ara Haan (Little Xia)

      The young lady Ara of the Haan warrior family in Fluone's Northern Empire is a skilled martial artist specializing in the spear. One day, she came very close to death when her brother Aren, now known as Ran, came upon the Dark El, transformed into a demon, and led other demons to attack and destroy their village.

      At that moment, she found the heirloom—an old hairpin, from which a spirit's powers emerged to help her drive the demons away. It was the spirit of the nine-tailed fox named Eun. The spirit agrees to keep lending Ara her abilities in order to find Aren, and in return, Ara promises to help Eun find El that is strong enough to set her free from the heirloom. In awakening, Eun's mythical presence takes over Ara. Soon, in her journey to find Ran, Ara meets Elsword and the El Search Party. Together, they may yet recover Aren and the El.

      Base Skills:

      -Skill Traits unlock at Level 20.
      -Final Enhanced Skill unlocks upon advancing to 1st job class.

      Recommended Skill Traits to take are colored GREEN. If there is no color on the skill, it means that you will not use it in an optimal skill set later on down the road. Don't worry about reading it in major detail right now, I will explain what to use and why to use each trait later.
      Level 1

      Energy Absorption [Active/30 MP/5s CD] Create a sphere that absorbs energy and burns MP from enemies. Burns 5 MP from maximum of 2 targets and recovers energy depending on the number of successful attacks.
      Damage (Magical) [Sphere Attack: 802%. Max Enemies Hit (Spirit Recovery): 2. Energy per Enemy Hit: 1]
      Final Enhanced Skill: Recovers 1 additional Energy. [Energy per Enemy Hit: 2]

      Energy Drain
      + 2 Energy per enemy (4 Max)

      Gigantic—Skill size increased to 130%
      Light—MP Usage decreased to 80% [24 MP]

      Thoughts: This skill is quite decent, and has good range as well as being able to give a good orb gain at the same time.

      Tempest Dance [Special Active: Strength/140 MP/13s CD] Swiftly swing your spear towards enemies.

      Damage (Physical) [Swing: 409% (Max Hits: 6). Spinning Strike: 887%]
      Final Enhanced Skill: MP Usage is decreased by 20 MP. Cooldown is decreased by 3 seconds. [120 MP/10s CD]

      Energy Consumption
      - 2 Energy

      Energy Conversion
      + 4 Energy when cancelled

      Empowered—Damage increased to 120% [Swing: 490.8% (Max Hits: 6). Spinning Strike: 1064.4%]
      Haste—Cooldown decreased to 80% [10.4s CD/8s CD (Enhanced)]
      Thoughts: This skill ranges to mid-screen, and KDs enemies at the end of its duration. It is skill-cancelable, and has amateur damage output.

      Extreme Heavenly Love [LOCKED] [Relation Skill/0 MP/300s CD] Recover HP and MP using the Power of Love.
      Couple [HP Recovery: 50%. MP Recovery: 50%. MP Recovery per Second: 10%. Duration: 5s]
      Married Couple [HP Recovery: 100%. MP Recovery: 100%. MP Recovery per Second: 10%. Duration: 10s]
      Thoughts: This is a good skill for both parties, depending if your partner is running with you or not, and regardless of that, the HP/MP gain is quite great, if you can wait the 300CD. It's versatile, and can be used in many situations, even outside Henir (since it locks consumables).
      Level 5

      Dragon Stance 2: Pulling Thrust [Special Active: Tenacity/100 MP/8s CD] Thrust your spear to pull in enemies and knock them down.
      Damage (Physical) [Skewer: 1629%. Pull: 449%]
      Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times. [Skewer: 1955%. Pull: 538%]

      Energy Gain
      + 1 Energy

      Energy Conversion
      + 2 Energy when cancelled

      Light—MP Usage decreased to 80% [80 MP]
      Heavy—Damage increased to 140%. Cooldown increased to 150%. [Skewer: 2280.6%. Pull: 628.6%/Skewer: 2737%. Pull: 753.2% (Enhanced). 12s CD]
      Thoughts: A close range skill that KDs enemies at the end of its duration. This skill is going to be used for Dragon Arts, but for now it's just a decent damage dealer that can be canceled with energy absorption, gaining 3 orbs total. (Maybe 4 if you hit 2 enemies)
      Level 10

      Falling Dragon [Special Active: Bravery/0 MP/20s CD] Jump into the air and slam the ground with your spear.
      -Costs 10 Energy
      Damage (Physical) [Ground Strike: 4850%]
      Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.1 times. Cooldown is decreased by 5 seconds. [Ground Strike: 5339%. 15s CD]
      Gigantic—Skill size increased to 130%
      Heavy—Damage increased to 140%. Cooldown increased to 150%. [Ground Strike: 6790%. 30s CD/Ground Strike: 7476%. 22.5s CD (Enhanced)]
      Thoughts: This is a pretty great orb dump skill that does a hefty amount of damage. Ara throws her spear into the air, and subsequently attacks the ground with a powerful attack, and has a great hitbox. This skill is going to be your main orb dump until Kite or Suppression.

      Level 15

      Wolf Stance 2: Wind Wedge [Special Active: Tenacity/40 MP/6s CD] Swiftly stab multiple enemies and knock them back with a final thrust. Have a chance to cause bleeding on enemies.
      Damage (Physical) [Consecutive Thrust: 564% (Max Hits: 3). Deep Thrust: 469%. Bleed Chance: 20%. Bleed Duration: 5s]
      Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times. [Consecutive Thrust: 677% (Max Hits: 3). Deep Thrust: 562%.]

      Energy Consumption
      - 2 Energy

      Energy Conversion
      + 2 Energy when cancelled

      Empowered—Damage increased to 120% [Consecutive Thrust: 676.8% (Max Hits: 3). Deep Thrust: 562.8%./Consecutive Thrust: 812.4% (Max Hits: 3). Deep Thrust: 674.4%. (Enhanced)]
      Critical—MP Usage increased to 150%. Skill will ignore guard and 50% defense. [60 MP]
      Thoughts: This does some quick damage, stabbing the opponent quickly and consecutively, and then ends with a final stab. It's not too great, but good for beginners. This is YR's secret art, so you won't need to carry this too long.

      Level 20

      Exorcism Stance 3: Shadoweave [Special Active: Bravery/190 MP/16s CD] Throw your spear using shadow spirits to create an entangling force.
      [Exorcism Arts] Repeatedly press the skill key to activate 'Exorcism Stance 4: Darkness Sever'.
      Damage (Physical) [Shadoweave: 502% (Max Hits: 13). Shadow Slash: 1031%]
      Final Enhanced Skill: MP Usage is decreased by 40 MP. [150 MP]

      Energy Consumption
      - 2 Energy

      Energy Conversion
      + 4 Energy when cancelled

      Useful—Max Hits increased. Damage decreased to 60%. [Shadoweave: 301.2% (Max Hits: 26). Shadow Slash: 618.6%]
      Evil—Skill will burn 3 MP per hit [-42 MP Max]
      Thoughts: Shadoweave is a must-carry skill, as it does TONS of damage, and is great for grouping enemies. This is a non-orb dump Bravery Skill that does a great amount of damage and can fit in most builds that SD carries. This is highly recommended to take with you, and using the Useful Trait, makes this do more damage.(8449.8%), While none does (7557%) total.

      Steel Body [LOCKED] [Active/0 MP/6s CD] Charge and slam into enemies with your shoulder and create a shockwave. Enemies hit become stunned for 1.5 seconds. (Super Armor status)
      Damage (Physical) [Shoulder Attack: 756%. Shockwave: 667%]
      Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is decreased by 0.85 times. Energy Usage is decreased by 1. [Shoulder Attack: 642%. Shockwave: 567%. Costs 1 Energy]

      Energy Consumption
      - 1 Energy
      - 0 Energy when used for Energy Conversion

      Empowered—Damage increased to 120% [Shoulder Attack: 907.2%. Shockwave: 800.4%/Shoulder Attack: 771.6%. Shockwave: 680.4% (Enhanced)]
      Persistent—Skill will reduce 10 KD per hit [-20 KD Max]

      Comments: This is a pretty good orb-cancel skill to carry, but it's still up to preference, as this is also a locked skill, and does good stun damage, while carrying super armor.
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      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141837}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level141837}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141837}}

        Little Hsien
        Ara continues on her journey to find her brother Aren. While doing so, other then finding the whereabouts of El and helping the good villagers, she decides to do something more meaningful in her trip. So, she decides to find justice and fix what is wrong.-Elwiki
        First Class Advancement: Level 15

        First class is obtained by either purchasing Little Hsien's Oath , Or, you can do the quest:

        Talk To Echo in Elder.
        Clear 2-3: Underground Waterway within 8 minutes.
        Clear 2-4: Suburbs of Wally's Castle.
        Clear 2-1: Shadow Forest with less than 20 hits.

        After this, you have become a Little Hsien!

        (click the picture for source)

        LHcombo1.png Stabbing Slash

        After running, Ara will execute the normal 3 stabs combo, and ends the combo with a wide swing which staggers opponents leaving them open to further comboing.
        Z.png 84% Phy. Damage x2
        Z.png 186% Phy. Damage
        LHcombo2.png Double Up Slash
        Ara is able to execute her upward swing twice now.
        Z.png 150% Phy. Damage
        Z.png 186% Phy. Damage
        LHcombo3.png Eagle Dive
        Ara will execute her normal stab twice, and smash her spear into the ground, lifting her upwards and launching the opponent. She will then end the combo with a dive to catch targets.
        • The dive has slightly inaccurate aim, so it will miss on occasion.
          • This combo can also be interrupted if Ara hits a higher platform before the target; use with caution.
        Z.png 144% Phy. Damage
        Z.png 178% Phy. Damage
        X.png 337% Phy. Damage
        X.png 170% Phy. Damage + 186% Phy. Damage
        X.pngX.pngX.pngConX.pngZ.pngX.png Advancing Eagle Dive
        Ara performs her heavy combos and spin forward, while spinning she will be able to pull off her Eagle Dive combo.
        X.png 220% Phy. Damage
        X.png 302% Phy. Damage
        X.png 322% Phy. Damage x2
        ConX.png 238% + 110% Phy. Damage x2
        306% + 153% Phy. Damage
        Z.png256% Phy. Damage
        X.png 186 Phy. Damage + 186 Phy. Damage

        • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
        • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.
        Level 15

        Tiger Stance 1: Rock Smash [Active: Flexibility/30 MP/5s CD] Charge and slam into enemies dealing multiple hits.
        Damage (Physical) [Slam 171% (Max Hits: 5). Shockwave 260%]

        Energy Conversion
        + 2 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: When cancelled, gain 1 additional Energy.
        Regenerating (2) - Has 20% chance to reduce Cooldown time to 0% (0 sec.)
        Powerful - Super Armor during skill; Cooldown time increased to 150% (7.5 sec.)
        Thoughts: This skill is your first for performing Secret Tiger Arts, which is a helpful buff for the whole party, considering you have the passive. This skill isn't too particularly good by itself, so it's quite useless until you collect the other 3 skills.

        Fierce Tiger Strike [Special Active: Strength/140 MP/14s CD] Charge forward projecting the spirit of the Tiger.

        Yourself and nearby allies will gain [Power of the White Tiger].

        Damage (Physical) [Charge 180% (Max Hits: 5). Shockwave 2638%]

        Energy Consumption
        - 2 Energy

        Buff Effect: [Power of the White Tiger]
        Critical Chance: +15%

        Additional Damage: +15%

        Attack Speed: +10%

        Duration: 30 sec.

        Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times.
        Killing Blow (1) [Power of the White Tiger] duration increased to 130% (39 sec.)
        Killing Blow (2) [Power of the White Tiger] effect increased to 130% (19.5%, 19.5%, 13%)
        Thoughts: This buff is quite excellent in parties, and in solo. I suggest carrying this with you to help create a Critical Build, because SD has significant and outstanding critical passives, and buffs, to keep herself at 100% critical pretty much 24/7. It also has quite a long duration for the buff, so it's safe to use every time you get the chance. Definitely a skill to place on your slots.

        Abundant Power [Passive]
        Effects: Increases Max MP and allows MP gain when at full energy.
        (Max Passive Effect: +100 MP Cap & 10 MP per orb when full.)

        Level 25

        Dragon Stance 3: Eight Trigram Palm [Special Active: Tenacity/60 MP/6s CD] Use the Eight Trigram Palm technique to deal two devastating blows to enemies.
        Damage (Physical) [Exploding Palm 1293%. Eight Trigram Palm (Cancel) 403%]

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Energy Conversion
        + 1 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.1 times.
        Art Link Speed is increased by 1.2 times.
        Light MP consumption decreased to 80% (48 MP)
        Persistant Decreases target's Knockdown rate by 10 each hit
        Thoughts: Trigram Palm is a pretty good skill, since it has great abuse of iframes and can push you mid-screen, so it's good to use if you need it for such a situation. But since it's part of Dragon Stance, you can just combo Pulling Thrust into it by pressing the same skill again, and it'll be fine that way.

        Fire Lotus[Special Active: Strength/150 MP/19s CD]

        Spins the spear quickly and form a lotus flower before launching it forward.

        Fire Lotus will move forward and apply a [Flower Bomb] debuff every second.

        When Fire Lotus reaches its destination all [Flower Bomb] debuffs explode and deal damage.

        [Flower Bomb]
        All Resistances: -250

        Damage Received: +20%

        Damage (Physical) [Spinning Spear 106%(Max 3 hits) Spinning Spear 212% Fire Lotus 455% (Max 10 hits) Fire Bomb 318%]

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Final Enhanced Skill: Movement speed and range increased by 1.5 times.
        Reversed MP consumption decreased to 60% (90 MP)
        Cooldown time increased to 150% (28.5 sec.)

        Critical Ignores Guard and 50% Defense
        MP consumption increased to 120% (180 MP)

        Thoughts: I often call it a cheese wheel, but it's sometimes not seen as that. Regardless, this skill is extremely helpful in mobbing, and bossing, as it not only cuts down and cuts resistance and increases enemies damage, but it also leaves them slowed and explodes afterwards. This is a very useful skill to head straight to group up mobs and to help burst a boss mob!

        Level 30

        Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw [Active: Flexibility/30 MP/5s CD] Charge forward and slash 2 times while in Super Armor status after the second attack.
        Damage (Physical) [Marching Slash 1035%.Spinning Slash (Cancel) 239%]

        Energy Conversion
        + 1 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times.
        Empowered Attack power increased to 120%

        Enhanced Critical chance increased to 100%
        Attack power decreased to 80%

        Thoughts: This skill is only useful for linking into Tiger Arts. It isn't good by itself, and doesn't serve any greater purpose.

        Fall [LOCKED] [Active: Flexibility/70 MP/6s CD] Uses energy to throw down the enemy with consecutive hits while in Super Armor status.
        Damage (Physical) [Suppress 359%.Throw Down (Cancel) 326%]

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Energy Conversion
        + 1 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Cooldown decreased by 2 seconds.
        Gigantic Attack range increased to 130%

        Haste Cooldown time decreased to 80% (4.8 sec)

        Thoughts: This is a pretty decent skill, as it can group mobs up, but you have many other skills that can serve that purpose as well. This skill is pretty much a PvP one, and isn't too helpful in PvE, as you don't have chances to really use this skill...

        Level 35

        Moonlight Slash [Special Active: Strength/150 MP/11s CD] Swing the spear in large circular slash. Charging the skill will execute Full Moon Slash for extra damage.

        Damage (Physical) [Circular Slash 3306.6%%.Full Moon Slash 3635.5% ~ 4725.6%]

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Final Enhanced Skill: Charge Time is decreased by 20%.
        Empowered Attack power increased to 120%

        Gigantic Attack range increased to 130%

        Thoughts: This is a pretty decent skill by itself, even though it's the last link to activate your first secret art, Blast. This skill lets you perform the Secret Art by connecting all the stances together, and it will unleash devastating damage. It's recommended to use this art quite often to damage a boss or miniboss, as it does tons of damage.

        Level 40

        Quick Thrust [Active: Flexibility/0 MP/5s CD] Thrust your spear forward for quick multiple hits.
        Damage (Physical) [Thrust 190% (Max hits 4)]

        Energy Consumption
        - 1 Energy
        - 0 Energy when used for Energy Conversion

        Final Enhanced Skill: Range is increased by 1.3 times.
        Empowered Attack power increased to 120%
        Regenerating (2) Has 20% chance to reduce cooldown time to 0% (0 sec.)

        Thoughts: Quick Thrust can be used in a few ways, more importantly, for cancelling skills. But the thing is that you have at least two better skills that can do that, and that's Steel Body which has a better advantageous use, since it does more damage, and then another skill coming up later called Counter Switch.

        Suppression [Special Active: Bravery/0 MP/21s CD] Channel Energy to drop a suppressing force from the sky. The enemy is temporarily Power-Stunned and [Helpless]. Removes all buffs.
        Damage (Physical) [Suppress 4940%]

        All Speed: -30%
        Physical/Magical Defense: -35%
        Duration: 8 sec.

        Final Enhanced Skill: Speed reduction increased by 10%.
        Defense reduction increased by 10%.

        Energy Consumption
        - 10 Energy
        Gigantic Attack range increased to 130%

        Absorbing MP per hit increased to 250%

        Thoughts: Ara summons a massive circle and slams down a suppressing force like gravity pushing down on them. This is one of the best skills you will ever get on SD. Suppression is amazing for the fact it slows down enemies, cripples their defense, and removes all buffs along with dealing a great amount of damage. The Helpless buff is super useful for bossing and nuking bosses or enemies, especially when in a party.

        Secret Dragon Art: Blast
        This is a set of skills specific to Ara to create tons of damage!

        How to perform it:
        OR , Then .

        Activate Dragon Stance in order of 1/2/3/4 to trigger

        Dragon Stance 1: Activate with →→[X] or XX↓X[X]

        Dragon Stance 2: Pulling Thrust

        Dragon Stance 3: Eight Trigram Palm

        Dragon Stance 4: Moonlight Slash

        You do not need to have all 3 skills on the slot. You only need the first one, and then use it from there to link them together. This also creates the cooldowns to be shorter, since you're only using one skill.

        Basically, you press →→[X] (The brackets are just to signal when to use it), and then press the skill of the corresponding skill such as Pulling Thrust. Then, press that same skill again as it's ending, and then once more and hold to fully charge Moonlight Slash, and let go, and Blast will auto-activate.

        In TECHNICALITY, it'll look like you're doing this:

        But what you're DOING, is this:

        [Video/Gif Later]

        Usage/When To Use It:

        You got the skills, now it's down to the real question: When does this help me?

        Well, here's how it works and how much damage it really does.

        Let's say you used the recommended and most efficient traits for this combination of skills, and have the passive maxed. (After SD though)
        Skill Portion:

        Pulling Thrust1
        MP Cost

        Skill Tier





        Max Hits

        Max Damage

        Eight Trigram Palm1 48 Tenacity +1 +1 Physical 1293% 1 1293%
        Moonlight Slash2,3 150 Strength +1 - Physical 3967.92% ~ 5670.72% 1 3967.92% ~ 5670.72%
        Blast3 0 Strength - - Physical 7879.2% 1 7879.2%
        Total 278 Mixed +3 +3 Physical - 5 15095.12% ~ 16797.92%
        1Light trait
        2Empowered trait
        3Full Moon Slash Passive included

        (Since I haven't gotten to it yet, the passive is explained briefly here, but I will explain in detail in the SD tab)

        [Passive] Enhances the damage and speed of Moonlight Slash. Secret Dragon Arts - Blast comes stronger and all Dragon Arts skill connection becomes faster.

        With all of these, it has a total of 15095.12%~16797.92%

        That's a lot of damage, it's approximately 1.61076, or 1.6% TIMES the damage of Heavy Kite.

        This is your second strongest attack, behind your hyper with the trade-off of launching literally everything in sight.

        ^ This is wrong. Not only was the math wrong, but I thought it was stronger. Kite is still your strongest bursting move to date, and it always will be.

        Blast is a situational tool, and here's the reason why. It does tend to launch people quite far, in fact, in parties, this is probably a bad idea if the enemy isn't immobilized or locked to a point, or has super armor. Simply because it's just super annoying to try to land when it's moving, and if you do land it, you've probably just screwed over somebody else's just as hard to hit Hyperactive or Special Active that does big damage as well. There's tons of times you can use it, on a big boss, or miniboss, or just for clearing a big room in general, but it's still not a smart idea unless the enemy is immobile, and/or cannot be launched. Your best options are to plan it out before you do it, so you don't end up screwing up a party attack on a boss with a timer (Such as Victor for example).

        And that's it! Next you gotta get SD!
        Isn't LH cute?

        After Level 35, you can become Sakra Devanam.
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        • ShinyScizor-solace-
          Editing a comment
          3rd to last paragraph, which is a sentence, has a typo: "That's a lot of damage, it's approximately 1.61076, or (typo>)1.6%(<typo) TIMES the damage of Heavy Kite."

          It's either 1.6 times the damage of kite, 60% stronger than kite, or 160% the damage of kite.

          1.6% times the damage of kite means that the secret art would do 0.016 times the damage of kite. Rounding heavy kite down to a nice ez-to-work-with 10k% would mean that 1.6% times the damage of kite is equal to 160% damage, which is about as strong as a singular Z.

          Also, two plus two is four, minus one that's three. Quick maths.

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          Editing a comment
          1.6 times is correct since it is an additive multiplier, meaning it does x1.6 more than Heavy Kite does. Which is the same as 160%, since it's 1, meaning it's the base number, times .6, which is 60%, making it 160%. Plus, I would like it if you did not comment on the guide itself, but rather in the actual comments... It makes it messy. Please simply PM me if you have an issue with the guide and I can fix or explain it.
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      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141838}}
        Level: {{esusrinfo_level141838}}
        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141838}}

        Sakra Devanam

        After fighting the army of Demons powered by the Dark El in Feita, Ara has obtained a large amount of experience and came to a realization. She learns that even the most kind-hearted people can turn evil, and will eventually depend on evil forces. Believing that her brother had been inflicted by the same curse and temptation, Ara set forth looking for her brother and sought for the path of justice by punishing the demons, demoting evil and promoting good. -Elwiki

        Sakra Devanam
        1. Speak with Adel, the Elder of the Ponggos in Altera.
        2. Collect 5 Memory Alloys from nasod units in Altera dungeons.
        3. Defeat:
          • 3 Crow Rider in 4-5: Nasod Foundry
          • 3 Nasod King in 4-6: Altera Core
        4. Speak with Lento in Feita.
          • Defeat Durahan in 5-1: Shrine Of Dedication Entrance 4 times.
        5. Collect 20 drops [Glitter Insignia] from Glitter Monsters in dungeons at Feita.
        After that, you're ready to be Sakra Devanam!

        SDcombo1.png Spear Dive

        While in the air, after Ara strikes targets with her spear once, she will dive diagonally downwards, thrusting her spear into the ground. Ara will continue diving until she either crashes into a wall or touch the ground, which means all targets that are in the line of diving will be damaged.
        Z.png​ 174% Phy. Damage
        X.png​ 276% + 186% Phy. Damage
        SDcombo2.png Gale Kick Evasion
        While dashing in the air, Ara can use a wind gale to kick away, pushing herself back to avoid incoming attacks. At the point where she kicks herself away from danger, any targets in range of the gale will be knocked up with damage.
        LZ.png​ 249% Phy. Damage
        DRU.pngX.pngZ.png Cross Dive
        Ara stabs her spear into her targets and then pulls herself behind them. She then dives backwards toward the enemy.
        X.png​ 278% Phy. Damage
        Z.png​ 170% Phy. Damage + 186% Phy. Damage
        • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 70.
        • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon Transcending.

        Level 35

        Tiger Stance 3: Earth Axis [ Active: Flexibility/35 MP/6s CD] Swing your spear and then kick.

        Damage (Physical) [Lower Slash 1488%, Kick (Cancel) 373%] = 1861%

        Energy Conversion
        + 1 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

        Empowered Attack power increased to 120% (2233.2%)

        Evil Burns target's MP by 5 each hit

        Thoughts: This is only useful for Tiger Arts. It has invincibility frames, but it's not too useful outside of what its original intended skill purpose is. Just get Empowered to do a bit more damage, and leave it be.

        Tiger Stance 4: Raging Wave[Special Active: Tenacity/100MP/10s CD] Plow your spear into the ground pushing targets back. Creates a chance to break enemy armor.

        Damage (Physical) [Ground Scratch 153% (Max Hits 14) Launch (Cancel) 50% Ground Wave Cancel 649%] = 2841%

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Energy Conversion
        + 1 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

        Useful Increased number of hits
        Attack power decreased to 60% (2539.2%)

        Absorbing MP per hit increased to 200%

        Thoughts:Cue Zelda Discovery Jingle The final link for Tiger Stance! You can now use this secret art! This secret art isn't too good for damage or anything of that sort, but it works excellently when trying to buff yourself or a teammate with a passive that comes up later. This skill art has no DIRECTLY GOOD USE until 3rd job. Explanation will come then.

        Energy Activation [Passive]
        Effects: Reduces the Knockdown Rate on your attacks and reduces Debuff Duration.

        (Knockdown Rate: -40% Debuff Duration: -45%)

        Level 45

        Full Moon Slash [Passive]
        Effects: Enhances the damage and speed of Dragon Arts 4: Moonlight Slash.

        Secret Dragon Arts - Blast becomes strong and all Dragon Arts skill connection becomes faster.
        [Dragon Stance 4: Moonlight Slash]
        Damage: +10%

        Charge Speed: +70%

        [Secret Dragon Arts - Blast]
        Damage: +20%

        Flying Kite [LOCKED] [Special Active: Bravery/0MP/10s CD] Blink and attack targets with enormous speed.

        Energy Consumption:
        -10 Energy

        Damage (Physical) [First Strike 2224% Blink Attacks 475% (Max Hits 11) ] = 7449%

        Final Enhanced Skill: Midair Activation

        Heavy Attack power increased to 140%, Cooldown time increased to 150% (36 sec.)

        Evil Burns target's MP by 3 each hit

        Thoughts: This is probably one of your most important orb dumps. Kite is a very flexible tool that can aim at (almost) everything in the game, and has tons of damage to back up its usage. Not only is it good, but since it's an auto-aiming tool, you can press it in a bunch of mobs, and in Eun mode, it'll continue until not enough mobs die to refill the orbs, or until the whole map is cleared! The great thing about Kite is that it can help in almost any situation, but don't think it's your best skill all the time. Kite has some weird hitboxes and can mess up the initial hit, and only do that. I don't know why it does that, but sometimes it just likes to be wonky like that. Regardless of that situation, kite is SLIGHTLY situational, and can be used in most areas of your PvE life. This is a definitely recommended to unlock skill.

        Level 50

        Counter Switch [Active: Flexibility/10MP/2s CD] Attempts to counter the enemy's attack.
        Reflects normal attacks and magical projectiles. Dashes back if attacked with an attack that cannot be reflected.
        Gain [Counterattack Time] after successful counter attack.

        [Counterattack Time]
        Maximize: +30%

        Duration: 3 sec.

        Damage (Physical) [Strike 381%]

        Final Enhanced Skill: Give 30% Maximize upon successful counter for 3 seconds.

        Reversed MP consumption decreased to 0% (0 MP)
        Cooldown time increased to 200% (4 sec.)

        Haste Cooldown time decreased to 50% (1 sec.)

        Thoughts: A good but optional skill, you don't need this unless you're looking for a different skill cancel move. This skill is pretty decent on it's own, and can give a good stat boost if doing a successful counter, but it's not like it'll be enough time to do anything specifically damage dealing.

        Level 55

        Counter Switch [Special Active: Strength/200MP/14s CD] Perform blink slash attacks, ending with a final swing. (Can also be activated in midair)

        Damage (Physical) [Matchless Strikes 319% (Max hits 9) Finishing Blow (Cancel) 637%] = 3508%

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Energy Conversion
        + 3 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Cooldown is decreased by 4 seconds.

        Light MP consumption is decreased to 80% (160 MP)

        Ruthless Targets cannot use Mana Break
        Cooldown time increased to 200% (28 sec.)

        Thoughts: This skill is decent for damage and a pretty alright orb gain, if you use it for the 4 orbs. It's pretty much just for orbs. I don't use this skill and it doesn't have too good of a use, but it's a good skill to use in your slots if you feel like you need massive orb gain on one attack. You don't really do damage with this unless you have a LOT of gear.

        Level 60

        Tiger Power [Passive]
        Effects: Executing the Secret Tiger Arts will apply a [Fierce Tiger] buff to all nearby allies.

        Secret Tiger Arts: Fierce Tiger becomes strong and all Tiger Arts skill connection becomes faster.

        [Fierce Tiger]
        Critical Chance: +40%

        Duration: 15 sec.

        [Secret Tiger Arts - Fierce Tiger]
        Damage: +20%

        Ultimate Spearmanship [Passive]
        Effects: All attacks except special/hyper active skills have a chance to cause [Armor Break].

        Also have a chance to block a frontal attack and back attacks make the character turn around.

        All activation chances are doubled in dungeon/field.

        [Armor Break]
        Activation chance: 20%
        Physical/Magical Defense: -30%
        Duration: 5 sec.
        Block and Spin chance: 30%

        Level 65

        Heaven's Wrath [Hyper Active/300MP/180s CD] Secret Art of the Haan Family.
        It is as if drawing a flower with the tip of Ara's spear.

        Requires 1 El's Essence (Item)
        Uses one when Hyper Active skill is used. (Cannot be used without it)
        Right-click on identified El Shards to obtain El's Essence.

        Damage (Physical)
        Consecutive Slash Physical 3288% (x6) 19728%
        Upward Slash Physical 3957% (x3) 11871%
        Full Moon Slash Physical 8168% (x1) 8168%
        Total Physical - 10 39767%
        Final Enhanced Skill: Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

        Thoughts: This is your strongest move! It has excellent bossing potential, but poor clearing potential. It doesn't have a huge range, so it's pretty much just bossing only. It has TONS of damage, making it a super useful bossing hyperactive, and not to mention it looks pretty! This is a skill that takes a while to unlock, but it's worth it. And with the Hyper Skill Slot, you have no real reason to not add it to your slots.

        Secret Tiger Art: Fierce Tiger
        Buff your friends with massive critical!

        The Combo

        Tiger Power makes this a bit better, but the buff isn't EXTREMELY GOOD, especially since it's 15 seconds of buff. Not just that, but the damage is EXTREMELY subpar, and its only good use is to spam over and over for iframes or stacking of some sort. Tiger Arts is pretty much just a crutch move. It's not that great of a skill, and it only buffs people for 15 seconds, giving a bit of nice help with their critical/add/speed, but otherwise it's useless.

        Total Damage And Attributes
        1Empowered trait
        2Absorbing trait
        3Tiger Power Passive included
        [Fierce Tiger]
        Critical Chance: +40%

        Duration: 15 sec.

        And that's it! Those are the skills for SD.
        Next, is

        After Level 70, you can Transcend.

        Transcendence: Sakra Devanam

        It's time to go...even...further...BEYOND!

        To Transcend, you must do the following Quest, Limit Break.

        1/5 -Clear 5 dungeons within level range (excluding Ruben/Henir/Ereda)

        2/5 - Collect 5 Very Small Goddesses' Breath Fragments (Any Lanox Dungeon)
        3/5 - Collect 5 Tiny Goddesses' Breath Fragments (Any Secret Dungeon)
        4/5 - Collect 3 Big Goddesses' Breath Fragments (Any Secret Dungeon)
        5/5 - Clear 20 Secret Dungeons

        After that, you're Transcended!
        What is Transcendence?
        Characters can only advance to their transcendent state if they are over level 70 and completed their second Job Change. To advance, the character must complete the transcendence quest available at the Town Board or use the Item Mall item Book of Transcendence: God's Will. If the character has already reached transcendence, they can change their class with the Transcendence Job Change Ticket.

        Upon advancing to this new transcendent state, the skill tree will be expanded to include the new Transcendent skills. Two of these skills will be locked and can only be obtained by completing the corresponding Skill Quest or by purchasing the Forbidden Secret Manual from the Item Mall.

        Additionally, you will be able to use two new Transcendent Skill Slots. One of these is obtained for free upon advancing while the other requires the Skill Slot Expansion (Transcendent) item, which can be bought from the Item Mall or from other players.

        Awakening Animation

        Upon advancing to the transcendent state, the awakening animation will be modified. The animation will receive new visuals and will be accompanied with a voice over and a special Transcendence Awakening Skill Cut-in.

        Awakening Buff

        While in Awakening, players will receive a 30% damage increase instead of 20%. For Ain, he receives a 0.7% damage increase per Awakening stage, for a 17.1% damage increase by Stage 3 instead of 15%.

        Transcendence Buff

        During Awakening, every 20 seconds (including upon entering Awakening, excluding Add) for the new Transcendence buff to trigger. Skills that were placed in one of the two Transcendent Skill Slots will flash in a yellow color to signify that the buff has activated. This buff lasts for 10 seconds and will decrease the cooldown of both skills in the Transcendent Skill Slots by 14 seconds (7 seconds in PvP) when it is triggered, as well as cause those skills to deal 20% more damage than usual upon activation, in turn removing the buff. While Hyper Actives and the Wedding Skill can be placed into these slots, the Transcendence buff will not have any effect on them.

        • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 99.
        • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 3rd Job class.
        Level 70

        Flame Lotus Strike[Special Active: Tenacity/100MP/15s CD] Perform consecutive attacks of the spear arts like an elegant flower.

        Flame Lotus Strike
        Using the skill again within 4 seconds will activate the next strike.
        1st Hit: Thrust
        2nd Hit: Upward Slash
        3rd Hit: Chain Strikes

        Energy Gain
        + 1 Energy

        Damage (Physical) [Thrust 483% Upward Slash 346%(Max hits 2) Chain Strikes 189%(Max hits 8)] = 2687%

        Final Enhanced Skill: Unreleased in NA.


        Empowered Attack power increased to 120%

        Critical Ignores Guard and 50% Defense
        MP consumption increased to 120% (120 MP)

        Thoughts: Useless. It's a fun skill but you have better things to pay attention to. Senpai will never notice this skill.

        Awakened Will: Sakra Devanam [Passive]
        Effects: Effectively strengthen both physique and spear arts using spirit energy.
        Increase the flinch duration of command attacks and gain a chance to deliver an attack that ignores the enemy's defense and guard stances.
        When energy gauge is full, gain [Fulfilling Energy], elemental resistance is increased and debuff effect duration is decreased.
        While, when energy is low, gain [Energy Charge], using skills that do not consume energy restore energy.

        Flinch Duration: +0.08 second
        Chance to ignore Guard and Defense: 10%

        [Fulfilling Energy]
        All Resistance: +200

        Debuff Duration: -50%

        [Energy Charge]
        Energy Gain: +1

        Level 80

        Charging Fury[Active: Flexibility/35MP/6s CD] Demolish enemies by striking them multiple times with unimaginable speed.

        Damage (Physical) [Flurry 293% (Max hits 5) Thrust (Cancel) 281%] = 2687%

        Energy Conversion
        + 1 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Unreleased in NA.

        Persistent Decreases target's Knockdown rate by 5 each hit
        Regenerating (1) Has 10% chance to restore 50% of MP used (17.5 MP)

        Thoughts: Charging Fury has great pierce attack and damage, it's a guaranteed pierce attack, which makes it helpful. You may use it if wanted, but I will show you what recommended skill builds to get. This is definitely a good Flexibility build skill.

        Awakened One [Passive]
        Effects: Enhances the body even further.

        Physical/Magical Attack Power: +10%
        Physical/Magical Defense: +10%
        Base HP: +10%

        Level 90

        Tiger Stance: Fierce Spear Dance[Active: Strength/200MP/22s CD] Obliterate all enemies ahead with a sweeping spear dance then finishing them by throwing the spear imbued with the power of the Tiger.

        Damage (Physical) [Swing 3703% Throw (Cancel) 2075% Spear Advance (Cancel) 246% (Max hits 16) ] = 9714%

        Energy Consumption
        - 2 Energy

        Energy Conversion
        + 4 Energy when cancelled

        Final Enhanced Skill: Unreleased in NA.


        Haste Cooldown time decreased to 80% (17.6 sec.)

        Heavy Attack power increased to 140%
        Cooldown time increased to 150% (33 sec)

        Thoughts: This is a good damage dealing and cancellable skill. Using this does a lot of quick damage, and gives tons of orbs upon canceling it through EA or something else. Carry this with you in your skill slots. It is also a move that loses most of damage when it's cancelled for Energy Conversion.

        Valor And Devotion [Passive]
        Effects: Using [Bravery] skill will cause you to enter [Valor Devotion] state.

        [Valor And Devotion]

        All Speed + Maximize 20% for 30 seconds.

        Level 95

        Spiritual Dragon [Special Active: Bravery/0MP/22s CD] Muster the power of the dragon contained within the spear and unleash its fury to your foes ahead.

        Energy Consumption
        - 10 Energy

        Damage (Physical) [Summon 100% Spiritual Dragon 1586% (Max Hits 7) ] = 11202%

        Final Enhanced Skill: Unreleased in NA.

        Enhanced Critical chance increased to 100%
        Attack power decreased to 80%

        Regenerating (2) Has 25% chance to reduce Cooldown time to 50% (11 sec.)

        Thoughts: RYUU WAGA TEKI WO KUR-- oh wait. Anyway, this skill has grave use in a Bravery skill set, making it effective. The only sad thing is that it doesn't do too well against bosses, since it has a push effect and if a boss is immobile, it's pretty much useless to use. Maybe it'll have a better effect later... hint hint

        After Level 99, you can get 3rd job.
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        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141841}}
          Level: {{esusrinfo_level141841}}
          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141841}}


          IT'S TIME.


          To get this job class, you must be level 99, and have done this:

          Clear Forgotten Elrian Sanctum once.
          Collect 5 drops from the any boss in Elrianode.
          Collect 20 drops from Skin Splitter
          Defeat 2,000 Freak monsters in 11-3: Elrianode City and 11-4: Debrian Laboratory.
          Defeat Spatio Reaper 30 times. Spatio Reaper can be found in 11-3: Elrianode City or 11-5: El Tower Defense.

          ...Yeah. Or you can buy it. Whichever suits you?

          But with that out of the way...


          The first one is a slam down from her up-x, and
          the second is a dash x with a lunge that forces her forward.
          Somewhat useful stuff.


          Time Of Enlightenment [Passive]
          Effects: Allows for a stronger display of power with an enlightenment of the first stance.

          The damage of the Tiger and Dragon Stance increases, and when the fourth stance is used with full Spirit Energy, Secret Art will activate. (Cooldown 20 sec).

          Upon using the Secret Arts, Physical Damage will increase, and when all skills that use Spirit Energy with the exception of the first stance are used without Energy Conversion, the cooldown of the first stance of Tiger and Dragon Stance will be decreased.

          First Stance:
          Damage Increase 10%
          Cooldown Using First Stance -1s

          Time Of Enlightenment
          Physical Damage Increase 10% (Max Stacks: 5) 20s

          Flow Of Energy [Passive]
          Effects: With newly found understanding of martial arts, certain skills become stronger. Using 4th Stance when Energy is full will activate Secret Arts. (Cooldown 20 sec.) Gain [Time of Enlightenment] after using Dragon or Tiger Stance skills. Using Energy Consumption Skills will reduce cooldown of Special Active Skills. (Cooldown 10 sec.)

          Time of Enlightenment
          Special active cooldown -33% (10s CD)
          Physical Attack Power 2% (up to 20 stacks) for 20s

          Force Skills [Incomplete.]

          Hyperactive 2

          Dragon Wrath

          [Hyper Active/300MP/180s CD] Relentless Spear attack creates the illusion of a charging dragon.
          A powerful dragon is summoned from the end of your spear and destroys all enemies ahead.

          Requires 1 El's Essence (Item)
          Uses one when Hyper Active skill is used. (Cannot be used without it)
          Right-click on identified El Shards to obtain El's Essence.

          Shoutout to Ashal.
          So apparently I placed the hit wrong and it does 18, not 13. If you back up a bit, you can get more hits in, like this:

          See how it's 18? Way more hits than the last Gif.

          vvvvv THIS IS NOW REVISED vvvvv

          3041% Per Hit: 18 Hits

          18 x 3041=

          Heaven's Wrath Damage:

          This is still preference to which you want to carry, but Dragon's is recommended.
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          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141842}}
            Level: {{esusrinfo_level141842}}
            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141842}}

            What is a Secret Dungeon?*

            Secret Dungeon sets are considered midgame gear due to where it is in the meta. Each set has its own unique set effects, which can each be utilized in their own ways to suit specific characters and playstyles. These sets can also be upgraded to two higher stages, which grant higher stats and extra abilities.

            You can get them through boxes that look kinda like this:


            Grendizing is the first step to upgrading your Secret Dungeon equipment, increasing the level requirement for the full set up to Lv.83. You can Grendize your gear through any blacksmith's upgrade menu. This process requires El Rewards, which are obtained from quests and the Elysion Tree, and Barrier Fragments, which are dropped in every secret dungeon.

            El Rewards
            Barrier Fragments
            Magical Crystal
            ED Cost
            Top Piece 2 30 280 76,320
            Bottom Piece 2 30 280 89,040
            Gloves 1 20 280 38,160
            Shoes 1 20 280 50,880
            Accessory 2 50 280 206,400

            Enhancing is fundamentally the same as Grendizing, and is also done through the blacksmith's upgrade menu. Enhanced Secret Dungeon equipment is is the final upgrade you can make to Secret Dungeon equipment, increasing it to Lv.85, and unlocking an extra set effect while wearing all 6 pieces of an Enhanced set.
            El Rewards
            Barrier Fragments
            Top Piece 1 50 76,320
            Bottom Piece 1 50 89,040
            Gloves 1 50 38,160
            Shoes 1 50 50,880
            Accessory 2 50 206,400
            Difficulty of Secret Dungeons

            The level of the monsters will be equal to the highest level player in your party plus 5. For example, if you're in a party with a level 70, 80 and 90, the level of the monsters will be 95. Thus it is recommended to go into Secret Dungeons with a group of similar level to you, or by queueing, which will automatically pair you up with other players in your level range.

            While playing in Secret Dungeons, there is a chance for the NPC Luto to appear. Luto will present the option to replay the current dungeon in Luto Mode, in which the party must successful vote on in order to enter. The party must have more than half the group's approval to enter the dungeon. If the vote is tied, the entrance will be cancelled. While in Luto Mode, the dungeon's drop rate and monster levels will significantly increase, and you will receive a 300% boost in EXP gain (does not apply to El Resonance). Luto will have a higher chance of appearing if the Fever gauge is full.

            That's cool and all, but what do I use?

            The most recommended set for Sakra Devanam is:


            2-Piece Effect:

            Additional Damage +6%

            4-Piece Effect:

            Physical Attack +2%
            Magical Attack +2%
            Physical Defense +2%
            Magical Defense +2%

            5-Piece Effect:

            When attacking, 4% chance of casting the buff Giant Brew(Character size is increased to 130%, Critical hit rate is increased by 25%) for 10 seconds.

            When attacking, 5% chance of casting Joaquin's Hallucination's Thunder.

            When attacking, 5% chance of throwing Flame Flask.

            When attacked, 2% chance of casting Joaquin's Hallucination's Magic Shield (100% damage reduction) for 5 seconds.

            (Cooldown: 5 Seconds)

            6-Piece Effect:

            When attacking, there is a 2% chance to summon Joaquin's Hallucination (Instant Thunderstorm)


            This is a crutch set. SD gear is pretty outdated in this meta, so there's no real use in keeping it for a while. Use this to help out with Heroics which has become easier due to revamp. You'll get enough stuff to craft a decent SD set from running the Transcendence quest. Recommended you get this gear if you have issues trying to run heroic.

            Which Secret Dungeons are the best for me?

            For EXP/ERP leveling: The ones you want to run are

            These are the quickest/most mobs in each dungeon

            DN:A has the quickest clear time

            Transporting Tunnel has a lot of mobs and quick clear time

            Rage Of Behemoth has the most mobs, therefore more EXP

            Lanox has the most overall EXP in the game, and quicker than Sander or Hamel

            SD can run these without issue, so it's all good no matter what you run.

            *SD Sets are not that important now. They're super cheap for a reason. Please do not use this for Elrianode, get Heroic gear by then. It's suffering.

            HEROIC GEAR

            Heroics are going to be revamped soon, but I will give a small rundown regardless.
            • Requires 1 Heroic Invitation HQ Shop Item 162391.png to enter.

            Heroic Mode is a mode where high level players can play significantly more challenging versions of normal dungeons, and acquire rare items and powerful equipment. Upon entering Heroic Mode, you and your party will be placed in a random dungeon (Velder ~ Elysion, excluding Secret Dungeons). Unlike normal dungeons, EXP is not gained in Heroic Mode, nor is stamina consumed, and you are limited to only 3 resurrections. Mobs and bosses of the dungeons are the same as in their normal counterparts, but significantly buffed.

            Basically, think of Secret Dungeons with more powerful enemies. Having no resistance is a bad idea, as the ice (it doesn't matter if 500 water resist, you will die) and fire elixirs hurt extremely bad. Poison also is a quick killer, so have something that neutralizes it.

            The gear here is better than SDs by significant amounts, and you will want to get sets from Heroics (a 2/2, meaning half of one set and half of another) for good reason, as they give 10% phys/mag att and 5% of that respective set's effects. (suggested Wrath/Wisdom)
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            • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141843}}
              Level: {{esusrinfo_level141843}}
              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141843}}

              What titles are best for me?

              Let's start off by saying NEVER GET A PROC TITLE. JUST DON'T.

              You can do way more with a regular always-active title rather than having to fill requirements to do something, since you can't always have access to it. I made the mistake of getting Oath of Ruin and realized it was trash. At least I have a title that does me some good collector wise...

              What do I get?*
              *These titles are going to be mostly endgame titles, otherwise the title you wear doesn't matter until you can get there.
              *If there is no "discovery requirement", assume clearing the map one time is to see it.

              Passion Pay
              ​​"I'd like stronger power just to play here a bit... However, I'll try harder for a greater rewards."
              How to obtain:
              Clear 9-3 200 times
              Clear 9-4 100 times

              Its effects:
              Physical Attack +1000
              Magical Attack +1000

              This title is extremely good for starters, and it works even up until Elrianode. This is pretty much a free enchantment's worth on a weapon. Go for it.

              Ruler Of The Sky
              ​​"Light as a feather on clouds!"

              How to obtain: Defeat Herbaon in 10-5 on Very Hard 200 times

              Its effects:
              Movement Speed +10%
              Jump Speed +10%
              Attack Speed +10%
              Awakening Charge Speed +5%

              It gives pretty amazing speeds, and it's good to have if you want to be fast for a while.

              Shadow's Descent
              ​​"The flames's shadow burns darker and deeper."

              How to obtain: Clear 10-6 Very Hard and achieve all the following 5 times:
              • Take under 30 hits
              • Achieve SS Rank
              • Clear without using resurrection stones
              Its effects:
              Critical Hit Rate +6%
              Maximize +6%
              Decrease target's Element Resistance by 20 for 7 seconds when attacking (Max: 5 stacks)
              Increase next attack damage by 5% when cause 10 hits when attacking

              This title has amazing crit/max boost, and it decreases elemental resist which works with Water/Wind/Dark in PvE, not to mention attack damage by 5% is a nice boost of damage.

              Resistant To Destiny
              ​​"We walked into the Shadow to resist."

              How to obtain: Clear 10-6 on Very Hard 800 times

              Its effects:
              Physical Attack +5%
              Magical Attack +5%
              Critical Hit Rate +3%
              Additional Damage +3%
              Maximize +3%
              Max HP +10%

              This set gives AMAZING Phys/Mag, Crit, Maximize, and HP. This is a grindy title, but so worth getting for any situation you'd be planning to do.

              Pierce The Heavens
              ​​"I trust you can handle the dimensional rift in the sky?"

              How to obtain: Defeat the following in 11-3:
              5,000 Mutated Ent
              5,000 Mutated Durahan
              5,000 Freak Guardian

              Its effects:
              Physical Attack +5%
              Magical Attack +5%
              Critical +5%
              Critical Damage +5%

              Busted title. It gives a decent amount of crit, and crit damage, which is PERFECT for this class. It's a bit grindy, and can be expensive, so get this slowly, unless you have the ED to pay for the defense tickets...

              GET THE POWER!!
              ​"Sacrifice speed for a powerful hit. To the limits!"

              How to discover: Clear Debrian Laboratory within 4 minutes 30 seconds once
              How to obtain: Clear 11-4 and achieve all the following 30 times:
              • Clear within 4 minutes 30 seconds
              • Take 30 hits or less
              • Clear without use of resurrection stones
              Its effects:
              Maximize +10%
              All Skill Damage +10%
              Attack Speed -25%
              MP Cost +5%

              Speed titles are useful in this situation. Speedrunning is a pain for this, but the maximize, and skill damage is worth it. Plus, the attack speed doesn't matter too much, since you're Ara. You're not really losing anything.
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              • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141845}}
                Level: {{esusrinfo_level141845}}
                Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141845}}

                Working for the (second) strongest weapon...Add's Ultimate Weapon.

                AEFT is a dungeon full of 5 rooms, 4, randomized rooms, and one final boss, that has a low chance of giving you a really amazing weapon with busted stats.
                • Only three Resurrection Stones can be used to revive.
                • Mounts cannot be used.
                Energy Shard Talk to an alchemist to craft Fusion Energy Disks.
                Fusion Energy Disk - Stage # Can unleash the # stage of Apocalypse Weapon.
                Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon Cube A cube that contains Apocalypse Type - Void weapons
                How to Play

                Players must do all of the following:
                • Defeat 2 Energy Frame: Type - Alterasia while Energy Frame: Type - Alterasia Spore spawn in masses.
                • Defeat Energy Frame: Type - Edan, Valak, and Q-PROTO_00.
                • Defeat 3 stationary Energy Frame: Type - Berauk who will constantly strike lightning and try to attack players.
                • Defeat Energy Frame: Type - Bug Walk while it will constantly multiply creating smaller clones of itself.
                After completeting all four trials, fight Apocalypse Type - Void itself.

                Remember that THEY'RE RANDOMIZED EXCEPT FOR TYPE-VOID.

                Also, the gimmick of the map is that enemies get stronger over time. (SHOWN HERE)

                So with that in mind, you're probably wondering (Or struggling) how to beat this dungeon?

                Here's some tips.

                Add's Energy Fusion Theory Map Tips
                ENTER IN WITH BUFFS.

                These are Hot Springs/GoD/Special Mission/Giant Blessed elixir. The Special Mission isn't necessary, but it's highly recommended to get the rest, since it gives a lot more damage than you already have, unless you're broken enough to not need it.
                Two Energy Frame: Type-Altersia (Cabbage)
                This one is as annoying as HECK, honestly. They constantly can be annoying when they stall you with Storm Blade, and then heal tons of HP back while they do it since you can't stop the spores. So what do you do?

                CONSUMABLES. These are the answer. Here's what you get:
                Giant Stone Apples

                Getting this, lets you tank through the hits he gives off, so your combos and attacks can't be disrupted. Other than that, Altersia is super easy.

                Three Energy Frame Epic NPC: Eden/Valak/Q_Proto
                These enemies are frustrating, since Eden always steps out of your combos and skills, Valak is tanky, and Q_Proto usually runs away to roar, and then black hole.
                Another solution to THIS map is:

                Giant Stone Apples

                Yep. These again. Abusing iFrames is a good solution to trying to beat these enemies, but sometimes Giant Stone Apples are a simple solution to help you defeat them and they can't constantly stun you since they do decent damage.

                Three Energy Frame: Berauk
                If Eun wasn't watching me when I do this, I'd scream and curse this map. This one is probably the most annoying one there is. That lightning slows you down significantly, burns 20mp per tick, and does pretty much 30% of your HP per hit.
                Consumables such as stone apples will not help you.
                What you need will be elixirs and just spam with iframes. I will provide a video on how to run this at the bottom of the thread, eventually.

                Energy Frame: Bug-Walk
                This one constantly spawns smaller versions of itself and it can get pretty overwhelming. But the only thing you need to do is keep spamming Tiger arts, Dragon Arts, Shadoweave, Kite, or such.
                Just spam MP and HP pots if they do too much damage in such situations.

                Apocalypse Type-Void
                This is the boss of the dungeon, and he's quite annoying sometimes. Most of his moves are easy to dodge, but he gets significantly more damaging over time due to the fact the dungeon gives the mobs more damage by 50% every now and then up to 500%. The only thing you need to look out for is his EMP Shock, which does -5mp burn, tons of damage, and cancels mana break. It is usually after 4 attacks, and he teleports near you. You can escape this by running far away enough, or escaping through iframes.

                Required Consumables to use:
                Blessed Giant Potion (Elixir) Having great critical chance increase on SD is godlike, essentially since you have that as well as critical damage with most of her passives, and being able to have more damage and bigger skill range is extremely good. Damage output is better than the ability to get hit easier, since it's not a problem in this dungeon, being able to iFrame and such.
                This can be used to attack enemies a bit more, and has good use of damage output on most opponents and can do decent damage as they try to get close to you. It's not as recommended as giant potion, but it does decent fire damage, and can help a bit with enemies trying to attack or get near you.
                Wind Orbs Reduces enemies' Physical/Magical defense for 15 seconds. Very useful if you're not very strong. Note that all Orbs share the same CD, so I advise against slotting multiple Orbs.
                Giant Stone Apple Increases size, jumping power, and grants super armor. This Apple can save lives and is especially useful against Type - Alterasia. Note that all Apples share the same CD, so I advise against slotting multiple Apples.
                Consumables That You Need
                Hard-boiled Egg Hang out in the hot springs for a while and buy these from the phoru, since they're extremely cheap and easy to get. This gives 100% MP and can help in all situations you need it for. Don't share it with mana pots. They have the same cooldown.
                Complete Recovery Potion Restores 100% HP and MP. Pretty sure it's self explanatory to put this in your slots.
                Consumables that are Optional
                Mana Elixir 100% MP, but shares CD as Hard-Boiled Eggs. So it's optional, even though HBE is better.
                Red-Bean Sherbet Restores 100% HP and MP. This does not share the same CD as CRP.
                Ancient Fossil Pill Restores 100% HP and MP. This does not share the same CD as CRP.
                Advanced Vitality Potion 30% HP, 200 MP and cures status ailments. Pretty useful, suggest getting.
                Advanced Recovery Potion 50% HP, 150 MP, and increases MP recovery by 10 for 7 seconds. More useful.
                Apocalypse Type Void Spear.png Apocalypse Type-Void Weapon Lv95 Weapon:

                Stage 1: +3% Critical Hit Rate
                Stage 2: +3% Attack Speed
                Stage 3: +3% Maximization
                Stage 4: +3% Additional Damage
                Stage 5: Physical Attack Lvl.3, Magical Attack Lvl.3
                Stage 6: +5% Damage Reduction, +5% Awakening Charge
                Stage 7: +9% HP
                Stage 8: +9% MP Gain when attacking
                Stage 9: +2.5% Elemental Effect Chance
                Stage 10: 2.5x Damage against Knocked-down mobs (Dungeon)
                Stage 11: +75 Elemental Resist
                Stage 12: 5% chance of double attack (Except special active skills)
                Stage 13: +10% Damage on enemy with 30% or lower HP
                Stage 14: +7% Critical Hit Rate, +7% Additional Damage, +7% Maximization
                Stage 15: +10% All Skill Damage
                Enhancement +9: +7.5% Physical Defense, +7.5% Magical Defense
                Enhancement +10: Physical Attack Lvl.10, Magical Attack Lvl.10
                Enhancement +11: +5% All Skill Damage, -5% All Skill Cooldown, -5% All Skill MP Cost
                Enhancement +12: +10% Critical Damage
                Enhancement +13: +20% Max MP

                How it's done:

                This wasn't my BEST run, but it was close to being good, I messed up a bit, and I apologize.
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                • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141846}}
                  Level: {{esusrinfo_level141846}}
                  Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141846}}

                  I'm finally level 99! I'm done grinding no-

                  YOU THOUGHT.

                  Elrianode Gear
                  This is a set of "DIY Heroic" gear, essentially. Time to break it down and explain how it works.

                  El Tear Assembly
                  Elrianode Equipment feature a unique El Tear Assembly mechanic which allows players to customize the effects on any given piece of the Elrianode Set. Each El Tear fragment and be identified for different stats and effects, these El Tear fragments can be equipped to the armor piece similar to sockets through Denif with El Tear Assembly.

                  Any given armor piece by default has four open slots each with different shapes. These slots can each contain a single El Tear Fragment, granting the armor with that fragment's property. Triangle Fragments dictate the armor's El Tear Level and affect the equipment's base stats. Square Fragments enhance the damage output of combos or specific skills. Star Fragments provide a variety of unique buffs beyond normal stats. Circle Fragments provide basic stat buffs not unlike sockets.

                  If a piece of armor is Enhanced to +9 and +10, additional Circle Fragment slots will be made available.

                  How do I get the El Tears?
                  El Tear

                  El Tear Fragments are required in order to grant Elrianode Equipment with bonus effects. El Tear can be found as drops in dungeons or can be traded for by the Blacksmith/Equipment Refiner in exchange for Fragment Powder.

                  They can do many things. Here's what they do:
                  Red El Tear Shard.png Balance
                  [Basic Stats]
                  • El Tear Lv. 1-20 / 21-29
                  Red El Tear Shard4.png Destruction
                  [Skill Effect]
                  • [Random Skill]'s Damage Increases +8% / 9% / 10% / 11% / 12% (Excluding Transcendence skills)
                  • Command Attack Damage Increase +5% / 6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / [0 +Enhancement Stats]% (Dungeon)
                  Red El Tear Shard3.png Proficiency
                  [Special Effect]
                  • Flexibility Skill Cooldown Time -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • Tenacity Skill Cooldown Time -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • Strength Skill Cooldown Time -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • Bravery Skill Cooldown Time -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • Ignores Physical Defense Power 6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • Ignores Magical Defense Power 6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • MP Cost - 6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Max 20%) (Dungeon)
                  • Recovery Item Effect +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Item Drop Rate +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Debuff Effect Duration -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Damage upon attacking an enemy with 30% HP or less +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Damage received when 30% HP or less -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Damage dealt to Boss Monsters +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Damage dealt by Boss Monsters -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Skill Cooldown Time upon defeating a Supreme Monster -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Damage increase in proportion to HP lost +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  Top Piece
                  • Attack/Attacked Damage +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]% (Dungeon)
                  • Party's Critical +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Not overlapped)
                  Bottom Piece
                  • Party's Physical Attack Power +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]% (Not overlapped)
                  • Party's Magical Attack Power +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]% (Not overlapped)
                  • Party's Physical Defense Power +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Not overlapped)
                  • Party's Magical Defense Power +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Not overlapped)
                  • Party's Attack Speed +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]% (Not overlapped)
                  • Party's Damage Reduction +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Not overlapped)
                  • Skill Cooldown Time after 10th attack -6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Dungeon)
                  • Party's Additional Damage +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Not overlapped)
                  • Upon using Flexibility Skill, Flexibility Skill's Damage for 10 seconds +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]%(5 Stacks) (Dungeon)
                  • Upon using Tenacity Skill, Tenacity Skill's Damage for 10 seconds +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]%(5 Stacks) (Dungeon)
                  • Upon using Strength Skill, Strength Skill's Damage for 10 seconds +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]%(5 Stacks) (Dungeon)
                  • Upon using Bravery Skill, Bravery Skill's Damage for 15 seconds +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% / [2 +Enhancement Stats]% (5 Stacks) (Dungeon)
                  • Party's Maximize +6% / 7% / 8% / 9% / 10% (Not overlapped)
                  • All Defense for 5 seconds upon attacking -0.5% / 1% / 1.5% / 2% / 2.5% / [0.25 * (1 + Enhancement Stats)]% (10 Stacks)(Dungeon)
                  Red El Tear Shard2.png Transformation
                  [Special Stats]
                  • Physical Defense Level +4.5 / 5.25 / 6
                  • Magical Defense Level +4.5 / 5.25 / 6
                  • Critical +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • Critical Damage +1% / 2% / 3%
                  • All Resistance +15 / 17 / 20
                  • Maximize +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • Attack Speed +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • Movement Speed +9% / 10.5% / 12%
                  • Jump Speed +9% / 10.5% / 12%
                  • Awaken Charge Speed +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • Awaken Time +4% / 5.25% / 6%
                  • Add. Damage +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • Red. Damage +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • HP +9% / 10.5% / 12%
                  • Specialization A +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • Specialization B +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • MP Gain when Attacking +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  • MP Gain when Attacked +3% / 3.5% / 4%
                  Matching El Tear Effects

                  Unlike other equipment sets, these set effects will not be active unless the player is wearing the Elrianode equipment while socketed with four or more El Tear Fragments of the same color. The equipment piece will not add to any set effects if Fragments of different color are socketed. The set effects that this set will give is dependent on the color of the Fragments used.
                  2 Piece Effect Red
                  • Physical Attack Power +5%
                  • Magical Attack Power +5%
                  • MP Gain on Attack +1430
                  • MP Gain on Receiving Attack +1430
                  • All elemental resistance +100
                  3 Piece Effect
                  • MP Consumption -5% (Max 20%)
                  • MP Consumption -5% (Max 20%)
                  • MP Consumption -5% (Max 20%)
                  4 Piece Effect
                  • All Skill Damage +10%
                  • All Skill Damage +10%
                  • All Skill Damage +5%
                  • Additional Damage +1430
                  • Reduced Damage +1430
                  I want more info!

                  There's an awesome guide for Elrianode Gear in detail on this page.

                  Now for what YOU need.

                  Physical El Tears.

                  El Tears are kinda iffy sometimes, and it's pretty much core RNG.
                  But there's a certain few tears that are a MUST HAVE for SD.

                  Attack/Attacked Top Piece
                  Party Physical Attack Increase Bottom Piece
                  Bravery Cooldown + Bravery Stacking Gloves (Or Boss Dmg)
                  -Boss Damage Shoes

                  Now for the breakdown:

                  You basically need these particular pieces for one reason each, and I'll explain them.

                  Physical Proficiency Top Piece: Attack/Attacked Damage

                  This one will be annoying to get your hands on the 10% version unless you drop it (super low chance, since unique) or it's bought (with lots of ED). This piece increases not only the damage you take (it's risky but good), but the damage you dish out by 10%. This is helpful for SD as you have plenty of i-frames anyway and it's a general consensus for Ara to use since extra damage is good damage.

                  Physical Proficiency Bottom Piece: Party Phys. Att
                  This is an amazing piece of gear, since it increases not just yours, but your whole party's physical attack! This does tons of justice in helping add onto the 10% damage you had earlier, and stacks with other types of damages in general. Physical attack is great, since it's 10% of your base physical attack stat regardless. (i.e. if you have 17000 physical, you'd get a +1700 stat boost on it, which makes it 18700. Or if you had 20195 from a +11, you'd end up with +2019.5 which brings your total stat to 22214.) In other words, this is a very good piece of gear, and getting it is not just recommended, it's necessary.

                  Physical Proficiency Gloves: Bravery CD OR Bravery Stacking

                  Recommended Bravery Stacking, this is busted simply because the two easiest to get highest modifiers are 8% Elite, 10% Unique. 10% per stack is certainly broken since it goes up to 5 stacks, and SD is all about bravery with orb dumps such as Kite, Suppression, and Spiritual Dragon; but Shadoweave is a Bravery, too! This can be put up to 50%, or if you have the Elite version of 8%, it goes up to 40%. This is a super helpful effect and honestly I think you should choose it over Bravery Cooldown if you want more damage. But they're both good, so you can choose whatever you want.
                  Physical Proficiency Shoes: -Boss Damage

                  Boss Damage is important, since everything is raid-related now, and most of your enemies are going to be bosses in endgame. This is worth a lot, and even increases your Combat Power as well.

                  What do I do with the other 12 slots?

                  Fill in. It's kind of odd, but you can choose whatever you want for this. Everyone has different setups and builds. Although, a few things are certain to get for this set, and that's Skill Damage increases (Shown on this)

                  The ones you want, are:
                  Flying Kite Damage Increase 11% (Any Piece) x2
                  Shadoweave Damage Increase 11% (Any Piece) x2
                  Flying Kite Damage Increase 11% (Any Piece) x4
                  Shadoweave Damage Increase 11% (Any Piece) x4
                  (2 + Enhancement Effects% for +10 or higher only)

                  Red El Tear Shard.png
                  El Tear Level 25+ on all pieces.

                  Fill in with whatever you want!
                  (Recommended stats if you need it, are Critical/Crit Damage, maybe HP if you die often, since SD has high HP)
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                  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141847}}
                    Level: {{esusrinfo_level141847}}
                    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141847}}

                    What build should I work on?


                    Bravery is a key component of SD's skills, and does significant damage. That means to stack all your effort into Bravery. As in:

                    All them points into ERP. (100 points = 35%)

                    Bravery Stacking Gloves of some sort (8% or 10%, my old 8% is the Heroic Gloves, but I have Elrianode stacking now)

                    Bravery Ring (20%, Ereda ones aren't necessary, but good extra stats)

                    Bravery Chronicle (10%)

                    Total: 65% + Stacking full Bravery in dungeon = (8%)105% / (10%)115%.

                    No other build works for this class.

                    You're probably wondering, "Strength skill rings affect Secret Art - Blast now, so that must mean--"

                    NOPE. Strength stacking is inefficient, and isn't as good as Bravery Stacking. Not only do you lose a ton of damage, but Blast isn't a good spamming skill. Shadoweave is much easier to throw out constantly, and you can dish out tons more damage than Strength builds. Flexibility builds are practically useless for Ara, and Tenacity Build is just ???, you'd never want to use it.

                    This is key to getting a broken Bravery set. I will show my set later, and then you may compare with that.

                    the waifus

                    Current Skills I use in PvE:

                    My current gear/equipment build as of 12/20/17.
                    What I am wearing, broken down:

                    *This picture is just for style, it does not represent what I wear in dungeons. I like my girl to look cute.

                    My Elrianode Sockets: UPDATED AS OF 12/20/17.

                    Grand Total Of T he Important Stuff!
                    I will re-create this image a day when my stuff is complete. This will take a while.
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                    • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141848}}
                      Level: {{esusrinfo_level141848}}
                      Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141848}}

                      Reserved, but I'm getting annoyed waiting...

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                      • Class: {{esusrinfo_class141896}}
                        Level: {{esusrinfo_level141896}}
                        Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild141896}}

                        Extra Reserve

                        Alright, you guys can post now! I'll work on the guide every now and then, and feel free to send me any help and info you want to contribute to.
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                        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class145542}}
                          Level: {{esusrinfo_level145542}}
                          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild145542}}

                          Woahhhhhh awesome guide good job!


                          • Watered-solace-
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                            Thanks haha~ I'm still working on it, but I hope it will prove useful!
                        • Class: {{esusrinfo_class147068}}
                          Level: {{esusrinfo_level147068}}
                          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild147068}}

                          Is there a particular reason why you suggest something like Bravery CD- instead of any sort of skill stacking for the recommended Elrianode gear? Do you think that it is a preference between Bravery CD- and skill stacking or do you think that Bravery CD- is important enough that skill stacking should not be considered?
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                            Bravery CD is just as useful, but I had stopped editing the moment I was working on it due to having to sleep haha

                            I am going to do such revisions and add onto it in a moment!

                          • Skyress
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                            Ah, right. I think it would be helpful to include a section on skill stacking options should one opt for them, how you write it and what details you put in is up to you, but I would at least give a brief description of what such a build looks like for viable stacking options and some pros and cons.

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                            Don't worry, I'll make sure everything's suitable to everyone's taste!
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