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    Oz help

    Hey guys, been grinding aisha through the growth event and was wondering whats a good skill build for OS aisha and what shouldi focus on my elrainode set? Thank you in advance
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    Aging, Accel Aura, Poisonous(Dark) Cloud, Abysmal Field, Dark Web, Shadow Body, Teleport, Plasma Cutter (always in Transcended slot).

    After those you have room for 2 optional skills. Anything can work except Lightning bolt, Chain fireball, Ruin or Death Field. Even though some of these skills look cool, they're just a waste of mana outside of pvp.

    For your Elrianode set you should stack Plasma cutter

    Edit: Hell Stone can also be a really strong skill against super armor enemies, though i personally don't like using the skill.
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