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    OZ skills

    can someone please tell me what skills does oz use ? for raid and normal
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    for raid (if youre a support):
    acceleration aura - all speeds and attack increase
    phantom breath - resistance reduction (primarily focus on 12-6-3 and 12-7-1 laser, spam it otherwise still i guess)
    petite angkor (mod) - defense reduction
    ring of darkness (mod) - you can kill grey spikes and cages easily or just apply petrifying
    dark web - increases mp recovery within the range of the skill
    teleport - in 12-6-3 you can just stand on top, jump to the opposite direction of the spinning eye and press teleport
    abyssmal field (mod) - if youre a support mod is very much preferred for iframes
    petit angkors millions - just a filler skill to reduce cooldowns of your other skills
    rest i guess just fillers i dont have 2nd T slot unlocked so im just using poisonous cloud


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