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Oz Sorc. or Aeither Sage?

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    Oz Sorc. or Aeither Sage?

    Hey all, looking to pick up an Aisha with the boost character available next week. and my choice are OS or AS. Looking for some advice/ a recommendation. I don't include Metamorphy as an option Because I already have one and its alright but not quite the jam on my toast.

    I guess my criteria are mana management, learning curve (am I going to have to sell my soul to the character for competent damage?), clearing, and overall fun (this may be a bit more subjective).

    For reference, I main Code: Esencia and like to play Prime Operator, Minerva, Flame Lord, and Devi if that helps
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    Oz Sorcerer is really fun to play. She has good clearing, her buffs lets you in all kind of raid party, she has insane MP regen on awakening due to the locked passive on 2nd job (20mp/sec at level 99). She can pretty much spam skills, but relies less on Aisha's system compared to AeS.
    SPOILERAnd Oz is best girl.
    Didn't play AeS in depth, but she takes advantage the most out of her system, has good clearing and bossing overall.


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      Overall fun we can't exactly answer, but in terms of your other criteria I'd give it to OS, I've heard that AeS chugs very hard.
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        OS has insane mana regeneration, awakening and Dark Web. She has good bossing skills, for instance, Dark Web, Abysmal Field, Hellstone, many more. She's good at curve path, Dark Web and Poisonous Cloud (Does Aging counts?) . For the Linear path, she could use Plasma Cutter. Her skills have some chances to have the cooldown lowered. For me personally, she's fun.
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