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How's Aisha atm?

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    How's Aisha atm?

    I was thinking about getting an Aisha soon, but I want to know, how is Aisha right now and which class is the best for pve and pvp and why?
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    Aisha is more of a buffer currently, she is not top dps like Shakti or Centurion and such, so don't be too surprised if you feel like your damage is lacking in comparison to those types of classes who got a huge renewal buff.

    Uh, since renewals... AeS hasn't changed much, got buffed recently after a nerf during renewals.
    MtM got a sorta big buff, but then nerfed slightly afterwards I believe.
    I don't even know what has happened to OS nowadays, so I cannot comment on OS.

    I would say Metamorphy being the best for both PvE and PvP, since almost all aishas have job changed to metamorphy. She has a new skill, Megaton Press, which does a ton of damage with clearing potential, and impact zone is now a great clearing tool as it moves at ludicrous speeds. So, MtM, who kinda lacked an arsenal of clearing tools in the past, now has a lot to work with.

    Aether Sage got frost barrage nerfed, in that it does less damage and no longer curves; as well as some memorization related nerfs as well to go with the MP cap reducing to 400. Flame Circle isn't much, because it's her new slowest skill, which is kinda annoying, given that the rest of her skills are slow too, but it's good for attacking small mobs such as Ran. Lightning Bolt renewal is neglectable, It's better, but not good enough to put on. However, her elemental affinity buff now stacks to 5 instead of 3, which means more damage, so yay!


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      OS is one word... Amazing. They've buffed her clearing by making a lot of her stationary skills travel across the screen. They've also improved her mana recover when awaken through the roof and Dark Web is now a party MP regen skill much like RaS Sunshower without the healing.

      I'm not sure what she's like compared to the other Aishas since this is the only one I've played, but I'm surprise that more people haven't started playing her after the balance patches.
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        AeS is stuck in the same loop she's been in for the past... -checks calendar- years. She's great in PvE if you submit to your role as the support, since you're not going to be doing much else with how slow your skills are. Her skills get nerfed fairly often, and things like Affinity don't really change how those skills feel since you're just basically giving them back what they lost to begin with. More work than before for the same result as before. Still a fun class all things considered, just be ready for a roller coaster.


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          Oz is as usual super fun to play and since the reboot she is more viable than she ever was.
          I really like our purple sorceress.

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