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Val's Guide to Aetherical Matters (EM/AS)

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    Val's Guide to Aetherical Matters (EM/AS)

    Val's Guide to Aetherical Matters

    Hello and welcome to the guide of magic and more magic!
    It's time to kick off my return to this game by bringing this gem back from the old forums.
    This guide is primarily PvE. There will be some PvP mentions, but not focused on.
    So take out those matches and ice cube trays, it's time to get elemental!

    Tables of Contents

    1.) The Basis of Bases
    2.) Blizzard Shower
    3.) No Honor, No Glory
    4.) I'm You but Stronger
    5.) Aetherical Matters
    6.) Arm Yourselves With Knowledge

    Guide Disclaimer
    This guide was built with the intent to help new players and people who have never used the class.
    Everything you are about to go through has been put together through personal experience and research.
    However, I do not claim to be the utmost authority on this class. There are definitely others who do not share my view.
    If you find a skill to be to your liking for any reason, feel free to share and start a civil conversation.
    Even if I don't like the skill and make note of that, I'm always open to hearing new sides to all of them.
    I wish to make this guide a basis for new players to come and form their own opinion off of it.
    In the same way I hope this guide enhances your time as an Elemental Master, so too do I hope it enhances mine.
    Thank you for reading, now let's burn some rubber.
    - Val
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    The Basis of Bases

    So here we are. At the beginning of every magical girl's dream.
    Burning homes down, electrocuting idiots, freezing fools solid,
    massacring demons left and right, dropping Meteors that make Sephiroth blush...

    You know, girly stuff.


    The Basics

    Let's start with what you should know before stepping into the magic world.
    People are going to love you. Your existence to them is a mechanic skip.
    You just being in the party will make everyone happy for many reasons.
    Elemental Master/Aether Sage is one of the best support roles in this game.
    Bosses fear you, groups of mobs despise you, players who can't catch in PvP loathe you.
    Have I gotten you excited? I hope so, otherwise this'll be a boring trip.

    Character System: Memorize

    This is Aisha's unique character system called Memorize.
    Sounds cool, looks cool, is probably the most useless character system in the game.
    Now I could go over the specifics of what this system does, but...
    You won't be using this too much until much later on.
    Instead, I'm just going to be lazy and send you here to read my sis' guide on it.
    Memorize: A Guide to Aisha's System by Peper0chan
    I'll explain more of the specific uses for Memorize with EM/AS later.

    Mana Regeneration/Levitation

    Aisha has the fastest natural mana regen of all characters because... well, she's magical.
    Standing still lets you regen 10MP per second, this is very crucial to you. MP is important.
    She can also glide through the air by holding the jump button and then left or right.
    If you dash first before jumping, you can glide faster. Simple and easy.

    Now we have girly stuff to do, so light that house up and we can get started.


    Base Skills

    Base Aisha has some pretty handy skills, some that will be 100% mandatory for you later on.
    And to mention before starting, the special Wedding skill will not be covered for obvious reasons.
    Let's get started, shall we?

    Teleport [Active]
    [Trait 1 - Light] [Trait 2 - Regenerating]
    This is your new lover. It should never leave your hotbar for many reasons.
    The first being that Aisha is painfully slow without it.
    Other girls get double jumps and flight, but you're a girly girl.
    You get the power to warp space and move without your legs.
    The Light trait is more useful as you'll be Teleporting a lot.


    Chain Fireball [Special Active]
    [Trait 1 - Empowered] [Trait 2 - Critical]
    Two words. These two words will ring in your ears for years to come.
    So best not use it at all so it doesn't do that. This skill is okay for Base.
    I say "okay" but that's all it is. 10 seconds of burn is nice, but not enough.
    It's strong early on, but very quickly outdone as soon as you leave the tutorial level.
    Because of how little you'll use it, either trait is fine. Best just forget about this one.
    At least you won't suddenly shout two words at rand-


    Gust Screw
    [Special Active]
    [Trait 1 - Empowered] [Trait 2 - Light]

    This skill is a fun one to play around with for about six seconds.
    Largely because that's how long you'll be using it for until the next skill.
    You'll activate Awakening on Banthus and use this skill on him in the Tree of El.
    And that will be the highlight of its existence. Defeating Banthus. Congrats.


    Gust Storm
    [Special Active]
    [Trait 1 - Absorbing] [Trait 2 - Empowered]
    Remember how Gust Screw defeated Banthus? Good times.
    Now meet Screw's better brother Storm. You'll like Storm more, trust me.
    It may cost a bit more MP, but Gust Storm deals a very good chunk of damage.
    Gust Storm is a good solid smack, if just a bit costly early on.
    With a later Passive skill, Gust Storm regains some usability but is still rather niche.
    Take the Empowered trait because more damage is almost always better.


    Lightning Bolt
    [Special Active]
    [Trait 1 - Light] [Trait 2 - Critical]
    Our first non-fire Special Active, and it's a very useful one.
    Lightning Bolt, true to itself, deals about as much damage as Gust Screw.
    Why is it superior? Because it also stuns anything it hits for 2 seconds.
    If you Awaken beforehand, the stun duration increases to 3 seconds.
    That may not seem important now, but that 1 second could save your bacon.
    In end-game, this skill can actually deal obscene amounts of damage.
    If you have MP troubles, go for Light trait. Otherwise, Critical is best.


    Binding Circle
    [Special Active]
    [Trait 1 - Regenerating (1)] [Trait 2 - Regenerating (2)]
    This is the locked skill for Base at Level 15.
    You'll likely unlock this one without trying, and well...
    This skill is useless for PvE. PvP, it's a good catch tool.
    But for PvE, this skill is never going to be on your hotbar.
    All this skill does is freeze anything within the radius in place.
    Until hit. Yeah, that's the downside. The traits are whatever you want too.
    Hmm? Did I skip a skill? Don't be silly, I just like saving my favorites for last.


    Meteor Call
    [Special Active]
    [Trait 1 - Gigantic] [Trait 2 - Light]
    Noli manere, manere in memoria
    Noli manere, manere in memoria
    Here's the drop and the boom all in one: Meteor Call.
    Because I'm old, I'm very fond of this skill before it had been deleted and then returned.
    This skill deals as much damage as Gust Storm, but covers a larger range.
    This makes it less useful on bosses and more for cleaning the filthy mobs out of your way.
    And really, what better way to clear a path to a boss than to drop a meteor?
    Always take the Gigantic trait. Why would you ever not want a bigger meteor?



    That covers pretty much what Base Magician is about. Lots of fire.
    I'll cover combos later when there's more to actually go through.
    For now, head to Elder and do the Job Advance Quest to High Magician.
    I'll just wait here and listen to One-Winged Angel while torching a town.
    Y'know, girly things.

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      Blizzard Shower

      Welcome to our next stop in our magical quest for power.
      Here's where the real magic and carnage begin with High Magician.
      Lots of fun skills here that will be with you forever.
      And I do mean forever. Forever as in you need these.
      Well, okay, not all of them. Let's just get this going already.


      The Highs and Lows

      High Magician is only important because of her skills.
      Even her idle pose is something we could do without.
      But sacrifices must be made for growth to happen.
      Given enough time, you'll even forget High Magician existed.
      ... No, I didn't forget she existed, where would you get such an idea...
      As before, new combos gained here will be explained later.
      Because I'm lazy and would rather do them all at once.
      Let's just move to the important part: her skills.


      High Magician Skills

      Flame Wave
      [Trait 1 - Enhanced] [Trait 2 - Critical]
      Speaking of forgettable things, Flame Wave exists.
      You'll likely only see this skill in PvP but to be honest...
      Chain Fireball is better. Which is funny to say.
      If you want this for PvP, take Critical for defense ignore.
      Just remember, Chain Fireball also has the same trait.


      Magic Missile
      [Special Active]
      [Trait 1 - Persistent] [Trait 2 - Critical]
      My baby. My poor, poor, nerfed badly baby.
      Magic Missile does exactly what you think if you played Dungeons and Dragons.
      It homes in on the closest target and starts hitting it until its dead.
      Which likely won't happen anymore unless you get super buff.
      Its duration is also short now, so it won't do as much even with a large range.
      Guess they didn't think of that when nerfing the duration, huh?
      Fun for fooling around in PvE/PvP, but not much else anymore.


      Fireball Mastery

      This is our first passive, and it's okay?
      It makes using fireballs easier at least. The range increase is weird though.
      If you jump and fire a fireball it goes much farther than standing on the ground.
      This passive is also important because it cuts Chain Fireball's MP cost in half.
      So if you wanted to PvP, you now can use Chain Fireball more.


      Wisdom Aura

      [Trait 1 - Killing Blow (1)] [Trait 2 - Killing Blow (2)]
      Here we are. This is where you will start becoming the best support.
      Wisdom Aura gives an AOE buff to all party members in range.
      The buff? +30% Magic Attack for 30 seconds. Yeah, it's that good.
      The traits are up to you as well. Blow (1) makes it last longer.
      But Blow (2) increases the buff from 30% to 34.5%.
      Go with either one really, they're both good traits.


      Meteor Shower
      [Special Active]
      [Trait 1 - Empowered] [Trait 2 - Reversed]
      ... You're expecting a Sephiroth reference now.
      Well, too bad. We need to delve into this handy Soldier.
      Meteor Shower is useful for a few reasons.
      It makes you invincible during the initial duration.
      You can hold the skill key down to summon more meteors for MP.
      It's a good skill that can also be used in mid-air.
      Sadly, damage-wise it's a bit low unless you use it on a big target.
      Like the planet.


      Blizzard Shower
      [Special Active]
      [Trait 1 - Gigantic] [Trait 2 - Killing Blow (1)]
      This is your second locked skill, and it is absolutely vital.
      Welcome to why everyone loves seeing you in a party.
      Blizzard Shower drops several ice shards down to freeze anything they hit.
      What's more, if you cast it next to something, that thing is also frozen.
      Blizzard Shower is one of two reasons to ever use Memorize as EM/AS.
      You can even use it to skip boss mechanics so long as your party is good.
      Did I mention this skill can do a good amount of damage too? Because it can.
      For traits, I'd recommended Killing Blow (1), as a longer freeze duration is great.


      [Trait 1 - Killing Blow (1)] [Trait 2 - Haste]
      After a skill like Blizzard Shower, how could anything else compare?
      Free MP. Well flippity, we just compared. That's right, FREE MP.
      So long as you don't get hit while the duration is going.
      That includes being hit by super armor appearing, and... well everything else.
      It's very easy to lose Meditation if used during a fight.
      Killing Blow (1) is recommended as it gives you more MP if you last the full duration.
      Haste is okay too, it shaves off 9 seconds from the final cooldown.


      Chain Lightning
      [Special Active]
      [Trait 1 - Empowered] [Trait 2 - Critical]
      We close off High Magician's skills with our second lightning-based spell.
      Chain Lightning is fast, chaotic, and only gets better the further you go.
      When used in a large group of mobs, Chain Lightning goes nuts.
      It homes in on the closest enemy, hits it, might hit it again or move to the next target, repeat.
      It's a wild skill that can be used mid-air and is fairly strong with either trait.
      If you want to be more MP conscious, go with Empowered.
      If you see a lot of shielding enemies and hate their very existence, Critical.
      Great fun at birthday parties, fun for the whole family. Shock them all.
      Once we hit Aether Sage, the fun only doubles.



      And that wraps up High Magician's overview. We got a lot of great skills now to use.
      And next, we dive deeper into the core of everything you'll be using from now on.
      Head on over to Altera and take the Job Advance Quest to become...

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        No Honor, No Glory

        You have done well to make it this far. Or you are very bored of early dungeons.
        Either way, this is now Elemental Master territory. Lots of fun here.
        Elemental Master has arguably the best idle pose of the branch.
        I say arguably but really, it's not up for debate. It is the best idle pose.
        Unless you cash shop, then just ignore what I said.
        Let's get right into the skills without delay.


        Elemental Master Skills

        Circle Flame
        [Trait 1 - Heavy] [Trait 2 - Powerful]
        The next of your actives that are mainly for PvP.
        Circle Flame is amazingly self-describing. It's a circle of flames.
        Multi-hit yadda yadda look you'll likely not use this skill outside of PvP.
        You get something similar and infinitely better later on.
        For PvP, I recommend Powerful trait. Both have the same negative but super armor is nice.


        Blaze Step
        [Special Active]
        [Trait 1 - Enhanced] [Trait 2 - Useful]
        Siiiiiiiiiiigh, we were bound to get here eventually...
        If you're wonderful why I'm like this it's because of this skill's history.
        This skill has gone up and down so often, that it's always a question on usability.
        While the initial hit is weaker than it was in the past, there's no longer a damage decay.
        But since that initial hit was meant to kill anyway, that part doesn't matter as much.
        This changes Blaze Step from being a room clearer or boss tool to just a boss tool.
        Still deals a lot of damage if you stand next to the target, but you won't be clearing rooms with it.
        With that in regard, the Useful trait will turn out more damage overall.


        Endless Mana

        False advertisement. Mana is not endless, just added max MP.
        That's it, that's all it does. Nothing else.
        Hey, Code: Architecture, can we have your passive?

        ENJOY +100 MP AT MAX LEVEL

        [Special Active]
        [Trait 1 - Gigantic] [Trait 2 - Useful]
        I need to mentally prepare myself to say this.
        Cyclone... is actually a really great skill now.
        It does a lot of damage, even more when Useful trait is used.
        But here's the thing to remember with Cyclone.
        If you take it for damage only, then do not upgrade it when you're Aether Sage.
        If you don't mind it doing less damage and want it for its utility, then definitely upgrade.
        While it's still not a skill to use everywhere, it has much better usage now.
        Just make sure not to use it point blank. It might not work.


        Lightning Shower
        [Special Active]
        [Trait 1 - Gigantic] [Trait 2 - Killing Blow (1)]
        It's like Meteor Shower, only lightninger.
        It's locked, but kinda worth the trouble if you want it.
        So, this skill. This skill is a bit of an odd duck.
        It has as much RNG as Meteor Shower, but a different angle.
        This means, it's easier to miss with Lightning Shower.
        The main perk to Lightning Shower is it's a Strength skill.
        Which we'll discuss more in-depth later.
        Killing Blow is recommended for a much longer stun duration.


        Elemental Body
        [Trait 1 - Light] [Trait 2 - Regenerating (1)]
        I might as well state it now this far in, but all of your actives are PvP.
        This one lets you absorb some projectiles for MP and have a nifty small shield.
        It sounds nice, but really kinda unnecessary for PvE when potions exist.
        And even for PvP, a lot of projectiles can't be absorbed.
        So really, you're using this skill for the shield.
        Either trait works, just depends on what you prefer.


        [Trait 1 - Soggy-chan (1)] [Trait 2 - Soggy-chan (2)]
        We will never forget you, Statue of Glory.
        Soggy-chan was a hero to us all back in the day.
        She would shield us from sad things and punish the bad things.
        She took a bullet for us when no one else would.
        New people may not know of this hero's sacrifice.
        But we shall never forget.

        RIP Soggy-chan

        Chain Burst
        [Special Active]
        [Trait 1 - Heavy] [Trait 2 - Ruthless]
        I wish I could forget you.
        Chain Burst is useless.
        It needs Heavy trait to do anything passable, but Ruthless is better.
        And Ruthless is only for PvP. So I don't even need to tell you where this goes.
        Into the trash- PvP, same thing really. Heck, even in PvP it's trash.
        Even with the recent buff to Chain Burst, it's still not a good skill.
        Wanna hear something funny? Chain Fireball is better.


        Elemental Affinity

        So this passive is a neat little thing you'll always see but forget you have.
        Every time you use a Special Active you get a stackable buff (up to 3 at once).
        For every stack you get, you get more Magical Attack and element resistances.
        The MP Gain sadly doesn't stack, but is still handy to have.


        Elemental Research

        This here is your locked passive at Level 60.
        It gives more MP Gain and lowers almost all cooldowns by 10%.
        A great passive that really helps do what we will be doing best.
        Spamming skills left and right with no remorse for anyone's framerate.


        Elemental Storm

        [Hyper Active]
        Gee, I wonder who came up with the names for the last three skills.
        Introducing the Hyper Active, your big boom every three minutes.
        Now... here's the thing. Normally, I'd hype this skill up because "wooo Hyper yay".
        But I'm going to be honest. You will have access to another Hyper later on.
        That Hyper is literally an upgraded version of this one and does practically the same thing.
        Now, I'm not saying to not get this one. If you don't spend money on this game, definitely work on getting this skill.
        But if you were planning on just buying your 3rd job change and skill unlocks, don't bother here.
        The second Hyper is superior as much as I hate that it's just this Hyper version 2.0.



        Sucks that we ended this section on a low note, but that's how the game goes.
        We covered a lot of useless- I mean... Yeah, useless skills. And sadly it's not the last of them.
        But we also got some really great skills now like Cyclone and Cyclone and Lightning Shower.
        Now comes the part everyone dreads unlocking: Transcending.
        Grit your teeth and bear it though, once you break your limit into the next territory you'll be rewarded.
        With a lot of ice. Lots of it. You'd swear you're Canadian with this much ice.

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          Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild177100}}

          I'm You but Stronger

          You have done even better to make it this far. Or you cash shopped for it.
          Either way, you have now Transcended beyond the limits of a normal Elemental Master.
          You are now Elemental Master 2. Or Transcendent Elemental Master.
          Anyway, enough monkeying around. Let's get to some skills.


          Transcendent Skills

          Circle of Elements
          [Special Active]
          [Trait 1 - Light] [Trait 2 - Enhanced]
          It's Circle Flame but stronger. So much stronger and better.
          Circle of Elements has a weird larger hitbox in PvP as well with the stun part.
          But anyway, the skill is self-explanatory, it's just like Circle Flame but with ice and lightning too.
          Burn, Freeze, and Stun all in one skill as well as decent damage.
          Can even be used in mid-air. If you needed a close range all-around hitter, this is it.
          While Enhanced is great if you have critical damage modifiers, Light can be just as handy.


          Awakened Will: Elemental Master

          Okay, let me start by saying this skill is handy for what it does.
          It makes it much easier to Memorize Blizzard Shower and another skill later on.
          This passive lowers the MP cost of Memorizing a skill and also the skill's cooldown is reduced.
          But what bugs me is that out of everything we could've gotten, we got this.
          Not saying it's bad, but considering only two skills are even worth Memorizing, it's underwhelming.


          Ring of Fire
          [Trait 1 - Empowered] [Trait 2 - Powerful]
          Similarly to Circle Flame, you have similar trait options. Only this time only one has a negative.
          But like other actives, it's PvP centered as it lowers knockdown rate by a lot.
          In other words, it's of no importance to PvE.

          NOT NEEDED

          Awakened One

          The first locked skill in Transcendence and the absolutely needed one.
          You need to unlock this one as soon as you can because the flat boosts are so useful.
          There's no downside here, get it.

          GET IT

          Frost Barrage
          [Special Active]
          [Trait 1 - Empowered] [Trait 2 - Evil]
          Welcome to Canada and the second skill worth Memorizing.
          I've been playing this skill up because it's that good.
          Even with a recent heavy nerf to damage, Frost Barrage is still viable.
          Well, it kinda has to be as its one of this class's staples now.
          Memorize this skill often to use it more or even twice at once.
          Heck, slap this baby into the Transcendent skill slot and use it thrice at once.
          Make sure to get Empowered because why wouldn't you want more power for no cost?


          So this passive is an interesting one.
          For starters, it's broken in that not all of its effects actually work.
          Essentially what this passive does is it lets you summon more meteors/lightning bolts for less MP.
          But not only does it not do that, it doesn't even matter if it does later on.
          The core use of this passive is with Meteor Shower and Lightning Shower, one of which got nerfed.
          And the other became a much better skill later on that this passive doesn't affect anymore.
          The absolute only reason you'd need this is if you go the Bravery route or do PvP.
          ​​​​​​​And even on the Bravery route there's better options.


          Icicle Spear
          [Special Active]
          [Trait 1 - Regenerating (2)] [Trait 2 - Evil]
          Okay, after that last one, this has to be better. And it is.
          Icicle Spear is our newest burst skill, meaning lots of damage in one to two hits.
          Sadly the traits were changed to not be unfair for PvP. Yeah, for PvE that kinda stings.
          But regardless, this skill is good. It's powerful even if the hitbox and execution are weird.
          When used, the spear part flies down at an angle until it hits the ground even if that's below you or past the target.
          This skill explodes when it hits the ground, so if the spear part went through the enemy, half damage.
          On flat ground this skill really shines through as a major arsenal for Bravery builds and heck, even other builds.



          And that wraps up the last big bulk of skills we have at the moment.
          There's still three more skills to cover in the next section, but they're passives and a Hyper.
          Once you hit Level 99, it's time for the hardest Job Advance Quest yet.
          Or 600 K-Ching. Yeah, I'll be honest. I bought my job advance. This quest is stupid.
          Whichever way you go, it's time to become an Aether Sage!

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          • Class: {{esusrinfo_class177101}}
            Level: {{esusrinfo_level177101}}
            Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild177101}}

            Aetherical Matters

            As much as I'd love to sit here and ramble about how gorgeous Aether Sage looks...
            We do have a guide to do. So such things can wait till later sadly.
            Because we have a LOT to go through here. Combos, Mods, torched bodies of our foes...
            Girly stuff.


            Aether Sage Skills

            The biggest thing to come with 3rd jobs is the Force Skills.
            These skills are basically additional skills you can obtain through drops, quests, or ED.
            There's a lot of them and a lot of them don't matter to us or will be painful to get anyway.
            We'll still cover them so you know which ones to bother even looking towards.
            But first, Aether Sage does come with her own three skills, so we'll cover those before the Mods.

            Sage's Wisdom

            So like almost every passive before, this one is super simple.
            If your target is Burned, Stunned, or Frozen/Freezing, you do more damage.
            You also get 60 more max MP because we can never have enough MP.
            Here's where previous skills really shine as they can inflict the above status effects.
            Chain Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Circle of Elements, just to name a few of the skills this passive goes with.
            This passive really helps even if sometimes it's not noticeable.
            It helps even more if you attribute your weapon to Burning or Freezing.
            Then you can apply the damage boost anywhere you go even without skills.


            Double Casting

            Now for something a bit more gimmicky: Double Casting.
            Double Casting lets us use a second predetermined skill after we use another predetermined skill.
            The second skills go off just by double tapping the first skill, so it saves on hotbar space.
            The second skill also gets an MP cost reduction while the first one gets a cooldown reduction.
            It's a fun little gimmick, but sadly it isn't all that useful. There are only three choices with this passive.
            Gust Storm into Blizzard Shower, Meteor Call into Frost Barrage, and Icicle Spear into Cyclone.
            Since Gust Storm knocks enemies upwards while Blizzard freezes them in mid-air. This is bad for many reasons.
            You want enemies on the ground for ease of reach and because both Meteor Shower and Icicle Spear need it.
            Meteor Call to Frost Barrage is only useful for when Frost Barrage is on cooldown so you can fire it off anyway.
            Icicle Spear to Cyclone is the most useful one here as Cyclone locks the enemy in place for Icicle Spear to easily hit.
            And for the more in-depth, the second skill in the chain does not get any boosts from skill boosts.
            You also cannot use Double Casting if one of the skills in a chain is Memorized.
            And since Blizzard Shower will almost always be Memorized, you get the picture.


            Aether Immersion

            [Hyper Active]
            Here is Elemental Storm version 2.0.
            The biggest difference between the two is the location of where the skill is when used.
            Elemental Storm activates around you while Aether Immersion is in front of you.
            But Aether Immersion still does more damage, so it's still better.
            I personally would've preferred a linear room clearing Hyper, but this is fine I guess.
            The quest to unlock it is, in my opinion, easier than Elemental Storm's.
            It'll just require better gear and ED in most cases.
            Overall, once you get to this point, you shouldn't have much trouble unlocking this.



            Aether Sage Mods

            As mentioned before, Mods are add-ons to make skills better.
            Mods are obtained from various places, such as Camilla, events, etc.
            I will be covering the Aether Sage specific ones here.

            Chain Lightning

            Once this Mod is activated, Chain Lightning doubles.
            As in, now you have two surges of lightning going wild.
            Besides a small power boost, that's all this Mod does.
            Still a really solid Mod and definitely makes Chain Lightning better.

            MOD IT


            With this Mod, Cyclone gains an electric personality.
            Or rather just electricity and a stun effect.
            Which makes it even better when you consider what Cyclone does.
            This Mod does increase the MP cost though, making Double Casting more costly.
            It also does lose a good chunk of damage, so be ready for that in exchange.
            But honestly, it's worth it in the end.

            MOD IT

            Blaze Step

            Ugh, do I have to...? Alright, fine.
            Blaze Step's Mod sucks. It sucks but you need it.
            It increases Blaze Step's duration and power, making it even stronger.
            Why does this suck? Your Movement Speed is cut in half.
            Remember the whole problem with Blaze Step and Magic Missile?
            How their duration directly hampers their effectiveness?
            Well this is similar. While the duration is longer, the lack of speed just undoes anything good.
            Whoopie, the duration is twice as long, too bad you move half as fast, so it's a net gain of zero.
            With the recent change to damage, Blaze Step does more for bossing.
            It's still the same turtle-speed for room clearing, even if somewhat capable of doing it.
            You'll be using Teleport a lot if you want this Mod for room clearing.

            MOD IT FOR BOSSING

            Lightning Shower

            I choked about three times trying to type this.
            This Mod turns Lightning Shower from an RNG fest into a linear skill.
            It still has its stun effect and roughly the same damage per lightning strike.
            Unlike unmodded, the chance of actually benefiting from the stun now exists.
            This makes the skill good in PvE for mob clusters and long bosses, as it doesn't push them.
            Use Killing Blow trait now as Gigantic doesn't make much difference anymore.
            Just note that the vertical range is lesser now in exchange for horizontal.
            Also the passive skill Archmage no longer affects this skill anymore with this Mod.
            This Mod is amazingly useful, enough to make a gal choke with pride for how far we've gotten.
            What, you thought I was choking from something else? Nah, that's the next Mod.

            MOD IT

            Chain Burst

            So we've come to this: Chain Burst, the WORST skill we have, barring passives.
            Do you do PvP? If not, skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.
            This Mod is so not worth the effort if you don't PvP a lot.
            In PvP, this is actually SURPRISINGLY handy by summoning fireballs around you.
            It's like Sword Shield except not because Sword Shield is still better.
            It's still a good way to take on close-combat characters. Well, good enough.
            This Mod is only useful with the Ruthless trait, since it's PvP after all.
            At least you don't hear HYAHYAHYAHYAH whenever you click it.
            But why would you even click it if not in PvP?

            MOD IT FOR PVP ONLY


            So this mod is a curious one.
            Instead of free MP, it makes skills cooldown faster. Like, really fast.
            Now I know what you're thinking looking at this mod.
            "Why use this when free MP?" Well, I'll tell you why.
            ... So uh... Raids. That's about it.
            Firing skills off faster means less down time when raiding.
            If you can manage your MP through potions and whatnot, this is good for dungeons too.
            Plus it means more damage being pumped out overall.
            Sure, you'll be accused of being a spambot 125% more than usual.
            But hey, nothing a few dozen more meteors won't fix.


            Frost Barrage
            Frost Barrage changes from a One Direction fan to a big snowflake that murders everything.
            Insert snowflake joke here because I have more to go over.
            So in comparison to the original, this Mod is just so much more superior.
            This can absolutely SHRED every kind of mob out there from bosses to annoying Freak Guardians.
            Gates of Darkness? More like... uhh, swiss cheese of darkness... This mod is great, get it.



            Force Skills

            That's right, along with mods to skills, 3rd jobs also get new skills... kinda.
            These skills are, at best to describe as, add-ons that you obtain yourself.
            They range from "Oh that's easy to obtain" to "Does this thing even exist?!".
            This is why I can't really recommend any since it's not even guaranteed that you'll get it.
            Most of them drop randomly from Elrianode dungeons, so I hope you love RNG.
            If that wasn't rough enough, some also have grades! More RNG!
            Apparently we love RNG.

            Lightning Chain

            Not to be confused with Chain Lightning, this is a passive Force Skill.
            As if you couldn't read the colored word above, anyway, this is a handy little number.
            Any time you're out of combat, it charges up its power.
            When it reaches maximum charge, your next hit will unleash... well, lightning.
            If you hadn't guessed, it's just like Chain Lightning, only this one degrades with each hit.
            It still does a fairly hefty amount of damage for a Passive... buuuuuut...
            We already get Chain Lightning, and while this is a passive, it's not 100% necessary.
            It's best in PvP since we are Aisha after all.

            Illipia's Aura

            Moving right along, we have a passive HP increase and regen.
            That's literally all it does. More max HP and a regen after 3 seconds out of combat.
            Now this sounds good, but... wow, there's a lot of buts to this part already.
            The HP regen is 1.2% at lowest rarity, which you get for free for becoming 3rd job, 3% at highest.
            We don't have that much HP to begin with, even with this passive's boost.
            That's why this Force Skill is really only viable at highest rarity.

            Head Hunter

            Head Hunter. Also known as the "I hate bosses" skill.
            With this passive active you deal less damage to normal mobs but more to bosses.
            Much, much more damage to bosses. Like, 40% more at minimum rarity.
            Now, yes you'll deal a lot less to normal mobs, but does that really matter anymore?
            After seeing all those Mods designed to murder bosses dead?
            Let the rest of the party deal with the lower peons.
            You got your eyes on the prize now.

            Indomitable Will

            So when your HP value, which we went over is very low at max, gets lower...
            You get 100% Critical rate.
            ... Why are you still here? There's nothing of real value to see here.
            Aishas should never be at 25-55% HP ever.
            Why are you still he-

            Get Greedy

            You heard the passive, now get greedy!
            Item Drop Rate is increased substantially. Like, a lot.
            20% base increase plus 1-5% more per 100k CP you have.
            You'll want this passive a lot, so be ready to do Henir's for it.

            Eroding Energy

            This passive is a fun one. It gives more max MP and MP recovery.
            All you have to do is stand still long enough that you start bleeding.
            Yes, this passive eats your HP to refill your MP.
            Ordinarily this would be bad, but Illipia's Aura at max rarity negates it.
            So if you have Unique Illipia's Aura, this passive is free MP.
            And you never turn down free MP.

            Remaining El's Aspiration
            [Legendary Passive]
            Have you ever thought to yourself "I love the Hall of El! I want to stay here forever!"?
            Well now you can if you want this Force Skill! Forever. Stay in there forever.
            What I can only describe as a 0.5% chance of a free Hyper Active every hit you deal.
            And we hit a lot, keep in mind. So this one would be incredibly useful to us!
            Too bad its drop rate feels even less than its activation rate.
            With the advent of Henir's change, this passive is easier to get.

            Hyper Acceleration

            Are you tired of moving like a turtle?!
            Do you wish you could race against Chungs?!
            Well, now you can, for 4-8 seconds, with this Force Skill you can activate!
            That's right, this baby can go on your hotbar like one of the cool kids!
            Not that you'll ever use it at all. You do remember you have Teleport, right?
            Why would you ever put this on your hot-


            Ever wonder how it feels to be a Bloody Queen?
            I mean, if you did you could just make one, so...
            With this little lady, you sap an enemy of its HP and regain 50% of the amount.
            For normal mobs it's a fixed percentage of how much you sap but for bosses it's a damage percentage.
            And you know what we do to bosses, right? Hint, hint, hint.
            Hint: Head Hunter.

            Haunting Spirit

            Ooo, I'm a totally scary ghost, ooo...
            Now when you get out from under the bed, this ability is for PvP only.
            It slows down what it hits for a few seconds, making it easier to catch.
            And it doesn't cost MP, so it's like, why not have it for PvP?
            It's so useful... and everyone has it.

            Soul Harvest

            Okay, edgelord, I know what you're thinking.
            It's a pretty cool name, am I right? I'm right.
            It's also very useful kinda sorta. It insta-kills a normal mob near you to give you MP.
            The amount of which and cooldown is decided by the rarity of the ability.
            At highest rarity, it's basically a free 300 MP potion. At lowest... 50 MP.
            Now I'm not saying to become one of them edgelords, buuuuuut...


            "The act of darkening; the state of being darkened; darkness."
            That is the definition of obtenebration.
            So, edgelord in the making, this skill is rather amazing.
            In that it's literally an escape button. For 2-7 seconds you're invincible.
            It also gives you more movement speed but prevents dashing, but those don't matter.
            It also ends the effect when you attack something, but that also doesn't matter.
            What matters is that big ball of "You're dead if I hit you" doesn't hit you.


            How many? How many of our skills is KoG going to turn into Force Skills?
            This is Lightning Shower basically. For free. For everyone.
            There is no reason to not get this one as it's a lot of damage dealt.
            All that's left is to wonder what the next Skill they copy from us will be.

            Elrian Clock

            [Legendary Ability]
            This ability makes you invincible for 3 seconds but you can't move.
            I would be witty about this, but it's useless. Much like this ability!
            Apart from lasting longer than lowest rarity Obtenebration, this ability has little going.
            The biggest kick-off is that any lingering attack you have going doesn't cancel the effect.
            Am I missing something, because that seems... really underwhelming.
            Especially for something labelled Legendary.

            Fog of Death

            [Legendary Ability]
            Why? Just why? There's nothing to pick at here.
            Sure, it drops from Drabaki who is kinda a bully to Aisha.
            But this is too good. Were they drunk? Do I have to be drunk?
            This ability creates a big area around you that deals 1110%x6 damage to anything inside.
            It also slows them by 70% for 1 second and overall lasts for 5 seconds.
            It also costs no MP and has a cooldown of one minute.
            There's just... nothing for me to pick at here. No situational thoughts or questions.
            Other than can apple juice get me drunk enough to accept this.



            Man, how long were you waiting for this part?
            With Aether Sage, we get our last two combos, so it makes sense to go over them all here.
            And just like with Aether Sage, you likely aren't going to be using even half of these.
            Maybe. Unless you're really desperate to be unique. Wrong class for that.
            Now I'll just tack this on before we get into it, Base combos will not be covered.
            That's because nearly all of them are updated later on in the other classes.
            Also all the following images are from, so thank you very much to them.

            The reason these three are together is because they all work the same way.
            Dashing and hitting the X key (or whatever you set fireballs to) is insanely useful.
            When you do any of the three combos you phase forward through any mob in front of you and fire at their back.
            This is excellent for dodging or getting out of being surrounded. The last one is also our only Earth magic remaining.
            It's also the least useful of the three. Thanks, Aether Sage. Why is it the least useful?
            The Earth magic part pulls mobs towards you. While this is good for a close range spell,
            You also run the risk of the mob you're hitting entering Super Armor state right in your face and hitting you with it.
            So be careful when being fancy with it and know who you're attacking. Or just not use it and fireball everything.


            Another two combos that work similarly, just with different usage.
            But here's the thing. The first one has better usage because this game is terrible at tracking teleports
            Yes, that's right. The second combo there teleports you with the first X key input.
            As soon as you hit that first X, one of three things could happen.
            You either teleport just far enough backwards that you miss the hit completely.
            Or you teleport completely to another spot nowhere near you where another mob is.
            Or you actually hit the target. It's Russian Roulette with a combo.
            The first one is much more stable since it doesn't involve teleports and is solidly magical damage.


            There is only one reason you would ever do these combos.
            And that's if the game lagged or you just pressed Z too many times when trying to do a different combo.
            These two combos suck. They both knock down enemies, which by the way, is a very bad thing.
            The second one is also mostly Physical Damage. Yeah, Physical. We're a magical mage, not a Dimension Witch.


            You'll want to get used to doing this combo. It's very powerful.
            This combo on its own does more total damage than even Gust Screw.
            While it is kinda situational, you definitely want to master this combo.
            Only problem is accidentally doing ZZZ because of game lag or pushing the key one too many times.


            Mid-air combo time! And both of these have their own uses.
            The first one lets you hang in the air for a few seconds while executing the combo.
            The second one doesn't hang as much, but still has solid and fast magical damage.
            They're very easy to learn, just note the first one does require some positioning as the lightning pushes what it hits.


            Normally I wouldn't even mention this one, but alas, kinda have to.
            This is the second Aether Sage combo and it's about as useful as mud.
            No wait, mud has more uses. Anyway, this combo knocks enemies up and then sets a landmine-like explosion below them.
            Sounds cool, looks okay, is bad. The only benefit this combo has is the Super Armor if you hold X before releasing.
            Which means if you want to effectively charge the last hit, you can't have your target hit by the second Z.
            Because that Z knocks them up and then down where they'll take less damage.
            I guess it suits our trend though of stuff being hampered by itself.


            Pray heed, to our great MP savior, this combo!
            This combo is the best way to get MP back fast and if you hit Z more, you summon more lightning at the end.
            You also don't have to do just one X. You can do XXZZ as well.
            The damage is a bit lower than other combos due to the wind part not doing much outside of MP gain.
            But it's probably the most important combo we have. Master it.


            And with that, we've wrapped up everything regarding Aether Sage.
            Yup, nothing left to explain at all about the class itself.
            But I know you. You want more. One town burning isn't enough.
            They all must burn. And freeze. And be stunned.
            Your girly ways will not be sated with such things.
            You want more power. And I shall teach you how to get that power.
            Next we move on to Equipment Builds and other things.
            May the Aether be with you.

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              Arm Yourselves With Knowledge

              ... What? I like Aisha x Eve, so what?
              I couldn't find an image that fit this section, so I picked my favorite.
              Speaking of picking favorites, it's time for the equipment section!
              This'll be more in-depth than before, so no fancy images and colors to save you.
              We'll be doing this in ascending order starting with the bottom of the endgame tier.
              That's right, it's-


              Secret Dungeon Equipment

              This series of equipment has really fallen out of grace lately.
              Secret Dungeon gear is simply put specialized gear for each region containing a bonus dungeon.
              In other words: Elder, Bethma, Altera, Velder, Hamel, Sander, and Lanox.
              These sets have become far easier to obtain now with Elite/Unique Cubes.
              So if you're on a brand new character with no way of cheesing out the higher gear, this is a good beginning.
              Well, kinda good. Very kinda. Kinda sort of- Let's just continue.

              As an Elemental Master at this stage, we specialize in using skills and not normal attacking.
              So any set with effects that involve activating something at a certain percent are bad.
              This leaves two sets we could use effectively: Bethma and Lanox.

              With Bethma's Dragonic-Fear, every time you use Awakening you activate its power.
              Once Awakened, for seven seconds all your attacks are crits, every single one of them.
              And for the whole Awakening, your critical damage is increased. It's just lots of fire and damage.

              With Lanox's Dark Force Slayer, every 7th hit you make with a normal attack or active gives you an orb (max 3).
              When you get an orb you also get 10MP for free, so with XZZ/XXZ, you can regain MP back very fast.
              Furthermore, when you use a Special Active with an orb out, all your skill cooldowns go down by 7%.
              Makes MP management somewhat easier and lets us fire off our Special Actives faster.


              Heroic Dungeon Equipment

              We have a lot to cover, so I'm going straight into this equipment.
              Heroic Dungeons are painful and annoying, but the gear inside can range from useless to top tier.
              It's just all random. So be prepared to spend a lot of time and ED getting that perfect set.
              What's worse, Heroic gear is separated into 3 main types: Wrath, Wisdom, and Vision.
              So if you wanted a specific set effect, have fun with randomness.
              Glave can help in this since he can randomly create a piece if you bring him enough materials.
              But it's still random. And just to note, all three set effects help us equally.
              What makes this set is the fact the random effects the pieces can have are capable of turning out the highest damage.
              There's also effects that can buff the damage of a character's specific skill, but again, random.
              Whether you like it or not, you'll be doing Heroic Dungeons. Lots of them.


              Elrianode Equipment

              You tired of random grinds and farming? Too bad.
              Elrianode is the pinnacle of annoying grinds and farms for the best gear currently in-game.
              The 4 piece armor set is a "Make-Your-Own" style one where you can add whatever effects you want.
              Provided of course that you gather the necessary El Tears with those effects. Which are random in multiple ways.
              El Tears come in three colors, four shapes, and has a percent range to all of the effects.
              You either get super useless, mediocre, or godly. It's all random.
              Red means Physical, Blue means Magical, and Purple means PvP.
              Triangle means base armor stats, Square means skill damage, Hexagon means Heroic-like effects,
              and Circle is for normal stat boosts like Critical and Maximize.
              What's even worse than worse, the gear is not bankshareable unlike Heroics and Henir's.
              I strongly recommend not working on this set unless you are planning to master Aether Sage.
              There has never been a grind like this before, so if you're prepared, good luck.


              Add's Energy Fusion Theory

              Once you have the gear, it's time for the other annoyingly long grind.
              This time for one of the strongest weapon in the game: Apocalypse Type-Void.
              I won't sugar-coat this. You're going to be here in this dungeon for a long time.
              The dungeon is four stages that randomize the order with each entry and then a final boss fight.
              The rewards are definitely worth it though. I won't ruin the surprise of what awaits you.
              Alternatively, if you complete 1,000 runs without the weapon dropping, the game gives you one.


              Dimension of Sinister Intent

              One of the Special Dungeons, the Dimension of Sinister Intent.
              While it takes 10 days minimum to clear, it's very unlikely you'll do so at first.
              Unless you have the best of the best gear, the Dimension will eat you alive.
              Imagine PvP. Laggy players, invincibility frames everywhere, unfair exchanges...
              Now ramp that up to one hundred and slap a price tag on your butt.
              That's the Dimension of Sinister Intent, the very fittingly named place.
              Worst part is the accessories from here are needed for the latest region.
              It'll also take 14 days minimum to get an accessory, even more if you can't beat all 30 stages.


              Varnimyr Raids

              Varnimyr sucks.
              Now that I have your attention, let's talk Varnimyr, the latest region.
              Varnimyr has two things you want: Weapon and Accessories.
              All of which are exceedingly powerful to the point I'd label them all broken.
              There is also the most powerful weapon in the game here. That alone should tell you enough.
              Low drop rate aside, if you're in for the long haul here's the place to be.
              My condolences though.


              El Resonance

              So that almost concludes this guide. All that's left is one thing: El Resonance.
              We have a lot of choices, but don't be mistaken, we have one goal as Aether Sage.
              Spam the ever-living flippity out of skills and kill bosses dead.
              All Skill Damage, Damage dealt to Bosses, and Skill Cost/Cooldown Reduction are the four highlights.
              Cost vs Cooldown Reductions primarily depend on what skills you focus on.
              For Bravery skills, go for Cooldown. For Strength, go for Cost.
              You can focus on whichever you want first, or you can level them up at the same time.

              Simple and easy. We're done for now. Enjoy all this class has to offer.
              Burn the wicked, freeze the unjust, stun the haters. Y'know, girly stuff.
              And above all else, enjoy playing Aether Sage!



              Q: What are the benefits of playing this class over the other two choices?
              A: Wow, a loaded question right off the bat. Frankly, there's so many.
              EM/AS has the best MP management and support capabilities of the three.
              While it may slightly lack the PvPness of the other two, in the right hands this class can be a beast.
              The other benefit is being able to drop meteors. Who wouldn't want that power?

              Q: My score/damage numbers aren't as high as the rest of my party, why?
              Frankly put, EM/AS is not a class you can just jump into and be all MVP off the bat.

              Her role in parties largely fall into the support category as mentioned many times before.
              Plus this game's scoring system is flawed, but that's a complaint for another time.
              Score is just fluff in the end, meant more for personal accolades, don't let it bug you too much.
              Unless you have the gear and numbers to compensate, grabbing MVP away from Ain takes skill.
              And a bad Ain.

              Q: Bravery or Strength build, which should I use?
              Probably the most talked about question right here. So lemme explain my stance.
              Both are perfectly viable builds. It completely comes down to what you personally want to use.
              Bravery specializes more in the big boom hits like Icicle Spear, Meteor Call, and Blaze Step.
              Strength specializes more in the multi-hits like Frost Barrage, Cyclone, and Magic Missile.
              I will say though that Strength has slightly more dependency on potions due to how spammable it is.
              I will also point out that Double Casting will only take into account Bravery boosts.
              The choice is yours in the end.

              Q: What's the best Pet/Mount for this class?
              There is no correct answer here, but it's a common question asked around.
              For Pets, it's whatever you want. Pick something you like rather than something you think will help more.
              I personally recommend Ancient Phoru because it's so cute and snuggly and fun and just so gosh ADORABLE.
              ... *cough* Anyway. For Mounts, I highly recommend one with a linear room clearing move.
              Examples being Perkisas, Eve's Custom, Jet Ski, Rickshaw Phoru, etc.
              In the end though, it's up to you and your personal tastes.

              Q: Ignoring the in-game ratings, how difficult is it to learn this class?
              I'd honestly just ignore the in-game difficulty ratings completely, it's a subjective subject.
              Whether or not a class is difficult to use is solely up to you and your skill, but for the sake of argument...
              EM/AS is a very easy class to get into because there's pretty much nothing complex at the start.
              Mastering on the other hand takes a lot of mental work. It's all a management game with EM/AS.
              Being able to memorize and calculate MP costs is vital to this class, so I hope you're good with numbers.

              Q: Why is Aisha's chest so fl-
              Next question.

              Q: If the class is so good, why don't I see many of them?
              EM/AS, or rather Aisha in general, has very damaging cons to herself.
              While part of why you don't see many could just be unluckiness, there are other possibilities.
              Elsword, the game, is a fast-paced one. You're timed, parties want to complete fast, you're meant to go fast.
              Aisha is slow and fragile. In a fast-paced game, that's practically a death sentence.
              It's difficult to do much when everyone else can run ahead and kill everything before you even reach it.
              Now this is easily band-aided with Teleport, but it doesn't take away that slow feeling.
              That slow feeling also seeps into our casting time. It takes precious seconds to fire Frost Barrage.
              Meanwhile in that time, other classes can easily fire off their skills faster even if we attack first.
              EM/AS is also insanely crippled by Silence, which is becoming more common in endgame.
              And there's no defense to Silence. The only answer we get is the ZZXX combo until debuff is done.
              You need to know when you get into this class that this will not be a free pass to stardom.
              You gotta work for them big bucks.

              Q: Is there an Ice Burner costume that works best with this class?
              No. And before anyone jumps on me to complain or point out something, lemme explain.
              You should not go into a class if what they wear is the biggest reason.
              Furthermore, there has yet to be any costume that directly benefits EM/AS over anyone else.
              You can use whatever set you want. Want to go crit/maxi heavy? Sure. What to look cute without Wardrobe? Sure.
              Just don't let that be your biggest reason to playing this class.
              Play a class you like playing, not one you only like to look at.
              I'm looking at you, Rena, Raven, Eve, Ara, Rose, Ain, and Laby players.

              Q: Is the guide over yet?

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                After bugs and glitches galore, the GUIDE IS DONE!


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                  i thought double cast sounded really weird on paper, but i warmed up to it a lot after playing for a little while. the big thing for me is that, alongside memorize, it really lets you give the middle finger to cooldowns. with swole mp management, you can use her amazing strength skills at all times

                  gust storm > blizzard makes it easy maintain constant freeze at the same time as looping xzz for mp maintenance and doing extra skillls for damage. for me, this was really useful for cheesing out the double type-h and epic npc rooms in the add dungeon, because i could keep them frozen infinitely alongside cyclones and frost barrages without having to rely heavily on items. the key is to use a normal blizzard first before using gust storm > blizzard so you dont get the problematic launch

                  meteor call > frost barrage is just a great way to use frost barrage again after youve exhausted all other ways to use it back to back, or if it happens to be on cooldown. it and frost spear > cyclone are nice extra damage dealers when you have the spare mp, which for me is almost always


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                    Originally posted by Alcratz-solace- View Post
                    i thought double cast sounded really weird on paper, but i warmed up to it a lot after playing for a little while. the big thing for me is that, alongside memorize, it really lets you give the middle finger to cooldowns. with swole mp management, you can use her amazing strength skills at all times

                    gust storm > blizzard makes it easy maintain constant freeze at the same time as looping xzz for mp maintenance and doing extra skillls for damage. for me, this was really useful for cheesing out the double type-h and epic npc rooms in the add dungeon, because i could keep them frozen infinitely alongside cyclones and frost barrages without having to rely heavily on items. the key is to use a normal blizzard first before using gust storm > blizzard so you dont get the problematic launch

                    meteor call > frost barrage is just a great way to use frost barrage again after youve exhausted all other ways to use it back to back, or if it happens to be on cooldown. it and frost spear > cyclone are nice extra damage dealers when you have the spare mp, which for me is almost always
                    Yes, Double Casting is good for cooldowns, no doubt there. The issue more lies in in the MP Cost as it leads to us becoming a huge potionholic, which is already an issue for Strength builds. While our skills have less cooldowns, our potions don't. So firing off Double Casting willy-nilly is not recommended.

                    The issue with Gust Storm > Blizzard Shower is exactly as you said. It's good for solo, not for parties. If Gust Storm didn't have the tendency of pushing things up into the air, I would definitely favor it more. But considering a majority of the content (unless you're ridiculously stacked) is party-based, it's easier for the party as a whole to have the mobs on the ground. Plus it makes other Bravery skills do more damage such as Meteor Shower and Icicle Spear.


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                      Just gonna drop a bump here.


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                        Originally posted by Vehalla-solace- View Post
                        Just gonna drop a bump here.
                        May I ask which skills you run?


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                          Originally posted by AetherRuler5-solace- View Post

                          May I ask which skills you run?
                          Oh sure. I run

                          Wisdom Aura | Frost Barrage | Blizzard Shower | Icicle Spear | Cyclone
                          Meditation | Meteor Shower | Chain Lightning | Teleport | Blaze Step

                          I do want to eventually put Meteor Call instead of Blaze Step, but I'm waiting till I personally decide if I want to do Bravery or Strength. And even then it's more of just a personal choice. I just love Meteor Call.
                          I would suggest putting Meditation into one of the Transcendence slots since you can then buff it if I recall correctly.


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                            Hello, i'm leveling a EM and wanna make my Main so.. i'm follow your excelent guide thanks, but i have two question: Why Cyclone? (I don't see much dmg compared with others) and... Why Chain Lightning over Lightning Bolt?. I'm not a pro on Aisha just wanna know your reason for this skills please.

                            BTW: i'm planing be Bravery i love Icicle Spear and Meteor Call.

                            I'll wait for u anwer thankies for all ! ♥♥


                            • Aiyaisa-solace-
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                              Uh the skills I've mainly used was Wisdom Aura, Teleport, Frost barrage, Meteor Call, Icicle spear, Blizzard shower, Meteor shower, and Blaze step ^^ I'm not sure if blaze step had been nerfed in the EU server but if it hasn't its really good for clearing :P

                            • Mingxie-solace-
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                              Oh the nerf to blaze step i think on EU it's worth for now, then i'll use the skills that you tell me until i can get AeS on EU :P Thankies~ ♥

                            • Aiyaisa-solace-
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                              No problem! Good luck
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                            Originally posted by Mingxie-solace- View Post
                            Hello, i'm leveling a EM and wanna make my Main so.. i'm follow your excelent guide thanks, but i have two question: Why Cyclone? (I don't see much dmg compared with others) and... Why Chain Lightning over Lightning Bolt?. I'm not a pro on Aisha just wanna know your reason for this skills please.

                            BTW: i'm planing be Bravery i love Icicle Spear and Meteor Call.

                            I'll wait for u anwer thankies for all ! ♥♥
                            Thank you for the kind words, I'll do my best to help.

                            Cyclone is very useful in that it does two things very well: gathers mobs together and locks them in place. With the Useful enhance, Cyclone can deal a max of 7,425% damage, which is really high for a 150MP skill. With the mod in Aether Sage it goes up to 8,941% damage for 200MP but also includes a stun effect. I will mention you won't find yourself using it as much as other skills like Frost Barrage and Meteor Shower, but it's a very handy boss tool. When combined with Frost Barrage, it also becomes an incredibly good damage dealer with multi-hits everywhere.

                            As for Chain Lightning, it has a far different use than Lightning Bolt. While Lightning Bolt stuns and deals better damage, it also costs more MP. To compare, Lightning Bolt and Cyclone (Modded) both cost the same MP and have stun, but Cyclone deals more damage and has more utility. Chain Lightning has its uses as a cheap anti-air and homing skill that can help when dealing with mobs all around you, especially once modded. While EM/AeS doesn't have as much trouble with flying or launched mobs with her skills, her combos aren't exactly great at hitting them in the air. So having a cheap anti-air skill always helps.

                            I hope that helps, and feel free to ask anymore questions!


                            • Mingxie-solace-
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                              Thank you ! with this and the previous comment can understand this skills. Like I said before i'm playing on EU so 3Job and Mod skills are locked for me but im ready and keep on my mind this information ♥

                              For now im a "new player" recently im began to level up seriusly and finised my henir set (with out hero buff :P ) I want explode the Aisha's potencial, so i'll follow your guide thanks again! If i have anither problem or question will contact to you :3
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