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    Richter Endgame Optimization Guide

    EDIT 8/31: I have quit Elsword NA and this this guide will not be updated on this server anymore. I have given my raw text to Xecharion to complement their guide.

    Richter can be very rewarding to play, and there’s a common consensus that he’s very powerful compared to the other classes. He can be used as a farming alt with relatively low investment, or as a starting class for new players who don’t want to spend money. It is true that he is able to put out a lot of damage even at low gear levels, but there’s a lot of nuance to his style and it takes some planning for him to hit peak output. This guide will cover some tips and strategies that can hopefully help you play your Richter efficiently in late- to endgame content.

    Most of what’s here will cover gear advice and approaches that are tailored towards making a low investment alt or gearing a main for free-to-play (minimum spending) players. For players with more money or higher ERP, the priorities are somewhat different and will be mentioned at the end of each section with a summary at the last post.

    This guide assumes you have experience playing Richter already. If not, Xecharion’s guide and Elwiki can hopefully fill in those gaps for you.

    • General things to keep in mind
    • Specific skills for specific uses
    • Elrianode, Varnimir and raid
    • Add dungeon, Henir, etc
    • Misc

    As always, concrit is welcome. There’s room for improvement and if you’d like to share any other tips I’d love to write them down here.
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    Richter Endgame Guide

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    General Things to Keep In Mind

    I’ve often found that people have misconceptions about Richter as a class. I wouldn’t call him a privileged class because there are several restrictions that one has to work around. He shines in dungeons where the party is not overgeared due to his stacking passive, but at high gear his output is hindered by not having enough time to reach full stacks. His skills have low damage % to begin with, so keeping up his stacks is very important for him to match the DPS of other characters.


    ➛ Stacking passive that grants 50% extra attack and 25% critical damage
    ➛ Relative aerial mobility with air dashes
    ➛ Good x-axis coverage
    ➛ Defense ignore (2 skills)


    Punished heavily by death. I cannot stress this enough. Death resets your projection stacks, meaning that you need 3 more minutes to reach your projection stack cap at the minimum. Dying more than halves your dps and a Richter can easily be outdamaged by classes who don’t have this issue.
    ➛ Short iframes. It’s kind of obvious especially in Henir because you can’t cheese many mechanics with consecutive iframes. You need to learn how to dodge.
    ➛Needs warmup time - It takes about 3 mins give or take to hit 50 stacks, assuming you don’t whiff the majority of your skills. Mod Autosuggestion helps with this, but you aren’t likely to reach full stacks in short dungeons.


    Richter’s projection stacks passive is pretty good if managed well. Clearing dungeons consistently is possible with lower gear if you’re willing to put some work. I was able to farm both Forginay’s Fruit and Key to Victory pre-nerf with a +9. Try to aim for 120% on both moving and attack speed. 120% on jump speed is optional, but it helps greatly for Varnimir raids and any content that requires careful and rapid positioning.

    Ain’s awakening gives him 10% Crit and Maxi (multiplicative) upon awakening stage 3, so a safe bet for sockets is 80% of both. Maximize normalizes harshly after 80% so it’s not worth trying for above that. Crit however, might be worth the extra investment. With approximately 86% crit, you will have 100% critical chance after taking into account the awakening boost and Richter’s 8% crit passive. Dropping this to 80% will give you a 90% something crit chance, which I would consider ‘good enough’ if you are short on sages (and we almost always are). It is safe to socket boss damage after this, but make sure you have your critmaxi up first as socketing boss damage over critmaxi before 80% gives you less DPS overall.

    He follows the standard Elrianode tear setup for the most part. I recommend MP cost reduction for shoes as it helps with potsaving at lower gear/ERP. You can swap it out for boss damage if you are doing raid exclusively. Defense ignore and strength cooldown work if you’re more geared and need to boost DPS in Varnimir.

    For skill tears, pick Dreimal Schwerttanz or Brocken Aushaen. Dreimal is still king of bossing, but if you intend to farm dungeons, then Aushaen becomes viable as well, so you could run 2 of each if you can’t afford to tear Dreimal on all 4 slots. (Rip Fragarach)

    Your void weapon should only have red stage 5, blue stage 3, yellow stage 4 and 5 discs (yellow 3 if you raid). The rest can be filled with mystic stones of Physical Attack % or level, and crit damage. ASD or boss damage are viable alternatives if you don’t wish to dump money on perfect sockets.

    As for attributes, Water 2 is definitely a good choice. After that you can try for Water 4, but it’s pricey - an alternative to it is either Wind 2 for more def reduction, or Light 2 for petrifying mobs. I personally took Light 2 for the purpose of using it in Varnimir against bosses, but Light is not very PvP friendly so I would recommend Wind if you can afford it and/or are intending to to PvP.

    For ERP, he also follows the standard setup of ASD then boss damage pre-150. If you have extra points after 150, I suggest putting them into either A/A or MPR. Post-150 is mostly personal preference so pick whatever works for you.

    IB sets seem to be pretty standard across all characters, but I’ll list them here for sake of completion.

    MR 5/5 is still good if you wish to push your DPS but is very pricey.
    SR and HL are viable as well but their price is still quite high.
    DDS is cheaper and comes with a mana refund, but it may not remain cheap for long since it has become quite popular.
    Newer sets such as CA 4/5, BM 4/5 have decent boosts (5% ASD/Crit damage +8%) and are good on a budget.

    Mana Conservation For Dungeoning

    With a mana necklace and the blue 3 disc in your void weapon, the MP refund from creation mode commands becomes significant. (40% Attacking, 30% Attacked) By alternating using your dps skills and using commands when creation mode is up, you can proc both your CD reset and get a MP refund. It’s bolstered by Schwert Platzen and if you are wearing the Dawn/Dusk Sovereign IB set with its 100MP refund every 5 special actives. You lose out on DPS by not spamming skills 24/7, but in the long run this can save you a lot of crafted pots or CRPs, valuable if you are on a budget.

    With the introduction of GoD and potion drop materials from Elrianode and Varnimir, it’s possible to fill your slots with cheaper potions than before. My personal deck is:

    - Corrupted MP Recovery from GoD
    - Flame Tea/Overly Steeped Tea
    - Any Event Recovery (from event dungeons, refined recovery potion, etc)
    - Flame Grass Salad/Over-Cooked Vegetables
    - CRP (events often give out a lot)
    - Guild Food (I carry onions to proc awakening but the cheaper consumables like Velder Pie and Picnic Panini are good too)

    Try experimenting with skill rotations + active usage and find what’s the most comfortable for you.

    Always remember: Don’t die. Your DPS will plummet and your Ain will cry.

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    Richter Endgame Guide

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      Specific Skills for Specific Content

      Some skills that don’t see use in general content can be helpful in certain scenarios. I’ll try to go over them here. This section assumes you play ASD Richter, which you probably do unless you’re a returner or have a lot of money.

      Because a lot of Richter’s skills hit close to him and don’t have significant suction, you’ll probably need to move around in dungeons a lot to hit stuff. It can make you lag behind your teammates in speedruns. You can use a Ventus Elixir or unmod Autosuggestion to boost your speed. Certain skills also have gap closers.


      >>zz, >>x can make you change sides of a large boss like the Eye in 12-6-2. Helpful for dodging and keeping uptime so you don’t have to go around the top of the room.

      >>^xxx~z is a good gap closer if only because of the dive, the super armor slash can be useful conditionally but it’s hard to aim in a dynamic environment so I wouldn’t put too much stock into it.

      I have difficulty doing x loop due to higher ping and also an injured hand, so I prefer to ‘loop’ zzxx instead. The emphasis is on high hit count per second rather than damage, as you’d use it for MP refund as well as proccing CDR.

      Mod Skills

      Got Waffle

      Free damage. Always take.


      It curves now! Still Richter’s best clearing skill, but since its size/range nerf, it’s become kind of depressing. You can really feel the lack of range when you’re partied with other classes with more y-axis coverage. However, it gives SA instead of iframes, so take unmod if you’re going to raid.

      Brocken Aushaen

      A multihit skill. It has a very high damage potential against multiple targets (discussed in a section below) and is easier to aim/doesn’t toss things anymore. I definitely recommend you buy this mod first, as it’s the reason why Brocken Aushaen is stacked for El Tears.


      Turns AS into a solo skill. You don’t get the movement buff anymore, but you get an awakening increase time. More importantly, it doubles your stack gain, so it’s something you would take if your party don’t need the buffs or if you’re playing solo. The increase is a flat 30s, so it’s good to mitigate the downside of the Demonic Vine Crown. It’s definitely worth buying, but buy Aushaen first.

      Brocken Phantasm

      The skill now hits a little bit away from you for a flat 4k% damage. It has shorter iframes, but it’s a good nuke for cheap MP cost. With some positioning practice, it’s good for upkeeping your DPS when Dreimal and other core skills are on CD. You can also use it to snipe mobs that are on the platform below you, like the vine plants in 12-2. It’s useful, but not necessary if you can’t afford a third manual.

      Niche Skills

      Erst Bohren

      Offers good distance mobility using its teleport on a relatively cheap cost, but it needs a couple of seconds to execute and aim with the up/down movement keys.

      I only recently learned that you have iframes while aiming the skill (yes, I’m kinda slow on the uptake) which can be useful if you need long iframes that can go up to 3 seconds. It won’t have a permanent spot on your hotbar, but can be swapped in for dungeons with platforms (looking at you, Adrian’s Palace) or if you need iframes to camp at the boss without losing uptime. You could, of course, possibly just shoot it to fast travel through long horizontal rooms, but a mount or Ventus + Auto can do the same as well.

      Sakrosankt Zetreten

      Ah, Sakro. The biggest succ meme skill in the past, but now with the introduction of many unsuccable large bosses, its damage has become worth considering. Many of the Varnimir bosses, if not all (I’m not 100% sure if all) cannot be moved by suction, and they are large enough to take half to all of the hits from the Celestial Armory. Bosses of 11-2, 11-5-3, and 11-6 are also worth using it on. Take it if you’re heading there.

      It can also oneshot Gate of Darkness if you’re sufficiently geared and lucky, so there’s that too.

      Viert Werfen Speer

      Okay, so 300MP for this skill is kinda stupid. It is trash in most content because mob positioning does not allow you to take advantage of the last throw which pierces everything AND ignores defense (the second, lesser well-known of Richter’s ignore def skills). It also contains a gap closer which lets you dash to the boss even if there are hazards around. If you have a situation where there are many mobs all lined up, it has very high damage potential. Unfortunately that situation is basically never in endgame unless you’re in 11-3 or luck out in 12-2 at the horizontal tree branch paths. Still, I’d take it for Drabaki as well because it has reasonably long iframes (4-5s) and the horizontal pierce can hit multiple coils.

      Which leads me into:

      Multi-Hit and how it affects damage

      I want to talk about what I term as ‘per-hit’ and ‘per-mob’ skills. There are probably more official or sensible names for these, if you know what they are please let me know.

      Per-hit skill - fixed number of hits. Most notably Dreimal, our DPS powerhouse. The slash hits however many mobs that it connects, but the homing clones do not and only hit one at a time. This means that its effectiveness falls off when there are a lot of mobs as the damage output is limited by the number of clone swords you have, which is six. (Why is Dreimal 5k% only? Hello???)

      Per-mob skill - the more mobs you have, the more damage it’ll do. Mod Aushaen, Mod Phantasm, and Viert Werfen Speer all fall under this, as does Sakro. By positioning yourself with respect to mobs carefully, you can take advantage of the hitboxes of different skills and boost your DPS other than relying on Dreimal all the time.

      Damage comparison re: target numbers: 1 mob | 2 mob | 3 mob

      As Richter does not have suction skills (except Sakro but you don’t use Sakro on mobs), you have to move your character to get within range, which is why I recommend high moving speed. Practice eyeballing mob positions and where to chuck your Mod Aush so that they all get hit, etc. Or bring a DB and make them use Neutron Bomb for you. :V

      Actives for Stacking

      I usually see Richter players choosing one of these three skills:

      Sabelhieb Sequenz
      45MP - 7s CD - Light/Powerful

      Pretty vanilla. Its main feature is the bleed cast chance, and maybe super armor if you take the Powerful trait.

      Drehen Hinter
      30MP - 5s CD - Empowered/Ruthless

      My personal pick, as it makes you change sides of whatever you’re up against. Pretty handy for dodging and also getting around guard status mobs (but then again, you can just pop Schwert Platzen for the same effect). Its lower MP cost and CD makes it good for stacking too.

      Fantasiegebilde Speer (I can’t spell this name without looking it up)
      35MP - 10s CD - Critical/Regenerating

      Very situational. The thing about it is that it can proc attributes on your weapon, which is honestly its biggest selling point. Otherwise, the two above have much better mobility and CD.

      You only need one, so pick the best fit for the content you’re going to be doing.

      Hyper Active

      Erst Der Letzt + Funft Glanzen Schwert

      Unfortunately both of them kinda suck. I would recommend taking Funft Glanzen Schwert if only because its (kinda) long execution time gives you a decent amount of iframes, maybe 5-6s. It’s certainly the skill with the most iframes in his arsenal. (cries in German) It also doesn’t have a really weird hitbox unlike Erst Der Letzt.
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      Richter Endgame Guide

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        Current Endgame Dungeons

        Generally, casting Mod Aush followed by another skill lets you hitstun small to medium sized mobs and get all the hits in for what you chain into, like Dreimal’s swing. Sakro works to some extent but it pulls the mob higher than Fragarach’s range. Richter’s skills tend to lack y-axis coverage, which becomes more obvious in Varnimir dungeons as the mobs are intentionally spaced on far-apart platforms. Sad but you gotta move.

        General Skill Slots

        There are really only 6 important skills that you definitely need to have and the other slots can be filled with stuff that work for your personally preferred playstyle.

        - Dreimal
        - Mod Aush

        + 1 active for stacking
        + Schwert Platzen
        + Mod Fragarach
        + Autosuggestion (Mod or unmod depending on situation)

        Misc Pool
        - Gott Waffe
        - Brennen Phantasma Boden
        - Sakro/Werfen Speer
        - Bohren Vereisen
        - Still Lenze/Mod Brocken Phantasm if you need a skill for iframe/utility

        Adaptation is important for Varnimir dungeons so it would be worth to make a separate gear set for it. You can buy a second gear page for around 80m ED. When you are able to buy the Demonic Vine Crown or the Agate Fragment, having them equipped is superior to having the Corrupted Elrianode accessory set equipped, due to the adaptation increase negating the Demon Realm debuff. Ashal’s site has a more in-depth explanation.


        The third room in Elrianode City has mob spawn points that are very well spaced to match Richter’s skills, so I highly recommend taking this room if you are grinding here. To do that, you will need to be the last person invited to the 3-man party. Werfen Speer and Mod Fragarach really shine here due to the large amount of mobs here and they gives hefty MP regain.


        Bring unmod AS and your teammates will thank you. Sakro does a lot of hits on Debrian Nasod Carrier when it’s in close combat mode, so you can swap it in for boss room if you prefer.


        Don’t die. (Thanks, Hennon.) Also Sakro is really nice on the 3rd phase Interdimensional Colossus.


        You can drop Sakro on Forginay and it will take 50% (or maybe 75%) of the damage from the Celestial Armory. If you have Mod Phantasm, it can be used to snipe the vine plants on the platforms without having to jump to the platform they’re on. This dungeon is also a good place to practice your platforming (and proof of why having high Jump Speed is good) in preparation for Raid.


        I like to call this dungeon ‘best place to kill your friends’. Though, as Richter is so heavily punished by death, you’ll have to be careful when you reach the second half of the dungeon. Werfen Speer is quite good on both the Fae Panther and the Guardians due to the boss’ length.


        Do bring a Wind Orb or a Water Orb to use on Nero and Dark Agate respectively. Bohren's freeze takes 1-2 seconds to apply after you finish casting the skill, so it's necessary to wait until it fully takes effect before you start attacking.

        Varnimir Raid

        Before you step into raid, I highly recommend giving a scan of the Varnimir raid guide written by Hitotsuoboe. I will only be covering Richter-specific info in this guide and this section assumes you’ve already read the general guide.

        Unmod AS is useful but not 100% necessary if your party is geared/the other members don't have a strong preference for it. Note: Mod AS does NOT give the movement buff. If you need to, grind Forginay’s Fruit (100 runs of 12-2). It’s very helpful for survival and learning the mechanics.

        Survival is key. Dead people do no DPS and this is especially true for Richter.


        Because of the movement of the heads and how people tend to freeze them at awkward positions, it's hard to get consistent hits on them. They are susceptible to Sakro but it takes some time to recognize how to aim and not whiff your skill through their iframes. Gott Waffe is safer and more reliable to occupy a Bravery slot.

        12-5-2 tests your reaction speed very much and being locked into your skill animation during Rosso’s instant kill really hurts. Autosuggestion boosts your movement speed to make the check less stringent if you need it.


        Don’t die, learn mechanics, don’t kill your party.

        In 12-6-1, unfortunately the bonus hits from Brennen Phantasma Boden count as special actives, so they’re ineffective against grey thorns. You can mana break out of small eye lasers in 12-6-2 but that requires use of a Stone Apple, so it’s best to watch the eyes and the target reticules. There is 1-2 second of gap between the time where the target ring vanishes, and the time where the laser fires, giving you only a short window to escape. If someone in your party is targeted and doesn’t move, then you have to move. On the bright side, Sakro does all hits on the eye in phase 2 and 3 so it's worth bringing.

        Special mention goes to 12-6-3 aka ‘spinny hell’ for having platforms that are exactly 0.7x the height of Richter’s normal jump. It takes some technique and speed boosts to be able to run faster than the thorn spin. Practicing how to do this in story mode greatly helps with surviving in normal mode.


        Sakro is effective on the phase 1 boss, but not on the phase 2 and 3 bosses due to size. Werfen Speer in phase 3 can let you get straight to the boss without being hit by stray stuff or peer through the visual effects so it might be worth considering.

        (Thanks to Contour for info)
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        Richter Endgame Guide

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          Solo Challenge Setup

          In solo content, taking Mod AS is a must to increase your stack gain speed as much as possible.

          Add Dungeon

          I find that this dungeon is a bit hard for beginners or undergeared people due to it favouring fast runs and Richter having a startup problem. Still, with some proper positioning and preparation, it should not pose too big of a challenge. If you’re having difficulty with Alterasia, using a Stone Apple might help.

          Brennen Phantasma Boden is optional and is only really necessary if you need to spend extended time in one room. If you need freeze to help avoiding mob attacks, you can bring Bohren Vereisen in place of Mod Phantasm. I have Mod Phantasm on my bar for the cheap nuke to clean up remaining health after my main DPS skills have gone out. Mod Fragarach is useful for Berauk and Werfen Speer helps with pepsiman as the gap closer allows you to iframe through his thunder drop (which I get hit by a lot if I try to approach manually).


          Henir does not let you spam MP pots, which means MP recovery from attacking becomes very important. Fantasy Spear might be useful here as it lets you proc weapon attributes like other Actives and you can set it up on the ground + wait for the boss to come over.

          If you have the money, buying the Drain force is very helpful as it can serve as a HP pot in a pinch. Hyper Accel helps with maneuverability, and Obtenebration can let you extend your iframe rotation if you’re out of MP.

          If anyone's got tips for Obezaar I'd super appreciate it. I haven't had the time to consistently work out a strat for him yet.
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          I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

          Richter Endgame Guide

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            Anything Else?

            High Gear Priorities

            When you're stacked enough to have +11 gear and over 200 ERP, your gear setup becomes a bit different. CDR for ERP and Elrianode Shoes will be more valuable than MPR as your limit is no longer pot consumption but by how fast you can throw out your skills.

            (Still looking for more suggestions for this section as I am not highly geared myself)

            Sample Skill Bars

            For Strength Stacking. C slot is for situational skills. (credits to Contour)

            For ASD (credits to Heniir)

            Some Other Useful Guides
            How to get to endgame by zack6607
            Varnimir raid guide by Hitotsuoboe
   by Ashal (contains equipment calculators and other helpful info)

            Just For Fun
            Gap closer skill max tracking distance comparison

            I wasn't kidding about death being punishing.

            19/3/19 - Started guide
            29/3/19 - Completed guide

            Many thanks to Contour and Lenze for their critique and input.
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            Richter Endgame Guide

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              Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild400600}}

              Guide is finished as of today
              I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

              Richter Endgame Guide

              Help me complain ☟
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