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    Add in PVP

    How good is Add in PVP?
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    He's really bad, like so bad.


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      Dom is fine. Cant speak about the other two.


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        Dom? im new so idk what that means can you explain a little bit more please


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          Hey Ch1ngu,

          "Dom" or "DoM" refers to Dominator (Add's 2nd Path)

          It's a path where Add "installs" Weapons on the field to fight for him -- these can take the form of a stationary laser, mobile drones that fly across the map, Time Bombs and so forth;

          Dominator used to be very much talked about in PvP and I think should still be in an alright spot; I would look up some PvP videos on YouTube for Dominator to see generally how he performs;

          From what I understand... (I don't PvP with Dominator very often unfortunately)
          -> Install: Charged Impulsar is often used a catch due to its ability to suction opponents into it - giving you an opening;
          -> Install: Ultimate Fury can do a large amount of homing damage;
          -> Install: Starfall can also do a large amount of damage but can miss a moving target - if you can -- pin them
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            Add is good in PvP, DB is pretty good for close combat and both others are good at support or mid-range battle. Also, Add can double jump and move in the air so it's easy to catch people with his speed and range. PS: DPS are good with Add but you will have less defense than others characters so be careful (DB is a little bit tanky than the others btw).


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