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Doom bringer "balance" patch choices, pointless mods and unfair nerfs towards add

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    Doom bringer "balance" patch choices, pointless mods and unfair nerfs towards add

    So with the recent "balance" changes to Doom bringer i am in the short version annoyed, massively disappointed and just sick of most the pointless changes along with many other Doom bringer's as well.

    For a good example Particle storm change was horrid but not just horrid, completely pointless and was actually better off untouched.

    Another one is Body of transcendence and this one is actually personal real personal, i don't know why thought it was a great idea to make the dmp gain 100% chance with 10 second cooldown, considering the rate at which you connect this was completely unfair and beyond useless. The pain problem of the passive was the 2.5 second cooldown and they go and make it even worse just why there was no reason for it at all.

    It's seeming like with each "balance" patch we get we suggest and idea of finally buffing him with a much needed buff and what we say is completely ignored, i suggested and many asked along with me was to make Particle storm work on Special actives but at 40 to 50% of the damage with a pvp tooltip of 20% considering the proc rate is 28% this is fair. However they instead made it 10% of special active at 28% chance they could of at least changed the proc rate to 100%, but they didn't and it just turned into a completely useless, misleading dream to make it look like it's good of a passive .

    I've talked about Doom bringers passive's before and made great suggestions to making them better along with bringing it up with many adds from several severs and from the player base of Doom bringer we already know are passives are trash. but i'm going to talk about some anyway.

    For blood boil the quick silver accel magnetic addition is completely pointless but how pointless, it does 0.78, 0.8% damage a hit 4 hits being max and only there to stop the stun with the connect. It has no actually use but to only stop our self's and with the recent particle storm change to special actives i was able to make particle storm deal 0 damage on a dummy that has no defence 0.32 damage in total aa57035c12c5e3a27a2486cb582668f5.png This is just depressing.

    Particle storm also acts like a free knock down reduce passive for anyone hitting him since it also reduced the knock down amount from there attack as well allowing them to comb you longer, the passive was already bad it's honestly depressing they actually went and made it even worse (i didn't think it was even possible).

    For some mods, First off kog did Mod quake dirty, and really unfair that it's damage wasn't the problem to begin with the problem was blood boil being 30% crit damage, but everyone only saw the skill and because of that mod quake was gutted because of a passive that kog then removed the crit damage tooltip from the pvp tooltip. Then proceeded to change the passive another two times now at 15% but mod quake is still left gutted and unfairly gutted.

    Now Mod dissolver is just depressing and even more so when the in game tooltip says "increase range while in dp mode" so wait you go from less then 200 units to less then 400 units... like what the actual hell, along with it also being only 1 dynamo point gain, giving less dp and less mp for the only one hit yes only hit. I went out of my way to find a use for this mod and i physically couldn't find one it's just terrible no matter where you use it the different is shorter range, less dp and mp gain, only 1 dynamo point gain and does the same damage for only one hit.

    It seems to be a common occurrence for Doom bringer where we get one thing but loose more then what we got back and i think it's about time this stops because it's just really depressing to see every balance patch.

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    #2 nearly speechless at how stupid sounding your complaints are

    i don't fully disagree with a lot of points you make but i don't really think you see the full picture of Doom Bringer clearly

    here's a bit of my thought before i go even deeper

    -pointless changes? ye i have to agree with this notion, sometimes kog make changes that virtually affect nothing to him, for example: the 50 percent chance of gaining DMP to 100 percent but with a 10s cooldown is barely noticeable (more so if you are one of those who tend to stay in awakening rather than cycle between normal and awake frequently)

    -mod skills are kinda.....unneeded? yup, this is kinda true really, Doom Bringer doesn't really have any mod skill that really out shined the original and some of them are even worse

    -mod quake buster damage nerf? ooohhh....this one hurts, i admit that it is extremely good and powerful more than the original, but ever since the last damage nerf it is just pitiful, so sad

    here's where the argument start

    -let us face the truth; Doom bringer is one of the only characters that for some weird reasons, nerfs and buffs barely affect him not unless they are very extreme, and this november balance patch? it barely scratches his skin

    -i actually kinda like these new particle storm changes, to be frank the passive has been quite stale for some time now and with the amount of special actives players tend to use in later dungeons, it's obviously better really, the damage loss is a well trade off for the activation through special actives dont be too whiny about this point, 100 percent activation rate is just straight up dumb dumb, and since Doom Bringer is a multi hit character, 100 percent would just make him disgustingly cancer beyond all imagin, good lord the p v p salt

    -meh his passives are in the okay zone really, don't bother to use the nerf cards, in before, barely anyone utilize blood boil with it's 5s duration and enhanced plasma with it's 10s and lost of all stacks. they made them better, way better to the point that it's super powerful and abusable; the way i see it, kog comply with the complaints KR Doom bringer made at the time and after awhile, they take away a small portion of it's strength because they know that Doom bringers should more or less used to the passives and small changes like these shouldn't affect them too greatly

    -i think that doom bringers gain more than he actually loses anything most of the time really hahaha, i feel like a disgusting overpowered boosted animal just by playing Doom bringer but oh well, you and the other may not have that point of view

    i got plenty more facts about the character if you feel like talking to me, i want to know what your real problem about the character is, cuz otherwise, all i'm seeing are rants that barely justify themselves

    hope my side of view help you with your narrow minded vision
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      With my Narrow minded version? mate you took everything i said and brought it into pvp, completely ignored everything i said you don't know even the passives or the name of the passives.

      For one body of transcendence passive for the dynamo point gain for using nasod armour commands was always only 30% it wasn't even 50%,
      '100% chance broken in pvp' you do know it's only 4% for the pvp tooltip right... and for an attack that deals 4000 damage your adding on 160 more damage "broken".

      You like the new particle storm i never said i didn't like it, i said it was completely pointless in changing it if it isn't noticeable. stale? please the passive is still stale it basically hasn't changed, got a new property and that's about it nothing actually changed.

      Disgusting overpowered boosted animal? considering you know nothing about the passives, the names or even the information listed on the passives, i'm starting to believe you played a different add before hand but job changed and haven't completely played doom bringer yet to even start an argument.

      Lastly you seem to have taken all this for pvp this topic is called 'balance patch choices, pointless mods and unfair nerfs towards add, yet you bring up add also another thing particle storm may not even deal damage.

      There is a chance particle storm is lets say for example i deal 1000 damage particle storm might be taking 10% off the 1000 making it 900 but adding it back on to make it 1000 which also means it's only there to proc the kd effect and isn't actually there for more damage.

      i would love to hear more facts about Doom bringer from you because i doubt you actually have any more "facts" for him.

    • AoterScience-solace-
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      not a bad reply but it reeks of micro aggression, more than mine

      hmmm ye so i got wrong about the "50 percent" part, which i gladly accept the fault

      oh boi........ so much to dissect, i am thrilled with 100 percent enthusiasm, yay ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      first off, i said "narrow minded vision" not "Narrow minded version", which i will now gladly fix to "Narrow minded tunnel vision"

      2nd....... y.....a......y..... thank you for completely shutting down all of my point and statement, i was so wrong, i shouldn't have touched the pvp aspect no matter how brief and barely contributed to the topic it maybe, arghhh gawd realising i'm in the wrong feel so bad i'm such a terrible person

      please be more constructive with your refute in the future, as i'm too much of a snowflake to take this sort of abuse
      i will give you more of my thought about your reply in a new post at a latter time
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    I kind of agree with Ninja here, in that DB isn't "complete" yet, as a character. His passives are rather weird, not to mention some of his mod skills as well (pls dont attack me for this, non-Add players with bad mods, I just like Add more than other characters, no hate lol). DB would be better if some of his passives were revamped to make it more refined. Also some of his mod skills need some work too.

    Bring back mod quake buster!!! I miss my beautiful mod quake buster for clearing in PvE. It covered a lot more area, and its two shots combined did more damage than a regular quake buster, with one individual shot doing less than the regular quake buster. It seemed fair to do that, given that it splits in two directions, but now, both shots combined do way less damage than the regular quake buster. Now, it's not really worth it to bring into PvE, as they do way less damage than what we want it to be..... Psion rush does more damage than 2 shots from mod quake buster!!!

    Another mod skill that needs attention is mod dissolver. It doesn't seem good at all, given that it has less range, less DMP gain, and all the other stuff Ninja said above ^. Although I can't say much about it, since I don't have the mod, I have heard from test runs with the mod skill, that it does not seem worth getting....

    I'm fine with particle storm being a chance effect, but its damage on commands and actives are less than what they used to be.... A flat damage would be nice, rather than a percentage of the attack. Something along the lines of KE's wind slicer sounds nice. 50% proc chance with around 5,000% damage. Although, I kind of agree that 5,000% would be overkill, DB does have passives centered around command attacks, so something to boost his command damage would be nice, especially in PvE. As of now, all we do with the nasod armor combos is use it to gain stacks of enhanced plasma buffs.... Not very fun.

    Also his body of transcendence passive's new 100% chance of dmp gain + 10 second cooldown seems good and bad. Firstly, I love the 100% DMP gain in PvE. It makes it much easier to gain DMP without switching out of awakening or using up dissolver/railgun to gain more DMP, just simply by using the nasod armor combos (something us DBs need to do in PvE to keep up stacks for damage). In general, DB's DMP gain doesn't feel... smooth enough. Either we go out of awakening and reawaken, wasting precious DP in the process, or we stay in awakening and use railgun/dissolver (again, wasting more DP). Otherwise, we go out of awakening and regain that DP, in addition to the DMP. In any case, it doesn't feel smooth enough and shortening the cooldown on this passive seems good to do, given that we use nasod armor a lot. It would be a nice source of DMP.

    Other than that, I don't think I have any other problems. Maybe. I love Add (except DoM), have a good day.

    Luggages do not carry people. People carry luggages. Support the luggages in your party. Carry them to safety. #CarryTheLuggage


    • AoterScience-solace-
      Editing a comment
      no hate actually, what you said and phrase are rather correct,

      agree he has plenty of weird passives
      agree he has weird problems related to his skills
      agree, would love to see the comeback of mod quake buster

      Doom bringer has weird problems compared to others, which is why i like him a lot (any other Add lovers out there!?)

      okay, so about his mod skills, let's just all acknowledged that most of them are kinda.....there for the sake of being there
      lets not touch about them anymore (yes they aren't worth the grind)

      do i think that he's been treated unfairly by kog? no actually, despite some nerfs here and there every now and then, he is still "kog's favorite son" and while he definitely seen better days, these days thou, they aren't too bad

      hahahaha, oh boi if particle storm has the same treatment as wind slicer and memory of the sword and vibe shot and soul memory, hahaha
      i do feel a little bit jealous of characters that have such treatment but at the same time i also understand that Doom bringer doesn't need such a thing, he has a lot of leeway, trust me

      yes, i did mention the changes about body of transcendence, tho i never said it's name, the changes to it was decent actually, not so much to those who cycle awake and normal, but definitely a bit better to those who stays longer in awake

      but 1 thing, and i hope you do notice this one thing, everytime you go into awakening your special actives cooldown got reduced by 3s, and the only thing stopping this effect is the 5s cooldown before you can awake again

    • animeteam-solace-
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      I'm a player that stays in awakening longer i have almost 40% dp consumption the change to body of transcendence being 100% every 10 seconds made it much harder to sustain in awakening mode longer, and i wouldn't have a problem if the 3 seconds upon awakening also worked on actives but it doesn't seem to do that...

      I even use awakening potions if i'm lacking dp i use rail gun and dissolver mostly in awakening mode because with such high mp dp consumption uses at max of only 27 dp quite handy, and i could keep up the dmp because of using nasod armour commands but with the change his 22 punches or as it's called brawler barrage only last from connect 12 to 7.8 seconds depending on your attack speed but you need attack speed to get it out faster... see the dilemma.

      They have actually made the use of nasod armour commands even worse not better at all, again this could be fine if the 3 seconds taken off also worked on actives but since it doesn't this doesn't help anyone, the 100% dmp is nice but with a cool down of 10 seconds and being the only way to actually even gain the dmp is to use nasod armour commands but the connect doesn't count towards that so you are forced to use the commands for only 1 dmp every 10 seconds of what we had before 3 dmp for 9 seconds...

      Also i don't know what "leeway" your talking about i mean one of are passives requires us to always stay above 200dp if you call that leeway then someone is wrong with you, output exchange is another bad passive the 50% dp gain is actually doing nothing and is just there and really the only thing we like about the passives, which is the 10% crit and magic damage and i'm no expert but unless it's void or any dungeon that is done in a minute this passive becomes a hassle to mange when you only have one thing from it that is actually helpful and not just pointless.
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    after a while of doing some self reflection of recent event, i've decided that, if your ranting help with improving Doom Bringer life style then what i'm doing is stupid and unneeded

    most definitely we have differences in playstyle and while mine make me feel like a disgusting overpowered boosted beast, yours does nothing to stop you from ranting

    whatever it is i'm doing, i feel like i'm doing it right and i'm very contented with how i play my doom bringer, i can only wish you will reach the same contentment as i have at some point in time

    to provide a bit of info to reply in kind, based on what you've given to me

    i cycle between awake and normal on a frequent basis so i feel the 3s cooldown reduction clearly, i don't know specifically how much DP cost reduction and gain i have but with how cycle in and out of awake, maintaining over 200 DP isn't too hard for me especially when i don't really stay in awake and only ever enter the state for the usage of special actives most of the situations

    if the elwiki is to be believed, particle storm replaced the knockdown value of whatever procs it with the value of 0, making 100 percent activation rate particle storm ridiculously powerful in pvp, as you can chain combo indefinitely, the small percentage of damage can be a nice decoration for all i care, this is what i meant about the salt

    this is all the info i'm willing to give as a reply, i can try and help us both reach to an understanding, trading info as to how we play the same character and all of that, a good conclusion if that is what you wanted but otherwise i don't think i will provide anymore explanation specifically to you as of now
    (i'm serious, ask me if you really wanted to and i'll try to do my best to provide the information you wanted)


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      Ah my apologies i was talking to karma but i didnt' @ him sorry for that, also particle storm reduces the attack of the kd z being 7 if it procs it will be 5.25 instead. However nasod armour commands, actives and Special actives have no kd value making the kd reduce for a majority of things completely useless, further more if it does proc with a proc rate of 28% (which doesn't seem to be feeling like 28% on special actives i casted stasis field over 100 times on one enemy hitting only with the second cast and not once did it proc, i then tried 5 enemies and after casting stasis field 34 times on 5 enemies it finally proced once) i don't see how reducing 0 by 25% =0 is broken.

      maintaining over 200 is fine but the question is why, if while being under 200 dp does nothing you always want to be above 200 at all times, but every cost dp i never said the maintaining was really hard i just want to know why do we have to if the other passive effect isn't doing anything to aid us.

      As for what you do you, you really haven't told me much but i haven't asked either and i want to know how you play because maybe we got off on the wrong foot we have two different play styles no doubt a disgusting boosted animal is a interesting way to i guess say your play style so interesting i fact it makes me feeling like your not native to Lp. BUT i'm all open ears to hear how you play.and again sorry for @ karma cause it was for him

    • AoterScience-solace-
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      actually Ninjaskingg-solace-, you read the passive wrongly, or perhaps we haven't clarify this part clearly yet, the current 25 percent knockdown decrease is from the now deleted passive infinite library., it has next to no influences to the actual particle storm damage effect so you get to have both knockdown reduction and a 0 knockdown value replacement simultaneously

      more info will be in a new post as i will have more freedom there than in this current comment section
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    here are my stats:

    my ERP page:

    a bit of additional info:
    1. i could raise it up a bit more but the set up i show in the screenshot gives me a total of a bit over 24 percent of dark element activation rate
    2. i have 4 percent double hit
    3. my pet is starving so what you see here are without external boost
    4. i chose to go full purple with my el tears, all 4 of my elrianode pieces are +8
    5. weapon is +10 legend tier perkisas

    and here is my skill set up that i dominantly use for most situation, pve based ofc, i have a different pvp build

    now then, if by

    Originally posted by @"Ninjaskingg-solace-"
    it makes me feeling like your not native to Lp
    you meant "i potentially don't play like most other Doom Bringers" then yes, i'm very far from being native

    rather than explaining to you how i play right away, i want you to analyze and judge my stats, ERP, skill set up; give me your thoughts so to say, before i tell you how i play
    and of course,i will do the same to you if you provided me with information of yours, a fair trade

    though, i guess i could tell you this; i've learn to utilize what i can and at the same time i also taught myself that sometimes you don't need to fully utilize everything

    Doom Bringer has a lot of gimmicks, trying to use them all would just be exhausting and inefficient, i was able to filter out what i wanted and what i'm willing to give out as to prevent myself from being overwhelmed by his arsenal, if you ask me for what reason to maintain something or to not maintain something i afraid i can not give you a definite answer as i can be flexible with my choices; while i may try to maintain something, at the same time, i'm fine with losing it, same thing with the over or below 200 DP discussion

    also late reply; "leeway" that i mentioned has abroad meaning and can be understand in many ways, ofc i don't expect anyone to understand what they are, to limit a few, it can just mean; he has a lot of damage sources, others need it more than he does,........

    ........i do have to agree that for a 28 percent activation rate, special actives don't proc particle storm too often event his multi hit skills can only proc once twice or maybe even thrice at most of the time

    additionally, it could be how you play but i rarely find myself in situations where i would lack in terms of DMP, DP and yes, even hp and mp
    another supplementation to the particle storm passive info, special actives and Nasod armor combos may not have knockdown value and while particle storm does nothing to lower what has already been 0 from the beginning, it still provide accompany damage, and with how it can interact with special actives now, Doom Bringer now have a stronger thorn mail, the damage maybe meager but rarely does anyone suspect that Doom bringer can still kill you even if you hit him with special active, wouldn't that be fun if on the rare and off chance that does happen, it is the little thing that you should get excited about from time to time

    i use his nasod armor combos when i see fit, i do spam them but i don't spam just wherever and whenever and it's not like a have to get full hits out of them, just some of them will be more than suffice for my purposes

    that's all from me for now, more may come depends on your reply, as i don't know what more i should give
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    • animeteam-solace-
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      Also about them not suspecting his "tornmail" is the reason why it was nerfed to 4% so it physically can't happen anymore, keep in mind it went from 20% to 4% a rare proc on 12% chance you see that as funny **WHEN** it does happen for being your main you take him as a joke.

      As for being "native" i didn't you don't play like the "meta" for one i don't play anything like the Meta (I'm the master of nasod armour) i even use nasod armour a lot in dungeons due to pure love of what was good but everything around it left it for dead, unlike every other thing from every other character they improved with all the changes we were left behind, left to combat what was obviously there to put us down.

      Your gear is pre meh mine out does your gear by miles, 390k CP with 120k Defence points, as for your plague anyone can have that and do better with it, which fair enough not everyone has perfect gear but as for this "damage" that no one else has, DB is raw damage with impact but easy armour, counters all impact he has ignore armour defence *chance* with NAC only and his build up of damage is much slower and harder to use in any cases.

      Most DB's just built psychic storms damage because of how useful the mod is and in 2v2's (with a good team mate) he's the character for being a "high" damage class with impact your carrying him in usefulness he's there to deal damage and that's it but there are many ways of countering just raw damage (unless there stupid) he's a all pay attention character because you mess up once it's over.

      Also the passive **Infinite library** just because it doesn't say it does, doesn't mean kog wouldn't have changed it for years i've payed attention to every *ninja* nerf or buff towards him, theya are constantly changing him there was a day they changed his jump height by 14% reducing the height in the jump but this change was only around for 1 week, another change was with the tooltip of stasis field use to be 75 to 150 mp upon charging, once i made a ticket about it giving less then 80mp unless i'm hit in short only charging half the mp (which it still does this) they changed it to 1/5 of mp to the amount of mp you use for the skill.

      and Yes i will Provide my info after this comment is sent.
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    • AoterScience-solace-
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      just saying, Ninjaskingg-solace-, i can try my best, but... i still have a lot of difficulty in understanding what you're trying to convey in your writings at times

      also, i noticed that my skill set image is missing so i re-added it
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    I'd like to say a few things. First of all, I'm mainly a PVP player and I've been playing since the game came out in NA, and nade this account (for certain reasons) in 2013, and have played Add and his first path since release. First of all, the removal of the 18% movement speed buff has noticeably hurt my performance in PVP, and is completely senseless and uncalled for. Second of all, the 100% DMP gain is ruined by its 10s CD, and should be more like 2-4s. Third off, DB's MOD skills are all pointless, except for MOD Psychic Storm, which is a godsend. The nerfing of MOD Quake Buster is atrocious, and the Blood Boil modification to Quicksilver Accel is useless, as it literally does less than 10 damage in PVP. It either needs its damage in buffed, or hitstun on the first couple hits - perferably both. Particle Storm's tooltip needs to be closer, and it needs a set amount of damage, and the damage needs to be good and reasonable. He needs a more smooth DMP gain system, as in PVE, which he is my main source of grinding as well, and I hate doing what KarmaZX expkained and wasting DP. DB's passives need to be refined and much smoother to activate, as a brawler should have smoothly activating passives. Something like how FL's passives all boost her fire (which is what makes her broken af), KOG needs to make DB's passives focus more on his NACs and his good skills. The Particle Storm, Body of Transcendence, and Blood Boil passives all need fixing.


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      @Ninjaskingg I agree with you, but NAC connection in pvp is worse than in pvp. Like what KarmaZX said, it's too slow, and having high attack speed and/or decent light resist counters it entirely. We shouldn't have to rely on a skill (Magnetron) to make our combos connect, but having both high attack speed and light resist nullifies that as well *cough* Ara *cough* Raven. *cough*. Also, the teleportation is highly inaccurate in pvp. For example, teleporting onto a separate platform and linking NACs with skills on walls. When you teleport to them near the edge of a platform, it will lightly push them off it, or if they are pushed of the platform while/before connecting, in both instances you will teleport incorrectly - either onto the incorrect platform, or onto them, then onto the incorrect platform - causing you to lose your combo and them to escape and often punish you for a mistake on the game's side. When pinning an opponent against a wall, you will be using you NACs, and then,as any good DB player should do, will link it to a skill right before it ends, then link it back into another NAC, and so on and so forth. The problem with this is, once you link the skill back to another NAC, Add will be facing the opposite direction, stuck shortly in his NAC with his back turned against his opponent, just begging to be punished for, again, a mistake on the game's side, not ours. We need a way to teleport quicker, and to counteract light resist with his NACs, like maybe make his "Stun" a different name/effect that does the same thing. There are multiple instances of 2 different effects that do the same thing, so one can avoid a weakness/strength of another.

      Secondly, I do not think NACs need more/much more damage, especially in PVP. Combos are a problem in PVE themselves as a whole, where the game is designed around skill spamming, where if you're not spamming skills, you get one-shotted. DB's NACs do an immense amount of damage in PVP. There are some instances where my NACs are tanked to hell, and it's not just Elesis, Elsword, and Chung - I've seen many Ara's Ravens, etc., noting I use a +10 void weapon fully maxed out, other than the 10% bonus damage against enemies with <=30% hp.
      I agree with His Blood Boil passive relative to the Quicksilver Accel "improvement" needing to copy Dekal's, as it deals high damage, and I think hitstuns (It's been a while since I've fought him as well).

      I'm gonna stop here since I'm not writing two essays today (I have a 100pt essay in a 450 pt class, with a 100pt final next Thursday).

    • AoterScience-solace-
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      KarmaZX-solace-, XxPlaz2xX-solace-; Dekal does deal hitstunt when he glides and drops his cubes, but the cube puddles themselves don't deal any hitstunt, they do slow you thou
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      @AoterScience That's actually perfect. Have the field do actual damage and slow them a reasonable amount, like -10 to 20% all speeds, and increase the time it lasts, since the field doesn't last long.
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    Overall, i believe that DB patches are going the right way with they have been targeting SA's, as thats the main source of damage in dungeons these days. However i find it annoying that while targeting SA's, they have nerfed the Command damage for him. Remember the good old 30% crit dam +25% MA+PHY dam NAC combos, that was the dream. The change to Particle Storm is absolutely useless in PVP, but its aight in pve. 4% of 10000 is not even notable. but a 10% increase to SA's is aight IF IT ACTIVATES. I agree that it needs more chance to activate maybe 40%. The changes to Body of Transcendence is actually pretty good due to the -3 sec CD and the guaranteed mutation point every 10 sec is pretty neat due to the fact that after almost every special active, you would want to connect to NAC with every single one of them to keep your stacks up, so it kinda comes with it. Pretty much all of DB's mod skills are trash, Storm being the only consistent and proper one, and Statis field only doing real damage on long bosses. Although i like Pulse cannons mod in pvp, you wouldnt really use it in pve. A certain passive *cough cough Output Exchange cough* now even giving you an increase in dp gain under 200 dp should have been fixed 10 years ago. Not to mention the uselessness of some final enhancements on some skills such as Railgun, QSA, rush twirl (who even uses that skill anymore, flimsy in pvp useless in pve) and Quicksilver Strikes enhancement in pve, mp burn.
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      I don't really care anymore Add's ♥♥♥♥ never gets respect, and the only excuse used against us is well his release was broken... I so was rose and Ain but they still got away with it... Now we have this new character laby who personally the reason why i don't care anymore is because of ripped off she is to DB she's DB that was done right and correct and i just don't care anymore... she is the ideas and suggestions i have made to Kr forums and Kr Gm's in the past but those ideas and suggestions were always for characters not a new one...

      In short stop playing add he's ♥♥♥♥ stop playing DB and go play laby she gets more respect and love for basically ripping off add,,,
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    We just need to stop caring about him because caring for him, seems to only do worse so lets just completely forget about him, i mean once laby comes we won't even need him anymore so lets just delete the character help the rest and nerf him really hard. Because it's something we all want, we can't agree to make him obviously better so lets agree to killing him off more then he already is so kog deletes him.


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