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ED/IDR Mule?

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    ED/IDR Mule?

    Basically title, which class would make a nice ED/IDR mule? I'm not too familiar with this so I'd like to know what you use.
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    Usually such a class would require minimal investment in order to perform at a decent level, so you can still focus on funding your main as much as possible.

    Instantly Innocent comes to mind as she has many passives that give her free stats and damage and doesn't need super strong gear to clear reliably.
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      Aside from Innocent, I think these classes are also good as farming characters.
      1. Knight Emperor. Forget Windmill, Vertical Slash is busted in everything.
      2. Nova Imperator. HP burn aside, NI is a well-rounded class with decent clearing, bossing, and MP gain.
      3. Twilight. Good clearing and bossing and decent MP recovery.
      4. Catastrophe. Doesn't clear as well as Innocent but their bossing is top-notch, and they also don't require much gear/potions to be effective.
      5. Tempest Burster. Free 150 MP every 30 seconds thanks to her passive. Great bossing and clearing (on linear maps like 13-2).
      6. Code Escencia. I haven't played this class but I've heard she's a jack of all trades with good bossing, clearing, and MP recovery.



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        Innocent sounds great, and i already have a storm trooper and cemp at around level 50 ish so I'll try one of those two. Thank you!
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