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    Progression Roadmap for new players

    Throughout Elsword's history, many have attempted to create guides for newer players, but fail to keep them up-to-date. Content has been added, revamped, or deleted entirely. Changes in the progression of Elsword has discouraged many from keeping guides up-to-date, leaving newer players on their own to figure out Elsword's various mechanics.

    This flowchart is intended to be used as a progression road map for newer players through the progression of Elsword while simultaneously making it easy for endgame players to help give their opinions and update the flowchart accordingly as content changes.

    Text version: (messy bc forums didn't transfer from document very well, will fix later) (outdated, will fix later)
    SPOILEREarly Game
    1. Complete story missions until Transcendence quest
    1. Do skill quests along the way
    2. Equip the Amazing Adventurer Title upon reaching lvl 70
    2. Backtrack to Transcendence quest until Secret Dungeon portion of Transcendence quest
    3. Continue Story Quests
    1. If underleveled, run SDs until high enough leveled
    1. Luto Mode if applicable
    2. Optional: Obtain Shadow's Descent
    4. Run SDs daily until level 99 and Transcendence
    1. Obtain full Grendized Secret Dungeon set
    1. IMPORTANT: Learn to socket
    2. Obtain free +9 Amulet from Story Quest and apply onto weapon
    2. Obtain Secret Dungeon 3pc Accessory Set from board or other means
    1. Optional: Obtain Ignia's Accessory Set
    5. Cap
    6. Get ERP
    1. Invest all points into EXP
    1. Optional: buy a 2nd page for damage
    7. Story Quests to unlock Elrianode
    1. Unlock Transcendence passives
    2. Optional: Unlock Hyperactive
    8. Move on to Mid game

    Mid game

    Stuff to have at this point:
    1. Amazing Adventurer title
    2. Full SD Gear + Accessory set
    3. ERP Unlocked
    1. Shadow's Descent
    2. Ignia's Accessory Set
    3. 2nd ERP Page

    1. Start doing Dailies
    1. Dimension of Sinister Intent
    1. Craft Accessories to fill up missing slots
    2. Event Dungeons
    1. Obtain costumes, cutins, and Mellow
    3. Heroic Dungeons
    1. Obtain Wedges and Boss Damage Stones
    2. Obtain Elrianode armor for free via Story Quest
    1. Enhance to +7/8
    1. Purchase proficiency tears from board
    - Top: Polarize
    - Bot: Phys/Mag Attack
    - Gloves: All Skill Damage
    - Shoes: Ignore phys/mag def/Boss Damage
    3. Obtain Void Weapon
    1. Obtain free +9 Amulet from Story Quest
    1. Work on Disks
    - Priority:
    - Red 5, Blue 3, Yellow 5
    - Optional:
    - Yellow 4
    - Fill in missing slots with Mystic Stones purchased from board
    4. Obtain 3rd job advancement
    1. Optional: Obtain Corrupted Elrianode Accessory Set
    5. Story Quest to unlock Varnimyr
    6. Move on to Late game

    Late game

    Stuff to have at this point:
    1. Elrianode + Void weapon
    2. Event Dungeon items (Costumes, Cutins/Awk, Mellow)
    3. DoSI accessories
    4. Heroic Wedges + Boss Damage sockets
    1. Corrupted Elrianode Accessory set

    1. Start running Henir weekly
    - Priority to upgrade in order:
    - Head Hunter = Eroding Aura
    - Get Greedy
    - Everything Else
    2. Complete Story Quest
    1. Obtain free Mod book via Skill Quest if applicable
    2. Optional: Obtain Forginay's Fruit title
    2. Recommended: Obtain Demonic Vine Crown and Agate's Fragment
    3. Obtain 322.5k Combat Power
    4. Complete Varnimyr Raids weekly
    1. Optional: Obtain Flames of Judgement
    2. Continue running for Mystic Stones and Accessories
    5. Story Quest to unlock Rigomor
    6. Move on to Endgame


    Stuff to have at this point
    1. 322.5k CP
    1. 550k CP (to run 13-3)
    2. FoJ/Exodia
    3. Varnimyr accessories
    4. Forginay's Fruit

    1. Rigomor Dailies everyday
    1. Craft Rigomor Armor
    - Crimson - Damage
    - Sage - Buff
    - Cerulean - RNG CD reset
    - Violet - PvP
    2. Suffer with Reforges,
    2. Story Quests to unlock Master Road
    3. Obtain Master class
    1. Optional: Obtain Higher stages of Master Skill
    4. Work on Artifact
    1. Obtain Artifact accessories via Master Road
    2. Level Artifact by gaining exp
    - Best dungeons to run is 13-5>13-3>Everything else

    To reiterate, this flowchart is intended for newer players to use as a reference for their Elsword progression experience. If anyone has any suggestions and/or feedback to improve the flowchart, feel free to make a post and the flowchart will be updated as seen fit.
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    Progression Roadmap for new players
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    Links to extra resources:

    Varnimyr Raid Primer by Hitotsuoboe

    Traversing Master Road by Hitotsuoboe

    Reforge Cost Spreadsheet by 이블리스

    Ereda character guide/primer by Atillart

    Change log

    x. - Changed based on content add/revamp/removal
    o.x - Changed based on suggestions&feedback
    o.o.x - Minor changes behind the scene for cleanup/visual/etc

    1.3.4 -
    • Added misc. column and Stewardship signup
    • Moved Heroics from midgame to endgame

    1.2.2 -
    • Merged lategame and endgame together as they fulfilled the same purpose
    • More details added
    • Cleaned up some more

    1.1 - Minor changes and posted on Forums

    1.0 - Initial version created on Discord
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    Progression Roadmap for new players


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      great job but a few things to help keep it more up to date:

      early game is perfect.

      starting on mid game i suggest placing some numbers or letters to the various categories in case of future changes.

      event dungeons daily will need to be placed before the dimension of sinister intent. even though they need to do both DoSi is harder than the event dungeon and the event dungeons are more important provided the costumes/pet that are given.

      regarding the numbers. it may be that mellow will disappear soon so in that case instead of saying the pet name just type & Free Pet [A]. then in the list make a small detail of the current pet that can be easily swapped and mention new event period which are optimal times to get said pet or more event items.

      for the elrianode gear another [Letter] would help that informs the player of how cheap the purple sets are to create which will easily help them get to around 250-300k CP while saving for and collecting red/blue pieces.

      running henir needs to be moved to after completing varnimyr story quests as it is pretty hard. i have 700k cp and even i have a hard time with it so placing it at the beginning will turn players off of running it

      obtain 322.5k cp needs to have "At least" added to it

      varnimyr raids should have (Story[Letter] and Normal) for the note type "additional way to receive mystic stones etc."

      put "optional on crafting rigomor armor". have a two path for the crafting part. one path to craft and go through the reforge and the other to craft and sell materials. once you reach 1mil CP with elrianode gear some may find it a waste to go for rigomor gear since 1 is clearly easier to get/make while the rigomor only gives a small boost compared overall.

      during mid game place the gate of darkness as a daily to upgrade the DoSi set, craft elixirs, and get them used to playing with the buff on all the time.

      i dont know where this would go but having the player purchase the pet skill stone that gives the most CP will help

      an additional note telling players to farm for accessories/rigomor mats during 2x will help greatly. also explaining the different drop rates( like how 2x DR event doesn't work on void dungeon and the stacking of drop medals)

      finally there should be a link to varnimyr raid guide.

      a small note: for the transcendance passive quests instead of running maya it is much faster to run adrian's palace to kill dekal then leave.
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      • Treasure-solace-
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        Editing a comment
        I've gotten a few suggestions on Discord to merge the 3 dailies in midgame into 1 section since it currently lists them as if people are supposed to be doing them in order rather than "you should be doing all of these in no particular order" so i'll change that in the next update.

        Free Pet[A] idea sounds cool. Could clutter it a bit but I'll figure out how to make it look nice.

        As long as players have been doing Story Quests properly, they should be given enough ED to be able to buy the important tears regardless of color as long as they aren't Unique rarity. idm making a note about it, but i feel bad if you're suggesting them to change colors in the end anyway . . .
        Going for a full Henir clear isn't necessary, the important bit is to start getting fragments as soon as possible as it'll take months for newer players to obtain elite/unique forces if they're only running on one character. Just go as far as you can every week. I'll make a note that clearing isn't necessary.

        ty for catching the "at least" bit and suggesting story mode and GoD

        idm putting a note putting optional for rigomor armor in terms of progression, but reforging is the current endgame in terms of minmaxing so it seems weird to me that suggesting people selling the materials they might need for themselves? idm putting a note to sell the excess but recommending people to continue working on their armors seems like the way to go since newer content will introduce higher adaptability debuff and rigomor armor provides adaptability while elrianode doesn't.

        Probably put pet stones around midgame and slap it in with the dailies list. Life stamina consumption could be considered a daily if you wanna stretch it like that?

        Could make a note on the right side with all the blank space about the 2x thing. Just worried that it'll be a slippery slope on what to include without cluttering up the flowchart and making it look ugly

        i didnt rly suggest where to grind the transcendence, i just told them to get it . . is running adrian rly the tech? Also is the drop rate for quest items 100% or will I have to tell them about the drop rate medal glitch/bug to make it easier for them?

      • xEclipsa-solace-
        xEclipsa-solace- commented
        Editing a comment
        doing all the story quests would net you 120+ mil but it still isnt that much. a blue/red elrianode set cost 5 times what a purple set would cost. the last jump event i changed the free elite red tears all to unique purple just for 60-80 mil and that was with 2 3% crit damage tears for each piece included.

        it boosted me to 200k. on a freshly jumped character with a +9 set(8% optimal tears), after reaching 3rd job you will end up with around 120-130k cp.
        the 200k cp and blank void let me run drabaki and el tower normal to collect more tears. the only difference between the red/blue and purple is 5% atk. the 5% atk from a blue/red set wont do much during mid game/start of endgame. giving them a 10% unique purple set is less than the cost of a blue/red 44% ASD glove. suggesting to them to make a purple set sooner will let them run el tower/drabaki/heroic/henir faster so they can farm for tears and sell the others to buy more tears.

        for rigomor there isnt really any content coming out within 2 yrs to make people require more than 1 mil CP. over time they will eventually make reforging/crafting easier but by the time you collect 60k glacium you can make 2 pieces using amethyst. so the player can make some extra ED by using extra amethyst to sell pieces.

        the rigomor set is honestly way too much work especially for me and the extra adaptation wouldn't be worth it if i already have a 1 mil CP elrianode set. so letting the player instead run the rigomor dailes will let them get extra ED and any 2x events or ones that hand out amethysts can still be saved for an eventual move.

        additionally with them making more ED they can enhance their void/FoJ with amulets. on my daybreaker +9 full set and full void i still cant get past 400 CP due to the weapon being +9 and you don't even get a +9 amulet for the FoJ. having them gain ED from selling rigo armor/mats can let them upgrade their wep which allows them to steam roll so they can get more stuff.

        the reason i mentioned the trans passive quest is because during the last jump event it was easier to complete it faster so they dont have to waste time on this part(mainly cause all the players who reach this point want to get to endgame faster. yes the drops are 100% now) plus i had nowhere else to spread this.

        for henir i forgot you dont need to complete it.

        i find life stamina to be a waste right now. repair the fishing rod cost 5 mil that could be used to refresh consumables and you would have to spend the entire day and spend 10 mil+ just to gain erp which could easily be gained by running dungeons. the pet expedition require your pet so they wont be there to pic up ED or drop for you.

        but i would also suggest for an optional "join a guild or create your own" as the passives would help even if one skips the other guild features

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        posted update
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      The roadmap is a great idea and is accurate. Right now I see only one problem, that'd be heroic in midgame. 150k CP Heroic is a trap and I have no idea why the entry requirement is so low. Considering how time consuming it can be, how the mobs can be deceiptively tanky while hitting like a truck (without talking about the buffed ones) and how the drops are ridiculous, I think it should be moved to endgame. They are better off buying the required items from board than farming this mode without at least 700k CP. Even for wedges, it is not worth it this early.


      • Treasure-solace-
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        I can agree with Heroics being placed too early, but 700k is kinda wild. ~300k is enough to clear well enough and fits around endgame since thats when people get their +9 Void wep + Elrianode armor. Just feels weird since Heroics' 3 res limit was removed a while ago so players could throw their 10 free daily res stones to get the clear if they really wanted : pensive:

      • JustFreezer-solace-
        Editing a comment
        After reconsidering, yeah 700k might be a bit too high. However I think 300k CP might be a bit low when you come across Elysion dungeons. It's based on RNG in the end, but 500k CP at least would make them able to clear every heroic dungeon possible in a reasonable time while securing a clear. Unless it's Adrian's Palace I guess

      • xEclipsa-solace-
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        300k cp is enough considering plenty of geared players also run it. during 2x is a very good time as well. new players can just save a res stone till after boss or the geared players can help and give advice at the same time (for those that can)
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      wow this turned out very good!!

      i suggest after a while to make a completely new post for the final version so it can be stickied. the 2nd post for the new thread can list more guides and a link to elwiki. is there a void dungeon/henir guide? the void enemies are unique so it would help them to read up first and henir does function slightly different and a guide will help them get farther to collect more.


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        One thing I noticed that wasn't included in the roadmap: Professions.



        • Treasure-solace-
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          Editing a comment
          Not sure where leveling blacksmith/alchemy would go on the roadmap as you would need to create new chars to obtain the professions then sink time/ed to level it enough to be usable which may be difficult for newer players. The idea of a chart on the side is being thrown around to include stuff that isn't part of the linear progression such as Ereda or managing consumables.

        • Coronax-gaia-
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          Editing a comment
          My suggestion is to just put a minor footnote at the early game to pick a profession, recommending Treasure Hunter for new players.

          That said, a separate chart for miscellaneous things is a good idea.

        • MHJoker00-gaia-
          MHJoker00-gaia- commented
          Editing a comment
          What is the general consensus about Professions anyway? I just know that having more than 1 Blacksmith and Alchemist per account is a waste, and having an alt Blacksmith at all might be a waste since endgame equipment can't be bankshared.
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        so far i got this for misc column. Feels very empty since it leaves a giant space on the chart so I'm tryna fill it with more info. Pls gib advice and feedback ty

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        Progression Roadmap for new players


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          Putting a security pin on the player's account gives them access to Stewardship Coins, which can be exchanged for Pet Food, Elixirs, and Apples, among others.

        • Treasure-solace-
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          Editing a comment
          Already have PIN on the actual chart I'll post l8r but ye ty anyway
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        Posted update

        I'm at a loss as to what to add to fill up the empty space. . . .
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        Progression Roadmap for new players


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