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Why is my higher CP character doing even less damage than my lower CP characters?

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    Why is my higher CP character doing even less damage than my lower CP characters?

    Okay, so recently I've gotten into a Sariel. I've been playing her and focusing on her a lot more than my other characters.

    I wanted to make her my new main, but there have been some problems.

    My Sariel has nearly 500CP, but she's doing pathetically in Rigomor dungeons compared to my other previous characters who barely scrap by 400K CP and one of them doesn't even have 400K CP but is putting out even more damage than her.

    Despite having better equipment, more time and resource invested into her, her damage output is much lower compare to my other characters like my Knight Emperor, my Shakti and my Anemos.

    Does certain characters have to be build in some ways for them to be useful?

    This doesn't just apply to my Sariel, I had other characters who had higher CP but couldn't dish out enough damage to match my lower ones.
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    CP is ultimately a very rough indicator on your character's damage, as there are a lot of things that give a lot of CP but not much damage and vice versa. CP also does not account for the amount of damage your class can output. From what you're saying and the classes that you have listed, this sounds like a difference in classes (at the moment, CS's damage is lackluster compared to the majority of the cast). I'm not sure about KE, but Shakti and Anemos have a boatload of damage from their skills and passives that CS just doesn't have.

    A big example on how something can increase your damage but decrease your CP is using the Indomitable Will for passive; NIs and BQs playing around this passive will not socket Critical at all (as they don't need to, they'll get 100% Critical by staying under 55% HP) and this leads to a very big CP difference between those that use a traditional 100% Critical build, despite the fact that they can deal more damage with the IW passive as this allows them to socket much more boss damage using the sockets that would be normally dedicated to Critical. When I switched from traditional to IW for testing purposes, I lost about 400k CP (from 1.8m to 1.4m), but many people of my gear level who don't use IW break the 2.5m CP barrier despite me dealing similar amounts of damage to them (excluding those who play classes that have a lot more damage-dealing capabilities than mine).

    TL;DR: Your CS is dealing less damage because CS doesn't have as much power as your other classes.
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      I don't think you need to beat around the bush here. CS kit is just bad for the current PvE meta. Even with higher stats she performs worse than others. How CP are calculated doesn't really matter here. It's the character and class that makes the difference and is the issue.

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      I aimed to give a response that would educate the OP as it appeared that they are not aware as to how CP works, but you're right in that I could have been more clear-cut in my answer.
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    as a CS main i can tell you that CS as of RIGHT NOW isnt in the best spot. however, after the following reboot from KR shes most likely going to become one of the top tier characters again. shakti is pretty much currently the best all round character in the game so its not just CS thats weak compared to her so you should always expect her to be better and especially with low gear. because CS has homing but low numbers, once you gear her up, she will simply become better and more efficient to use than shakti in specific dungeons. never rate character good or strong based on 1 type of content and CP because CP is a terrible damage indicator.


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      CP doesn't necessarily mean higher damage. For example stuff like increasing your max mana or ignore defense can give extra CP, but they wont necessarily give you more damage when compared to crit damage which gives only smaller amounts of CP.

      The game designers also favors some characters more than others. Many of the characters with less CP you listed are among those.
      Very often the characters you enjoy playing won't always be the strongest and buffs won't come around for years. Even after the reboot almost all of the previous top characters are still significantly better than their alternatives.
      You either have to stick with what you enjoy or play a character that has more damage even if you don't enjoy it as much.
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