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[11/6/19 updated] Secret Dungeon Gear Guide

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    [11/6/19 updated] Secret Dungeon Gear Guide

    Video version:

    What is Secret Dungeon gear?
    *SD = Secret Dungeon
    ★SD gear is end game gear that you can start farming and using from level 70.
    ★The SD gear set includes 8 pieces (weapon, top, bottom, gloves, shoes and 3 accessories).
    ★SD gear is bankshareable.
    ★In the "end game gear hierarchy"...
    ARMOR: SD < Elrianode < Rigomor
    WEAPON: SD < Void < Rosso
    Information on SD Dungeons
    (Dungeon tab -> Secret Tab)
    Out of the 7 available SDs, normally only two are open for entry. The open SDs change daily. SDs do take stamina and give ERP. Drop Rate affects SDs.

    In order to enter a SD (besides the required CP and level), you need 1 Secret Dungeon Entry Permit. They drop from mobs in the game and can be brought off the board. You can enter each of the open SDs once for free per day, per character.

    Luto Mode makes the SD harder, increases the amount of barrier’s fragments you get and you get 300% bonus EXP for clearing. The bonus EXP doesn’t affect ERP. In addition, you may get a dual magic stone cube as a boss drop.
    How to get SD gear
    Step 1: Obtain SD gear cubes
    You obtain SD gear mainly by opening SD cubes. These can either be bought off the board from other players or obtained as a rare boss drop from any of the SD bosses. The epic quest “[Secret Dungeon] Hidden Dungeon Revealed” will give you a weapon cube, so you do not have to worry about getting one of those. The epic quest is per character. However, you will need top, bottom, gloves, shoes and 3 accessory cubes. Be careful to buy/open Secret Dungeon [insert part name] Cubes only. Secret Dungeon Elite/Unique [insert part name] Cubes contain the old SD gear. Old SD cubes still give the old SD gear and old SD gear remains the same (old gear was not upgraded in the patch).

    Step 2: Decide on a set
    There are 7 different sd sets,1 for each SD. When you open a cube, you will be prompted to pick between the 7 sets. There is no significant difference between the sets, so you can pick whichever one you want for the weapon, top, bottom, gloves and shoes. The weapons proc different bosses. I've been told that the Bethma and Lanox bosses provide good clearing when summoned. All SD parts come sealed when you open a cube.
    Part Fixed Effect
    Weapon Critical 5%, Maximize 5%, While attacking, 2% chance to summon [insert name of SD boss]
    Top Polarize: Dealt/Received Damage +6% (Dungeon)
    Bottom Damage to Boss Monsters +6%
    Gloves All Skill Damage +25%
    Shoes Ignore Enemy Physical/Magical Defense +6% (Dungeon)
    Accessory Either Critical 1.5%, Attack speed 1.5%, or Maximize 1.5% depending on which accessory you pick.
    Armor Set Effects
    2/4 Critical 5%, Maximize 5%, Attack Speed 5%
    3/4 All Skill Damage increased by 5%
    4/4 Physical/Magical Attack Power increased by 5%
    It doesn’t matter if your armor pieces are from the same set or from different sets, you’ll still get the set effects. Ex. You can have 2 dark force/lanox sd pieces and 2 dragonic/bethma sd pieces and still have the 4/4 set effect.

    SD gear has the same random effects as the random gear you get as drops from dungeons instead of sharing the same pool with other endgame gear. So you can get polarize, mp cost reduction, etc. (IDs you can't get on other endgame gear).
    Decide if you want the accessories
    There are 7 accessories in total, but 4 are face (middle) accessories, 2 are bottom accessories and there is 1 arm accessory, so you really only can equip 3 sd accessories at a time max. The 3/3 set effect gives 3% Physical/Magical Attack Power.

    The SD accessories are a good alternative if you have nothing else to use. However, the set overlaps with Ignia’s accessory set 3/3, and Ignia’s accessory set gives 4% PA/MA boost (1% more than the sd accessory set), so it is better to get Ignia’s accessoy set over the sd accessory set. The SD accessories overlap with other endgame accessories and are not very flexible, so you most likely won’t be using them.
    +8 and +9 amulets
    The epic quest [Secret Dungeon] Danger of Secret Dungeons will give you a +8 sd armor only amulet. This quest is per character. You must complete the epic quest [Secret Dungeon] Hidden Dungeon Revealed (the epic quest that gives you the sd weapon cube) to access this quest. Preferably, you’d want to farm this quest on 4 characters so you can +8 all your SD armor.

    The epic quest [Secret Dungeon] Reason to Restore the Barrier will give you a +9 sd weapon only amulet. This quest is per character. You must complete the epic quest [Secret Dungeon] Danger of Secret Dungeons (the epic quest that gives you the +8 sd armor only amulet) to access this quest.
    El rewards and barrier’s fragments

    Barrier’s fragments drop from SD dungeon mobs. In Elysion Village, there are two trees. If you throw 10 barrier’s fragments at the tree, you have the chance of obtaining 1-5 el rewards. The rate is about 100 barrier’s fragments for 1 el reward. If you are not interested in el rewards, you can sell your barrier’s fragments on the board.

    El rewards can be traded to Ariel for various rewards. The 2 main rewards players trade for are the 24 hour 100% exp medal (5 el rewards) and/or the title Guardian of Secret Closed Space (300 el rewards). The title takes awhile to obtain, but it is one of the most useful titles to have and you should highly consider getting it for at least your main farming character.

    El rewards can also be obtained from the daily and weekly SD quests. (Daily quest requires 2 SD clears and gives 1 el reward while the weekly quest requires 10 clears and gives 3 el rewards.)
    Hitting 380k cp with SD gear

    It is possible to hit 380k cp (min requirement to enter 12-7) with +8 4/4 sd armor and +9 sd weapon without using non-bankshareable accessories and titles you have to farm. However, it probably will require extensive investment in the accessories and costume department, meaning you will probably need an IB set at least. Being able to enter 12-7 (especially on alts), is important because farming raid is currently still the best way to make ed and it gives you extra chances to get the raid weapon/raid accessories. More information on raid farming here:

    The means of raising cp remains the same as before:
    • lv.80 lanox passive unlocked
    • erp investment in ASD, mp cost reduction, and polarize
    • fed pet
    • upgraded/corrupted SI accessories
    • ring of fury, velder necklace, skill ring and other accessories (most likely will need IB)
    • costume 5/5, costume suit and weapon costume (most likely will need IB) socketed properly
    • Amazing Adventure! title or any other title that gives CP
    • sd gear wedged and socketed properly
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      Hi !

      Thank you for this simple and helpful guide ! But I still have questions about the equipment you show for 380k CP :

      - what are the magic stones used ? ( I assume if the ST set is your main costume so they are socketed with sage ) but what about the SD gear ? ( Blue weekly quest elrianode stones, heroic stones, advanced pink stones ? )

      ​​​​​​​-just to be sure about that your accessories set are not optimized right ( because of the 5 DOSI ) ? For example of build we can use : replace the ST earrings by ST support unit and get a 3/3 ignia set ? So we have 3/3 ignia and DOSI and 3/4 ST ?

      - and do u think henir costume set gives more CP than ST costume set ?

      Thank you for your future replies and have a nice day !!


      • AbdelLaCraie-solace-
        Editing a comment
        Thank you for your answers !! I still need a lot work in my main so ALTs for raid isn't yet but these informations would be useful later so thank you !

        Edit : just to be sure when u said that now sage stones are often in events u talk about sage and twisted sage stones ? If not, where can I get twisted sage stones ?
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      • zack6607-solace-
        zack6607-solace- commented
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        Sage stone events either give out both or one or the other (normally both).

      • AbdelLaCraie-solace-
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        Okay thank you !
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