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Elsword general guidance

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    Elsword general guidance

    Hello everyone.
    I don't know well how to forum so pardon me.
    I've actually came here to advertise a discord server I made not so long ago, to guide players into the game.

    right now I've only covered what I believe is the basic things.
    but I plan to add more into it later on, not right now though.
    but I'd be glad if you guys, could spread this server to newcomer players or even returning players if possible.. if you want to join too I don't mind.
    I'd like to help the community in some way. here's the discord:
    the server has everything divided so it's more simpler (hopefully) to understand
    CP, equipments, titles, henir, drabaki, 3rd jobs, force skills, etc.
    everything is given one different channel so people can read it at ease
    I hope to contribute players with this.

    thanks everyone for your time.
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