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Guide to increase your Combat Power (CP) (F2P Based)

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    Guide to increase your Combat Power (CP) (F2P Based)

    Combat Power has now, roughly been in the game for around an year with the old Item level system being removed.This system is ''better'' than item level because back then, most of the people in drabaki would get F rank, and the chances of failing were higher than suceeding, but with having to need 150k CP you can actually do SOME damage and get atleast C~A rank depending on your performance.

    This new system has caused many players to quit the game because they couldn't enter most of the dungeons such as Drabaki, Henir, Elrianode and more, so now since there are even more complains about combat power requirements for the upcoming dungeons and even Varnimyr, i present to you a guide on how to increase your combat power in many ways possible from scratch.


    I am going to assume that you are a lv. 99 that got to Elrianode with a +9 Heroic Weapon and about to start building it up.

    To do that, first get the armor itself from the quest starting from Water Dragon Sanctum or craft it.

    Then, with all the ED you have built from doing the quests it's time you finally spend it on useful things. Incase you already spent it, try selling things you have in your inventory esspecially if you're a TH (Not much ed is needed to begin with)

    So, depending on the class you're playing you will buy either Red or Blue tears (Blue = Magical, Red = Physical)

    Go on board and search for a Red/Blue Balance El Tear Elite Grade and buy the cheapest one for EVERY piece. If you think the price is sometimes a bit stupid since the cheap ones are already sold out, you can wait a few hours, Now do the same thing but with Destruction tears, sometimes prices can be stupid aswell so wait out a bit if you wanna spend as low ed as possible. For Transformation tears, search for critical/maximize/add damage or, the best Critical Damage 1/2%. Now, proficiency tears. For the Top piece, search for a Polarize tear, Gloves All Skill Damage tear, Bottom Damage to Boss monsters and Shoes Ignore Phys/Mag Defense Power by x%. You're set, you now have the set effect and everything based on elrianode. Do not spend any ed on elrianode unless you've made it far with CP and no need to increase it any further, you're best off equipping tears that are better than the ones you have by DROPPING them. You will need as much as ED as possible.

    Now, next thing short is El Resonance Level. Should have mentioned this at the start but, it's simple. Every single level up, pump your ERP into All Skill Damage ONLY! If you're above 100, start putting it in Polarize.

    Now, your weapon. People complain alot about the enhancement level, but it... really isn't possible to reach these levels without atleast a +9 Void Weapon. If you can get it to +10 that would be roughly enough. Ways to increase cp on your weapon is not by getting useless effects that give alot of cp but actual effects that help increase your damage too. For Blessed Time and Space scrolls (random effects on your weapon) try to get Physical/Magical Attack Level or 2 stats that are : Attack Speed,Awakening Duration/Charge speed/Maximize/Critical since they give alot of CP aswell.
    For sockets, make everything including your armor maximize and critical. It's best you stop at around 70/70% and after start socketing Awk. Duration or Attack speed.
    For mystics; Red ones should be P/M Atk Level, Blue P/M Atk %, Yellow Critical Damage. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH GRADE STONES YOU USE,THE HIGHER THE BETTER. Also, for your void weapon keep Yellow Stage 4-5 Disks, Blue Stage 3, Red Stage 5 and mystic stone everything else.

    Alright after all of this you should be pretty high, now for the accessories. Some people get random accessories they like the look of not caring about effects, but the best accessory set for a beginner (Yes it does increase cp massively) is a screenshot that'll be attached at the very end of this post. I suggest you farm for DoSI Accessories Daily from the Sinister Intent Dungeon, start off with farming/buying Ignia since they are pretty cheap and end it with Elrianode and do not forget about the necklace and rings.

    Costumes not much to say about these ones, if you're poor with not much ed in hand, you're better of buying the promotion costumes or the better option; get the ones from event dungeons since they ARE permanent Incase you do, save these for last after you finish everything else. The best ones would be HL/BM/SR and so on. Also suggest getting a IB weapon (rare grade) with 2 socket slots, that will be a huge boost as weapon sockets give 2x higher % of the effects compared to armor. You'll be best off finding one on board because burning IB's may leave you bankrupt and you won't make anything back.


    Short but simple, one of the best titles for you to increase CP AT YOUR LEVEL

    1. Shadow's Descent - Elysion Title - (Clear Solace's Fortress 5 Times With SS Rank, Without Resurrecting, Receiving attacks 30 times or less.

    2. El Tower Defender - Elrianode Title - Clear El Tower Defense 50 Times (Normal Mode)

    3. Dimensional Traveler - Henir Title - Clear Henir Challenge Mode.

    4. Corrupt Dragon's Blood - Drabaki Title - Clear Drabaki 101 Times.

    5. Key to Victory - Varnimyr Title - Clear 12-3 50 Times

    6. Critical Presence - Varnimyr Title - Destroy 1000 Traps in 12-3.


    There are some effects out there that i've mentioned earlier that give alot of CP.

    - Ignore Mag/Phys Defense Power

    - Attack Speed

    - Awakening Duration

    - Awakening Charge Speed

    - Maximize

    - Critical

    - Boss Damage

    Socket your costume, weapon, armor pieces with critical and maximize (Use refined magic stones;; you get these from doing elrianode weekly quest and sometimes from events, or use sage stones which are even better that you can only get from events or a weekly pvp quest for S ranks and higher note i could be wrong about this, it might be a higher rank or something i've missed) until you come up to 70/70 on each effects, then, start socketing attack speed, awakening duration / charge speed / boss damage. Since some of these effects will reach the normalized state and won't give as much as cp anymore,don't go overboard on socketing things like attack speed alot. Stop at like 120% and the same for the other mentioned effects.Don't forget to use an Ancient Iron Wedge to add a bonus socket slot on your weapon and Ancient Guardian Wedge for an extra socket slot on your armor. Also in the future when you get to varnimyr, there's an accessory that gives 5% ignore phys and mag defense power and it may give you more cp than the current one you have. You might have to mess around with your accessories in the future.


    - While you'll be doing Henir for fragments, a way to increase your cp is to craft Eroding ( or buy it since it isn't that expensive and it saves you 2 weeks of farming before upgrading it ) and when you get 500 fragments upgrade it to Elite. After that you should get HH (it does NOT increase your cp but it will come in handy, the most important force skill to have.)

    - Join a guild that has 5 points invested in Hunter's Instinct and Powerful Physique.

    - Get a good pet. You can get mellow by doing the event dungeon

    - You should have done this long ago, incase you didn't do the quests for your passive skills.

    - Sometimes in events you may get a new awakening look or something like that, and you can apply an effect to that. Obviously choose preffered skill type damage.

    This is about it. If you want to increase cp after doing all of this even more is just upgarding in everything i've mentioned so far, Higher Grade Eroding, Better Title (DG/RoD), better accessory setup (since dvc increases attack power by 5% but decreases cp by 40k you shouldn't get it until you reach enough cp that you don't care at this point), and others. Note: With the upcoming reboot, every character should have their CP increased by around 30%.

    This is not a perfect guide but it's pretty much all the ways possible and i'm pretty sure i skipped nothing. The only ''major'' way of increasing cp after all of this would be a higher enhancement on your weapon. It would be best to take action in the upcoming enhancement event in 1~2 months.

    I hope this guide was helpful to you. When you reach the CP requirements on enterring every dungeon, start changing everything you have to something better for actual raw damage.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Screenshot of the accessory set:

    Can't find a way to send the actual screenshot because it takes up too many characters. Sorry about that
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            Hello! I'm not sure if I should be writing this here, but if anyone replies, thanks for the help!
            So I've been level 99 for a little while now, but I've been unable to increase my cp enough to enter varnimyr, cp=102750. I've been trying everything I can think of, but at this point my question is this, how come the stats on my elrianode armor are better than my wrath, but when I try to equip them my combat power goes down significantly?

            I can wear some of my elrianode armor but not my top piece or my shoes even though top has PA +424 PD +820 MD+723 but for some reason -11902 combat power. any ideas? thank you!


            • Kaveh-solace-
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              That's cause you probably have multiple Wrath heroic pieces equipped, means you get a set effect so if you try to equip any piece that ruins the effect you will lose alot of cp. That's why i said you need to get every piece covered for elrianode armor the same color and effects i've mentioned. The PA PD and every other effect on your armor is the thing you shouldn't even care about. Those are just base stats that barely make any difference. The effects are the ones that matter. When you equip Full Elrianode set with the el tears i've mentioned then you will see a good CP increase.
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            Oh! Alright, thanks so much!


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              Also something worth mentioning is Varnimyr dungeons will require Adaptability. The upcoming patch will put Anti Demon armors so to those looking to do new dungeon, make sure to get them if you got enough CP
              Hello! I play Elsword! If you like my posts, please leave a like! Additionally, if you have any problems, just tell me, and I will try my best at my knowledge of Elsword to answer you. I'm still a bit new... But be sure to stay with us through Elsword game, as it's getting more and more friendly over time. I hope it can stay that way!


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                Things you could include since it's a guide for inexperienced players:
                - Information on Sage Stones. Alternative stones to use until they can collect sage stones such a refined stones, how to obtain both.
                - Mention that costumes can be obtained in event dungeons, rather than suggesting they use temporary promo costumes. It's very unlikely that they will get high enough crit/maxi without costumes they can socket. I may have overlooked this, if it's there.
                - Include how to get Wedges for extra sockets on gear
                - Mention that they will probably need an ice burner (Rare grade) weapon since it gives them 2 sockets.
                - Use the term Blessed time and space scroll, instead of Re-ID scrolls. I doubt new players have any idea what IDs are.

                Great work on the guide so far.
                Heros come and go but legends live forever


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                  Thank you. Will edit the post and add things you listed
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                Hi. If you're making a guide about increasing your CP in a f2p manner, it's worth noting that every purple piece is significantly cheaper than red/blue pieces. I have 300k CP on my BL with a +9 heroic wep because I have a very good purple set. Accs I run are Ignia, Dosi, Elrianode, and I have 5/5 RF.

                TOP: +7 - lv.19, 3% crit dmg, 9% a/a
                BOT: +7 - lv.29, 3% crit dmg, 7% boss dmg
                GLOVE: +7 - lv.28, 3% crit dmg, 44% asd
                SHOE: +7 - lv25, 3% crit dmg, 7% magic def ignore
                I had a lot of spare tears, and since I didn't want to sell below seal price, they all went to this.

                Sockets are all crit/maxi.
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                  How did you gett 300k cp with that tho? can you show photos of your stats and tears? My alt account only has 78k cp right now witth purple set

                • Kaveh-solace-
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                  I guess purple set is an option since the set effect loss compared to red/blue isn't that big and is way cheaper, and because new armor is gonna come out soon, tears will be even cheaper

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                  Keep in mind that when you use a purple set you lose out on 5% ATK and 5% ASD, so if you were going to be using a red/blue equivalent you'd be getting more CP.
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                Passion Pay is a chore to acquire, but the +1000 to Physical and Magical Attack gives a massive boost to combat stats.



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                  I would not suggest Pierce the Heavens. Being time consuming just means beging hard to get. Time is a resource just as money is. I that title would be reasonable to get, more people would have it. Yes, it an option, but not one I would suggest to anybody.

                  I also think Key to Victory, while giving less CP, might actually result in a higher damage output vs. bosses. The game really needs to add adaptability to the CP calculation...

                  The thing with titles is, you can't really count on them as some are really useful, but don't give much CP.

                • Coronax-gaia-
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                  Yes, Pierce the Heavens is a pain to get. I won't recommend it to anyone, certainly not because I'm already halfway through it.

                  Pierce the Heavens also requires defense tickets, so it's both time-consuming AND expensive. it's not a title to actively grind for, but as a nice bonus for running Elrianode City regularly.

                • st0rmbreaK-solace-
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                  We've been given a lot of Defence Tickets, they aren't as much of a problem as they used to be (7m each on release? wew)

                  11-3 is also a decent place to farm for tears and ERP. Getting PTH can be assumed to be a bonus.
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                I want to ask. I put my +9 magic amulet yesterday from event to my elrianode top piece, but why it doesn't take any effect? I've put crit damage 2% too.


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                  A bit of a late reply, but if you mean getting set effects, you need at least 4 tears of the same color. Also, if you put any other color in, for example 4 reds and 1 blue, it'll lose it's set effect as well.

                • xRimy-solace-
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                  I've put all on the same color. But my CP not increased. That's weird.
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                hey, just wanna ask. you emphasized on having 70/70 for crit/maxi stat as the ideal, so mine is about 90/90 though, is it alright or should i invest more on awake charge/speed? i'm currently at 310k cp, i can also preety much maintain awakening on dungeons (ofc except for lower ones like SD/Heroic) and have an additional 21% atk speed. i have lots of sage stones right now (like 700?) but currently, i am farming ED for 12% flying kite.

                if you're gonna ask me about how i feel on using my character, i guess i'm pretty satisifed. but if reducing my 90/90 crit/maxi stat to 70/70 and putting on some awake charge/speed, ignore defense, and boss damage will increase my damage more, i'll try to change it.


                • Niwatari-solace-
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                  xRimy-solace- 70% crit/ 70 % maxi, 90% crit / 90 % maxi. or 70/70 90/90 for short.

                • xRimy-solace-
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                  For crit, which crit means ? Crit chance or crit damage?

                • Skyress
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                  Critical Chance.
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                Hey Im just wanna ask about Enhacement lvl since you didnt mention it much. Im currently using a +8 Void weap (full blue elrianode) and only get 15K/21K phys/magical attack dmg so far.( I have put on all the henir wedges, sage stone to crit/max, all skill dmg 75%, bravery one is 95%, 3 ignia's accessories and the CP is only 165K so i think the enhacement lvl is the problem). I also have trouble doing many elrianode dungeons. So what is your sussgestion for me? How to enhace the weapon further than +8 while being F2P based ???


                • Kaveh-solace-
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                  Ah 1 more thing, i realized i didn't mention this but it'd be better if you save up ed for a +9 amulet and buy it but rng +10 and +11. Idk what came over my mind to say rng'ing +9, but it's up to you, i mean it's +9

                • Kaveh-solace-
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                  9 days ago you could've gotten 10 restores and 5 el hammers, tomorrow we're getting 10 restores and 5 hammers again plus next saturday once again. I assume you missed the first one...
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                There's an enhancement event right now and in total you can get 20+ ores for free and 30 restore, you have a decent chance of getting +9 just from that, other than that you can spend your own ed on ores only and get restores for free because they're quite expensive(in the end since you can get 1 ore each for like 11-13m you have a pretty good chance of +10 if you have around 500m-1b ed).+9 Does not make a big difference so try for +10 if you want a good cp increase. Also make sure you have all of the accessories i have mentioned not just ignia, there are more of them that also give an insane increase.


                • TrueSansha-solace-
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                  How to get the 30 restore scrolls ?? I only got the ores from daily log in

                • TrueSansha-solace-
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                  Oh okay. Thanks a lot for replied
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