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    Henir Guide

    Henir Short Guide: Tips and Tricks
    Made by Ghrian, edited/formatted by Dai

    Henir’s Time and Space is content made for mainly mid to end-game players that can provide a way to get higher tier force skills and strong temporary titles.
    This guide will not be very in-depth so please have mercy on Ghrian.
    Just as a start, some noteworthy things that may help your runs are; having a pet for the Encouragement/Special Encouragement buff, and also getting coupled/married for the Heavenly Love Skill as it provides a way to get free HP and mana.
    *Notice: Not all monsters in this dungeon will be affected by things such as bonus damage to bosses, and the HeadHunter force skill. Monsters NOT affected by it will be noted by a RED color in the upcoming section and HeadHunter should NOT be used in these rooms.
    *Notice 2: When “Mini-bosses” are stated, these rooms will include a majority of the mini-bosses from that entire region.
    *Notice 3: You will have limited potions during henir and 3 water orbs + wind orbs each. Orbs are VERY useful, do not underestimate how much they can help your run.

    List of Bosses for CHALLENGE MODE
    *Will be separated by Area Sub-Sections

    Kayak -> Bone Dragon (You can put HeadHunter back on after killing Kayak)
    Type - H
    Enraged Manifestation
    Form of Mutated Demonic Energy

    Berthe (Will become invulnerable when using Bravery Skills)

    Uno Hound + Chloe
    Velder Mini-bosses

    HAMEL (All of the bosses will have 2 copies of them)
    Shadow Master
    Hamel Mini-bosses

    SANDER (Like Hamel, all of the bosses will have 2 copies except Final Karis)
    Final Karis (There is only the single core in the middle.)
    Sander Mini-Bosses

    LANOX (Like the previous regions but Ignia only has 1 copy)
    Jin and In
    Ignia and her minions (The small minions can be absorbed with Soul Harvest)

    Dekal and Red Dekal
    Maya (There’s 2 of them)
    Hernia Orb and Shield

    El’s Aspiration
    Skin Splitter
    Hennon (The human version from Phase 2 of El Tower Defence, not Colossus)

    Chaos Leviathan
    Sentinel Guardian
    Dark Agate

    Elixirs are consumables that are found in the “Special” tab of your inventory and can be used to give the player a buff that lasts for half an hour (Or 1 hour if you happen to have elixirs from the old version of Gate of Darkness). These can be used to give you bonuses that will help you have an
    easier time clearing the dungeon.

    Elixirs can be crafted or obtained from: Town Alchemist/Mysterious El Flask/Alchemy Profession
    Some notable elixirs will be listed, and will be their “Blessed” version if applicable.

    Baby Fairy Cradle (Gives back HP and MP every 8 seconds)

    Giant Potion (+15% Critical Chance & Increased Size)

    Giant Hand Potion (+15% Additional Damage & Increased Hand/Weapon Size)

    Rosso’s Calamity Wheel (2 Fire Rings rotate around you, deal damage + histun)

    Homunculus Elixir: Extremity (+15% Maximize)

    Old Gate of Darkness Elixirs (Season 2)

    Seraphim’s Blessing (+100 Max MP & +2 Mana gain per second)

    Geb’s Blessing (+5% Physical Attack)

    Amon’s Blessing (+5% Magical Attack)

    Being in a high level guild can provide bonuses through Guild Skills, which can be helpful for small increases in damage and utilities.
    Some bonuses that guilds can provide are
    Alchemy Specialist (Increases the effectiveness of potions up to 25%)
    Powerful Physique (Increases Physical/Magical Attack up to 1.5%)
    Hunter’s Instinct (Increases Damage To/From Bosses by 2.5%)
    Frugal Spirit (5% chance to not use a consumable item when activated)

    Notably Hard Bosses
    These bosses are disliked by a majority of players and should be taken with caution when fighting them, as they can make or break your run of

    Like in the list earlier, Red Dekal is not affected by boss damage. This can make the red version very difficult or irritating to kill if you are speedrunning. Standing right up next to either Dekal can be dangerous due to one attack pattern both Dekal’s have where they release a large amount of cubes from both of their robot hands that can hit you all at once.


    Normal Dekal
    This version is very easy to deal with, but can still be deadly if you are not careful. When this boss goes into the air, he will drop cubes that leave behind a field that does massive DoT damage to your hp. If possible, steer clear of these or remember to keep your HP high when standing in this.
    When Dekal moves to do a large map wide attack, the attack will actually hit around 1 second AFTER you see the animation, so make sure to dodge appropriately or stand right next to Normal Dekal in his shield to not get hit.

    Red Dekal
    This Dekal has very similar patterns to the normal version, with some changes.
    When this boss goes into the air, the cubes he drops will NOT leave damage fields. The main attack pattern people have trouble with is that Dekal can use an attack with a very massive pull range, is not easy to telegraph, and can kill you in 2~3 hits. He will move up vertically to start the attack, and there will be a giant black hole under him that does massive damage and also can pull you from a very far distance. This attack should not be underestimated and you should manabreak as soon as possible. (Don’t forget you can charge it up during the middle of your own skills).


    Maya is not very challenging in the sense that she does extremely large amounts of damage, she does do a decently high amount of damage but you should be able to react to it in time to heal or manabreak. The main concern with Maya is that she can waste a lot of time if you are speedrunning, due to the fact that she has a second phase after you take her HP down to 4 bars. Maya’s attacks are very telegraphed and is someone that you should take your time with if your only goal is to clear the room/dungeon. Always remember to stay on your toes and be ready to
    manabreak if needed.

    *When Maya goes into phase 2, there will be a dialogue message followed by a cutscene where she will pull you in and deal damage. (You can move away during the cutscene, keep running if you don’t want to get sucked in)
    *If you think you have enough damage, you can debuff maya then use a water orb when she is near 4 HP bars and burst her past the phase 2 threshold. If done correctly, she will stay frozen at 4 HP bars and will not go into phase 2 after she is out of the freeze.
    *Another note is that Maya can be debuffed during phase 1, but is not debuffable in phase 2.


    When you enter Hennon’s room, he will not be in super armor and is able to be flinched for a while before he uses his first attack pattern. Hennon is a boss that deals a high amount of damage, and some attacks may be difficult to avoid. Remember to keep moving around and keep your distance if possible when not attacking. Like Maya, take your time with this fight, and remember that he can be debuffed and that wind orbs DO work on Hennon.

    *SUPER ARMOR is not your friend in this fight and can lead to you getting killed due to some of his attack patterns being more deadly when you are in super armor.
    *Hennon being in the air is a very clear indication of “You should hold the manabreak button now or you will die.”


    Don’t let his small size fool you, he is VERY tanky. One of the tankiest bosses in Henir. Be ready to keep track of your hp and remember that many things can go wrong in this fight. He is able to be flinched for some of the fight, but sometimes he will enter invulnerability/super armor. Throughout this fight, there will be lasers that can track your position throughout the fight and will deal damage to you. (Note that the laser’s hitbox can linger slightly after they disappear)

    Herbaon does not have a large pool of attack patterns.
    He mainly does two attack patterns which are; exploding and dealing damage around himself and teleporting away and dropping debris from the sky on you. (These will explode after a while, please remember to avoid them or destroy them. If these explode on you then you may most likely die due to how much damage they deal.)

    IRIS IN - When Herbaon is close to 25 HP bars, he will teleport to the center of the map and attempt to enter his Iris. You can avoid this pattern if you deal enough damage to him while he attempts to enter this mode, if you are successful he will enter a state of confusion and will be wide open for attacks. If you do not deal enough damage, he will start an attack pattern called Quadro Plasma.

    QUADRO PLASMA - When this attack pattern starts, there will be 1 vertical laser and 1 horizontal laser that will lock onto your current position and shoot out 2 lasers in a shape similar to a plus sign or cross multiple times. Your main objective during this is to survive, as Herbaon will be invincible until this pattern is over.

    *If you make Herbaon do a different attack pattern right as he attempts to enter Iris, the attack pattern will take priority and he will not try to enter Iris.
    *Herbaon cannot be debuffed.

    El’s Aspiration

    This boss has been a menace since the release of the current version of Henir, she does not attack herself but instead she summons shadows of characters to do attacks for her instead. This may not seem that bad, but basically all of her attacks have very large hitboxes and can easily deal 3x as much damage as you have HP before you even have the chance to manabreak. Some attacks even do 1 single hit, so even if you

    manabreak you will die and fail anyway. Despite this, some of her shadows may take their time to attack, such as Ara’s Suppression, Elesis’s Saber Extinction, or Add’s EMP Shock (This attack specifically can come out a lot faster if you aren’t looking, sometimes Add will wait for you to get out of a skill to initiate his attack, and is also much harder to dodge.)

    *At 20 HP bars, El’s Aspiration will enter Hyper Armor (Cannot be debuffed and debuffs on her are cleared) and attempt to move to the back of the stage where she cannot be hit. When this happens, she will summon Aisha in the middle to use Lightning Shower. When this happens, you should run to the left or the right sides. As soon as Lightning Shower ends, you should run back into the middle or you will die.
    *If you’re able to see it, El’s Aspiration’s hands will always be at a resting position. Every time she motions her hands, she will initiate an attack. It can be very hard to see but it is definitely possibly to telegraph an attack.

    *When Chung uses Aceldama you can dodge this attack by standing directly under him.
    *One force skill that helps a lot with survivability in this specific fight is Obtenebration, as it allows you to become invincible for just enough time to dodge an attack.
    *Just because you killed her does not mean that she can’t send out a shadow to kill you with her dying breath. Always stay on your toes after the fight finishes just in case she sends out one last shadow to attempt to kill you.

    Stage 6 - Obezaar
    Henir Challenge will always be 5 random stages followed up by Obezaar, the final boss.
    When you enter the room, Obezaar will teleport to your location after a couple seconds and attempt to do an attack pattern.
    Once Obezaar reaches 80 HP bars, he will stop taking damage and will summon 2 clones. These clones are miniature versions of the boss, and

    you must kill the first clone in order to start the fight with the second clone. If you fail to kill the clones after a set period of time, they will disappear and Obezaar will start the fight again.

    *If you cannot kill either clone, Obezaar will enter an enraged form for roughly a minute and do much stronger attack patterns than before.
    *If you only kill one clone the fight will continue as normal
    *If you kill both clones, Obezaar will enter an exhausted state for a couple of seconds before continuing the fight and will be open to free hits.

    Once Obezaar reaches 50 HP bars, he will stop taking damage and will enter a permanently enraged form for the remainder of the fight. Please check the wiki for more details on his attacks.

    This will be a small section that will give you a list of decently good titles that can be good for henir. You can check Elwiki for information on how to obtain them.
    *These are not in any particular order for usefulness/difficulty
    *Titles from Rosso Raid will not be included
    Critical Presence
    Key to Victory
    Guardian of Secret Closed Space
    Corrupted Dragon’s Blood
    Usurper of Time and Space
    Pierce the Heavens
    Resistant to Destiny
    Forginay’s Fruit
    Guardian of Elrianode
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    Hello, I am not sure if the guide is complete as I don't see other comments around here, I would like to point out something with Obezaar. I don't know if it's just because it's in normal mode or Challenge mode but I have not played the new challenge mode yet (I have 258k cp, you can see I won't deal dmg) If you ONLY kill one clone, Obeezar will end up in his enraged / awakening state. This has happened to me 3 times already, I was already fighting the 2nd clone and he disappeared, Obezaar ended up going into his angry form still. (It happened two times on my 210k CP ES and 232k CP DayB Pre-reboot)

    I hope this gets included in the post / guide if this becomes confirmed by other players as well for further proof. Thanks for the guide as well!


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