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  • Class: {{esusrinfo_class399514}}
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    Guild Name: {{esusrinfo_guild399514}} A useful site with multiple calculators is a website programmed by Ashallia-solace- . It’s a collection of various calculators with a section for Frequently Asked Questions such as how normalization or adaptation work and a small section dedicated for Ara players where you can check different skill builds for each Ara class.

    Available Calculators:

    Enhancement Calculator: for a quick comparison between two weapons;
    Stat Calculator: for checking normalized and unnormalized stats;
    Skill Damage Calculator: allows you to compare damage between your setups;
    ERP Calculator: allows you to calculate how much EXP you need in total, the amount of dungeons you need to clear, and time needed to spend to reach your desired ERP level;
    Equipment Calculator: allows you to play around with various accessory and gear combinations while generating a link to share with your friends (highly popular);
    Ice Burner Simulator: ever wanted to try your RNG on Ice Burners without spending? Well now you can!

    You can access the website here!

    If you have any questions related to the calculators or website you can either join Ashal's discord (you can also find news and work in progress for new functions here), contact Ashal directly through discord (Ashal#7224), in-game (Ashallia) or by replying to this forum thread.

    Credits to Ashal for making the calculators and for letting me post his calculators here, Stommi :birbhug: for helping me to write it and proofread and Skyress for proof-reading.
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    I was hopeful at the equipment planner since the one I used prior is pretty outdated.
    But then I saw that it only enlists elrianode armor and void/raid weapons and was at a lost again...

    Still, Ashal's website's been a huge help to the community at large, and it's appreciated the effort and work they put into it.



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      Editing a comment
      It only enlists elrianode and void/raid weapon as its not very likely for people to currently care about heroic/henir as much but im pretty sure youre always free to suggest it in advance
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    This is less of actual crit but more of a suggestion: I find it hard to read the FAQ stuff and all because of the grey background against black text, as well as the clustered spacing of the words. Perhaps you would consider reformatting that particular page and space out the words so that it's easier to read?
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      Should also be noted that the equipment calculator, with regards to Spaise's comment, also only lists IB sets with no option for the store ones. Though the store ones are obviously numerous and some not worth even mentioning, there could still be an option for at least the socket spot so we can calculate sockets more accurately for people who don't cash or have endgame gear/accessories.


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        Ashii implemented Heroic and 4th Dimension gear to the equipment calculator for anyone that's interested.


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          Great list! Thank you! Still have to get use to it and learn how to use it properly... especially the equipment one.


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            Hii guys there's a huge update on the website! \o/ You can now buy and sell items through the market tab.


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