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Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon Guide

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    Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon Guide

    What is the Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon?
    *I will refer to the Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon as the rosso weapon in this guide
    ★The rosso weapon is an end game weapon that you can start farming at lv.99 and using at lv.99.
    ★The rosso weapon is NOT bankshareable.
    ★In the "end game gear hierarchy"...
    WEAPON: SD < Heroic < Void < Rosso
    How do you get the Rosso weapon?
    There are two ways to obtain the rosso weapon.
    1. Get the weapon cube as a rare drop from the final 12-7 boss. This cube is bankshareable. The cube only has a chance of dropping on your first clear of 12-7's third phase each week.

    Every time you clear any one of the phases of 12-5 through 12-7 for the first time each week, this bar will fill up a little bit. It increases the rate of the cube dropping, but if it is full it does not guarantee a weapon drop. The bar only resets if you obtain a weapon cube.

    2. Collect 20 blazing crystals and exchange them for the weapon cube at the Elrianode blacksmith. You obtain one blazing crystal every time someone in your party obtains a weapon cube (you only can get a max of 1 blazing crystal per run). You can also obtain blazing crystals from dismantling a rosso weapon or any of the rosso raid accessories (undying flame, demonic eye and/or mark of inferno). You will get 5 blazing crystals from dismantling a weapon and 1 blazing crystal from dismantling any accessory
    Basic Information on the 12-5, 12-6 and 12-7 dungeons
    Each dungeon has three phases. You must clear all three phases to clear each dungeon. You must clear the previous dungeon in order to enter the next dungeon. Your progress is reset each week. (In other words, if you cleared 12-7 one week, the next week you will have to clear 12-5 and 12-6 again in order to access 12-7 again.)

    Every time someone in your party clears each phase of every dungeon for the first time each week, you will receive a flame mark (you will not receive flame marks if it is your first time clearing as well). You can trade these flame marks to the Elrianode alchemist for useful rewards. Each week everyone’s chance to produce flame marks is reset. In addition, only the first 12-5 through 12-7 run each week will yield rewards and have a chance of dropping the raid accessories.

    In order to form a raid party, if you are the one inviting, you must be at the Crimson Edge Camp. In addition, you must also use the “raid party” invite command. Raid parties can have up to 8 members. You must have at least a party of 3 to enter a normal raid dungeon. Staying at the camp for 6 minutes will grant you a buff that gives you damage dealt to boss monsters +2%, damage decrease from boss monsters +2% and adaptation +2%. You can reduce this waiting time by purchasing and wearing the "elite search party" costume suit.

    To prepare for the 12-5 through 12-7 dungeons, please refer to this in-depth guide here:

    For dungeon mechanics please refer to this guide:

    Crimson Trace Reset Tickets
    Crimson trace reset tickets can be obtained in a few ways:
    1. Bought off the board
    2. As a rare boss drop from 12-8
    3. Trading flame marks to the Elrianode village alchemist

    By using a ticket, you will become "fresh" again. This means that clearing 12-5 through 12-7 will give you weekly rewards, the dungeons will yield rewards, you have a chance of getting the raid accessories again, etc. You can use up to 3 reset tickets per character per week. In order to use a reset ticket, you need to go to the crimson edge camp, click on any of the 12-5 to 12-7 dungeons, click rewards, and at the bottom there should be a reset option.
    Powering up your rosso weapon
    Additional effects:
    +1% chance of inflicting burning effect (Applies only to fire element)
    Adaptation +5% (Dungeon)
    When attacking, a 2% chance to summon Black Titan's beam (Cooldown: 60 secs) (Dungeon)

    Identifiable Stats
    Identifiable Stats are the random effects you get when you right click a weapon to identify it. Unlike other weapons, the rosso weapon has 3 lines of identifiable stats.

    You can reroll for these stats by using Blessed Time and Space scrolls which can be purchased from the IM or off the board. Ideally you would want 3 lines of PA/MA Attack Level +3, but since that is really hard to roll for, aim to get at least 2 lines of PA/MA Attack Level.

    Enhancement level

    Mystic Stone Enhancement
    When +9 or higher, the rosso weapon has 9 red mystic stone sockets, 9 blue mystic stone sockets, 9 yellow mystic stone sockets and 3 giant mystic stone sockets.

    When you mystic socket, you will get a random stat and a random value for that stat.

    Stats you want:
    For red sockets, generally you ultimately want PA/MA Level, but PA/MA Power and Critical Damage are decent fillers.
    For blue sockets, generally you ultimately want PA/MA Power, but PA/MA Level and Critical Damage are decent fillers.
    For yellow sockets, generally you ultimately want PA/MA Power, but PA/MA Power and Critical Damage are decent fillers.
    For giant sockets, generally you ultimately want PA/MA Power, but PA/MA Power and Critical Damage are decent fillers.

    Values you want:
    For sockets, you can choose to either use refined or shining mystic stones.
    Refined red mystic stones give MA Level +1.3/1.4 while shining gives 1.5.
    Refined blue mystic stones give MA Power 1.3/1.4% while shining gives 1.5%.
    Refined yellow mystic stones give MA Power 0.8/0.9% while shining gives 1%.
    Refined giant mystic stones give MA Power 3% while shining gives 5%.

    Basically, refined mystic stones only give a bit less than shining mystic stones, but are significantly less harder to get and cheaper to obtain as well. However, 1% differences can add up. Shining giant mystic stones are especially harder to obtain than their refined counter parts, so most players generally go with refined giant shining stones for their giant stone sockets.

    For more information on mystic stone enchanting, please refer to this link:

    If you are interested in the specific values a stone can give, please refer to this link:

    How to get mystic stones
    Mystic stones can be obtained in several different ways:
    No.1 Bought off the board
    No.2 From the weekly raid rewards. You can reset your rewards by using a Crimson Trace Reset Ticket- which can be obtained by trading flame marks to the Elrianode Alchemist.

    No.3 By exchanging flame marks to the alchemist in Elrianode
    No.4 As rare boss drops from any 12-X boss
    No.5 From the daily and weekly 12-X quests

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    Preparing alts for 12-5 12-6 and 12-7 is highly recommended as it is relatively easy, is a good way to make ed and provides extra chances to get the raid accessories and weapon. Often times parties will take people into raid regardless of how much damage they do if they play a certain class.

    The most sought for classes for raid are the following:
    1. Centurion
    2. Bluhen
    3. Radiant Soul
    4. Comet Crusader
    5. Oz Sorcerer
    6. Metamorphy
    7. Aether Sage
    8. Anemos
    *this class list will probably change as balance patches roll in

    I think it is worth the investment to have all these classes for raid.
    Dungeon Min. CP needed to enter Actual CP needed to enter
    12-5 200k 250k
    12-6 200k 250k
    12-7 240k 300k
    Be aware that you will not be to apply for a raid party or start the dungeon if your CP does not meet the actual CP requirements of the dungeon. Overall this isn’t a big deal, it’s just good to be aware.

    The main ways to hit 200/240k are as follows:
    • ERP invested in ASD, MP cost reduction, A/A, etc.
    • Heroic weapon that has ignore defense 13-15% for 2nd line ID
    • Heroic bottom that has ignore defense 8-10% for 2nd line ID
    • Lv.80 trans passive unlocked
    • Heroic top that has a/a 8-10%, heroic gloves that has ASD 40/44%
    • Give your pet gem of skills with recovery item effect increase
    • Feed your pet
    • 5/5 costume, costume suit and weapon costume/IB weapon costume with max, crit and/or boss damage sockets
    • SI 3/3, ignia 3/3, magic necklace/velder necklace, skill ring, rof, and other accessories that give CP.
    • Amazing Adventure title
    *some characters naturally have higher or lower CP than others and will require more effort to hit the CP requirement
    *if you are not familiar with heroic gear, please read this guide:
    *you generally won’t have to hit all these checkpoints to hit cp 240k

    If you do not have a discord yet, get one at

    Join the NA PVE Discord server and/or TJ’s Raid Server. (There are other discord servers to find parties, but these are the two most populous ones.) Once you join a server, make sure you read the rules and give yourself the proper roles.
    Link to the NA PVE Discord server:
    To enter TJ’s server, you need to get an invite link from someone who is already in that server.

    There are 2 terms you should be familiar with. The first is “gaunt”. Gaunt refers to doing 12-5, 12-6 and 12-7 consecutively.

    The second is “fresh’. Every week, your raid progress will be reset to 0%. You only get mystic stone drops, a chance to get the raid accessories and raid weapon the first time you clear each phase of raid. If it is your first time clearing on a character, that character is “fresh”.

    Once your raid progress is 100%, you will not get drops anymore, however, if there is another person who is clearing any phase for their first time that week, you will get flame marks. Flame marks can be traded for Crimson Reset Tickets and/or Adaptation Elixirs so there are people who will farm these flame marks and therefore be looking for fresh characters.

    12-5 to 12-6 carries looking for fresh are the easiest way to get clears for your alts. Generally the people carrying these parties only care if you are fresh. They do not care if you do damage, have any useful buffs and/or die/wipe during the run. (Though it helps out if you do do damage, have useful buffs and/or do not wipe during the run). Occasionally there will 12-5 through 12-7 clears (known as gaunts) that will take any fresh regardless of class or damage, however, this is rare. Generally you want to aim to have fresh support classes that parties will take into gaunts for flame marks and a chance to get a blazing crystal. Some parties will take non-fresh support alts if they really can’t find a fresh support alt.
    • Forginay's Fruit/Eclipse
    • Wind/Water Orbs
    • Ventus Elixir (if you have trouble with 12-6 phase 3 pinwheel)
    • Rosso Elixir + Drabaki

    If you are not familiar with how to do raid yet, please refer to these guides:
    12-5 guide:
    12-6 guide:
    12-7 guide:

    Generally, especially in 12-5 phase 2 and 12-7 phase 2 you just need to be in constant i-frame. For skills to bring, generally pick the skills that give you the most i-frames.

    Anemos (AN)
    SPOILERThe main reason why people want Anemos in their party is for her Airelinna buff so make sure you bring this skill and keep the buff up whenever possible.

    Anemos’s Lv.60 locked passive gives her a resurrection passive that helps surviving on her easier.

    All Aishas
    SPOILERFor 12-6 phase 3 during the pinwheel attack, if you stand at the very edge of the top platform and wait for the spike to come to you and at the very last moment use teleport, you can avoid the thorns.

    Aether Sage (AeS)
    SPOILERThe main reason why people want AeS in their party is for her magical buff. You most likely will not be taken to physical DPS parties, but if you are in a mixed party, make sure you stick with the magical DPS members and buff them.

    Blizzard shower is good for freezing.

    Oz Sorcerer (OZ)
    SPOILERThe main reason why people want OZ in their party is the for her buff.

    Mod aging can apply the “aging” debuff.

    Mod Petite Angkor decreases magical defense of enemies by 50% (with Oz’s Dream passive). Be careful when using this skill because it is an active and does not grant i-frames.

    Phantom breath can grant the “curse of darkness” effect.

    The Lv.99 third job passive Oz’s Dream is useful for helping reduce CD and allow you to continuously spam skills and survive in phases like 12-5 phase 2 and 12-7 phase 2. It also increases the debuff effects for the skills mentioned previously.

    to be updated
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      Is is possible to socket Void Weapon Disc? Cause my friend got a pic of someone with a Flame of Judgement weapon with the Discs in place rather then stones.
      Also Sorry if this is Necro posting, but its something I'm kind of worried about. If he might have seen a hacker.
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      • Skyress
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        Editing a comment
        Guides are immune to necro posting as long as they are up to date.
        Regarding that, no, it is not possible to socket Void discs into a Raid weapon, what you saw is most likely a visual bug.

      • RyuuzakiGami-solace-
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        Thank you, good to know.
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      Unfortunate, I guess hording energy discs for a drop to get yellow 4 and 5 on it is a waste then.


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