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Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon Guide

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    Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon Guide

    Video version:

    What is the Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon?
    *will refer to the Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon as the void weapon in this guide
    *will refer to Add’s Energy Fusion Theory dungeon as the void dungeon in this guide.

    ★The void weapon is an end game weapon that you can start farming at lv.90 and using at lv.95.
    ★The void weapon is NOT bankshareable.
    ★In the "end game gear hierarchy"...
    WEAPON: SD < 4D < Heroic < Void < Rosso
    How do you get the Void Weapon?
    You can get the void weapon two different ways.

    No.1 The first way to get a void weapon is to obtain a Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon Cube as a very rare drop from the boss in the Add’s Energy Fusion Theory dungeon. The amount of runs it takes to obtain a weapon cube greatly varies. Though in general, less than 200 runs is pretty lucky, 300-500 is about average and anything beyond that can be considered unlucky.

    *IDR does not affect the void dungeon.
    *All the mobs in the void dungeon are considered bosses (put on HH if you have it).

    No.2 The second way to obtain the void weapon is by completing the following achievement quest (clear the void dungeon 1000 times without getting the weapon cube):

    *this quest is per account
    *if you get the void weapon before 1000 runs, the counter for the 1000 runs will reset to 0
    *if you do not pick up the void weapon cube, it will not reset the counter for this achievement quest

    Things to be aware of:
    The void weapon drops as a void weapon cube. This cube is bankshareable. So you can farm for the void weapon on a character you don’t plan to give the void weapon to.
    Each time you clear the void dungeon without getting a drop, you will fill up the meter below. The meter increases your chance of getting the void weapon. (However, filling up the bar does not mean that you will get a weapon for sure.)
    Powering up your Void Weapon
    Energy shards and energy disks
    You can upgrade the void weapon by crafting and using energy disks on your void weapon. You can craft disks at any village alchemist. Energy disks may also drop from the void dungeon boss. You can use energy disks on your void weapon by talking to the alchemist in Elrianode village and selecting the mystic enchant option.

    How do you get energy shards?
    No.1 Energy shards may drop from any of the mobs in the void dungeon
    No.2 By completing the following achievement quests:

    No.3 From the daily quest:

    *this quest is per character
    No.4 By dismantling void weapons (when you dismantle a weapon, you have a chance of getting 20 to 100 shards)
    No.5 Buying energy shards off the board

    What do energy disks do?
    Each disk gives your weapon an additional effect. You must equip the previous disk in order to equip a higher disk. For example, if you want to equip Blue Stage 3, you must equip Blue Stage 1 and 2 first. You don’t need to fill the rows in order though, in other words, you don’t need to equip all red stages in order to start equipping blue stages.

    Mystic Stone Enchantment
    You can replace any of the energy disks with mystic stones of respective color. In addition, the void weapon gets one Giant Refined Mystic Stone slot.

    For more information on mystic stones and mystic stone enhancing, please refer to the Mystic Stone Enhancement part of this guide here:

    Mystic stone enchanting can be useful because you can put in a mystic stone as a placeholder to help you access better stages faster. For example, if you want to craft and use yellow stage 5 before yellow stage 1-4, you can put in 4 yellow mystic stones in and then proceed to put in yellow stage 5. In addition, if you do not plan to PVP you can replace PVP only effects as well. Generally you can get better effects out of mystic stones, but generally this is very costly and involves a lot of RNG. The 15 void stages are pretty decent themselves, so I personally recommend saving mystic stones for the rosso raid weapon or selling for ED.

    Enchantment Level
    You get additional effects for your void weapon depending on the enchantment level of the weapon.

    Identifiable Stats
    The void weapon has two identifiable stats. Identifiable stats are the random effects you get when you right click a weapon to identify it.

    You can reroll for these stats by using Blessed Time and Space scrolls which can be purchased from the IM or off the board.
    Misc. Information
    Tips for getting 1:00 or under in the void dungeon
    “Stage skipping” refers to using a skill before the next stage, and having the skill activate during the cutscene of the next stage, saving time. For more information on stage skipping, please refer to this video:

    The Exclusive Summon- Code:Q-Proto_00 NPC card when used will gather enemies towards you with Black Hole Generator. This can be very useful on the NPC stage of the void dungeon. For a demonstration, please refer to this video:

    You can obtain this card from upgrading the Epic NPC Card ‘Code: Q-Proto_00’ with a character with the alchemist profession Lv.7 or higher or buying them off the board. You can obtain the Epic NPC Card ‘Code: Q-Proto_00’ by buying it off the board or obtaining from field boss cubes.
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    reserved post
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      Sorry if i'm necroing
      i want to inform about void weapon mystic turn out you can skip the disk stage if you fill the blank row with normal mystic stone (common/refined/shinning) first then you put the energy disk...
      for example: i only have enough energy shard to craft yellow stage 4 and no stage 1,2,3 so i fill the first, second and third row using yellow common mystic shard, and then in the forth row i put in the yellow stage 4 disk....and it works
      with this you can just craft only the disk where you think you want and skip the useless one (like blue stage 2 or blue stage 5)


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        Guides on the forums are excluded form the necro rule.
        Thanks for letting me know! I more or less included that information in the video version, but I must've forgotten to include it into the text version.
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        Just to clarify regarding the necros, guides are immune to necro posting unless they are severely out of date (for example, if the author has made no updates in the past few months and there have been several updates that has affected the thing the guide has been written on).
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      Good afternoon, how much power do I have to have so I can go to the dungeon of the void guns?


      • Coronax-gaia-
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        70,000 combat power. Highly recommended to have at least double that.
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      It's the first time I use this forum, so I don't know if this question should go here but...
      If I'm not mistaken, I've seen people who recommend skipping all the Stages of the red disk, except for 5. But the first one gives you critical and the third one maximize, why do they recommend skipping those?


      • GenomaVoid-solace-
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        Okay then, thank you!

      • xEclipsa-solace-
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        first focus on the enhancement level the lv+3 stage and the ASD 10% stage(blue magic necklace stage as well)

      • GenomaVoid-solace-
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        Oh yes, it must be for that too. My void is +8, and now with the +10 buff of the event I realize that even without being completely enchanted, it gives me more power. I think when I finish stage 5 I will try to buy a Magic amulet, thanks!
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