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    It's been quite a while since I've touched this, and some changes in this have been long overdue. I'll be summarizing the main differences you need to know on account of the recent revamp, alongside some other changes in the Raid I haven't put up recently.

    Revamp Notes
    -Raid reward cubes for clearing each stage have been split between Story and Normal mode. Both modes have separate cube rewards, and you can complete BOTH each week. (Crimson Trace Reset tickets will only affect one difficulty's rewards, though.) Accepting the cubes from either difficulty increases the chance of the Flames of Judgment weapon dropping. The reward cubes are also different from the previous ones, so I'll be working to get some statistics on what they might contain. I'll leave the details on the old cubes up, since you can still exchange for those via Flame Marks.
    -Story mode now only allows up to 4 players in a party, allows the Flames of Judgment weapon to drop in Story mode (though lower than the now-boosted drop chance in Normal mode), and other players can get Blazing Crystals if a FoJ weapon dropped in Story mode this way. It's still impossible to get accessory drops, Flame Marks, or titles from Story mode, and there's still no guaranteed Mystic Stone drops in Story mode.
    -Only the rewards for each mode and the combat power requirement for Normal mode have changed. The difficulty of the Raids seems to be the same, despite Normal mode's CP requirement being reduced to 350,000.

    Other Changes
    -In phase 1 of Crimson Tower, a new glitch has appeared. Every 70 seconds, the Calamity Heads would ordinarily descend to summon Flame Pillars. If all 4 Calamity Heads happen to be dead as this point in time is reached, it will take longer than usual for the heads to finish dying... and then Flame Pillar will be cast without warning. Keep focused so you can notice this happening and can move out of the way.
    -In phase 3 of Crimson Tower, the Crimson Souls are now immune to Soul Harvest, and cannot be removed from the battlefield. This means that Soul Harvest no longer has a meaningful function in the Varnimyr Raids.

    I'll do my best to update the guide according to these shifts, and gather info on the contents of the new Mystic Stone cubes as best I can. Thank you all for your patience.


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      Hello once again. I've got a couple of notable things to share today.

      First, there seems to be a recent bug that heavily disrupts Raid parties in particular. It will cause the game to stop on loading screens for roughly 30 seconds, and then fail to load the dungeon, kicking the party back out. This may also result in other party members not having visible MP bars on-screen, save for a select few. This can also put the party in a state where it's no longer able to invite other players (so anyone who leaves the party can't rejoin unless the entire party is remade).

      Based on recent experiments, while I don't know how to prevent this bug from initially occurring, I now know of potential solutions to get the party going again, in increasing order of severity:
      -Try once more, especially if everyone's MP bars show up. It's possible that someone's client just needed to finish loading everything.
      -Pass the party lead to another player. This has had the highest success rate if handed to a player that has a visible MP bar on-screen (if other party members have seemingly empty MP bars).
      -Remake the party, then try to enter the dungeon again.
      -Have everyone restart their clients, then remake the party and try again.

      I may see if I can manage to capture some acceptable evidence of this occurring in the near future, in hopes that action can be taken against it.

      Second, I believe that I'm starting to own a large enough sample size regarding the Raids' mystic stone reward cubes that I can share my results with you all. These are meant to give general ideas of what you should expect to pull from these cubes. While the sample sizes are decent, they are far from excellent, and may be inaccurate due to luck; I intend to update these when I am able to. Please only use the following to get a general understanding of potential results, not as certainty of what you'll obtain.

      Story Raid Cubes 171 opened
      Red Refined 31
      Red Shining 21
      Blue Refined 33
      Blue Shining 21
      Yellow Refined 40
      Yellow Shining 14
      Giant Common 7
      Giant Refined 3
      Giant Shining 1

      Normal Raid Cubes 270 opened
      Red Refined 24
      Red Shining 46
      Blue Refined 23
      Blue Shining 59
      Yellow Refined 13
      Yellow Shining 40
      Giant Common 25
      Giant Refined 26
      Giant Shining 14
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        Hello once again, everyone. There's a couple of quick updates I'd like to point out.

        -Due to the 8/12/20 NA patch, the Flames of Judgment weapon meter now fills twice as fast as it did before upon accepting Raid cube rewards. This makes getting the weapon much faster than before.
        -The Crimson Eye's Spike Burst attack has changed. It used to be possible to I-frame through the initial burst, and freely ignore the spikes for the remainder of the attack animation. As this video showcases, this is no longer true. Now, I-frames will only let you avoid the phase 3 Spike Burst if the I-frames last for the entire Spike Burst animation. If you lack the defenses to survive a Spike Burst, be particularly cautious of this shift, and know when to run out of range.


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          Due to the incoming closure of the forums, I have moved the main contents of this guide to my personal website. There's still some content I want to add/change, but for now, I just want to ensure that the following links are known about so access to this information is not fully lost:

          Crimson Tower:
          Never-Ending Darkness:
          Crimson Cradle:
          Misc. Notes:


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            Thank you for this! I have always reference to your guide for new players, I'm glad you got the chance to migrate them before this place shut down~
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