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[Guide] How to use the Report Button

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    [Guide] How to use the Report Button

    Introductions of the Report Button

    Greeting Everyone! As you may know whenever you are using the Forum there are lots of different tools and buttons to click on. There is one button I will to gladly talk about to which many may not know how and what the purpose is for.
    Report Post:

    This is the new Report button. The purpose for that button being there is whenever a thread or post being made is due to any incident or some circumstances happen the Forum-ers may click on the button to send in a report. You can find it on the bottom-right corner of your post.


    Here are two examples (one each) to see on what you should report on and what you shouldn't.
    SPOILERWhat should you do when you report a post?
    ie. When you are about to send a report make sure that:
    • Describe what the situation is happening
    • Any suspicious activity/repeated offends
    • Check the date (Especially when a dead thread is being revived [Check Post #2 for more info])
    • Make sure that it is following the Code of Conduct via the Forum
    • (For the marketplace section):
      Put the original link into the report in case of a multiple thread

    ie. What you should not send a report:

    May be added as more post comes by.
    How to Make a Report Message:

    This is where you fill in your report via Forum. Here is where you would write down the issue regarding the thread. It has various uses on what to report on such as illegal purchases, rage/rant, attacks, and oddly more bizarre incidents.

    Aside from the urgent reports to be sent, you can also use the report button to have any changes with the thread that the owner/users are currently using for the time being.

    However if there is an issue that has not been solved yet, then it is best to send a private message via the Moderators.
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    The Usage of the Report Button

    The Report Post can be use in many ways to use on the Forum for the environment to be safe and following the Code of Conduct stated here.
    The Message/Post:

    The response can be written in many ways to which we may fixed/help with the threads itself. Given with the example below that you may use the report button to change the thread name instead of multiple threads. You may also have a request made such as that or delete a thread, (un)locked a thread, and many more.
    Note: Due to various reasons such as time zone and other reason, do be patient while the task is underway as you submit a report.

    Here are various examples given:
    SPOILERThread Title Change:
    ie. B>_______/S>________/T>_________ into ___________'s B/S/T Thread or whatever title you wish to have
    What this does is to prevent multiple/repeated threads and condense it into one. If going to make a temporary thread, then it is recommend you write in your first post with the color red saying your main (original) thread will be closed until further notice etc.

    Thread Lock (Request):
    ie. I would like to have this thread locked.
    FYI: For the Unlock Request, this is the opposite. However, this does not work with Necro Post.
    What this does is whenever a thread has answered to the original poster's thread since it has finished it's purpose. However if a thread was not complete due to other incidents the owner/user will have to send a private message to a Moderator to revive the thread, but they will have to make some adjustment due to what has/had happen within the post or may leave it alone which is up to their choice and be caution.
    Note 1: Necro post means reviving a dead thread that has not been active for more than 30 days+ or a month, however if it is revived by the original poster he/she have to decision to keep it alive or have it locked and remake a new one at their discretion.
    Note 2: Remember when reporting a Necro, report the post/necro in the thread that is not the OP.

    Thread Move/Delete:
    ie. I would like this thread to be moved to __________/deleted.
    This here is if there is any mistakes to which many forum-ers may not notice due to the (sub)sections whenever they are looking due to time zones. If that does happen if it's an accident for an example, the owner/forum-er may request to have the thread moved to a proper section on the forum. However if they made another thread due to the first thread being put at the wrong section, then the owner/forum-er may request to have the thread deleted due to the other thread being at the proper area.

    Multiple Threads:
    Any certain events whether it is from a stream on twitch or from the KR Elsword (content/updates) possibly condense it into one thread.[For the KR Events unless if it'll be all across the server to discuss it's okay, but with the ones only a preview and no set date prefer to refrain it until any updates from it.] Some of the topic can be put into the general, off topic, etc. However there are others that may have pass it without looking. Here are some ways to do it.
    ie. Post the link with a kindly manner that there is a discussion about it and that the other user may request the thread to be at their discretion be deleted or have it locked. Another way would be leaving it alone; prefer at their discretion if they want to have their thread be deleted or locked.
    Note: This is unnecessary although nobody is perfect when they may not know either they came back and starting all over again, hiatus, just started playing. Remember to follow the Code of Conduct.

    May be added as more post comes by.
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      The Overall for the Report Button

      The Report Post is there if an incident that you've cross by that someone either start or failure by breaking one of the forum rules and more. Just by clicking this icon you can send in a report regarding the issue, however, make sure to put in some details just in case. With your help and the contribution to make the Elsword Community Forum safe we will make the environment peace and no harm/disturbance.
      SPOILERNothing here for now.

      Note: This is here for questions that may need to be answer if I had not clarify with any of my two-three posts. Others are welcome to answer the questions that may not have respond yet.


      With all the explanations hopefully this may clarify on how the Report Button works and next time you may help us if any suspicious/issue may occur. Hopefully this [Guide] may help you and others along with new comers onto the Elsword Community Forum to help guide them with a friendly environment. Any questions, concerns, or tips to add in would help out. Thank you for taking your time and enjoy using the Forum.
      Special Thanks:

      [Everyone] Stratagem, CloveChan, AquaTail
      [My Guild Mate] PocketRocket
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        Many more useful tools and tips will appear as more editing approaches.
        With that this Guide is now available.
        Thank you Everyone for your patience.


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