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Basic Endgame Knowledge for Newer/Returning Players (PvE oriented)

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    Basic Endgame Knowledge for Newer/Returning Players (PvE oriented)

    First InvestmentGear ProgressionCostumesSocketingConsumables
    El ResonanceProfessionsFarming ED

    So, you have reached endgame, or are close to reaching endgame, but you have no clue where to go from here.

    I will not go too in-depth in every part of this guide, my goal is just to give you a general direction and help for your further adventure in Elrios.
    BEFORE ANYTHING THOUGH, if you are wondering about really general things, Elwiki has a lot of information aviable and I will reference to it a few times in my guide, especially if you are only looking for pure numbers and stats of things, you should look here first.
    ART CREDITS @ SkySourcream and MuushuPork!

    • Skill Slot Change Medal (Transcendence) [ED SHOP]
    • Fetch Aura [ED SHOP]
    • Magic Necklace (untill Blue Stage 3 Void, change to Velder Necklace) [ITEM MALL/K-CHING SELLER]
    • Ring of Tenacity/Strength/Bravery/Flexibility [ITEM MALL/K-CHING SELLER]
      (find out which skillclass of the ones above your character primary uses, if in doubt, ask in the character related section)
    • Ring of Fury [ITEM MALL/K-CHING SELLER]
    • Bankshare [ITEM MALL] (not 100% necessary but makes a lot of stuff, especially events, much easier)

    After you have somehow scrumbled up to a high level, using whatever equipment dropped from dungeons or quests, you are now starting to wonder what is actually decent to use.
    PSA: If you are returning player, your old raid weapon would probably be comparable to a heroic weapon

    Secret Dungeon Set
    This is going to be your first "actual" gear, that you will use to grind for your better, decent equipment.

    You really shouldn't invest too many resources in this, SO DO NOT TRY to invest a lot of ED to upgrading it to a high enhancement. A high level enhanced SD weapon will never get close the same potential as a 4D or Heroic weapon and it's full set, and far from the void weapon.
    With the most recent QoL update you should be able to get your weapon to +8 with a few Blessed Enhancemetn Stones, this should be somewhat enough to pull your weight in the Heroic or Henir dungeons. You can get your armor to +6 or +7.
    If you don't want to grind for the full set, you can obtain a SD set relatively cheap from board by searching for "Secret Dungeon Unique".

    Now your next step, you are probably wondering which one you should use. Really, it depends on your character. Universally, the Hamel one is decent for any character, some utilize the Bethma one well aswell, but, under any circumstances, don't go for the Lanox one. In the end it is relatively unimportant though so don't worry too much about it.

    Henir's Time and Space 4th Dimension Set
    4D is a relatively easy obtainable set, that you get by running "Henir Time and Space Dungeon" three times a day with the daily quest. Talk to the NPC "Glave" to check what exactly you need to craft each piece. The 5/5 Set effect is really straightforward and you don't need to worry about getting the right pieces or anything. The damage output is, well, average. That's it. IT IS NOT WORTH TO RUN ANYTHING BUT 5/5 4D GEAR.

    You can also get heroic extractions, but at that point you might aswell just use a heroic set that is just strictly better. With the newest QoL updates I would recommend you to skip Henir and just go straight for Heroics, you SD set should be enough to clear Heroics with.

    Heroic Armor + Weapon
    Heroic Gear has huge edge over the 4D Set, but might be a little bit annoying to get the right pieces.

    So the reason why it is a little annoying to get, each Heroic piece has different unique ID lines, the first one being rank, the second being a specific effect, the third being a specific characters skill damage increase. The level of the piece is the most important for the weapon, while for armor you can completely ignore it and put more importance on the second line. Those are the second lines you should be looking for (sorted by importance).

    Gloves: All Skill Damage
    Top: Attack/Attacked
    Bottom: Magical/Physical Damage Increase
    Shoes: You can go for Boss Damage Or MP Cost Reduction for example but it's relatively unimportant.

    You are really lucky if you get one of those second lines with a character skill that you can use, but you shouldn't count on getting a useful skill effect,
    Those are your combination options:

    5/5 Wrath
    2/4 Wrath + 2/4 Vision or Wisdom + Void Weapon

    You can find a more in-depth guide here .

    Void Weapon
    The Void Weapon is one of the strongest weapon in the game that has been made very accessible since the introduction of the raid weapon.

    After progressing from SD gear to either Henir or Heroic you should have little issues clearing the void dungeon. It is not bankshaerable, so if you want to play like 3 characters of the same class maybe a strong heroic is the right choice, but I will still rather recommend you to just work towards one strong character with a void weapon because with the introduction of raid I want to warn you, it is almost an requirement to have a void weapon with a high enhancement level.

    It used to be very hard to obtain the Void Weapon but now with the most recent QoLs it is easier to obtain it before. That being said, it will still take a very big time investment, and it still might take you 500+ runs if you are unlucky. There is an achievement that after doing 1000 runs you can claim the void for free. After getting the weapon, one of your first priorities will be getting discs for the most important stages, and skip the less desired stages with cheap mystic stones as placeholders.

    = priority, get this stage ASAP (more stars more priority!)
    = not too important or class depended, you can either skip or keep them if you feel like you need it.
    = useful for PvP (you should mostly skip those though)
    = skip without a second thought with mystic stones

    ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Stage 1 Critical +429 Red. Damage +715
    Awakening Charge +715
    All Resistance +75
    Stage 2 Attack Speed +429 HP +13590 ✤ 5% Chance of Double Attack
    (Except Special Active Skills)
    Stage 3 Maximize +429 MP Gain on Attack +3575 ★★ Damage increase by +10% when attacking enemies with less than 30% HP
    Stage 4 Add. Damage +429 ✘ All Weapon Attribute Activation Chance +2.5% ✤ Critical +1001
    Maximize +1001
    Add. Damage +1001 ★★
    Stage 5 Physical/Magical Attack + Lv. 3 ★★★ When attacking knocked down enemies, damage is increased by 2.5x ♦ All Skill Damage +10% ★★★

    Make sure to grind on 2x void drop event to get a lot of shards, or if you don't have the weapon yet, a better chance to get the weapon, because normal Item Drop Rate does not affect the void dungeon.

    Elrianode Armor
    Elrianode is the strongest armor you can get in the game currently, and basically just a better version of the Heroic Set, since you can build all the necessary stats yourself with the right tears from Elrianode Dungeons and Drabaki. Building an "okay" Elrianode set should cost you about 2-3b in tears. But once you want to become stronger, you will have the ability to just replace your weaker tears with stronger ones, so I strongly recommend to start working on your Elrianode Armor as soon as you are able to.
    If you are still grinding for your void weapon and you still use your heroic weapon while using this set. Don't use a Henir weapon with Elrianode.
    Just like the Void Weapon, Elrianode Armor isn't bankshareable.
    more in-depth Guide here

    Varnimyr Raid Weapon
    You probably noticed that this weapon isn't on my table above which has two reasons, one that if you are reading this guide you are probably far away from being able to obtain this weapon, and that by the time of creation of the table this weapon didn't exist and I'm not sure how to add it there.

    This is the very end end game weapon that only a few player on the server even have yet. You need to grind the raid dungeons weekly for a chance for it to drop. To be in reliable parties and pull your weight you will still need to get the weapon above though.

    At first, it's only a really small upgrade from the void weapon, but as you progress and get more mystic stones it gets stronger and stronger. The issue is that is very costly and time intensive, so this is something you can aim for to expect that you will need to put in a lot of time, resources and money into it.

    Costumes in this game aren't simply cosmetics, as they provide additional Socket slots (which I will go in-depth in the next section) and also can provide additional stats/effects.
    If you are just new and starting out, you probably do not have the funds to invest in a full Ice Burner Set, which in this game are powerful costumes obtained from gatcha. Lucky for you, you can obtain relatively cheap costumes from the newest ED shop that you can use in the meanwhile to obtain good sockets (more about sockets below), BUT, try to invest into a cheapish Ice Burner weapon, because those provide you two double socket slots.
    Elwiki has a list of every Ice Burner Set released up to date in Korea, with all it's stats listed

    Generally, the newer sets tend to have more
    desirable stats then the older ones, so those are considered the better currently available IB sets:
    I have roughly ranked them from most desirable to less desirable, but it mostly depends on your set up which one is the best for you. A set that gives a lot of critical damage (5/5 HL and WDS 4/4) is probably maybe better for you if you are using All Skill Damage gloves, because you need to keep your critical damage and all skill damage balanced. Physical/Magical Damage Increase is the most preferred stat change out of all.

    BEST 5/5 Sets

    Salvatore Rosso

    Mariposa Requiem
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space
    White Dragon:
    Evil Tracer 3
    Dusk/Dawn Sovereign
    Celestial Master

    Best 4/4 or 3/3 Sets

    Mariposa Requiem
    El Officer or El Officer (version dark)
    Evil Tracer 3
    White Dragon: Servius
    Salvatore Rosso

    2/4 fillers (can combine with 4/4)

    Dusk/Dawn Ruler
    Chess - Arena

    Non- IB accessories


    This is pretty much a beginner start out accessory set, it gives a nice bonus and is usually pretty cheap (compared to the other options) to obtain.


    This is the most flexible set in the game, you can pick 3 out of 8 pieces to make fit in your accessory slots for decent stats, and you can upgrade it with the new GoD into a stronger version that gives bonus adaptility.

    Ereda Chronicle

    Chronicle is second strongest weapon accessory, only outclassed by the raid accessory which is really hard to obtain at the moment. You obtain this by collecting Ereda Medals from well... Ereda. You need to que though on busy times because otherwise Ereda is rather dead at the moment and not a lot of people play it. Alternatively you can seek out Ereda services which is very overpriced at the moment.

    Elrianode Corrupted Set

    Unlike DoSi's flexible choice out of 8 parts, you can only chose out of 5 parts for this 3/3 set. If you can get perfect IDs (you can reroll identification with Blessed Time and Space scrolls) there might be cases where it can outclass DoSi by a little bit. In most cases you would rather use Chronicle + DoSi though and it is simply cheaper in cost of not having to RNG the IDs for 3 items, also being more flexible.
    If you are still starting out I highly recommend grabbing a Elrianode Weapon Guard as a placeholder though.

    "Normal" Varnimyr dungeons

    Those are the 3 "good" accessories you can obtain from the Varnimyr dungeons, each of them have really unique effects that you need to think about if you can make them work in a specific set up.

    Varnimyr Raid Acessories ( Eternal Flame Set)

    By far the most powerful accessories in the game at the moment. Barely anyone has obtained any of them yet so don't get too hyped up yet. Maybe with a little time it will be easier for us all to obtain them.

    Sockets are a REALLY important aspect that boosts your damage. Elsword uses slightly different stats than most MMORPGs so it might be a little confusing to people at first (liek wth is a maximize plz??). But really it's not that hard.

    Maximize is the most important stat that you want to go for at first. I will just explain it really briefly, let's say your damage is 1000. With 0% maximize, you will do random damage from 500 to about 1500 (This obviously averages to 1000). The more maximize you get, the more your minimum number goes up, so at 50% Maximize you would be dealing random damage from 1000-1500 (Basically Averaging 1250). Ideally you want your maximize to be a little bit higher than your critical rate. (If you aren't able to to get both to 100% of course)

    Critical, as you might know from other games, is the other very important stat that increases damage. A critical hit increases your damage to 150%, and well, depending on your Critical your rate in which you get those red numbers goes up. Keep this relatively high.

    Attack Speed if your character makes a lot of use of Command Attacks, you should try to get this to 15~20%, but even if you don't Attack Speed affects your Skill Cast time so it's still useful to have it on a decent percentage.

    Some people like to have around 20% in Jump/Movement Speed, but this up to personal preference. But if you feel like you lack damage you should really consider to give up those slots for more useful sockets.
    Everything else is more or less not that important unless anyone wants to correct me. Some people think that additional damage is good for PvE aswell, but it's really not. You are better off maxing out everything else and using different stats like boss damage for example before even considering add. damage. It's more useful for PvP.
    Some Characters gain Critical/Maximize stat buffs from passives, for example Ain. I'm not exactly sure about other Ains but in EE's case you only need about 75% in both Crit and Maximize to get 100% on both with your 3rd awakening buff. Once again, ask about your character specific passive buffs in the character section if you aren't sure how much maximize/critical you need in reality.

    Now that you know what to socket for, how do you socket for it?
    • DO NOT use the blue Magic Stones. Only use Advanced Magic Stones. EVERYTHING ELSE IS A BIG SCAM :V . (Other than some super specific nonnewbfriendly stones so I won't be covering them here)
    • Your weapons socket 2x higher than your armor. So, on your weapon you can socket up to 6% Critical/Maximize/Specs, while on your armor it's 3%. (SO YOU CAN SEE NOW WHY HAVING A ICE BURNER WEAPON IS SUPER IMPORTANT.)
    • Further, you can use "Ancient Guardian Wedge" and "Ancient Iron Wedge" to add +1 Socket Slot on your Weapon and Armor.
    • The the higher your enhancement level on your gear, the easier it is to get maximal values from stones.
    Check this Elwiki Article for more information on Numbers HERE

    So Really just start spamming those Advanced Mystic Stones on your gear until you get the highest number you can get, of either crit or maxi. Once you feel like you are getting too much crit/maxi it's time to switch it up and focus on one single stat. It might be getting really frustrating, but in my experience, with my armor being +8, I can generally get one or two desirable stats from one stack of AMS.

    Sage Stones are special Magic Stones only given out in Events. THOSE ARE REALLY VALUABLE.
    These stones increase your socket value once again by 2x, so now, instead of 6% maxi/crit on your weapon, you can have up to 12% of those on your weapon. For Armor it's 6% instead of 3% now.
    So how do I use Sage Stones efficiently? First, if you have a costume that you are planning to use for a long time, this is what you want to socket first. So the very very first thing you want to Sage Stone is your Ice Burner weapon. Afterwards, you should be using your sage stone on your weapon. If you still don't have your BiS weapon, use your Sage sparely so you can use them on your costume instead. It is generally easier to get maximal values out of sage stones on costumes since they aren't affected by enhancement level like your gear, and ideally you will want to use your costumes forever/a very decent amount of time while you are probably still planning to upgrade your gear if you are still stuck with SD/4D/Heroic.
    So TL;DR, Costumes > Gear, Weapon > Armor

    Besides all the socket options that I mentioned above, there are few other ones that you obtain through other Magical Stones.

    There is really only one that is relatively easy to obtain but really strong, which is Boss Monster Damage Increase. You can obtain this by visiting the alchemist in any city and use barrier fragments to craft the [Dual Magic Stone of Pursuit], then use el rewards (which you can either obtain by running SD dungeons or throwing barrier fragments at the Tree of El in Elysion). The maximal value on armor you can obtain from those is 2.5%. It is really useful if you have already maxed out your Maximize and Critical (which is relatively easy with some classes) and have some open socket slots. This is especially useful for raid and a lot of end-game players are actually sacrifing a little bit of crit and maxi for boss damage, or just make secondary sets dedicated to boss damage sockets.

    Another one that can be useful is the [Dual Magic Stone of Growth], which can add EXP increase on your socket slots. Now ideally you shouldn't use this on your "damage" set, but if you are at a point in the game where you can make a secondary farm set (Ideally a Elrianode set with IDR tears on it) you can socket EXP on this set. Careful this only works if you have a really powerful weapon that can carry you through some easier farm dungeons alone or if you are running with others.

    Playing PVE in this game, especially for Elrianode Dungeons, means you will want to spam your skills as much as possible, and, obviously, stay alive. You might be wondering which consumables are best to use and how to obtain them, so I will share my set-up with you.

    When you start out you might not be able to immediately fill out your consumable slots with useful pots, but try to work on figuring out how you get pots efficiently.

    Either way, here is what I use (for the most part.. it varies obviously)

    Hard-boiled Egg
    100% Mana 30 sec CD
    EGGS ARE LOVE EGGS ARE LIFE. Learning about them made my life much easier. They refill 100% of your mana and you can get about 15 of those eggs every time the hot-spring Phoru spawns, which is about every 10 minutes. I find it easier to "farm" them (aka being tabbed out of Elsword and doing other stuff, and tabbing into Elsword when you hear the hot-spring Phoru sound) in the Spirit Falls instead of Charming Geyser since the map is much smaller, therefore you find him really fast. Once it spawns just spam click the Phoru for the goodies.

    Advanced MP Potion
    100 Mana 30 sec CD
    Cheap Mana Potion that you can buy from the Alchemist in the second tab in any city.
    Advanced (150) or Premium (225) Mana Potions, if you have an Alchemist as your profession you can craft those, or buy them for relatively cheap from board.

    Complete Recovery Potion
    100% HP 100% Mana 30 sec CD
    Aaaah yeah, CRPs, the main staple of potions in the game. I have a lot of CRPs stacked up from past events but they are pretty much always on board. The price of them varies a lot as the economy changes and a lot of CRPs come from IB burning, so it also depends on that. They are usually between 100k-200k per usually though. Pretty much one of the best potions in the game especially if you run dungeons where you need to recover HP from time to time, but if you need mana try to be careful with them. Also always make sure to check whether the cubes "Complete Recovery Potion Cube (100)" or the potions themselves are cheaper.

    Vigor Potion

    30% HP 100 Mana 30 sec CD
    If you run "normal" dungeons (no Void-Dungeon, Heroic or Henir) you will encounter GoD (Gate or Darkness). It takes relatively short time to beat it you get various drops from it. Anything besides Darkness Soul and Darkness Chyso can be discarded though. The Darkness Chyso can be exchanged for Vitality Potions at the alchemist, and you should be able to get enough for your daily consumption consistently.
    Those can be updated to Advance Vigor Potion to give 200 Mana instead with the Profession of the Alchemist, but it's quite costly and you need to consider if you really need that.

    Spirit Tea
    100 Mana 30 sec CD

    You get these by crafting at the alchemist in earlier towns (I usually just go Elder). Stella's Powder Mix and Aqua are common drops that you should have quite a few off by running dungeons, although Aqua seems to be always slightly lower than the Powder Mix, so you might need to buy a few from board every time you want to craft some.

    Organic Apple
    50% HP 50% Mana 30 sec CD
    You get quite a bit of those while doing PvP, but right now not a lot of people are doing PvP and with the NPC farm reduce it's also harder to obtain so those are really expensive. I just have a stack of them for emergencies but I try to not use them too much.

    There are a few other Potions that you can alternatively use:
    Pain au Chocolat/3-Layer Lunchbox
    (75% HP 75% Mana 30 sec CD) Really good consumable relatively and easy to obtain from EVENT dungeon, I'm just too lazy myself to run it, but you probably should if you are rather new.
    Basic/Intermediate Warrior's Potion (15%/30% HP 100 Mana 60 sec CD) from PvP farm (kinda expensive on board)
    Red-Bean Sherbert/Ancient Fossil Pill (100% HP 100% Mana 30 sec CD) mostly from events (kinda expensive on board)
    [Cobo] Mana Elixir (100% Mana 30 sec CD) 150k each from ED Shop

    other useful pots:

    Liquid Medicine of Fighting Spirit
    Increases your damage by 30%,
    A lot of people are using this for speed runs, so save up on those as you might need them in the future. At the moment the only ways to get those are Story Quest and PvP Weekly Quest. Value them if you can get your hand on some.

    Element Orbs
    Especially with the new raids those orbs have gained new popularity back again. Those are pots that do specific things when you throw them. THe most useful and wanted ones are Wind and Water orbs. Wind orbs reduce the enemies defense and Water orbs can freeze. In raids usually everyone is asked to take either one of those orbs with them.

    Elixiers are "potions" that are located in your special tab in your inventory. Those potions give you give you specific buffs that usually last for about 30 minutes. You can get most of them by exchanging Darkness Soul and Magic Crystals at any town alchemist, and upgrade them even further with the alchemist proffession if you feel needed. Sometimes there are special Elixirs given out in events aswell.

    Giant Potion
    grants you 5% critical increase and makes you character bigger, therefore increasing your skills size. I usually always use this one, as it makes clearing faster and easier. Be careful though, in the new raids there are a lot of phases where this Elixir can get you killed.

    Baby Fairy Cradle
    makes you recover some passive HP/MP, may help you if you are an extremely mana hungry character, most people use this in Henir aswell. Same way to obtain them as Giant Potion.

    Blessed Rosso's Blazing Ring
    probably the common alchemist elixir with the highest damage output. People use it in 11-5 to keep Hennon in the corner where it starts so it is easier to kill him before he teleports all over the map, but also helpful in proccing the Ursuper Drabaki title in raids, since the orbital count as command/active skills. (be careful, this is the only version of this elixir that does this, none of the non-upgraded versions)

    Ventus' Feathers
    If you don't feel the need to use Giant Pot, you can use this one instead to move around quicker for faster clear. Also helpful for the first two raids. (12-5 and 12-6).

    • Prioritize Completing your El Resonance Quest.
    • Most useful: Item Drop Rate / EXP gain
    • If you feel you lack damage, go into the "Magic" tree for Skill Damange Increase
    • For Mana issues, pick MP Skill Consumption Decrease
    • This is mostly for speed runs for Void/Henir but some classes need some Skill Cooldown Decrease
    • If you progress further in the game, getting a El Resonance Page Expansion is pretty much mandatory and have a dedicated page for IDR/EXP and one for damage/mana/CDR whatever you need. You can have up to 3 pages.

    Upon reaching level 40, you get asked to choose one of 3 profession. I will quickly elaborate you each of them, when you should pick them and what they are good for. Once again, check the Elwiki page for more detailed information.

    Treasure Hunter
    • Drops Chest that contain material for other professions or coins that you can sell for ED on board
    • Chance to get True Treasure Title (and Greed/Profession Medal) from Mysterious El Sphere
    How to level: Literally just running dungeons.
    Cost of leveling: Free
    How long till Lv. 10: It took me about a year
    What Character to chose for: Your Main that you are planning to PvE a lot with.

    • You can use the El Anvil daily to get El Hammers and mostly high level trash gear that you can dismantle for Magic Crystals
    • Chance for more success during upgrading (can turn +0/1/2 into +1/2/3) (check Elwiki for more info)
    • Chance to gain Amulets from dismantling (really really low chance)
    How to level
    USE EL ANVIL DAILY (start now if you didn't already!!!)
    Enhancing gear with mithril
    Dismantling gear with mithril

    Cost of leveling
    Free if only using El Anvil
    Really expensive using mithril

    How long till Lv. 10
    Few months only with El Anvil,
    It took me 5 hours to sit down and clear a whole inventory of gemstones (~400m) and it got me from level 7 to 8.

    What Character to chose for
    An alt that you still want to log on daily for

    • Advanced Socketing (upgrades to next tier, but not above the stones limit)
    • Access to item craft that you can make some small profit with or craft for yourself (mostly potions)
    How to level
    Craft Items
    Advance Magic Stone Enhance

    Cost of leveling:
    Crafting items should cover the cost
    200-300m with Advance Magic Stone Lv. 1 -> Lv. 10

    How long till Lv. 10
    Not sure about crafting items but I think it takes a while
    1 hour with Advance Magic Stone Enhance

    What Character to chose for:
    Alt that you don't use a lot, or a character you want good sockets on with limited Sage Stones, as with advanced socketing you will use up less sages to get the best numbers. Alternatively get it on your main, switch back to TH, and switch to Alchemist whenever you need to socket with sage stones.

    Other small infos:

    Profession Change Ticket

    In case you are wondering how the PCT works, each of your character has their own progression, as in, let's say your main is a level 8 TH, you decide to switch for alchemist for sockets, then start as a level 1 alchemist, then you level it to 10, then you switch back to TH, then you are a level 5 TH again. Whenever you decide you need to fix your sockets again you can switch your main to a level 10 alchemist again. You can change profession below level 3 with a few ED.

    Profession Boosts
    If you are planning to level a Profession in one go, you should make sure you use the following boosts:

    Ancient Medal of Proficiency (50% boost)
    Treasure Hunters can obtain this from the El Sphere, but you can buy it for relatively cheap (less than 10m) on board.

    [Cobo] Artisan's Wisdom Contract (20% boost)
    You need to be in a guild for this, you can either just make an guild if your character is an alt and buy the contract yourself for 10 guild coins from Myu, or just ask your Guild Master or whoever is responsible for it to use a contract for you.

    Of course to get anywhere in this game you need to be able to reliably make ED. Some are unsure where and how and what to grind, so I'll give a little overview.
    I already mentioned in the ERP section that you should chose to get IDR, because it will make it so much easier to make ED.
    And as I already mentioned aswell in the Profession section, pick the Treasure Hunter Profession to gain additional drops that you can sell.
    Every following mentioned dungeons also drop Heroic Invitation, so unless you are farming for Heroic Gear those sell for a good amount aswell.

    Low Gear
    If you are still rather new, you should for now stick to Secret Dungeons. They are relatively easy to clear and drop quite a few Barrier Fragments. Barrier Fragments are needed for quite a few things, but if you are just starting out and need ED to build your gear, you don't need to worry about it and you should try to farm those and sell them. They are usually around 8m per stack on board. Additionally to the Barrier Fragments you can also drop SD equipment cubes that you can also sell for a few millions.

    Medium Gear
    Once you feel you have gotten a little stronger and SD dungeons are getting to be no issue for you, you can step your feet into Elrianode and start out in 11-1 and 11-2. 11-1 is a relatively easy but annoying solo dungeons. Every mob here has really low HP so even with a +8 Heroic gear you should brush though with easy. In both those dungeons you can drop Elrianode Defense Quests and El Tears (and force skills) that you can you sell for a good amount of ED. Not every El Tear that drop are good though, you will end up dismantling most Tears for Powders that you can sell as well on board. If you are able to beat it, make sure to also run Sinister Intent daily as you can provide DoSi service to other people for a little bit of ED.

    High Gear
    This Guide isn't really meant for high geared people but might as well mention it for the future. Once you have become quite powerful (+9/+10/+11 weapon, decently decked out Elrianode) you should daily run 11-4 as it gives a good amount of powders, tears and EDRs. Once you have farmed up a good amount of EDR and want to go for titles like Pierce the Heaven in 11-3 for example, you should start farming those. Even though the entry cost is quite expensive, the more you farm it the more profit you should see from dropping valuable tears from those dungeons. Also make sure to never miss Drabaki. With this new update you can also run the new Varnimyr dungeons for Mystic Stones or Boss Drop Accessories that go for a high price currently. Also try to do Varnimyr Raids (12-5, 12-6 and 12-7) weekly for the weekly rewards which are often unique mystic stones or even giant mystic stones.

    Another important aspect of the game is your title. Not only is it meant to look pretty it can also give you an advantage. I will list you a few titles, which will include relatively easy to obtain titles that you can start out with, up to the best "endgame" titles that you might want to grind for later.
    Everything is straight up copied from Elwiki with a short explanation, feel free to check out The titles list yourself.
    Rules of the jungle
    Max HP +20% (Dungeon)
    ED received +10% (Dungeon)
    EXP received +10% (Dungeon)

    Clear 10-1 with SS rank 10 times
    A really easy obtainable title that I used while I didn't have anything better. Also useful for ERP grinding later on if you don't have Closed Space title yet.

    Passion Pay
    Physical Attack +1000
    Magical Attack +1000

    Clear 9-3 200 times + Clear 9-4 100 times
    Pretty straightforward title, I don't really recommend it myself, but if your damage is low then a straight 1k damage boost might be higher than a 5% damage boost. Do the math yourself. But I'd rather get better gear and grind better titles with the better gear instead of grinding this title. But it is an option, maybe for secondary characters, but even then I feel I'd rather get the title below.

    Shadow's Descent
    Critical Hit Rate +6%
    Maximize +6%
    Decrease target's Element Resistance by 20 for 7 seconds when attacking (Max: 5 stacks)
    Increase next attack damage by 5% when cause 10 hits when attacking

    Clear 10-6 and achieve all the following 5 times:
    Take under 30 hits
    Achieve SS Rank
    Clear without using resurrection stones
    Most peoples go-to title, especially for secondary characters. It gives a nice boost for crit and max which got you covered if your sockets aren't the best yet, and really easy to obtain if you can find someone to carry. If you don't have any friends or guild members to help carry you, try to ask in sparring or various Discords, some people might ask you to pay you, but even then it shouldn't be more than 10M per run which is still worth. Be cautious though, you should run this dungeon by yourself a few times to learn the mechanisms of it.

    Resistant to Destiny
    Physical Attack +5%
    Magical Attack +5%
    Critical Hit Rate +3%
    Additional Damage +3%
    Maximize +3%
    Max HP +10%

    Clear 10-6 800 times
    Decent stats, free to obtain.. but takes forever to obtain. Only really recommend trying to go for this title if you can consistently get True Ends for a chance of obtaining NoH. But if you are up for a grind, the reward isn't too bad, with the chance of getting a rare drop that is worth around 4-5b.

    Guardian of Secret Closed Space
    Experience points received increases by 20% (Dungeon)
    Damage dealt to Boss Monsters +10% (Dungeon)
    Activate Fever when awakening (Cooldown of 180 seconds) cannot be overlapped (Dungeon)
    15% chance of getting 1 additional count towards title cannot be overlapped

    Trading at Ariel for 300 El Rewards
    If you complete the Secret Dungeon Daily everyday you will eventually save up enough El Rewards for this title. Alternatively, you can buy barrier fragments and throw them at tree in Elysion. It is THE title to grind void with because of the +10% boss damage, and every monster in Void Dungeons is a "Boss Monster". Be careful though, the bosses in Henir do NOT count as bosses. Void dungeons is already one of the dungeons that give the best exp, so why not take an additional 20%. Or if you want to grind ERP anywhere else for that matter. And also literally making the grind for any other title 15% faster with it's double proc. It's a must get title because it's so versatile

    True Treasure
    Treasure Chest Level Increase +10% (Dungeon)
    Item Drop Rate +10% (Dungeon)
    Amount of ED obtained increases by 10% (Dungeon)

    Obtainable by as a random drop from the Mysterious El Sphere
    If you chose to become a Treasure Hunter, this title is not a bad one to get. It will make it slightly faster for you to reach Level 10 as a TH, while giving you a decent boost to IDR and ED obtained. After you reach Level 10 I rather suggest you the following title.

    El Shard Fragment Collector
    Item Drop Rate +15% (Dungeon)
    Clear Water Dragon Sanctum 300 times
    Pretty straight forward title. Best title if you are hunting for drops, specifically tear drops in Elrianode dungeons.

    Pierce the Heavens
    Physical Attack +5%
    Magical Attack +5%
    Critical +5%
    Critical Damage +5%
    Defeat the following in 11-3:
    5,000 Mutated Ent
    5,000 Mutated Durahan
    5,000 Freak Guardian
    Asides from a few other specific ones, this is probably the best currently obtainable DPS title ingame. But it's not only a long grind, it's also rather expensive with the current cost of Elrianode Defense Requests, as it takes about 400-500 runs to complete, and each costs one ticket. The dungeon itself has a decent drop rate of tears, not quite comparable to 11-5 but still good, so people come out with making more ED than they used on tickets, especially with 100 points in IDR.

    Ruler of Dimensions
    Physical Attack +5%
    Magical Attack+5%
    Active Skill Damage +10%
    Achieve 2nd~10th Rank in the weekly character ranking of Solo Henir Challenge Mode
    Decently easy obtainable title if you are strong enough to clear Henir Challenge solo, since not many people run it anymore, and if you manage to get on board you should be automatically be in the top 10 for your class. Especially good if you are a flex stack class.

    What is the fastest way to level to 99?
    Till level 70, you should just do any dungeons that are in your level range. Once you hit level 70 switch to SDs (make sure to first complete the first 2 parts of the trans quest that require you to run Lanox dungeons) and just grind that till 99. While this is the fastest way for alts if you are in need of ED or are starting out I would recommend just following the story quest, even if it's way slower.

    What exactly can Barrier fragments all be used for?
    Barrier fragments are really really useful since they have many uses:
    • Upgrading SD gear
    • Crafting common magic stones at the alchemist
    • Throwing at the El Tree in Elysion to obtain [El Rewards] for the following:
    • Guardian of Secret Closed Space title (one of the best and must-have titles in the game)
    • 1-Day 100% Exp Medal from Ariel
    • Upgrading common magic stones that are craftable at the alchemist to blessed ones at a 60% rate

    Where can I get stamina potions?
    • Story quest gives a few
    • If you set up a Pin (which you should for the coins alone!!), you can exchange the Stewardship Coins for 30% Stamina Potions.
    • Exchange for hero coins at Ariel (random)
    • Buy 100% ones at board (not recommended cause expensive)
    • From doing Ereda and exchanging Medals for Stamina Potions (not recommended as well, you can do Ereda service and sell chronicles/rings for a lot of ED)
    • There are often Events that give out free stamina potions. They are often timed though.
    • There are achievements that give out stamina potions as rewards.
    How/Where does Item Drop Rate work?
    In this game, Item Drop Rate doesn't really just "double" your drop rate, although the result is very similar, it's more with every item you drop, you have a chance for a "second" (or depending of % even third or fourth) roll on another item. So if I drop a Elrianode Defense Request and have a high IDR, I have a chance to obtain a second item with that drop, that second item could be a Ruve Herb, another EDR or a tear drop.
    Item Drop Rate works in any dungeon EXCEPT any dungeon in the "Special Tab" (Henir, Heroic, Void, Drabaki, etc. whatever is to come). We sometimes have special events though for those dungeons where we get "2x Droprate" for Heroic of Void.

    How/Where does Boss Damage work?
    Boss Damage strictly only works on the actual boss of the dungeon that is in the last stage. While Henir might be full of "Boss Monsters" they aren't actually considered as such, thus boss damage doesn't apply there. The only weird exception to the rule is the Void Dungeon, where for some reason boss damage is applied to EVERY monster in that map.

    What are Mystical Stones?
    Mystical Stones is a new empowering system that has been recently introduced. Those stones, that you can obtain in the Vamimyr dungeon, you can use through the alchemist in Elrianode to add additional random effects to your weapon. there are 3 grades of those stones, rare, elite and unique, higher grades of course giving a better number. The stat that is applied is random though. You should check The ElWiki Article on which stats exactly can be applied. If you have the void weapon and already have it stage 15, you can replace any stage that you wish with the mystical stones. This a sheet driven by the communities results to complete what exact numbers you can get for each stone at maximum and minimum. It is not yet fully complete but it's still very helpful, and you can feel free to help us fill it out.

    I've heard about enhancement events, what are those?
    We have an enhancement event roughly 2-3 times per year, usually a big one in summer and winter and maybe some smaller one in between. During this event, instead of needing 3 Ores or Blessing stones you only need 1, there are special package offers in the IM that are much much cheaper than if you were to buy them seperate, and are usually accompanied by some small events that give some free roles and restoration scrolls. Majority of the playerbase waits for those to happen as it saves an enormous amount of resources. I would recommend you to do so too.

    What are mounts/pets, do I need one?
    Pets are sometimes a little helpful in dungeons depending on their skill set and passive, but are far from a must in this game, their passive damage increase (which can be something like 5% critical damage increase for example) in honestly way more useful than their actual skills. It also takes a lot of effort and resources to actually keep them up, so this is really just end-game min maxing if you have enough funds for it. Really the most important thing that pets are for are Fetch Aura, so you don't miss any item drops.

    Mounts are honestly at this point a huge part of just cute cosmetics for people. They are mostly used to get around fast in towns, but also in dungeons. For some bigger dungeons mount movement is a little important as it increases your average clear time but it is not a must. In end game dungeons mounts are pretty much never used for damage. However, for farming some old titles, especially some speed titles in lower dungeons some mounts are kind of useful. So you really don't need to worry about one.

    What are achievements?
    I personally would also put achievements in the "cosmetic" category as it's really just wanting to have a big number to show off in town. However, there are a few useful achievements that when you obtain them you get few additional items. (Sage Stones for using magic stones, few achievements that give Stamina Potions etc., you can look through it yourself). It does increase town movement speed speed though for every 2000 achievements.

    What advantages do guilds offer? Do I need to join one?
    Like in most games, I would strongly recommend you to join a guild, especially if you are new. Besides all the technical advantages there is a handful of guilds that gladly help out newer players with Secret Dungeon/Heroics/Elrianode dungeons.
    Secondly, besides the social aspects, a guild offers useful buffs. The most notable one is [Alchemy Specialist] that boosts your potions effectiveness by 25%. [Hero's Sacrifice] is a guild buff that is almost mandatory for PvP. All the other guilds buffs are mostly preference.
    Most recently we also have gotten "Guild Expeditions" which is basically just harder Heroic Dungeons, that you can clear for guild coins that you can use in the guild farm to craft potions in the long run.
    There is also a handful of guild buffs that your Guild Master will probably mostly use during events or if you ask them for it for a special occasion.

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    great guide! thanks for all the info.


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      awww dontmake me blush
      dontforget to like tho giev that thumbsup

      ACTUALLY ♥♥ I FORGOT TO MAKE A PLACEHOLDER POST :TT screw you whatever ill try to keepthis guide short
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    placeholder cuz idk wat the future holds :T


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      Nice guide!
      Maybe you should have a table that lays out xx value of a stat = x% of a stat for socketing purposes?
      I think touching on elixirs, professions, and ERP/relax EXP would be useful for new and returning players to help them level up and progress.


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        Well this was really helpful o.o
        still brighter than my future °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


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          "Ignias Accessory Set, Elrianode Accessory Set, Dimension Master Acessory Set"

          The fact that im going for all 3 of these is funny lmao

          also, i wasnt aware of the Stage 8 effect from void weap, being a replacement for the mp neck... in pve at least(mp gain on attack in pvp id say is better). So ill prob get a velder neck for phy attack on my CC once i get the void weap (300+ runs no drop... kill me qq)
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          The Guardian of War, With his Indomitable Will - Comet Crusader
          The Incarnate of Fire itself that Eats even Flames - Flame Lord
          plus other characters i need to grind 3rd job for

          Best guild~ [FallenCrescent]


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            I guess few things to add :

            There are pseudo IB weapons, they generally come from IM bingo and costs the least. For example Star academy ver. SE and Black EO. I think there is one more set but not sure.

            Overall the cheapest IB would be El Officer, Holy Unicorn, Salvatore Ventus, Royal blood, and Twilight/Dark Shadows.

            Socketing Stones:
            If you have the ED and no patience or luck, Special stones from IB is a nice alternative for crit or max since they give set amounts.

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              Originally posted by Gluecklich-solace- View Post
              a +10 SD weapon is at best as good as a +9 Heroic or 4D weapon.
              I'm 90% sure this is false. i can probably come back later with accurate calculations, but through my current estimates, +10 SD still outdamages +9 heroic or 4d by a large chunk, and even outdamages +9 void by a little bit.

              you need to keep in mind that going from +8 to +9 is only a 15% damage boost while +9 to +10 is a 40% damage boost.


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                imo, i find the best budget PvE set to be SD 5/5 with a stacking glove. a real good heroic set is too much of a hassle. i'd rather spend my in game money on making my characters look pretty.

                i did an estimate on SD weap vs rank 25 heroic weap, and the rank 25 weap is about 12% stronger than the SD weap. so the damage difference isn't thaaaaaaaaat bad.

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                Dude you do realize people are willing to pay billions for as "little" as a 5% damage increase. 12% isn't as little as you think.
                Choosing NOT TO USE SD is the most budget you can get for a decent damage increase.

                12% is a lot especially for a weapon where the gap increases the higher you enhance it. You say SD is 12% weaker than a rank 25, rank 25 is minimally better than a 4D, my +11 4D was weaker than a +10 base Void Weapon stat wise. SD stats compared to that are laughable. Any further stat modifier you will get will mostly go off your weapons damage, so the lower it is the less effective any stats modifier will be.

                SD is bad. The effects that it gives are bad. You will miss out on a bunch of different stats if you try to settle for a SD. nobody should settle for SD. Everyone that I know that had upgraded from SD to Elrianode immediately felt the damage boost and regretted not upgrading it earlier. Anyone who wants to take this game semi-serious and not be a liability for their party will not be using a SD set. If all you do is run Bone Dragon all day your set up is fine I guess though.

                If you want to play dress-up you can like upgrade your gear so you can efficiently farm and afford to play dress-up. But eh it's your choice.

                I just want you to know that you are a very minority and your views are very skewed, and I don't want you to mislead people who read my guide.
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              • ShinyScizor-solace-
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                people who got a 5 on AP microeconomics are a very small minority, so yes my views are skewed.
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              Just to point this out: If you want to challenge yourself into getting better, SD set is a nice way to challenge yourself cause you are weaker in that set.

              Also it is a lie if you say that all SD set effects are bad, depending on the class you play, some effects work really well for you. Heroic, Henir, and Elrianode just has better effects. SD sets are good for beginners learning their class and is literally the beginning End Game gear. IMO all new players should stick to a SD set till they are more comfortable with their class before investing into something stronger. Especially since SD Sets can get you into just about everything in the game if you have the proper items to boost up your stats enough.

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                As I have said in my guide, SD set is a great set to start out with. SD is the entry to endgame in Elsword, which starts your grind for better, improved gear. There is a reason why I included it as the first set in my little graphic (which is bad) and I would never recommend anyone skipping it.

                Yes, saying SD effects bad is a exaggeration, they are decent enough in the start, but they simply pale in comparison the "meta gear".
                They aren't bad by themselves, but they are bad in comparison to what you could have instead.

                But as I said, settling for SD gear is plain wrong. After you have played the game for a while you should strive to improve your gear, the point where you really decide to "main" that character and what to actually invest in it. But that's why I'm warning players of making the mistake of putting too many resources into their SD gear, which they might regret later since they could have used that budget or resources for something else that is simply better and outclasses SD gear.

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                Let me emphasis that if you get power/invest in your main [basically getting lvl 29 heroic/henir 4d/ or Elrianode] before you learn your main, you are as good as playing with a Lanox SD set [aka worst sd set out of all of them hands down]. -Like all those that get a +11/12 and say that they don't feel a difference from when they were +9/10. There is a huge difference in power, and if you don't know how to use it properly, it's almost 100% useless to the user.-

                While it's true that it's better to not invest too much, but it's not bad to invest in it at least to make it have good stats/sockets [+8/9 with around 50% max, 20% speed, 50% crit and etc]. The SD set is versatile cause if you have bank share, you can use it continuously with newer character you may want to try out. Especially helpful for those that don't plan on investing too much on their mules, cause heroic armor that fits all characters excluding the skill can cost up to around 1b in the Top~shoes alone then the weapon, excluding obtaining the sockets. Meanwhile a SD set [Mainly Bethma, Altera, Velder, and Hamel set], it would cost around like 100m~200m to get the Top~shoes +accessory + a couple of weapons depending on what characters you are going to be playing [again excludes sockets]. Great teaching set for all the mules and your main, as well as a decent set so you can at least keep up or learn how to keep up with the party.

                How long you have played a game doesn't equate to how good you are at your class. For example, I've mained GA for about 6 years now and mained AeS for about 3 years. One would think I'd play my GA better than my AeS, but I don't. They are both equal in technique and skill, I would say I am a level under masters of the both classes [I know enough of both classes for what is good to use, how to use, when to use, best combos, and etc. but not enough compared to those that have mastered the class]. How good you are at your class is based on how you invest yourself in to the class. If I were to say I'm the best GA, I know I would easily defeated in terms of knowledge by Akuri [idk GA ign], Stratagem [I feel like I spelled the name wrong], and a few other GA's that literally know more than me. You can say the two classes I used as an example are easy to learn, but if you want to get to the level of mastering a class and using the class efficiently, they are not easy at all when you are trying to keep up with the party and constantly low on MP.

                -I can keep going on and on. I keep telling newbie's this too, cause many of them don't invest in their class before they invest in power then complain about how bad their new good [and I mean really good] armor is-
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              About the section on Compete recovery potions, there is a way to get them for free daily with the treasure hunt dungeon still being a thing. You could probably get 36~41 at most potions daily more if you farm with multiple characters.

              Signature by Gluecklich


              • Histoira-solace-
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                That is true but in my guide I'm already using the daily tickets to use for the candy, so you can't run treasure hunt with it. The Spooky Graveyard is way easier and shorter and gives consistent 30 candies per day.
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              me update
              me push
              me ded
              pls suggestion and feedback welcome
              still a lot of work to do on this guide :S a lot of pictures look ugli
              ugh a lot of typos and bad grammar in profession section ill rework when me not ded
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                Alchemist: The most efficient way is Crafting Apples till around level 5 then switching to socketing. It is better to use Armor that is closer to the characters level to socket as well as higher rarity.

                From lvl 8.5~10, can cost approximately 3b in ed of supplies and fees via socketing.

                The best cost effective way is to stick to crafting and selling what you craft. I believe Pesop [the Forumer not the NPC] posted information on how to identify what is the most profitable craft for alchemists somewhere in general discussion.

                Information regarding items giving more MP: Actually Mana Stones from 2 Ereda seasons ago gives mana increases. Also GOD s2 elixir Seraphim's Blessings grants +100 max mp for 60 min along with +2 mp per sec. I think the Mana Intensification necklace increased max mp too, but would need to double check cause I know there is an accessory like a necklace or earring that does it that people can get from opening the regional boxes.


                First investment Necklaces: I feel that the Velder necklace that gives you i think 3% Magic+Physical attack increase is much better than a Magic neck any day mainly cause you can get the stats of the magic necklace from just regular identifications and set effects way before you reach lvl 8 on the void weap.

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                • Histoira-solace-
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                  3b? i had a friend who said it cost him 700m to go from 1-10 mostly using sockets so idk :S
                  as i mentioned didn't start leveling my alchemist so that's where i'm least knowledgeable on.

                • Mikage-solace-
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                  Did he buy his items or did he stock up before getting it to lvl 10?

                  Cause It really depends on if you have the items or not. The 3b I used includes buying the elixirs/magic stones.

                  Unless he hoarded all his items before he tried and was using a exp bonus that was like 50%, 700m is pretty impossible. It probably took me 700m from 1~5 cause those pretty easy to level up, it's much harder after lvl 5.
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                The Ancient Golden accessories aren't too bad for PVE either. The 5/5 gives a 10% boost in Phys/Mag atk when you have 50 stacks of the buff. So when you have fetch aura and you're doing a dungeon of your level range, it's pre much a constant +10%


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                  ive kinda been wanting to make a section that collects all "good" chara/class guides on this forum
                  soo yee for that ill need to look for all of these guides and try to judge them myself lol

                  idk i also wanted to add a small section like "small tip/other useful information" where i can add stuff like boss damage doesn't work in henir or to use medal of greed ot get 100% drop rate for quest items (mostly relevant for trans quest) but id need sit down and think of a couple things like that

                  otherwise small updoot here and there (mostly consumables)


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                    Quick comment on consumables.

                    Vigor Potions not Vitality Potions. While the Gate of Darkness is the most consistent source, you can also get them from the Butler For A Day! event dungeon (the annoying one with the music boxes). Advanced Vitality Potions are the upgraded version (200 MP) crafted by alchemist characters.

                    Organic Apples. They give 50% HP and MP. You can get them from either Stella in Bethma by exchanging Stewardship Coins for them. or Ariel (randomly) if you give her El Rewards. Butler For A Day! also gives Apples.

                    There's also the Mana Elixir, which are either crafted from high-level alchemist characters or from Butler For A Day!

                    It's sad that Butler For A Day! is going to be removed soon. It can potentially give the most amount of consumables if luck is on your side, up to 50 from a single run if all the boxes contain them. I'm grinding that dungeon on all my characters right now, both for the full costume set and the consumables.
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