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Adding old accessories and costumes to the Magic Wardrobe catalog

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    Adding old accessories and costumes to the Magic Wardrobe catalog

    Old :clap: players :clap: are :clap: back :clap:

    And with us we have a bunch of old accessories and costumes!

    Accessories and costumes that are not in the magic wardrobe catalog...


    So, here I'm compiling a list of old items that need to be added to the MW catalog!

    I implore you to comment additions to this list that you would like to see added to the MW
    • Nighty Night costumes
    • 2011 Costume Contest winner costumes
    • Yukata costumes
    • Slow's Vision Weapons
    • Polar Bear Suits
    • Teddy Bear Griz Plush Suits
    • Pegasus accessories
    • Sailor sets (Not the Navy/Crimson or swimwear)
    • Ver. 2 Promo costumes
    • Clover face painting
    • Caluso Warrior's Katar
    • El Lord Chaser (Fallen)
    • Friendship Wings
    • Sander Village Windmill
    • Elsword's Anniversary Party Crown [The suit is in, the crown isn't]
    • Elsword's 3rd Anniversary Coin
    • Glave's Mask
    • Glave's Dice
    • Glave's Easter Mask (No stats)
    • Roasted Turkey
    • Dreanstep No. 3
    • Dreamstep No. 4
    • Harmony Festival Maple Seal
    • Ruler of Heaven
    • Millennium Fox's Ears
    • Nasod Spectral Stone
    • Dark Blood
    • Steam Greenlight Cape
    • Lethal Charming Cupid accessories [These are in the IM! And the pure versions are in the MW!]
    • Time and Space bender wings
    • [Cobo] Seraphim Wings
    Yes, start adding these items to the Magic Wardrobe catalog.
    No, we have no reason for these items to be added to the Magic Wardrobe catalog.
    I do not care whether or not these items are added to the Magic Wardrobe catalog.
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    Full support!
    All of the good older accessories should be given attention and be made available up in MW. They should also re-release MW tickets so that new and older players alike can get all of these goodies once again too!

    Off the top of my head, personally, I'd really do want Time and Space Bender wings from DW's Job Event :">


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      Yes please. I actually have a few of those and can't put them in the magic wardrobe. Particularly annoying in one case. . -.

      (Also, please add some kind of voucher that can be used to get some of the old unobtainable items, like the old PVP, town, box and Henir sets among a few things. Those are still some of the best costumes in the game.) (I really want that but we all know it won't happen. . . )
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        agreed . add [cobo] seraphim wings to the list and i'll agree more
        its a pretty one and i want all of my female char have it equipped


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