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If you could fix three things about your class what would they be?

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    If you could fix three things about your class what would they be?

    Talking skills, passives, and commands.

    1: The game says it, the wiki says it, i wanna see it more: it says hes good at long and close range but i barely see it that much with RM might as well be Aisha with a sword tbh.
    I wanna see more sword combos, or more rune combos not as much them together since it feels like he can't use one without the other, while minor it would be pretty cool i think.

    2: Ya know that Magic Knight passive: Thinking outside the box? It does more damage to burning enemies, yes i'm aware 99% of his skill can inflict burn but thats the issue i have, he has runes now, and runes don't just come in fire. Wheres that ice Rune? where'd that go? how about that poison rune hes seen using in literally one move, what i'd like is for his use of runes to be more varied he used ice twice so its not to far off base for him to be better "RUNE" Master. (TOTB Passive does more then give extra damage to burned enemies i know that FYI, i brought up that cuz its a secondary effect that clashes with Sword Enchant to a degree.)

    3: I've already gone over skills in another post of mine, long story short while making RM a offense pseudo Ain sounds bad, with how in and out RM is with Splash Explosion, Fire Rune, Rune Field and the like it could very well make him low to mid tier support: Fire can increase damage and mp gain, Ice can do damage for a few seconds and ignore defense, Nature/Poison can recover hp and lower movement speed, the buff can be added to Sword Enchant as well as change Rune Field's color and Fire Rune to a SE skill too I harp on the SA [Sword Aura] thing so much cuz all of Elesis's classes have one which i've always found odd, it feels incomplete to me Flame Lord is Balanced in magic and swordplay but RM isn't and theres really no good excuse for that.

    I've said my piece now i'd love to hear yours.
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    1. Bring back Harsh chaser as active skills , for lu/ciel return 100mp version of demonic breath , and bring back triple shot too . i love harsh chaser and often used it in dg even with the skill-oriented dungeon

    2. passive is pretty much no comment since most of it were upgraded version

    3. commands is pretty much unused unless its for pvp . late game dungeon rarely requires it thanks to its low damage and no i-frames


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      I dunno man, it might just be me but I still decent damage with commands, i'm more on the side of changing skills since I feel most are only good in pvp which i won't do over pve anyway, personally i feel i'm asking for too much with all my ideas am i? i dunno like.. too creative?


      • TakaharaRei-gaia-
        TakaharaRei-gaia- commented
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        unless you're using KE that has wind slicer passive pretty much other classes command attacks is useless
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      1. Make CU's 3rd job passive (the damage one) work on at least some of her Bravery skills. 'Here's some damage, but almost none of the spells you use to deal damage gets it. Have fun'
      2. Fix some of her cast times. I know we can't have everything, but being unable to touch enemies on maps with certain teammates is kinda sad. Some of her skills don't even get the effect of Action Speed.
      3. In my opinion, CU has too many spells that are pretty good, but rely on the size of the enemy to deal some reasonable damage. They become almost useless on small enemies/bosses. I'd love to see a few reworked or just get Mod versions of them that deal with this problem.


      • TakaharaRei-gaia-
        TakaharaRei-gaia- commented
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        i actually like CU pretty much , her design were awesome and her skills were cool . but since in term of pve effectiveness she's pretty much lost to other classes , i changed my CU to CS . if they do buff her properly i might go back to CU again
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      1. Actual mana management. Henir Challenge is a nightmare, as Herrscher has very little ways to recover MP and reduce the MP cost of his skills.

      2. A faster way to gain seeds. Whether it's increasing a chance of getting 50% of seeds back, or just downright speeding up the seed gain when skill casting.

      3. Do something about the Befreiung Feld buff, so that it's not a nightmare or downright impossible to maintain when bossing. Increase its duration, or remove it and increase the damage of all his PvE skills.

      Fixing the Gottvergessen Sense bug, making Brechen viable, tweaking his CDs and increasing speed casts would also be good, but are not as fatal as the ones I listed. The issue with Herrscher is his reliance on maintaining a myriad of short buffs, which makes him incredibly unreliable compared to classes that get free passives and/or buffs with long duration. Boosting Entfernen's damage would also be nice.


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        I don't have any issues with Laby (EtW and RaS) but man, I've seen some sad things lately.

        I haven't read CaT's skills nor passives, but I know that, literally, all about them is done so Apollyon can be broken, and everything else is useless.
        Yeah, Apollyon is one of the best bossing skills on all the game but, what about clearing dungeons? The poor Cat has nothing...

        Or, have you heard about CC? I have never played Chung but yesterday I went to 13-4 with one (auto party). He had a FoJ +11, almost 2 m CP. I have just a Void +10, nothing exceptional, like 730k CP and I do nothing of dmg literally... I carried him there lol.

        KOG needs to Balance PVE.
        Support my Suggestion! | Master Class as Character Portrait


        • TakaharaRei-gaia-
          TakaharaRei-gaia- commented
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          CC is pretty sad class for pve rly . from what i read on elwiki , it focused more on defensive support like wonder wall and few of its passive were straight defensive type . as for CaT , it rly is a sad thing . hard to clear elrian city with that class since all of its skills has short range

        • Cromless-solace-
          Cromless-solace- commented
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          Not only short range. All but apollyon are useless.
          And, about CC, I think he's supposed to be the thank of the team...
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        I'll be talking about MaP.

        1. Fix his Skill Bugs like [Mod] Maximum Strike bugging into the ground or Void Field not hitting as it is supposed to.
        2. Fix his Skills. He sometimes lacks of Freeze Frames (DmE) and recieving ~5 slow hits before a Skills does its full damage in PvP is kinda useless. (he lacks of Burst Damage in PvP)
        3. Adjust his (class change-) Combos. Most of them are kinda useless / unused

        (rip the PvP-Char)


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          Tempest Burster
          1. Bring back the old 30 second duration of her MP recovery passive. Even if they reduce the MP recovered per second from 15 to 10, it would still be a huge help in MP management.
          Aether Sage
          1. For Meditation to no longer be dispelled by damage. Poor girl chugs enough pots as it is.
          2. Similar to the above, what if Wisdom Aura was a passive?
          1. Some more utility would be nice. What if they can send excess Gathered Souls to teammates, with half of the benefits that come with it from their other passives?
          2. Increase the cast speed of Mod Twilight Judgment.



          • TakaharaRei-gaia-
            TakaharaRei-gaia- commented
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            for innocent , i never though someone would use twillight judgment in pve since mod magdonnic cannon has better chance for hit . tho i hope that in pve all of the combination skills cooldown were reduced so i can spam eschaton right away . wishful thinking tho

          • Coronax-gaia-
            Coronax-gaia- commented
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            I use it as a clean-up tool when I want to save my bravery skill for the next room.

            Good amount of i-frames too.
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