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IP bans should become a thing

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    IP bans should become a thing

    I can't help but be disappointed by the current state of the game's security.

    First, there was a massive amount of bots that we could see leveling to 99 and leveling guilds thanks to the announcements. It seems to have toned down right now but it still can be seen from time to time.

    After that, we could see several hackers in Henir. This is pretty obvious to see if they use hacks and they are banned pretty quickly usually. But ever since Master Road was released, we see the same few players dropping an unusual amount of elite/unique force skills at an unbelievable rate, thanks to the announcements again. And when you check their gears, they are far from having enough to be able to speedrun the MR dungeons in Hell diffculty. And when you ask them to send their best time in these dungeons, they can't even prove they are legit.

    And even more recently, there has been some guy dropping fishy links out in the open to steal people's account informations. Yes, you must be dumb to fall for that, but then these accounts are used to scam other players and promote the same websites again and again and again. Not only are the one being tricked losing all their valuable items, but their "reputation" in the game will be damaged too, as it can have repercussions against him in and outside the server and the official forum.

    These are 3 different issues, 2 of them ruins the economy and 1 has the possibility to ruin the trust in our community.

    I think it's time to be radical and IP ban these players. Simple bans can easily be rendered null by simply creating another account, and in the case of stolen account, it just penalises the naive player further again. An IP ban would only affect the account thief and prevent them and the hackers from recidiving easily.

    I know it's easier to say than to enforce this effectively, but they should give it a try. And considering the game can detect Virtual Machines, TeamViewer and such, I bet it's possible to do the same thing with active VPN when launching. And seeing how the game crashes when your connexion goes off for 1 milisecond, activating a VPN after launching the game would be impossible. If nothing is done to make their task harder, they will always come back and continue ruining the game for everyone. And again, some are not even trying to hide their hacks, because they know they can just create another alt account.
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    I totally support this idea. Since the lockdown started, there have been a lot of scammers and things alike. It is really a shame, I mean, I don't even want to do trades anymore but I know that, sometimes, I need to do them in order to get a piece of a set. I just don't trust anyone (aside from my friends) anymore.

    Also, any suggestions here need a poll. It's on the Suggestions and Feedback Section Guidelines.
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      In KR, players are required to provide their real identity information in order to create an account, which is what I would suggest to do in this case if they really want to be more strict towards illegitimate players.
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        I'm against that. I wouldn't like to give my contact information just to play a game. I know that players give it to buy KC but that is optional; forcing you to give your personal data just to create an account is not something I'd like.
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      The problem with this is that most ISP assign dynamic IP addresses. Those can change monthly, weekly and even daily. Getting a static IP is normally something you have to pay extra and unless you want to run a server, there is no need for that. There is also IPv4 and IPv6 which both may be used.
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        IPs bans have been a thing for ages so I doubt the issue here is from not banning IPs. The problem is that getting around IP bans are easy. I mean VPNs exist.And even before VPNs were so prevalent, there were ways to change your IP.

        Originally posted by RazorPump-solace- View Post
        In KR, players are required to provide their real identity information in order to create an account, which is what I would suggest to do in this case if they really want to be more strict towards illegitimate players.
        It works that way for KR because its the law there, and the only ones with access to the game is KR(Mostly. Those who are outside got theirs in various ways)..But NA and INT servers are composed of players from multiple different parts of the globe. Forcing that in for other countries to do could result in issues, such as "We don't have that kind of information here, so now we can't play" and the game would lose so many players. Even if you made it so the information required was specific for their you know how many countries that is? That's quite a lot...And all of them have their own sets of legalities for this thing. Also good luck convincing the US to adopt such a thing. They want their anonymity.

        TLDR: It works in KR, it won't work for NA and INT.

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          Google how to change your IP and find out why they don't work anyhow. From what I know, there's no ban evasion rule, so it doesn't matter to hackers. Banned account? They can just hack all their stuff back with little to no effort. Not to mention they'd easily know how to switch their IP, no VPN needed
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