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Some ideas for making elsword more fun/tolerable

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    Some ideas for making elsword more fun/tolerable



    No rng. Takes a set amount of enhancement stones to get from +1 to +10. When reaching Elrianode. Each new region onwards will require a set of materials from that region to enhance you gear along enhancement stones.
    (aka: Elrianode = +11 Varnimyr = +12. Goal is for current region to take about 2 or so months to reach max enhancement full gear.)

    This will solve the mayor pay to win issue in game, and serve as region gate keeper something similar to how you had to be X level to reach Z area

    Regarding this I wish KoG will take the same approach of laby story and have a specific path for each character. shorten the amount and lengths of dungeons per character and make the whole journey from lv 1 to lv99 a sort of tutorial for learning the game, while at the same time enjoy the character story.

    In terms of story delivery the dialogues need some rework. maybe present it as actual manga tiles?

    The class change story should come back. Imo this was the mayor reason why we got so attached to 2nd jobs and why still at this day some people still use 2nd class name to refer to certain character paths.(they should also be arranged to happen latter due to leveling speed and trans should be combined with 3rd jobs)

    I believe this two should be revamp merged together to include... Actually there was someone who had a better idea regarding this two. I want to refer to 2na's video

    I support his heroic and sd ideas (ignoring the making lving take longer)

    A thing that should not have happened.
    I hate the idea of each character being completely magical or completely physical. I think the proper path should have being to remove magical or physical attack values from the weapon itself. Use one damage value and the output of magical or physical should be determined by the skill or combo set moves.

    This way it will allow for character to be able to adapt their skills and combos to the opponents weakness (either magic or physical). And allow mechanics like Elder SD boss where they switch between magical or physical barrier.

    El Tear and Mystic Stone System
    All El Tears can have their effect enhanced with materials.
    Remove Colors from el tears, They should have set effect from the 3 combined into one.

    As for the stats you get from each el tear:
    Skill Effects:
    Max 20% per skill stat stack
    Can increase to 15%
    Higher chance to get skill for your character.
    Special Effects:
    Merge all skill cooldown
    Special Stats:
    Remove stats obtainable through magic stones. (leave the following: physical/magical Defense level, Critical Damage, All Resistance.)
    gets the following from Special effects: MP cost, Recovery item effect, Damage dealt to/by boss monster, debuff effect duration.

    For mystic stones remove effects obtainable through magic stones.
    remove all types or just keep two (shiny and non shiny version)

    A little Extra:
    Remove item drop/exp buff. I strongly believe this should only be limited to timed events. And I can't shake the feeling that because this exist the drop rates of stuff have been lowered. I just want this two things replaced.

    I just wish KoG will disregard gear here and treat elsword as an arcade 2d fighting game. Even those have problems with balancing, but at least those are more bearable then the issues with elsword.

    - - - - -

    I guess this is more of a wish then a suggestion. Please don't commit suicide elsword
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    I would say is the companies best (or 2nd best way of making money as of right now). So I would instead suggest that there is still some level of RNG to enhancing, but rather than lottery luck alone add a bar that once filled will guarantee a successful enhancement (up to 10(armor)/11(wep) cause the company needs to make money and those who try to get 12 kinda know whats coming to them). This bar like I mentioned in the previous line would only work till a certain point and would function similarly to the reforging option on Rigomor armor (minus the things to repair the reforging durability). Fluorites would keep their old effects while also help speed the bar along (to cater to cashers).

    This one I don't think they need to do anything major cause in Laby's case she doesn't meet the others until a point in the story that everyone is 99 while everyone else joins the party before that lvl. So presenting separate dungeons that don't seem to end weirdly lvl-wise would be something that isn't likely.

    Class change stories were a nice touch that I wouldn't mind returning.

    Generally indifferent about this

    El tear/Mystic Stones:
    Things I do agree with:

    Higher chance to get skill for your character.
    Merge all skill cooldown
    Remove stats obtainable through magic stones. (honestly though defense lvl and resistance isn't worth keeping imo)

    A little extra:
    No Exp gain should stay in my opinion (it's not like we have unlimited stamina weekends like we used to outside of events)
    IDR im fine with if they increase the odds overall (although what happens to Get Greedy then?)

    Yeah gear shouldn't be a reason why people are good

    (Well sorry for the extremely late response to all of this...)
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      Welp I was hoping to hear at least a few comments

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      Woaah, I was expecting a new comment and not an edit, I didn't notice > .<

      I'm aware that this is one of the main source of income for kog. Regardless of that I think what Elsword need a different kind of income source. Relying on paying to get stronger either directly or indirectly mostly just deter people from playing.

      Some quick suggestion can be to do something like costume deals that perhaps are in rotation per months, and with a push to play more characters instead of doing none bankshareable stuff, plus non rng enhancing. People will be willing to pay for more characters and at the same time we will have a higher number of players joining and staying in game too.

      Yes I'm aware its really unlike but from the laby reception with kog mention themselves was positive. We prob will be getting new characters with they own new route. Which leaves you thinking why characters like chung and onwards with join around mid journey don't have their first few dungeons separate.

      I forgot about get greedy...
      And well... for the exp... If we get the alternative erp curve fixing that 2na proposed. perhaps it can stay. Although in all honesty the one that bothers me is not exp. I can walk back on this one.

      *pvp: I just wanted to add something. I want elsword to take the approach of fighting games like super smash brothers. No gear, and you can switch between a tons of characters. This kinds of goes along with the idea of elsword looking for a different source of income. More character you would want to play means more characters you would like to invest on.
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