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Some ideas to help people keep up with CP requirements

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    Some ideas to help people keep up with CP requirements

    The focus of this topic is aimed more towards starting characters with terrible CP to the "mid" characters with +9 elrianode and +10 void.The suggestions here will range from F2P to moderate spending.

    1.Create methods for players to get an IB weapon (or something similar to the event SE school wep) without using kching on ice burners.
    The reason this would be necessary is as most players know these weapons are capable of giving you two socket slots as opposed to the usual one you see on any other costume weps atm.
    My proposal to implement a way to introduce a method to obtaining these in a F2P manner, create a set of dungeons that have a rotation style based on the day. This "dungeon" tab would be named "Trials of Elrios" with Mon-Sat being an El Master with their respective priestess (exception being Solace who would be paired with the El Lady and Darkmoon paired with Gloria) in some sort challenge against you and another player while Sunday would have Glave. The drops from these dungeons would be Focused El Energy Material (respective element) for the El master while the drop from glave's dungeon would be Chaos of Henir.The CP requirement and difficulty should fit that of players around 100k CP.
    The drops would be then be crafted as 100 of a specific Focused El Energy Material for its respective [Cobo] Salvatore ______ wep while 75 of the Focused El Energy Material + a Chaos of Henir can be used to craft a [Cobo] Random Salvatore wep cube.

    2.Make enhancing more possible.
    This idea is not an original one but should be stated regardless.The entire enhancement system is based off of RNG which could be extremely beneficial/detrimental depending on how lucky you are. To fix this my way would be to use up x amount to the next level (7 to 8 would require 800 of the enhancement stones to guarantee to lvl 8, while 8 to 9 would require 2000,9 to 10 would require 5000, while the last one possible 10 to 11 would require 10,000) to get to the next level.

    3.Add a cash shop item that allows a blacksmith to guaranteed break down an item and receive a [Luriel] amulet of the same enhancement as the item dismantled.
    This item should cost 1.5k kching (so roughly 15 dollars) and the limitations would be that the amulet is untradeable but bankshareable as a result of being [Luriel] and that you would need to be a lvl 10 blacksmith to use it. The item would be counted as a Special tab item which you would then need to right click and apply to the item you want to dismantle, it will still require that you use the respective mithiril item for the enhancement lvl however unlike the advanced dismantle feature getting the item at the same enhancement is guaranteed.
    Agree with suggestion 1
    Agree with suggestion 2
    Agree with suggestion 3
    Disagree with suggestion 1
    Disagree with suggestion 2
    Disagree with suggestion 3
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    tbh, 10000 stones, 1500 KC, Lv 10 blacksmith are just too easy and cheap for what it's actually worth the value. maybe times 10 of that sounds more legitimate (100k stones, 15k KC)


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      I will agree that it’s too easy to get the 10000 stones so perhaps that will need to change.

      However I think it’s beneficial to keep it at 1500 kching opposed to 15k kching, cause once someone reaches +10 on something like their weapon they shouldn’t have to go through RNG hell (even with fluortites and hammers) just to get back to +10 on another weapon. Also I believe it would be reasonable as Kching is the premium currency.Also 15k kching would be an absurd amount cause that’s essentially $750 if you want to have amulets = to your old armor’s + wep’s enhancement lvl
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    An IB weapon's CP gain is probably not essential compared to the gear enhancement and slots themselves. Why should a company give out free premium cosmetics when they don't even allow Promo sets to be permanent in any way (outside of KR)?

    KOG has never/rarely backed down on their rigged enhancement rates anywhere below a +10, whilst continuously increasing the specs ever since Elrianode. All we can ask for is "more frequent enhancement events".

    Lv10 BS for starting chars sounds like slogfest with the pre-requisite of a +10/+11 or above already on a piece of gear. Idk on what scale do we call "spending moderately" since something like 1.5k/15k KC is only for one piece of gear, out of 1 main weapon, 4 "sub-weapons", when you've already spent a fortune ( KC or ED, at this point, the player may not be a moderate spender if they don't luck out 4~5 times) for each +10s or above.

    Or do you propose this idea to older veterans who have outdated gear?


    • SUlCUNE-solace-
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      I do see your point that getting an IB weapon in any way that isn’t cash shop related or by other players is very unlikely to happen and that it is probably still the least beneficial thing on this list of ideas. Still, the extra socket can help push their CP to certain requirements (even though just meeting the requirement isn’t the best idea) as well as make a person’s build more complete/broken.

      Even though they have been unwilling to improve their enhancement system, I would still like to think that it’s a possibility.

      The lvl 10 BS is definitely a slogfest .This suggestion is aimed towards the veterans with outdated gear as well as those who definitely suffered from poor RNG to get to their current gear but do not wish to repeat the process of RNG (although wants to move to the next wep/set)
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    1- IB weapons are nice to have, but by themselves they are not required to achieve high CP. One more socket slot won't magically give you 400k CP by any mean. Having a full IB set without having good gears is pointless (aside for fashion), and by the time you get decent gears to farm you should already be able to make some ED by yourself, thus having the ability to work toward a set, especially with the current low prices on older IBs. I also think the already existing ways to get a weapon costume for free (and the other pieces) is fine at the moment.

    2- I agree on the idea because there's way too much rng involved on enhancement even tho they quickly become a necessity, and the fact we have to basically wait an event (that also needs to happen more often to justify) to enhance is a big problem for the game. The amount of materials should be, of course, higher than what's written, but that kind of system could be an easy fix on that problem.

    3- The idea sounds good on paper, but would be terrible for the company. This kind of item might need some restrictions to make sure it could be used for veterans with +10 or higher enhancement level on their old raid weapon. Otherwise, people could wait for the next weapon release and get their Rosso's weapon enhancement level shifted on the new one, which would lower way too much the sales on enhancement materialsv (which is one of the main income sources for KOG i believe, with IBs). So on the form of this idea in your post, I have to disagree. But with more restrictions to assure it can be used only by players on their old weapons, I'd agree on it.


    • SUlCUNE-solace-
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      All of these are valid points

      Number 1, I would have to agree with that an IB set is not the main thing that will influence your CP

      Number 2, perhaps it would be a decent idea to add an additional functionality to El’s hammer to change Blessed Enhancement Stones into a refined version that would lower the likelihood of the gear downgrading + a refined version of fluorite ores/crystals that would require several el hammers to refine and this would increase the likelihood of success.Plus the UI changing to show probabilities.

      As for number 3 I have no idea how to properly restrict it atm
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    Tbh, the enhancement guarantee system can just be implemented as a new enhancement stone replacing the common stones we get.

    The newly proposed stone's drop rate can be severely lowered and be exclusive to a dungeon new mode's mobs (revamped SDs, HDs, etc) whilst normal dungeons have a chance to drop it on an elite/boss as opposed to whole grain flour and company.

    But why would they do that? It's too F2P friendly if there's a reliable way to achieve it in-game.

    This echo chamber will never be heard, we can dream all we like, it'll just be a dream.


    • SUlCUNE-solace-
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      That idea does sound great honestly on paper at least.
      Also even if this is an echo chamber I’m pretty sure at least someone looks through these (Rush comes to mind)

    • CrimsomRayko-solace-
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      Not firing shots at Rush but I don't put any hopes on communication from NA to KR since there has not been a lot of (if any) back-and-forth even on GM blogs.

      From my eyes, GMs here manage the community but rarely do they seem motivated to being feedbacks to and from KR. *shrug*
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    I kinda like your second idea, but rather than enhancement stone it should be something untradeable like heroic fragments or a new item.
    Heros come and go but legends live forever


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