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Re: (Character account transfer thread) Merging alt accounts 2.0

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    Re: (Character account transfer thread) Merging alt accounts 2.0

    I have a secondary account I made when I ran out of space on my primary, but since I have deleted characters I don't use, and plan on having more slots, I would like to be able to transfer characters from my alt account to my primary to better streamline trading and progression, but mainly because I don't enjoy having to log off and on each time I want to switch to certain characters. Character transfer would be a one time only option (per character) that may or may not be allowed to be undone once at the discretion of the team via a ticket submission.
    I obviously see how this can be abused without any regulation, but regulation is as easy as checking if you own the transfer/transferee accounts, which Elsword already knows. Any possible misuse of this would also be dealt with similarly, of course after submitting a ticket if the team doesn't detect this before the player does.

    A second possibility could be merging accounts. The problem arises with character space, though. Would we be forced to purchase more slots or delete characters if we go over our slot limit? Would the dev teams need to allow us more available slots? Of course, we won't need to increase the maximum, since 45 covers all classes with 5 spaces to spare, we'll only need an increase in free slots. This is the problem this option brings to the table, but it has much less room for player abuse.
    If account merging prevails, then I will create a new thread with a poll asking how you think account merging should be processed, based on the given options + an 'other, please explain' option.

    Thank you.
    Character Transfer (One Time Only) + 2 Way Authentication Check
    Account Merging + 2 Way Authentication Check
    Timed Transfer + 2 Way Authentication Check
    Other Relative Option (Please Explain)
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    I was wondering instead of having a one time transfer, it could be a timed transfer (kind of like when you delete a character you need to wait a certain amount of days before you can transfer, then you have to wait another amount of weeks to transfer another set of characters) that would cost ED/KC to the transferring account that requires a 2 way authentication for both emails so that in case someone is trying to character steal or something like that, people can deny it and it'll post a red flag for CS
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      The authentication and times transfer sounds like great ideas. Though, the problem with it costing ED/Kching is very evident. I don't think I have to explain that. I added your authentication + times transfer idea to the poll. I chose your timed transfer + authentication option. Sounds great to me.
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