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Allow players to choose whenever they want to solo or not

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    Allow players to choose whenever they want to solo or not

    With this I mean the following two changes should be changed back to how it was before.

    • From Ruben to Velder dungeons, you can start the game with [Queue for Dungeon] button.
    • When re-trying with solo queue, you will no longer receive ‘Heroes Assemble’ buff.

    I understand that KOG has the idea of that great MMORPG where everyone plays happily together. To be blunt, that was never the case in any MMO I played and never will be. Those who wanted to play with other already did and those who choose not to are probably not happy about this.

    Here some reason why people may want to solo:
    • They currently have a bad connection and don't want to bother other players.
    • The have a strong weapon and are either faster solo or don't want to "kill steal" everything from other players.
    • They simple don't want to bother with randoms.
    • The dungeon is simply incredible boring in a group.
    In my opinion everyone should deiced for themself how to enjoy the game. The DEVs should not force us into playing the game their way. As such, these changes need to be reverted. Do you agree?
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    Yes please for the love of god fix this trash.


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      I mean the population was already low enough but now they're forcing people to party with others that might not even take them due to cp requirements. Not everyone is so keen to carrying people and people schedules differ. If the only argument is that people abuse the solo buff it's pretty weak. Now I see people straight up just not playing because of it. Server seem empty and it's the weekend + winter break.


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        I'm surprised someone voted no but oh well. Please make this happen! +1 support


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          Editing a comment
          Nah, there are always trolls and the hardcore MMORPG fanatics that believe everything should be done in full party or else it's badly designed.
          I am more surprised it's only two so far.
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        Bumping, this is ridiculous .
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          That's a great idea. Why did they do that changes.... if someone go alone to the dungs MAYBE and just maybe it's because he/she want's to-


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            Bump .
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              Easily voted yes for this. I love my solo dungeons, especially when I'm farming Heroics and stuff. I don't exactly 'need' the party buff but it made running dungeons that much smoother and that much quicker. Not to mention I'm hugely against not being able to play a game the way I want to. The CP Update was bad enough and taking solo retrying is just overkill...
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                  Bumppppppppp or at least have the stamina the same as partying as well.
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                    Back to page 1.


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                      Tbh...MMO doesn't mean you have to do everything with other people, it just like how normal society and community works. People should be able to do what they want to do the way they wanted, especially since this is a game. Not to mention there is little to no communication in Elsword except for the chat make 0 contribution to making partying up with randos more positive.


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                        lol bumpppp


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                          after some time not touching this game, i decided to give the new Laby a try but... the "must play with party system" until hammel totaly kill my motivation.... so unistalled again the game, well good luck hope they reversed this....

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                            I will support this to hell and back. This killed my motivation to grind 11-4.

                            Sometimes, I want to be able to dump my stamina quickly as well within a short period of time, forcing us to play without queue buff because we occasionally don't want to or don't feel like playing with other people and making the run go 948539709549047x longer is just...
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