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Give us more KR-exclusive events.

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    Give us more KR-exclusive events.

    I know people have been saying the same suggestion for a long time but nothing has changed. Please Give Us More KR-Exclusive events. We've been getting scraps from them and the power gap between our server and the KR server is getting further day by day by day. So much that even high-end raids, which have a lot of participation in KR, only see a small pool of players. There isn't a 'staying power' to the game anymore after hitting Elrianode and progression comes at a snail's pace. Yes Kog we know you're a cash grab but at least have the decency to not be so blatant about it.

    Events we've missed from KR:
    - Treasure box event
    - Quiz event
    - MW event months ago
    - the list goes on....

    Checking the 12-06 patch notes for KR tells me that:

    Day 4000 Event!

    [Event] 2018 12 8 0AM ~ 11:59PM
    1. 2PM ~ 3PM, Sage Stone Hot-time event
    2. 3 PM, Elsword Quiz Show (Win NX Cash)
    3. 2PM ~ 4PM, Stay logged in for 30 minutes/60 minutes to get 3rd job change ticket x2, and Mini Ice Burner (Arch Angel) x100 respectively
    4. Burning Events!
    And we'll get none of these because the game management is stingy as hell. Please. it's not that hard to adapt quiz events across servers and cultures. I'm sure NA/INT has enough idiosyncrasies to be able to set up a new quiz list. If not, please consider expanding your game devt base so that there is enough manpower to create these content for us. We aren't feeling valued as players of your game. No offense targeted towards GMs and forum admins who work very hard - tis the upper tiers beyond them that I have such a beef with.

    Please make this balancing decision for events and handouts or half the playerbase will eventually migrate to Maplestory 2. I love Elsword but it's so difficult for me to actually say so given its flaws. The improvement can start first by equalizing our bases and I'll continue complaining until it happens or I die.

    (Yes I know MS2 is also made by Nexon, the KR publisher of Elsword so maybe the profit dip doesn't affect them that much but I'll complain about it anyway.)
    Nah don't need it
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    I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

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    I don't even necessarily mind missing out on free NX stuff, because they're usually very small amounts and time and time again has shown that limited time events are awful for our melting pot of a server.. but stop holding back generic events, for god's sake! We've missed like, two sets of magic wardrobe tickets in the past few months, and not to mention that +9 they intentionally omitted because, uh.. NA doesn't do as well as KR, so the way to solve that is to remove incentives and gifts that KR gets. You know, to encourage more players to play. So they don't get stuff KR gets. While KR's meta expands and ours suffers the same difficulty but with less freebies, especially in enhancements.

    It's just infuriating that we're following KR's schedules and updates but we don't even get all the same events they do - ESPECIALLY the enhancement events! I just can't keep up with the meta. That temporary +11 was the only time I really had fun.. and even then Varnimyr was too tough to enjoy, lol.

    Overall, I understand some stuff not being ported over - again, I'm fine with no free k-ching hours (although the free swag logins would be a great alternative and were very short lived!) - but some other events are just intentionally held back and that sucks. I don't expect us to see much of a change to this unfortunately, as it really falls into the KR devs hands. But here's hoping .

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    • Septentriont-solace-
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      I guess i'm just kinda disappointed to see capitalism ruining what's supposed to be a game targeted towards children/teens who don't yet have an income. If they made their IM stuff cheaper even (since USD is hella expensive in currency conversion) then maybe they'd get more profits too.

      It really feels like they're going for the short term extraction rather than spending asset to build longevity and loyalty from the player base outside of Korea. Which isn't hard to extrapolate that the game might close sometime in the future because of their exploitation strategy and we'll have nothing left.

      Of course this is a worst case scenario but seeing capitalism ruin everything is kinda disheartening.

      (Also I'm glad to see you supporting my salt LMAO)

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      Hey, this type of salt is all good to me, haha. Criticism just means there's passion to see Elsword flourish and do better for you and other players - and it's not like we're stomping around demanding new things so much as wanting to see all servers get the shiny +9 and enhancement events KR gets handed out to them.

      I agree the IM is a bit too expensive - 25+ dollars for one package is hard for me to justify if the money isn't from contests/giveaways, as 25-30 dollars can easily be food or other necessities, but it seems to be working okay so far. There are still people who buy, they just need to implement more daily rotations so that supply and demand isn't just no supply and all demand, lol.

      But yes, I always feel like gaming businesses tend to go for short term profits. KR's gaming market is a lot bigger so they can get away with more stuff, but since competition hardly exists in NA, I guess they just.. don't try. The only reason KR gets so much is because they have to compete, but it still sucks to see them get something shiny and new and useful, while we have to literally BEG, for over a YEAR, and be told our GMs have to BEG.. for one enhancement event. Not exactly the kind of thing that makes me feel good as a player or customer .

      Elsword really is so great, very unique and niche, and I want to see it close this gap between servers more. I just don't think it'll happen any time soon, if at all, but god, here's hoping.
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    • Septentriont-solace-
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      I wanted to send a more strongly worded letter/message at first but I figure I shouldn't be too much of a nuisance.

      Wish there was a way to reach the actual important people instead of having to go through GMs. No offense to GMs but.... no effect LMAO
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    seriously though even 1 3rd job change ticket for 30 mins and the 100 AA mini burners is enough. for one thing AA is so old and ugly that at this point the playerbase can just consider it a IM costume. plus it would help new player start with an IB which would make them more inclined to buy the new stuff.

    i honestly would not mind a +9 as i need to prepare for laby and i have a chung on standby awaiting a wep.


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      We aren't getting handouts because they want money now instead of making us happy and play the game more.

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      you realize that giving us handouts to make us happy and play more gives them money as it would make us more likely to give them that said money

    • Septentriont-solace-
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      Tell that to KOG who is apparently too dense to realize this
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    i had been saving kc for that treasure box event... sighs

    i hope they're just saving that event for black mesa, but at the same time i really doubt it
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      It won't happen because they don't deem it profitable enough.
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    we need more freebies xD
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      Except we got so many 3rd job change tickets that people started to hate them.
      +It's an anniversary event basically; why would we get it any time soon


      • Septentriont-solace-
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        You're missing the point of my post.

        There are people who need those 3rd job tickets because they can't afford to buy it from the IM shop. Not everyone hates them.

        I'm using the anniversary event as an example since it involves handouts. We've missed many other events with handouts in the past.
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      I am sick and tired of watching KR players open their character's inventory and seeing almost 1,000+ sage and twisted stones on just ONE character while we can hardly get 30+ from any event we get for our whole account. Normal and advanced stones are 100% useless near endgame and instead of just giving us the stones they go off and create a weaker stone THAT NOBODY ASK FOR!!!!


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        This post is exactly what we need. I'm just here temporarily for the event, but even so, the daily's take so long that I'm not even going to log on again in quite some time except to for Shadow's Descent this weekend after finals. I'm in college, and one thing I'd like to point out is that college students are perpetually broke, and we don't have the money to spend on this game, especially when things are so expensive. $35 for a job change ticket!? $15 for an awakening animation? Absurd! That's an entire videogame, many meals, a movie to watch with friends, etc. They do the 1,050 KC instead of 1,000 KC because you can only load in increments of $5-10 in NA, and that forces you to put in another $5, while KR can load up in increments of $1 for obvious reasons. People come back for the events, but with each event, less people come back. Nexon and KOG know this and just want quick money. I mean you noticed how they dropped a 2x Add Dung drop event then slapped a 1 day enhancement event the day after? Gee, I wonder why they did that. Safe to say that even with the people's bars on 70%+, almost nobody dropped it, meaning a lot less impulse buys Nexon was hoping for. The fact they pulled that off just shows their attitude towards the game and especially our server. They won't change, and soon enough only KR will be left - a server with immense competition that Elsword will quickly fall to. If they'd treat us right, they'd get people who want to spend money in the game because it's fun and we'd want to support it, plus more players would play meaning more money, all on top of the whales, which won't go away even if this game lightly penalizes you for spending money. With their current attitude, they only have the whales and a dying playerbase. They'd make so much more money if they'd treat us right. People like to be treated kindly, and videogames are meant to be fun. They are ignoring those 2 simple facts and killing their game with short term greed. Remember, greedy businessmen are adept at seeing into the future, but their impulse and immense greed makes it so they need things now. So Nexon knows this, but they're too greedy to put in any time to fix the massive problems killing the game. I may be on for another day, then I'm going back to Smash Bros and not touching this game for quite some time, since it's not fun and I don't care about Laby in any way. Expect to see her all over PVP, since PVP is actually going to be dead in NA once she releases. Then I'm not touching this game for ♥♥♥♥, since all I care about is pvp.
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          I wonder if the person who voted Nah is a whale or a troll.

          I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

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          • Niwatari-solace-
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            So people don't have the right to disagree with you without being considered one of these two ? Nice.

          • Septentriont-solace-
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            I didn't say an absolute. You're the one putting words into my mouth.
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            Don't listen to Abeyll, they're always acting like this.
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          periodic bump
          I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

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            bumping ___
            I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

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              I was thinking about a similar topic yesterday -- so I'll wanna get more discussion on this topic:

              > When it comes to KR-Exclusive Events, I have to ask -- is it the event themselves that you guys want (due to the fun involved in the event)? Or additional/better prizes in the NA-events.

              > From being fairly active in events, I can say there's been a lot of Sage Stones around (especially from the Halloween Dungeon) -- and admittedly more Class Change tickets than I know what to do with (albeit I may own all 3 Ains, Adds -- so Class changing is not as required).

              > In either case -- What type of events, are you guys more interested in to see? I'm not too familiar with the KR events -- as such if you guys do find any events fun/engaging; I'm interested to hear
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                Sorry about not replying to this earlier, Rush - I didn't have the time to check the forums until now.

                What I'm more concerned about is the equalization of rewards in the events, yes. We can skip some events if it means we get about the same amount of goodies as the KR server. That being said, we have had more events with good rewards so far so props to the devs for implementing that.

                What would benefit is that if we get more Class Advance tickets in events than job change tickets, since it would help both new players as well as old players with alts. We haven't had a jump event since the 3rd job release (a year ago) and having some that are more than 1 day long (we had 1 day one but I couldn't participate because I was working) and apply to all chars (except Laby) would help get more interest across the playerbase.

                I appreciated the 2x exp and drop rate events which have become more frequent. That helps us gear up and get enough people to do Varnimir raids without having to pay large amounts of money. I hope this can continue as having the one cancelled last year was a huge disappointment to everyone.

                I do wish to point out that KR has had 2 enhancement events in 2018 while we only had one. I would like to have an extra one so we can have equal chances of advancing our gear.

                It would also help if we had events for Asian holidays (this applies more to the INT server I imagine) such as Lunar New Year which is celebrated by many cultures that the INT server services. Many people celebrate LNY in America as well so having that event for NA/INT too (KR has one) would give us more things to do.

                I'm glad the game has improved since I made this thread. I counted the rewards we had and they roughly match up to past KR events with a few exceptions that I hope we will get in the future. If we can have the same chance as getting cool stuff (+9s, the MW tickets, the black Radiant Flower set), I feel like it would make more people want to play the game, and help existing players to gear up and tackle Varnimir content.

                Please give us the Cobo +9 amulet again as it would help a lot of players be able to do hard stuff, then they would be incentivized to stay/farm and spend more money. Which helps in the long run I'd imagine. It's the frustration at not being able to do advanced content without whaling that keeps most people from playing the game long-term, and free stuff to help as stepping stones towards fulfiling the CP requirement will let us keep interest.
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              Bump .
              My market thread


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                bumps this after a while
                I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

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                  There's just one thing I've wanted... and it was a KR exclusive...
                  THAT "YOU COULD GET A FREE +12" EVENT!
                  I know it was almost impossible to get it, and that there were A LOT of different magic amulets, but it would be nice to try your luck, don't you think?
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