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    Re-position Accessories

    I never liked to put too many accessories on my characters but when I saw this, I immediately thought, this is the last straw and these things are just going to get harder and harder to find soon haha

    They're supposed to be on the side of his face right? But now half his face is a planetarium. I think everyone else is the same too, because this effect seems to be positioned relatively with the body instead of the face/head.

    Here are some other examples that I think should be fixed/changed:

    They're not on his ear...
    They got it right for eve but she has this issue with solace's earring instead. Aren't they supposed to be on her nasod "ears" and not her cheek?
    Yes how I love a floating flower that grows magically on thin air
    I've heard rose has this problem too. Those ears are way too big.
    I really like these ears but they're ...definitely off on his head. Even with a hair that makes his head look bigger.

    There's definitely more occurrences/issues on the others too but I only see these two the most so they're the ones that come to mind for me.
    Yes please do.
    No it doesn't matter.
    No comment.
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    5 attachments per post it says...


    Not as horrible as the above but I wonder why his scar is a different direction from everyone else. they want to keep this handsome face as perfectly clean as possible when viewed from the front?
    Aisha had(?) this problem with her scar too. It looked like she grew a pimple and scratched it. This seems to be fixed with the 3rd job I think


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      The current accessories that you are showing are very very slim issues. Well some of them are, probably won't even see it while doing PvP or PvE. But re-positioning the accessories for social/casual use would be very much be needed.

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        I used to ignore it since it really just is a minor problem? Ok maybe it can't even be considered a problem since nothing breaks the game or causes any bugs ...
        but fashion and looks are important >3<

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        u rite, fashionsword ftw.
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      maybe that's why they brought the invisible accessory in item mall , for u to MW with them ( honestly , they will put any good stuff only in IM xD )
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        ah yes elsword aka the black hole of doom sucking in all our money.
        (I'm broke though)
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      tfw you just want to show your boss drop accessories but they're positioned so weirdly on your character...


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