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Let us have a taste of power before confirming character creation

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    Let us have a taste of power before confirming character creation

    Well sort of.

    I was reading the suggestion to add more character creation slots and it occurred to me.

    What if when we were previewing a character and their jobs on the character creation screen, we would be able to take that respective job, be it base, 1st, 2nd or 3rd, into a training room to try our hand at the respective character/job.
    Just so we could have a feel on how the character/job plays and functions before hitting that create button and wrecking our brains over a name.

    I don't know about others but personality I've always thought:
    ''hey I want to try this character ...but what if after I spend all that effort to reach 2nd job and then I don't like them. Maybe I should borrow a friend's account who has them first, a video doesn't really help me get a grasp on the character"
    "I've already gotten them to 2nd job, but I've realized I don't like playing them at all, but deleting them feels like it's such a waste and yet I don't want to keep them and clutter my slots"
    well back when getting 2nd jobs were as painful as getting 3rd jobs and back when I actually knew friends who played

    So what do you all think?
    Yes that sounds like a great idea
    Yes but maybe we can do something like this instead (please comment)
    No it's fine as it is now
    No comment
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    1. Sharing accounts is against the TOS.
    2. Honestly, i don't think its really needed due to how easy it is to level and complete job advancements missions up to 2nd job.
    Most people can tell if they like or dislike a class after the 1st job advancement and there ia honestly enough chances to job change in single year for it not to be that big of an issue.

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      Editing a comment
      yes I'm aware, that's why I was very hesitant but that's when you could spend weeks on the 2nd job quest thanks to rng. 1st job never really gave a solid idea on what this character class was capable of.

      It's very different now that 2nd and even transcendence is easy but I just feel that it could be viable?

      There are lots of people who always ask 'who should I play? which class is good for __ ?' so if there was a way to get a feel of the character before creating them it'll help. Hearing others words/description on a character class sometimes really doesn't help as everyone has different playstyles and preferences. So why not let someone try it out first?

      kog has been really generous and I'm thankful for that but I can't keep thinking 'oh I'll just change to this job and try if I don't like it eventually they'll give us one for free again anyway'
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    I once suggested being able to try other classes with all skills unlocked in free training only. The suggestion died.


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