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    Monthly log in bonuses

    iirc this hasn't been suggested

    So Els has some log in bonuses...
    but it's only when there's an event going on.

    What if we had a monthly log in bonus that reset every month? I'm not asking drop sage stones or other rare stuff on us everyday but I personally think having a monthly log in bonus with stuff like CRP, Magic stones, generally wanted items that aren't a torture to get but getting some easy would be a big help (please tell me I'm not the only one blowing through my advanced magic stones stacks in seconds)

    a plausible suggestion:
    Weekdays: CRP, magic stones, Crafting items like Aqua for potions or potions themselves
    Saturday and Sunday: Double the CRP/Magic stones as compared to weekdays or dungeon/event dungeon entry tickets or common Mystic Enchant stones?
    Log in on all days: Sage stones, Elite Mystic Enchant stones

    it doesn't even have to be monthly = all 30/31 days of the month. Even a 25 day calendar would be good (and perhaps fairer as not everyone has time everyday to kill on Els)

    what do you all think?
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    Support! uwu


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      reminded of Grand Chase's attendance book X3


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        This will give some motivation for players to play the game. I had experienced some other game with monthly or 28 days daily login all the time will make the game a little bit lively to play. Sage Stones must be included since it's one of the most demanded item in game.


        • GreenGreens-gaia-
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          sage stones are definitely a must, but I feel that giving them away like candy would make them use their value (and god forbid they introduce something better than sages if it happens)

        • Chunghie-gaia-
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          Yes, Sage Stones for all people need especially when players already reach to Rosso Raid part. Well, last year did saw one kind of stone better than sage stone that only can be obtain from Halloween Event 2017 (the beginning of Hide and Seek event dungeon)
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        Probably like 5 sage stones(for all days) since sage is too op to be given out as low tier prizes. However, this will make the gap between, players with time and without, bigger. Kind of like customer loyalty rewards. Still, I
        #SupportBump~ o3o/

        Even tho I still has no void due to laziness. xD
        It's gud 4 u.


        • GreenGreens-gaia-
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          it's kinda hard to decide what's too much to ask for or what's just right to give as rewards for those who log in often...which is probably why we still don't have this system lol
          (also when I thought of this I thought of it as simply log in just for the reward, no waiting for 5mins~ or anything just log in > pick character > enter town and you'll get your reward)

          I did think of suggesting giving sages on special days like holidays or character birthdays but different server/countries would have different days so I'm not sure if they'd want to go for it this way

        • TirgoCobolt-solace-
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          Oh yeah. I see what you mean. Forgot about the whole timer/holiday aspect of this idea. @3@ Also, idk if me, you, or both of us are misunderstanding each other, but I meant that you get 5 sage stones after logging in for 30 days straight/ a month straight. I did not mean 5 sage stones every time you logged in; That would be chaos!. xD

        • GreenGreens-gaia-
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          I think I was just too focused on your 'gap between, players with time and without, bigger' point XD
          like not giving sages too infrequently so 'people who logged in all the time' and 'people who log in when they can' wouldn't be too far apart from each other but that might not be such a good idea as the the more frequent players would start to think 'hey why do I even need to make so much effort?'
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        hopefully they do this


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          One day let's hope we get to collect rewards just for logging in


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            Ah, I don't know if Elsword INT has this, but NA has a stewardship reward for logging in using a pin code. You can trade rewards using the daily coins thru stella
            Personally, I feel like the rewards are fine for an action such as just logging in.
            Also, I'm not sure if this is related to your suggestion or not, but recently Elsword has been doing attendance events once per month. Each event requires different things for completion tho

            only the truly unfortunate will understand


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