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    Help me

    Hello el peeps I’m kinda new at the game and well I have grown a love for the arena I’ve gotten my way to A rank but my goal is S or Ss but as a new add player I don’t really know what I should do in terms of combos gear weapons skills to make me win cause I’ve been losing really badly so I need assistance in what I should use for pvp and some doombringer useful pvp combos I can pratice or of even doombringers wanna teach me I’m all ears
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    well , for accs , u need a magic necklace , ice queen and ofc ring of fury , for stats , mainly action speed so u can do more combos easily and not have the opponent jump randomly out of it , as for strategies , i just go with 1 strategy with my own doom bringer , beat them up till u get enough MP for critical Psychic storm , then go full nasod armor Z combo . always works , deals massive damage, and enables the next use for psychic storm xD
    Re-recruiting in my guild GalacticLight , mail me in game or put ur application in guild ad , i daily ( when i have guild coins xD ) put it in guild ads


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