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What's Mad Paradoxs Main Damage in PvP

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    What's Mad Paradoxs Main Damage in PvP


    I'm kinda new here in the forum, so sorry if this is the wrong section to ask this, but i thought because it is about PvP i will ask here.
    I've been testing quite a few skills, but now i really don't know what to use as main Damage. Atm, i am using [MOD] Moonlight Breaker as main damage but it gives a ton of MP to your oppenent, so i wanna change. The best skill in my eyes at the moment is Neutron Bomb, but i don't want to use a base Add (no DP) Skill as main damage. So is there any good opportunity? For now, i'm looking for Maximum Strike. For me, it doesn't matter if i use a Strenght or Bravery Skill.
    (btw, i won't be surprised if MaP doesn't have a good main Damage Skill in PvP. Not after all that happened before.)

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    Maximum Strike for 1v1, Gravity Field for teams. If you do both, then it's up to preference. Do not go half of each as that'll lower MP's already mediocre damage output.
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      In 1v1 MP should be controlling the manaflow of the match so, just use commands for damage, (He has infinite KD anyways), its not going to be more damage but if youre that impatient for fast wins switch to DB or off Add entirely.


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