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Been over a year since Laby release

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    Been over a year since Laby release

    Literally nothing has happened regarding this issue with Laby.

    If I could change one single thing about Laby, it would be this.

    is this considered rageposting ?
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    I mean that's probably a thing since the games initial release. If an animation isn't tied to a character, it executes regardless. Ran (3rd phase) was the first boss in PvE with most of his attacks working that way. Wind Sneaker also had active skills with which you could pull that off. I assume this is the same as with movable skills like Shadow Bolt disappearing in lag. It takes to much effort to change, as it requires to completly re-implement the system.

    Was there ever a tournament this was relevant? If not, KOG might not see this as a pressing issue. Also PvP balance nowadays is like...



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      i call this

      the everlasting hitbox xD
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        I told someone with authority about this during Laby release by using a PvP vid and was implied that I wasn't seeing things correctly. "Oh did you mean the non-flinching orbs"



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          What r u guys talkin about? It's "working as intended".............


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            Laby players: "There's nothing wrong with my class."


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              Well, it's no longer surprising that they won't fix their stuff. Like instead of fixing Laby, they made classes like FL more stupider than before. I mean, I'd prefer to fight a Laby over FL.


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