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Been over a year since Laby release

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    Been over a year since Laby release

    Literally nothing has happened regarding this issue with Laby.

    If I could change one single thing about Laby, it would be this.

    is this considered rageposting ?
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    I mean that's probably a thing since the games initial release. If an animation isn't tied to a character, it executes regardless. Ran (3rd phase) was the first boss in PvE with most of his attacks working that way. Wind Sneaker also had active skills with which you could pull that off. I assume this is the same as with movable skills like Shadow Bolt disappearing in lag. It takes to much effort to change, as it requires to completly re-implement the system.

    Was there ever a tournament this was relevant? If not, KOG might not see this as a pressing issue. Also PvP balance nowadays is like...



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      i call this

      the everlasting hitbox xD
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        I told someone with authority about this during Laby release by using a PvP vid and was implied that I wasn't seeing things correctly. "Oh did you mean the non-flinching orbs"



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          What r u guys talkin about? It's "working as intended".............


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            Laby players: "There's nothing wrong with my class."


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              Well, it's no longer surprising that they won't fix their stuff. Like instead of fixing Laby, they made classes like FL more stupider than before. I mean, I'd prefer to fight a Laby over FL.


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                Editing a comment
                Yep, FL is the most broken job on PvP
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              I've been ramming through every opponent I've faced today, and am already about at S rank, but whenever I face this EW, there is literally nothing I can do. She outmeneuvers me in such a way that she can completely cover the map in every single direction without having to touch the ground. Her SA allows her to completely bypass me when we trade, her i-frames lasted before my skill, during it, and then after it, while it's freeze frames activated before my skill, and reactivated after it, allowing for a perfect catch when she was across the map, worse than Ara use to be. Escaping her combos means MBing, which doesn't net you anything because not only does her range and meneuverability allow her to catch you despite any amount of skill, but her i-frames allow any trades you make in her favor, as hitstun is not a concept that applies to Laby in any way. If you do, by some miracle, happen to catch Laby in a combo, she has comboed you enough to where she can instantly MB. This only is able happen once or twice a match at most, meaning you will not win. This character, especially EW, is so gamebreaking It's not even funny. I understand why KOG did it, make a lolli character and buff them to oblivion to create artificial popularity, then capitalize off of it to make insane money. Elsword puts Fortnite to shame in terms of psychological manipulation.


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