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    Best PvP title?

    As what the title says, which one's the best pvp title?
    Im looking at these titles (currently running oath)
    • Is this me?
    • Guardian of Elrianode
    • Pierce the Heavens
    • Eclipse
    If there's a good title I missed, please tell me
    Also, if someone could list their pros and cons, that would be very helpful.
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    OoR is not great for pvp after it was nerfed directly for pvp. It no longer increases crit damage as much in pvp, along with the 100% crit chance gained.

    Eclipse is pretty good, not so much for the revive but because it can sometimes give you super armor while being attacked or give damage reduction.
    I don't own GoE yet but it looks like it may also be a great choice. Anything that increases attack speed in pvp tends to be strong.
    I personally wouldn't use PtH for my previous statement, attack speed just seems more valuable or a title that increases defenses.

    Edit: Correction made
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      I didn't know oath was nerfed. Thanks for the tips >w>
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    MyShinyTeeth-solace- Please be careful - some of the things you said were rather misleading.

    Oath of Ruin was indirectly nerfed through the changes to offensive stats in PvP: any critical damage beyond the base 150% you obtain is only 40% effective in PvP, and this extends to OoR's Ruin buff. Even with this in play, though, OoR is still a monster of a title in PvP. The simple fact that you don't have to socket critical and can put your sockets in other stats like additional damage or maximize means your potential damage output is terrifying. Furthermore, Oath of Ruin only sets your critical stat to 0%, not your critical chance, so passive effects can still let you hit critical hits anyways if they don't deal with your critical stat. (Indomitable Will is especially strong here.)

    Eclipse is also an excellent choice. It can't give you super armor in a match (that's a dungeon-exclusive effect), but the stat spread is solid. Also, the chance to heal on a hit, the 100% damage reduction shield, and the revival effect give it superb defensive traits.

    Guardian of Elrianode is as powerful as stated above. Not only is the 15% attack speed boost very significant (as it increases the chances you get so fast your hitstun animations end faster than your opponent can continue their combos), but there's also the matter of the 15% damage increase. While this does have a 40% PvP modifier attached to it, making it a 6% increase, it's also a multiplicative damage increase, which drastically increases its damage potential based on other damage multipliers your character has.

    Pierce the Heavens has a very useful stat spread for PvE, but it's nowhere near as effective in PvP. I already mentioned the 40% modifier attached to additional critical damage, and those attack power increases would get heavily weighed down by the PvP modifiers on attack power, greatly limiting the title's effectiveness.

    Is This Me? isn't the best title out there, but it's sturdy if used by characters who have powerful command attacks and passives that synergize with them. This can make for some very dangerous damage output off commands if paired with double attack from Mystic Enchants, as well as the Wind element.
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