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Just random PvP balance ideas I had.

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    Just random PvP balance ideas I had.

    So little of note has been brought up in the patches, while there's plenty out there to address. I just thought I'd dump a bunch of the ideas I'd have, wondering if any of them were of worth.

    Naturally, this is all based on my opinion, so disagreements and differing thoughts are welcomed. I am going to try and explain why I think each change should happen, too - this is something we never really get to see. Plus, there's always the chance I'm misinformed about something or another (since I don't play most of these characters in PvP), so please feel free to correct any errors I make.

    Also, I have a separate list for things that are closer to bug fixes than balance changes (such as Knight Emperor's Shoulder Tackle and Centurion's Mod Impact Detonation having skill delays that are longer than the skill animation), so I won't be listing them here.

    Now then... let's see...

    Hitstun that causes stagger no longer pauses mana breaks

    Any hitstun that causes your character to pause for a few moments before entering their actual hitstun animation also prevents the mana break meter from progressing. This has caused certain moves (such as Vishnu's Flying Kite and Fatal Phantom's Mod Burning Punisher) to become far more of a threat than they ever deserved to be, acting as high-damage, homing nukes opponents can do absolutely nothing about besides eating the hits (or making a near-psychic prediction with I-frames). It also makes certain combo loops (such as Centurion's loops on a target caught in Gravity Shelling, Commander's Mark, and cannon commands) much more aggravating and confusing to mana break from.

    If this wasn't the case, using these moves would require a lot more caution - you wouldn't want to use such powerful, but high-cost, moves if opponents would quickly escape.

    Haunting Spirit, Fog of Death - move/jump speed reduction affected by poison resistance. Attack speed reduction affected by water resistance.

    Haunting Spirit gets this treatment due to the Elite and Unique variants, which create debuffs so severe that you can do very little to move around, often making your only hope to counter your opponent's approaches towards you... assuming that's even possible and isn't prevented by super armor or I-frames.

    Fog of Death has the same "can't fight back" problem, exacerbated by massive attack speed reduction. Just because these Force actives are very time consuming to get (either that via Henir rewards, or extreme luck [for Fog] or spending [for the Spirits]) doesn't mean they should have effects that almost can't be properly dealt with.

    Thunderstorm - lightning strikes 2 seconds after skill cast -> lightning strikes 1 second after skill cast.

    Personally, I think Thunderstorm deserves a speed increase, because it's just so incredibly useless as it stands. It doesn't have damage worth mentioning in PvE, and the stuns don't help in PvE, either. In PvP, the stun could be useful, but I think I've only ever, out of all the PvP matches I've played, been hit by Thunderstorm ONCE (and my own error caused it). It's far too slow to connect without completely reading your opponent's moves, and even then they still might react to it. Changing the strike time to 1 second would make it a lot more threatening for pressure or potential catches, without going into speeds too fast to react to.

    Inferno's Mark: targets receive -15 resistance for 10 seconds, up to 10 stacks -> -15 resistance for 10 seconds, max 10 stacks (dungeon); -5 resistance for 10 seconds, max 10 stacks (PvP)

    In a PvP context, I think the Inferno's Mark grants far too much power in a form that's far too exclusive. You're only using this if you got it through the Varnimyr Raids (meaning it either dropped naturally or you got it via Blazing Crystals), which already heavily restricts who has it. Then comes the fact that there's 10% ASD that actually works in PvP, on top of the resistance decrease that beats out Shadow's Descent (without using the title slot), and can be used by any character in the game. I see way too many matches where people just use this to force their way to 3 Water stacks in disturbingly short amounts of time. If there's going to be elemental resistance decreases this severe, it should either be class-specific or require a hefty investment in a person's setup (e.g. using the title slot) - as it stands, Inferno's Mark might be the best weapon accessory for PvP, with no competition.

    Demonic Eye, Ice Queen - attack speed decrease affected by water resistance. Ice Queen given 2% Adaptation (in addition to its other effects).

    We're playing in an attack speed meta. Just one of these effects can cause enough issues with attack speed for an opponent to outright counterattack during your own combo, but seeing both of them used at once is the popular strategy. It's not like waiting out the effects is a viable idea, either... not only do you have to spend 15 seconds dodging the opponent in most cases, but Laby is also a character that exists. In her case, she'll likely awaken while she's being attacked, meaning Demonic Eye and Ice Queen attack speed decreases would happen during YOUR combo, and could easily lead to a reversal. These effects need to be reduced so people can be allowed to actually combo properly; these accessories would still have plenty of merit in PvP due to their defense reduction effects and other stats.

    Also throwing in my wish to buff Ice Queen with 2% Adaptation, due to the fact that it provides only HP and its on-awakening effect, which makes it largely useless in PvE outside extended boss fights (and even then, it becomes debatable if that temporary debuff would be worthwhile against raw, consistent stats).

    Mystic Enchant: Element proc chance becomes dungeon-only

    Take the Rosso weapon, which has 27 colored slots and 3 Giant slots. Fill every single one of those with element proc chance. Now equip Shadow's Descent and the Inferno's Mark. Now imagine you're a class that can reduce a target's resistances. You will be able to proc elements almost non-stop, regardless of your target's resistances. Now imagine that you're using the Dark element that steals MP, and you're performing an infinite with commands. Your target will probably never mana break until their death. For example...


    Dodge Step - initial dodge distance increased by 2x (speed not increased)

    Dodge Step is unusual among the evasion skills. It isn't like Laby or Eve where the user teleports far away, nor like Chung or Aisha where enemies nearby get knocked down. It is a very short, very fast horizontal dash. This makes it extremely overpowered in PvP: it is so fast that even if someone has enough reaction time to deal with it (I tried it with my own Lord Knight in Vitality mode, 7% socketed attack speed, and could act out of the move after 0.37 seconds; just imagine that except with something like 35% attack speed instead for realistic Arena), there's a good chance they'll be stuck in a command or active they can't cancel out of in time.

    Dodge Step tends to result in an instant combo reversal for Elsword because opponents may literally have no way to react to it in time. Forcing Elsword to move further away before cancelling out of it grants the attacker an actual chance to not get pummeled during their own combo.

    Way of the Sword: Destruction - with at least one Destruction bar and Destruction mode active, Destruction skills do 50% more damage and Destruction commands do 100% more damage -> 50% more damage for skills, 100% more damage for commands (dungeon); 15% more damage for skills, 25% more damage for commands (PvP)

    The value of the bonuses need to be weighed according to their new ease of access. This was already adjusted to a fair extent with Vitality, but Destruction mode still needs to be addressed. Destruction mode isn't hard to get to anymore, and I've seen this resulting in Knight Emperors doing 20k+ each hit with basic commands, and some of Immortal's Strength moves taking off 70% health or more from a single use (more on those in a bit). Restraint needs to be shown.


    Phantom Dance - PvP Flurry damage, after being Enhanced, 218% -> 152%.

    Phantom Dance can do over 3k% damage as a Strength move before passives or a Heavy trait get involved. That's a bit crazy, so I'd like to move the damage down some.

    Sharp Sword - 5% chance to ignore 100% defense for 5 seconds -> ignore 100% defense (dungeon); ignore 25% defense (PvP)

    There is one major point that justifies this change (if Elwiki is to be believed): while special actives can't trigger the 5% chance, they DO get the defense ignore from that effect. If Immortal waits until he gets Sharp Sword to activate, and then uses a special active, resulting damage output would be absurdly high.

    Awakened Will: Infinity Sword - commands using Conwell have 100% critical rate -> Conwell commands have 100% critical rate (dungeon); Conwell commands have +25% critical rate (PvP)

    Focused toward Ereda. It might also ensure people can't overload other stats by needing to socket less critical in PvP. Letting the boost be 25% instead of 20% since it's restricted to a certain class of command attacks.

    Master of Combat - Conwell-based skills do 27% more damage -> Conwell-based skills do 27% more damage (dungeon); do 15% more damage (PvP)

    This is a kind of judgment call on my part from looking over Immortal's Strength skills. Several of them (such as Sword Fall, Phantom Dance, and Blade Circle) have access to both Master of Combat and Heavy traits. In the case of Mod Sword Fall and Phantom Dance, prior to any other changes I suggest in this list, these moves can do over 5.5k% damage... as Strength moves, IN PVP. And yes, this does extend into actual practice, because I've seen the damage the moves I just mentioned can do firsthand in 1v1 Arena. This seems like a reasonable way to tone things down.

    Memory of the Sword - summoned sword afterimages (after 3 Conwell skills are used) no longer cancel mana breaks.

    Immortal has very hard-hitting special actives at the trade-off of using multiple hits to achieve the damage. Now, what would happen if that drawback could be disabled on command just by gauging your Conwell skill use? Oh, just stuff like this.


    ^Z - KD value increased from 9 to 13.

    The entire focus of this change is Metamorphy, who has the popular strategy of looping ^Z and nothing else upon getting a catch, and via things like Magic Staff procs and defense reductions from Dimension Witch's Awakened Will, this can do disturbing amounts of damage quickly without using MP. This also, from my experience, tends to loop over 15 times or more, giving the loop ample time to tear through health bars.

    Aether Sage

    Elemental Research - natural MP regen increased by 0.5/1/1.5/2 -> 0.25/0.5/0.75/1

    Encouraged by my belief that MP should be gained through combat, not evading it. Aisha already has the ability to charge MP by standing still as well - she doesn't need more of an MP advantage at the start of matches than she already gets from that and Meditation.


    Stinger - initial roll distance increased by 1.75x (speed not increased).

    See Elsword's Dodge Roll above for my reasoning. The distance increase here is 1.75x instead of 2x due to Rena's evasion taking slightly longer to get out of (close to half a second with 12.5% attack speed socketed).


    Call of the Wind - after using three special actives, Wind skills have 100% critical rate for a period -> 100% critical rate for a period (dungeon); +20% critical rate (PvP)

    Ereda-oriented. Compared to standard PvP, there are far more opportunities to warrant Anemos using special actives and hard-hitting Wind skills that could easily shred through Ereda guardians, and potentially even towers, on account of the massive damage increase the 100% critical rate would normally grant.


    Guide Arrow - arrows last for 8 seconds before disappearing -> 4 seconds before disappearing

    Done for two reasons. Firstly, this reduced lifespan would let a person safely mana break the move and have the arrows vanish before they get back up (since currently, Guide Arrow will continue chasing you while you're invincible and lasts long enough to hit you again after you got back up). Secondly, this more heavily punishes whiffing with Guide Arrow by having no target in range. (This is due to the strange trait that the homing range of Guide Arrow is based on where Rena is, and constantly updates based on where she moves. This can result in there being no initial target, with the Guide Arrows going off in straight lines, only for them to curve back around if Rena happens to move close enough to trigger the homing range. This wouldn't be a problem if the arrows didn't last long enough to make the trip back.)


    Mana break allowed while blocking with Core Shield (all Core levels consumed if performed)

    This comes from personal frustration. There are times where I don't want to take more hits, even if the damage is lower - I just want to stop getting hit. If Core shield activates, you can't mana break, even if you happen to have one charged. This hasn't just screwed me over in PvP (where the only thing I can do is keep hitting backdashes at times and hoping I either get a lucky dodge or my shield finally goes away... or try to mash out skills when that doesn't happen [this is a problem all its own, by the way]), but in certain PvE fights as well. (I don't remember how many times I've had my rank in Drabaki annihilated because Eve just had to block the entirety of Drabaki's transition rather than mana breaking a single hit of it.)

    Allowing mana breaks out of Core shield would cease this frustration, and would keep Eve from fruitlessly mashing just to try and get her defensive options to function. Of course, given the reduced damage Eve would be taking at the time, this shouldn't come without added cost. Taking the Core levels with the mana break seems like a fair trade-off.

    Code: Ultimate

    Awakened Will: Code Nemesis - on awakening, Code Recovery's cooldown is completely decreased -> completely decreased (dungeon); reduced by 10 seconds (PvP)

    A deterrent to try and keep the healing factor of this from being spammed in matches.

    Illusion Thorns - slowing field no longer triggers Core laser; thorn hitstun increased.

    I have never felt great about the field triggering Core. The field lingers for a good while, can end up winning trades by itself, and often feels like it nets punishes that weren't really deserved. I'd personally like to do away with this mechanic.

    However, I'd like the Thorns themselves to get a boost in hitstun, because Illusion Thorns is particularly risky to use in PvP outside of awakening. If Core laser doesn't help with hitstun, the hitstun on the Thorns is light enough that an opponent can get out of the hitstun before Eve follows up unless they get hit by a specific Thorn pattern (which would require precise placement that just wouldn't be consistently possible in real matches). I want the hitstun to be higher so hitting with the Thorns could be rewarding and Illusion Thorns could be reasonably usable outside of awakening.

    Code: Esencia

    Code: Recovery (Attention) - PvP cooldown of 3 seconds -> PvP cooldown of 6 seconds

    Another healing deterrent. Esencia's the worst of the Eves for this, since she currently gets to do it far faster than the others while surrounding herself with Nasod bodyguards. In PvP, this is mostly used for the healing, and rarely for gathering her summons - this cooldown change won't cause her to lose much utility.

    Queen's Authority - gain 0.5/0.75/1/1.25 MP per second per summoned unit -> 0.5/0.75/1/1.25 per second (dungeon); 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 per second (PvP)

    Going to do quite a bit to address Esencia's ways to gain MP outside of combat, since she can swarm herself with summons...

    Summon to Mind - gain 15 MP per summoned unit -> 15 MP per summoned unit (dungeon); 5 MP per summoned unit (PvP)

    ...summons that aren't always easy to kill off, especially if she tanks hits to get Riseon Pride and have at least two surrounding her at all times...

    Awakened Will: Code Empress - gain 3 MP each time a summon hits an enemy -> 3 MP per summon hit (dungeon); 1.5 MP per summon hit (PvP)

    ...and if you actually manage to catch her among her summons, she'll still be getting boosted MP gain through her summons attacking you during all this (along with Ophelia occasionally sniping you with projectiles even if you're just trying to get in in the first place). This MP gain, paired with her low cooldown on Code: Recovery, leads to a playstyle where Esencia can just tank for summons, bring them out, then do nothing but run away and clock for resources. I'd really want to see Esencia use summons to pressure opponents instead.

    Code: Sariel

    El Energy Reactor - natural MP regen increased by 0.5/1/1.5/2 per second -> 0.5/1/1.5/2 per second (dungeon); 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 per second

    Encouraged by my belief that MP should be gained through direct combat, not by evading it. She can already get MP advantages through Mana Conversion and her passives related to it.

    Mod Electronic Move - photons left behind by dashes will not trigger Core laser (direct contact with the dash will still trigger Core)

    Even at the cost of 30 MP per movement, Mod Electronic Move is absolutely overwhelming as an escape move. It moves Sariel quickly through the air in multiple allowed directions, leaves behind electric sparks that will trigger Core laser if they're run into (which Sariel could easily catch off of), and the move itself can access the Powerful trait to give Sariel super armor while using it. This means Sariel herself can't be stopped without resorting to black holes or stuns, and it's very unlikely that you'll have any way to chase Sariel without persistent super armor due to the photons behind her. As it stands, if Sariel wants to use Mod Electronic Move to escape aggression, she very likely WILL get out - I'd like to at least give attackers a chance to chase her landing down.


    Mana break allowed while blocking with Core Shield (all Core levels consumed if performed)

    See my comments on this in Eve's section, as the logic is identical. I think Raven ESPECIALLY deserves to have this, given how long he can get stuck behind his shield with nothing he can do about it.

    Rage Hearts

    Subliminal Rage - awakening delay reduced if used while already awakened

    Aimed toward deterring multiple recatches by abusing the re-awakening mechanic, especially after Rage Hearts was attacked for a long time.

    Nova Imperator

    Revolver Cannon - PvP damage: 433% bullet hits -> 346% bullet hits; 602% overheat bullet -> 481% overheat bullet

    Mod Revolver Cannon - PvP damage: 397% bullet hits -> 298% bullet hits; 718% overheat bullet -> 539% overheat bullet

    High damage created through interactions with Overheat, as well as the Heavy trait, made the logic for this damage reduction. Damage reduction was slightly higher for Mod Revolver Cannon due to its superior MP gain on hit.

    Comet Crusader

    Mod Wonder Wall - shield detonation no longer deals hitstun.

    Both versions of Wonder Wall now grant super armor, so there isn't a lot of sense nowadays in directly attacking someone in it (unless they're about to die), especially with Mod Wonder Wall ending in under 6 seconds at most. (And if someone does attack, they'll probably be in I-frames or super armor themselves.) The worrying part comes from having to run from Chung (and any of his teammates that have this active) while they have mobile time bombs that will launch you straight up and grant the opponent a very easy catch. If a chase like this was going to end in favor of the attacker, I'd want to see them do so with actual attacks, not a bonus explosion.

    Fatal Phantom

    Bullet Blitz - hit frequency doubled; projectile lifespan halved.

    Bullet Blitz is far too oppressive for its own good, given its cheap cost, absurd homing range, Ruthless trait, and long life making it so hard to combat. If it's going to have such disturbing range, it shouldn't persist for so long - there needs to be more demand placed on Fatal Phantom to follow up on the attack.

    That being said, I have heard stories of people using overkill attack speed to mash out of the bullet hits, so that's why I opted for increasing the hit frequency instead of doubling the damage - tighter hits would make the attack more secure, and probably help prevent this situation from arising again.


    Commander's Mark - artillery support no longer deals hitstun.

    I personally think that Centurion has far too easy a time comboing opponents. Through a combination of artillery from Commander's Mark (which often gets applied through Cannon Strike) and grenades (scattered about via various moves, including Big Bang Stream), his combos essentially extend themselves. I've been in multiple matches against Centurions where the Centurion I was fighting made a mistake in the combo, wasn't directly attacking me for a full second or more, but was still impossible to punish because his secondary attacks saved the combo for him. I'd like to see these kinds of mistakes actually carry a penalty, and taking away the artillery hitstun might be a good step toward this concept.

    Cannon Strike - delay time reduced to end after second cannon swing; hitstun increased.

    The current version of Cannon Strike has long enough of a delay that Centurion can put himself in a very advantageous position simply by whiffing the move and letting the movement carry him into a placement where he can easily set off a Gravity Shelling on an opponent. I'd like to see the delay reduced to the point where he risks being punished if he doesn't actually try to connect with the strikes themselves.

    Said strikes would have a hitstun increase, however, due to things I've heard about the hitstun being too low to be reliable.


    Way of the Sword - Annihilation - while in Annihilation mode with at least one bar, Annihilation commands do 50% more damage -> 50% more damage (dungeon); 25% more damage (PvP)

    Similar logic to Elsword and his Destruction mode - the buff is just far too easy to access for this significant a damage boost.

    Roll and Dodge - initial dodge distance increased by 2x (speed not increased).

    Identical logic to Dodge Roll for Elsword - too short a dash that is performed too quickly means Elesis is granted far greater a chance to get a reversal off the move than is deserved.

    Empire Sword

    War Prelude - initial cast hitbox stays where it was cast (it won't follow Elesis as she moves)

    The fact that this move follows Elesis as she moves essentially means she has a short time to literally ram the circular hitbox into a opponent for a catch. This gives the opening hit far more range than should ever be warranted. Apply this change to Mod War Prelude as well if it exhibits the same behavior.

    Flame Lord

    Soul Ignition - initial cast hitbox stays where it was cast (it won't follow Elesis as she moves)

    Identical logic to Empire Sword's War Prelude.

    Ara - haven't fought enough recently to have any noteworthy ideas, though Vishnu would get affected by the shared change to staggering hitstun.

    Add - no noteworthy ideas. The only thing currently on my mind is the vertical hitbox of Psychic Storm, but that's closer to a bug since the graphics don't line up with the hitbox. There still is the matter of Mod Mind Break, but I'm not sure how dangerous that is right now given how many sources of MP burn Mad Paradox has lost, and how I haven't fought many of them in Arena recently.


    Mod Shadow Bolt - Demon Spear PvP damage 517% -> 380%; Shockwave PvP damage 1553% -> 1290%

    A damage nerf influenced both by the two-hit nature of the move, as well as the factors influencing its damage: namely, a 30% damage increase from the Noblesse Oblige passive, and the choice of either Heavy or Critical traits.


    Spiritualism - awakening delay reduced if triggered while already awakened

    Used to limit abuse of re-awakenings to chain delay catches together, especially when used to counterattack.

    Black Massacre

    Swift Assassin - marked targets get -100% critical resistance -> marked targets get -100% critical resistance (dungeon); -20% critical resistance (PvP)

    Heavy emphasis on Ereda here, since the free criticals constitute a ridiculous damage boost. Also deters a miniature Oath of Ruin scenario of not needing to socket critical, since Black Massacre can so heavily emphasize using revolver commands for damage output.

    Laby - I'd like to comment on her command hitboxes in some way - either on them lingering, or the range increases likely contributing to major backwards hitboxes. However, lingering hitboxes are closer to buggy behavior, and the range increase is a bit of a widespread problem affecting certain types of moves that are placed in front of the caster; I still need to mentally figure out how this should be adjusted to place these moves more properly.

    This is all I have for now. Any comments, other opinions, or other suggestions for changes are welcomed.
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    Trial Dungeon Mode - Compete in PvE Challenges!

    Petition - Make Hitstun Recovery Constant

    RNG Explanation/Discussion
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    If only we had some kind of magical balance forum where these ideas would actually be seen, but that'll never happen. Am I right? #kr money matters more I guess.....


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      FrB's Mod Berserker Blade has pretty stupid i-frames too


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        I can add a couple notes, just based on issues that've come up for me, and a correction to your note about Immortal:

        I'm pretty sure that the free Ruthless trait isn't on the skill that you've listed, specifically. Instead, it appears to be linked to the mini maelstrom rage attack that's procced from his Memory of the Sword passive, as I've been unable to charge breaks against other skills whenever that pops up. It should probably be "Memory of the Sword does not cancel Mana Break".

        Fox Fire
        Increase pause time/faster animation/faster fireballs/Claw applies effects. (Choose one/two)

        This is mostly in comparison to other notable kill moves. If used too close to the target, they can MB the claw portion of the skill before a fireball touches them, but if used too far out, they can act/i-frame out of the skill before the fireballs connect. Yes, 2-of-3 is good odds for a disabling effect, but there doesn't appear to be a magic distance where I can only land the fireballs portion of the skill without it being reactable.

        Reduce overall knockback
        Ain takes a huge amount of knockback from most hits. Yes, most characters have some kind of minor variance in base knockback, but Ain's is large enough to seriously impact many other characters' combo options, and even knocks him out of range of certain normal strings. Bringing his KB closer in line would remove this advantage, and lower the handicap placed on his opponents.
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        • Hitotsuoboe-solace-
          Editing a comment
          Ah, there's the explicit statement of mana break prevention. Thank you for pointing that out - again, I haven't really touched the Immortal path in forever and seeing what happened to me in some 1v1 matches just... disturbed me. I also apparently didn't pay enough attention while looking through Immortal's kit to see what was killing me in such insane ways. The actual news of that, however, might be even worse than if just Phantom Dance had the trait. I'll update the main post accordingly.

          Come Fox Fire... I don't think I'd be comfortable with increasing the delay on it, just because there's so much risk for implementation to go wrong (especially given this game's history with delays on long-range moves). The same risks come up with speeding up the animation. The latter two ideas - speeding up the projectiles or letting the claw apply the effects - seem like the best choices here. I'd have to lean toward speeding up the fireballs, personally: the claw reaches a lot further than I expected, but faster projectiles on the skill could let there be a long-range way to use Fox Fire without connecting with the claw. Letting the claw apply the effects is a solution, but also makes Fox Fire far easier to connect with, and that's a terrifying prospect given that Fox Fire is a homing Bravery nuke that can let Shakti get free hits and a combo in after the fact.

          And then Ain's knockback... ah, memories of Lanox. Except in PvP, there's potentially lag and attack speed overloading to deal with. Having to modify your combos not just based on someone's attack speed being too high, but ALSO them being the only character to be pushed out of range simultaneously does not sound like fun gameplay.
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        Delete arena


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          decrease attack speed (FP, CC), it makes almost impossible to predict guard, and even if you do that he has a lot of super armor skills or ridiculous iframes (rapid cannon, reload, back blast, etc) it becomes so easy to abuse those skills/commands, I'm not even a regular chung player and yet is so easy to win with more than a half of HP (not to mention how easy is to gain mana and then just instant mb as if it wasn't hard to catch already)


          /* */