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Mad paradox Pvp status?

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    Mad paradox Pvp status?

    If your wondering how is mad paradox doing it pvp i would say not as much proud moments unless your smarter than the avarage esper that congrats you have smarter mind that me. right now on my side my win rates against certain classes that have long range commands, long super armors, charge attacks, or all of them is just enough to fight my position to be back and forth to S rank 50% to SS rank 50% and i have been improving my things to just get out of the cycle but still i am getting caught enough to be struggling in pvp. my stats are avarage enough for a person in pvp

    since their aren't any super armor special skill/active skill that is long enough to out last the stun locks for mad paradox since he only has

    XXZ (Z spam) base add combo (5 second super armor) the hitbox is short and you cant move during this combo after the toss

    Particle Shot ( 3 second super armor) This useful enough to connect to a ending of super armor combo but not counter a long charging/super armor foe

    XXXZ Spatial Acceleration ( 1 second super armor) this is ok enough to counter but everyone can easily notice also used for edge slide with skill

    >>ZX Spatial Break ( 0.5 second super armor) this is doesn't help much since the super armor is only a blink

    >>ZXX Spatial Break Extend doesn't continue the super armor it just leaves a 2 second delay bounce if anyone goes to the spot which doesn't help if cancelled by stun lock

    + ESP + Phase shift (0.5 second super armor) this is only ok its escape and use for special skill drops but not for countering

    Void Field (1 second invincibility frame 4 seconds of super armor) is best for countering super armor but cost 150 mana and you cant move

    Force skills are an option but they aren't really helping from homing things or pass through plus you cant move for a second from casting

    Air projectile commands is hard counter imagine of either these three examples Flame lord's Triple Hellflame or Quintuple Flame-nades, Code Sariel's Aerial Laser, or Bluhen's El Dain Bombs. imagine to running around the map trying to catch these characters in a different way of fighting them with just mind games and casting haunting spirit and end up losing to just constant spam of those.

    the new skills doesn't help in pvp

    Dark Matter Explosion
    (old version) Multi hit skill that deals a lot of damage on a foe the hitbox is short enough to reach the target only useable in DG plus since it's a multi hit skill used against foe they'll just mana break with gaining a bit of mana

    (New version) Multi hit skill that deals damage on a foe with a hit box that needs to launch a target into the air for the most damage since the skill has the hits spread doesn't help on player's hitbox

    Psionic Shock
    the skill does multi hit with a last hit dealing a good damage but the hit box is small and the reach is really short and the last blast deals a confusion debuff which is not a good and a low mana cost of 80 to 100 since the skill itself needs to be used properly it cant be used when someone is casting or it will unsync to the animation. either the attack goes first which removes the caster's attack effect than the animation which leaves the caster of this skill either defenseless or just missing the hits but actually hitting without hit indicator. the hits also pushes the player back making to the point of them escaping and not taking the debuff

    Gravity Field
    the skill that deals multi hits with a debuff of decreasing speed of a foe but not in pvp. captures the enemies by swirling them into a single spot is only good if for catching Aerial enemies off guard but the cost of 200 MP/DP also stays in place when doing skill air drop.

    The skill that doesn't need to be removed

    Dyanamo Cofiguration - Reverse Field
    a 5 second super armor auto detect hit when near hit box. this skill was only being used due to the mana burn and easy counter to super armor foes like Empire Sword(well almost) but it did it's best to make Mad Paradox just fair

    the skill that was actually broken

    [Force Modded Mind Break]
    cancel 70% of mana from damage
    skill trait Killing Blow (2) adds 40% increase making it 110%
    Combined with the mana draining skills this becomes broken
    added with Dark el and Fire el attributes makes it more impossible to mana break
    would have been better if it was just a Defense Debuff then it would have been useful

    if you would say do 2v2 or 3v3 to increase my rank then your out of luck cause no one in this server is in those game modes often enough than 1v1 even ereda has been taking 100 mins more or less unless the comunity talks about it

    2b continued
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    also if it's the mana drain just remove the trait its just that easy


    • Takaroku-solace-
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      Mana drain is still a thing, you'll have no problem with him in pvp. He's a walking free win. Just get the first catch and loop and hope the opponent doesn't get enough mana. GG
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