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P/C> IGNs, Misc old items

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    P/C> IGNs, Misc old items

    I can't remember if there's really a market for this or not. It's been so long since I've played, but I do have a pair IGNs stored up from my absence that actually aren't that bad. Among other junk from 3 or 4 years ago.


    Rena's Teddy Bear one-piece
    Rickshaw Phoru Mount (Lowest board price is 800m... is that accurate?)
    HDY 4/5 (No hair) Eve

    Help a returning out here
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    board is somewhat weird kind of way to value an item honestly. sometimes its either too overpriced or too underpriced. id personally say that 700m-1b for most mounts sounds like a fine price especially when theres more than 1 of them on board and theres not a huge demand for them because theyre useless. for the suit depends on how much you value it, could be either 500m up to whatever people are willing to pay, again im not too sure about the demand but if you think 1b is fair then sell it for 1b if not sell it for less or more. there were people selling suits at 2b+ but they have really high demand such as soccer suits or denim suits so yea... most people find 500m-1b reasonable. 4/5 without hair id expect something between 350m-500m, its not really in demand nor valuable. for IGNs unless theyre one word or some specific words people dont tend to pay over 100m-200m so again, up to you how much you value it.


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