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    Giving stuff away

    Hello ello

    I figure that I am not as active as I used to be and thought I would give away the things that I been hoarding over the years.

    Below is everything I will be giving away.

    Each person is only allow to pick 1 item(but you are welcome to pick multiple!) and I will give out set amounts of each items(ex.ppl are allow 6 stacks of barrier fragments or 100 fire shards)

    (I will let you know if the item isn't available anymore and you can select other items on the list)

    *Please give everyone a chance and don't switch to alts to get multiple items.*


    If you see a Rena dress like this, you can just whisper me for items!
    My Rena will be in Elder Village(Hamel channel)
    *You can also find my Rena at Spirit Falls fishing
    corgi.jpg outfit.jpg desk.jpg
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    TFW I read the old version of this post nvm
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    I like to complain. If this bothers you, I apologize.

    Richter Endgame Guide

    Help me complain ☟
    Give us more KR events | Nerf trans passive quest | Rotate IM Costumes


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      How generous of you! I hope with the fishing system you'll at least be around AFKing


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        If you wanted something, but aren't able to be online a lot or just miss when I go online, then you can let me know here! (I try to be online as much as I can)


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          Hi, I'm interested in the giveaway, but it seems I keep missing you when I try to find you online. Is there a good time for when you're online, if you could let me know? Thanks. My IGN is LotusFlowar.


          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            you can find me fishing around 12pm pst(till i run out of life stam) and all other times im usually in the village till 6pm or 8pm pst!
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          first of all thank you for doing that!
          i am interested in the Elrianode defense request, are they still available? (The 200?)


          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            They are still available! I will be online tomorrow!
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          Hello, just to let you guys know that this giveaways is still ongoing, but I am only online during the evenings now. If you are interested, you can send me a mail in game or on here, I try to check them daily. ^-^


          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            No you are welcome to choose! I say there is a limit but its not a big limit or anything, and I try to make it fair. youre also welcome to pick more than 1 item!

          • xRimy-solace-
            xRimy-solace- commented
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            Oh alright. If the items still there, can we met?

          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            of course! It also depends which item you want, I am mostly only on at night on weekdays, if you like we can meet during weekends
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          Hai owo/

          I wanted to know if the Mithril Crystal and Mithril Sculptures are still available! If so, how many of each am I allowed to have?

          Thank you byootiful and generous rena

          EDIT: MikyukiChan-solace- 1 crystal and 5 sculptures is perfect! I'll try to send a whisper if you're online, but if I'm offline is mailing the items to me okayish? If so, thanks again owob
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          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            I still got some! If you want both, you can get 1 crystal and about 5 sculptures if thats ok with you.

          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            hello hello, I mailed the items to you, check to make sure and good luck to you o/
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          Im interested for the Fighter Potion and some potions also 4 wedgets... are still available to get ? Ty
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          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            They are all still available to get! Let me know when you be online, I will probably be busy trying to level my new character, but i will meet you ingame when you are able to!

          • xXLuzbelXx-solace-
            xXLuzbelXx-solace- commented
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            That's cool, so when the game be fixed i'll contact to you, my actual character is IlCronolI

          • xXLuzbelXx-solace-
            xXLuzbelXx-solace- commented
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            i'll be online all the day today, so lemme know when you're ready
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          Yo if possible can i please have 300 wind shards? Also thank you so much for doing this. Its really helpful for many of us ^^
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          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            Im not sure if I have that many wind shards left, but I can see and give you what I can. If there isnt enough for me to give, youre also welcome to choose another item to go with it!
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          Huhuhu can someone give me something to Improve my cp


          • MikyukiChan-solace-
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            that depends what you might be looking for. I think the magic stones could be useful to you!
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          I have updated the photo in the post of what I still got. I will be continuing to be giving things away until I run out of most things or something like that

          You are welcome to send me a mail in game or post a comment on here. If you see me online, you can just whisper me or talk to me, if I do not reply, most likely I am afk but I will reply right away when I see the messages
          I will be mainly still be at Elder village and my home channel is Hamel, but I might wander to other places as well


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            Its okay as long as i can improve my cp.


            • MikyukiChan-solace-
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              Let me know what you might be interested in, maybe could ask your friends to see what could help you. I wont be able to help much I'm afraid.
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            Golden star to you~

            I'd love a stack of Complete recovery potion


            • MikyukiChan-solace-
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              for sure! youre welcome to take 2 stacks if you like ^^
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            Are barrier fragments still avaliable?
            If so I'd like some of those please!
            my discord is IKneadLoaves#8238 for a fast reply!
            My friend doesnt use the forums but she asked if she could have 2 stacks of barriers and the wind shards! (I know you said only one thing but I saw you said 6 stacks for barrier frags and she said i could have first so she just wanted the wind shards as well)
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            *Mwahahahaha* - I love saying that


            • MikyukiChan-solace-
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              I sent a friend request, my discord is Yoyo and the fragments are still available! Your friend is more than welcome to choose more than 2 items, I'm not strict or picky about that. TBH I even forgot i wrote that xD
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