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Elsword Pre Enhancement Event Free Funding For Adventurers!

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    Elsword Pre Enhancement Event Free Funding For Adventurers!

    So the weekend enhancement event is coming soon. Sometimes all it takes is 1 or 2 extra fluorites to get that successful enhancement.
    Today in preparation for the event, I'm giving away 100mil ED each to the first 3 people who write a detailed explanation of "Why they love Elsword" and comment their ingame name at the end of their comment!

    The race is on! Good Luck Adventurers!

    Update: The giveaway is now finished. I want to thank all of those who love the game and came out to participate.!
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    haha sounds like a fun idea! I think I will participate.

    I started playing Elsword early November last year. My friends had been telling me that I would really like Ain for awhile now, so I decided to finally give the game a try. At first, I thought Ain was kinda cold and distant but he really changed over the course of the story and I found myself really liking him. I love Elsword because really, watching Ain grow as a character made me really happy.

    These last few months have been very rough on me, with both of my parents suffering some major illnesses. Elsword is my escape, it puts a smile on my face even when things are tough. Just hearing my Bluhen say things like "Now, now, I'm here, don't be afraid" when I log on makes me really happy. I love the game because it has a lot of spirit and heart in it, and buying new costumes/motions/chairs is a lot of fun.

    I love to dress up my Bluhen (and my other Ains) and stare at them lol. It's also fun to get stronger and stronger and beat harder levels more easily. I love to see my hard work pay off. I look forward to every Wednesday when there will be new stuff in the item mall, and I am so excited for the EL*STAR events to come to NA servers. I want to see more Elsword stuff--namely, Ain.

    Ain makes me smile, and I am really grateful that he exists in the game. <3

    Thanks for making this thread by the way. It's a fun idea! My in-game name is Trisleo, so if you choose me as one of the 3 people, I'd really be grateful, but really I just wanted to make a post here to talk about my love for the game and for Ain, and how happy he makes me and how fun it is playing him!


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      Sorry about your parents :/ I love Ain too though I don't play him these days. I gravitated back to my main, Raven. Sending gold now. Thanks for playing!

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      Oh thank you so much! And yeah, hopefully things get back to normal soon at home. Glad to see a fellow Ain fan. <3 Raven is pretty cool too. Have you seen the EL*STAR stuff on the KR server? Raven and Ain are in the same idol group. Raven is the leader I think haha. It's so awesome!
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    Free 100 mil offers don't come that often! I'll participate!

    I first started playing elsword around 2015-2016 on an old account but ended up leaving due to stuff going on irl. During February of last year I came back because I saw an advertisement show up on youtube detailing a pretty-looking 3rd job character (I think it was Esencia e.e), and I was very interested. The main reason why I like Elsword is how it much it includes teamwork, friendship, and communication (especially right now since the rosso raids literally need all the teamwork you can get, oof). Another feature I enjoy is seeing characters designs, the ones that weren't used and ones that were. Even during the time around 3rd path release I was deeply interested in how they would design the characters and I wasn't too disappointed when I saw them. Another thing I love about elsword is how creative it is. The stories are very interesting for each character and it's very unique how it all falls into place and how they join the el search party and journey with them. They way that they based Laby's forest in Fieta was strange though XD. She was living there even before transcendence, ain, and rose came into existence in the game. I've made a lot of great memories and met great friends through Elsword. Even though some things that happen in Elsword can be disappointing at times, I still play and continue with what I'm doing, something will be released to slightly better things anyways, because that's how Elsword is at times. I never really know how the game keeps me so attached to it, but it is easily addicting (to the point where you can skip meals and sleep yikes). But KoG is doing something right to keep someone amused that long. Elsword always finds a way to pull someone back into it's world of fun and grinding, and I'm honestly happy I came back, who would've known I would've had so many good moments and "LOL"s with people I've come to be friends with!

    I'll give a sub-main username because why not XD



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      Great story!. Sending gold now.
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    I used to play Flyff and Dragon Saga, but I got bored of both games. I played Flyff for such a long time due to the amazing soundtrack, but unfortunately, the game is the physical manifestation of P2W. I also played Dragon Saga; I loved the style of the characters, but every other aspect just degraded over time. So, I spent a lot of time looking for different games to play. I downloaded quite a few, and then got rid of them within a few days of playing. However, about a few years ago (a few months before Ara's release?), I decided to download Elsword. I wasn't really expecting much, as many of the games I tried before were pretty terrible (imo). I wanted something that had an amazing soundtrack, fun gameplay, a variety of characters, not P2W, good/active management, unique worlds/towns/dungeons, and consistent/constant updates. After playing Elsword for some time, I've been pretty satisfied for the most part.

    What I've enjoyed the most about Elsword are the characters, half of the soundtrack, the gameplay, the costumes, and some of the events.

    Regarding the characters, although Elsword has released new ones (like my main Laby), a lot of my sub mains are earlier characters (Elsword, Rena, Chung). I think that's a testament to how updates are vital to improving a game and increasing its longevity. WIth character revamps, characters that I'd never touch have become necessary for me to even think about endgame (Elrianode, Varnimyr) haha. Although, ever since Varnimyr came out, I've still avoided it like the plague. It's frustrating in a way, but I understand that in order for it to be endgame, it needs to have a substantial amount of difficulty. Talking about Elrianode and Varnimyr, I do like the setting of Elsword. I love going into a town and just hanging out; (I used to do this in Saint Morning town in Flyff several years ago, that's a source of nostalgia for me). I think Velder Village reminds me of Saint Morning town the most, so I used to afk there sometimes. Those towns are my favorite; not only in terms of aesthetic (kind of a cozy, yet slightly industrial looking place), but the music. My gosh.

    I have almost all of the Flyff ost downloaded on my phone. It's great studying music, but it's a little bittersweet. It reminds me of when I first played Flyff (I think it was v6 or v7). It was hard to log in because the game was packed with people just messing around, having fun, selling things and whatnot. Elsword used to have "selling grounds" (IDK what they were called); you could go to a designated area in town and it was like a marketplace. The OST was meh, but I thought it was a cool idea. Then, the game updated, and there's a market board where you can put things up instead. Another example of a good update being implemented.

    Along with updates comes events; I will admit, some of them have been hit-or-miss I guess they never- But I find myself refreshing the forums to see what's coming next. Whether it be cool new costumes/IB's, new worlds/dungeons/event dungeons to explore, QOL, balance, or misc. topics, I'm always looking forward to the next update. I also go to off-topic to see what's going on in KR. I'll admit again, I wish we had some more of the things that KR gets. But they're the OG server, so I can understand why.

    So, with everything I've mentioned here, I am quite a huge fan of this game. I've found myself playing it quite a lot (even when I'm supposed to be studying). I won't be able to play it much for the next few weeks, as I am set to graduate college in August, and I've got a ton of projects ahead of me before I finish. Either way, despite its faults, I find myself coming back to this game. I did go on hiatus a couple of times, but with several key updates, I can't help but see what's going on.

    Phew... well, thank you for doing this giveaway.

    My IGN is Bawangbieji!


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      I think I played Flyff too very briefly before High School days. I got bored very quickly myself. Sending gold your way. Check ingame mail. Thanks for playing!

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      Yeah, for me, I have a pretty short attention span anyways, so I'd be going through video games, online games, mobile games, just anything really. Until I found Elsword, so it's not as boring now. Thank you very much!
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